Dahska’s Trial Ch. 02

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Ch. 02: The Week After

She woke to the feeling of piss shooting up her ass.

“Yes, fuck your piss up my ass harder.” She cried out in her sleep.

The piss stopped flowing and the huge cock in her ass thrust forward to the balls in one push.

“So full I love it.” She mummered to herself as she was being fucked into the soft ground. Slosh her belly full of filth was making obscene noises as her anal assailant picked up the already frantic pace. How long was I out? She could not remember anything.

“Gods yes fuck my shit.” The pressure in her ass mixed with the massive amount of piss had worked her shit free and the monster cock was now mashing it into paste. The vulgar words that flowed out her mouth brought some flashes of her memory. She was framed and set up so this must be her punishment

“Oh gods if this is what I get for wronging you.” “You can all go fuck yourselves.” She screamed out as she organismed gushing stream after stream of piss out of her gaping cunt. As she came down from her cum the cock in her ass humped away building her up for many more. Her body finally waking up she feels dirty all over cum and piss drying on her body. She inhales deeply.


She tried to open her eyes poker oyna they were sealed shut. She tried to move her arms no luck they were bound her legs as well. She wet her lips and tasted the pissy cum shit mix. Her head was pushed down into the ground.


What did he say? Again her head was slammed into the ground.

“Eat bitch.”

“Fuck you dick.”

She would had said more but her mouth was filled with the soft ground and as her taste buds told her the soft ground was shit covered in cum and piss she felt the cock grow longer and thicker. The pressure on her head did not let up the scummy mix was going up her nose and down her throat “I’ll pass out soon if he doesn’t let up.” The cock already huge now grew even more the pumping stopped. Her ass stretching to fourteen inches around the monster cock her ass on fire.


She licked the ground getting a puddle of piss floating on the shit. She attacked it slurping and biting. Her eyes clearing from the piss, her mouth full, her head was released.

“Fuck.” She moved her ass down and back up faster she pumped her ass hard but even without her head being forced down still she ate. Licking the piss lovingly a hard turd floated to her she flicked canlı poker oyna her tongue and into her mouth it went. Chewing it up and mashing it in to her teeth she moaned.

A flood of cum fills her ass and the huge cock pulls out leaving the gaping hole with scum bubbling out of it. She looks up to see the huge hairy cock coated in cum and shit and smiles shit still sticking to her teeth. She opens her mouth wide “fuck my face master.”

A grunt of approval as it buries its cock in her mouth.

“Yes, yes harder,” she moans around the cock. Her bonds loosened she grasps the cock and strokes the hairy shaft fast as the huge head pushes down her throat and starts to piss.

“So thirsty yes.” She gulps down the golden liquid. Her full belly sloshes more it hurts its so full and still she drinks its piss. She runs her hand down her body, her breasts pierced at the nipples held together tight by chain, down her bulging belly to her destroyed pussy and ass her fingers flying on her clity.

“So good,” she pisses on her hand and slides the whole hand up her ass. She pushes hard and shit mashes into her hand. Bringing her shit covered hand to her face she pulls the cock out and gets hit with a blast of piss in the face she licks internet casino her hand while aiming the pissing cock all over her body. It pulls away and turns to leave. “don’t leave me.”

There will be more and she sees the huge cock drag on the ground like a tail as the hairy maggot shaped man thing stalked away. She smiled and licked her lips splashing in her piss. As she looks around she sees the line of people waiting to rape her. She cries tears of lust.


Three massive barbarians with clubs came forth .”hi guys want to fuck me?” laying back in the cummy piss shit, legs wide open. One man thrust his club in her cunt. ” ugh yes more,” the second man pushed his club in next to his brothers. ” yes oh gods, ” the two men pulled and pushed their clubs at the same time as the third greased his club with the scummy mix and plowed it in to her ass.

“Guys?” “Piss in my mouth now,” and did they ever. Their clubs still sticking out of her holes all three men put their cocks in her mouth at the same time and pissed. She passed out from pleasure.

“Brawlen come see the plan is working the whole of the tribes are waiting to fuck her,” ” No one has found that the holy relics are gone.” Ashley jerks on Brawlen’s cock.

“Yes, miss Ashley your plan is flawless.” Brawlen is bursting to cum but first.

“Fuck my ass.” Ashley rubs his cock on her tight brown bud. He slides in easy and starts to pound her ass.

“perfect” Ashley smiles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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