Dare at the State Fair


I always know I’m in for an adventure when Ellie’s sister, Rachel comes to town. Unfortunately, it seemed, she was bringing her boyfriend along this time. I have no problem with her dating; as a matter of fact I like it because it gives her something to do and takes the edge off the crazy. But it also takes a little punch out of the sexiness of her behavior and her comments, since there’s another pair of eyes and ears to contend with.

Whenever she’s in town and not dating anybody, she goes a little further with her charades. The last time, she made sure that I walked in on her changing her underwear, bent over and pretending she didn’t notice me come in. She flashed me the Chinese character tattooed just above her waxed pussy on another visit, sitting right next to Ellie on the couch when she looked away for a second. She even makes sure I’m within ear shot when she tells Ellie about the things she’s done with guys, like giving her boyfriend head on the plane on their way out to see us.

This time she was coming out with her boyfriend, Guy, who we’d previously met and who was mostly harmless. They made a good couple, aesthetically, as they’re both about 5’6″, he a little heavier and she is thin, with perky little B cups. Both brunette, and thankfully he was the only one with facial hair. And boy, did she have him trained. If he said something she didn’t like or did something she didn’t want him to do, she let him have it and he just took it. He’d fight back at first, as if just to exert a small amount of will, then back off and do as she said.

The State Fair is a big deal where I’m from, and if anybody is visiting during that time we make a point to get them out to see the sights and all the strange, weird people that show up to see live animal births, eat strange fried foods and play the games of the midway. It’s the best people-watching anywhere, ever.

Coming off our latest festival weekend, where Rachel had been goading Ellie into (finally) fooling around at the concert, and eventually having sex while clearly exposed to other campers, the games between the two showed no signs of slowing down. Rachel would claim that she was going to do something, or that she had done something, then Ellie would call shenanigans, and Rachel would say she’d do it again just to prove it, but only if my girlfriend did it, too. Her ploy didn’t always used to work every time, but it seemed like it was becoming automatic.

They even started listening to my suggestions, which was that we both knew that something was going to happen at the fair, and that the weather called for a very hot afternoon, so she ought not wear too much in the way of clothing. Moreover, she ought not wear underwear. It would only get in the way. I suggested a skirt for easy access, smaller the better. Rachel liked this, too, and they wore matching outfits, more or less. Tank tops with no bra, small barely ass-covering skirts and little shoes. It was very difficult to keep my hands off of her, even though she kept slapping them away.

We bused on the way there, and we sat opposite Rachel and Guy. Rachel, again, made a point to be clumsy about sitting down, crossing her legs and forgetting to keep her skirt down. The front of the skirt wasn’t a problem, what the problem (if you want to call it that) was that she sat way back in the chair at first, and then slid forward, so you could glimpse a perfectly open shot of her slit from time to time. Until Ellie ruined it and made Rachel hold a bag in her lap. Still, the bus was warm and her sister’s nipple looked like it was about fifty degrees. They could have cut glass, they were so hard.

There’s a lot of walking around at the State Fair, and we always wind up bringing our own flask (read: large water bottle) of vodka with us, because it’s the State Fair and we can. So we aren’t taking the best routes and we’re getting sick of walking so much. We find out our next destination is near the end of the sky-car ride. It’s a small car, holding 2-3 people with tinted windows that travels over the expanse of the fair. A perfect short-cut. And, according to the Rachel, a perfect place to have sex and check off something on the bucket list. I tell her that one of the days, she’s going to have to show me that list, and she smiled, looked at Ellie with a look of challenge, and then walked off to buy tickets for the ride. Guy followed shortly thereafter. I looked over at Ellie and she was already walking towards the stand to buy tickets herself, shaking her head and smiling. I followed along.

They whispered to each other in line, sometimes in a quiet argument, sometimes clearly egging each other on, sometimes looking at either of us guys and giggling. We’d just look at each other and do what we always did, shrug our shoulders and wait it out. Rachel started to mess with me, bending over when the line started moving so I’d walk into her, or looking at me while she was telling Ellie about what she was going to do with Guy in the skyway car. She ataşehir escort even goosed Ellie’s ass a couple times. Ellie was getting a little fed up with the behavior and it’s never hard to tell when she’s about to strike back.

We were getting closer to the front and Ellie started sticking closer to me, then began to find my cock with her hand as she passed her hand back and forth across the front of my shorts. She leaned in and said that we need to get me ready, and I smiled and asked what about getting her ready. She smiled deviously and I knew that meant she was good to go. She closed in and faced away from the rest of the people in line and moved her opposite hand across to rub my cock through my shorts. I was getting hard fast thinking about what was going to happen on the ride. I looked over and Rachel was doing the same, but she was looking at the front of my shorts, watching her sister jack me off and get me hard. She said that she was going to go first and that meant they were going to have sex before us. We shook our heads no and she started laughing because she’d bought all four tickets and we couldn’t go before her.

We were just about at the front when Ellie bent down to re-tie her shoes. Rachel started joking that she was going to take me in the ride and that we’d be the ones having sex soon, and that would be a fair compromise. I chose not to agree to this and just smiled at her. She looked me up and down and then back down at my crotch with my obvious bulge. The operator yelled next and she told Guy to follow her. He started to walk, stumbled, tried to regain his footing and somehow fell backwards into the lady behind us. I glanced down and noticed that his laces had been haphazardly tied together. By this time, Rachel was already in the car. Ellie started laughing maniacally, grabbed my hand and dragged me off towards the car. Rachel started to freak out as we got in the car with her, but the operator took the tickets and shut the door before she could make any sensible sentence or protest. The ride was already rounding the corner and we saw Guy getting back up and slowly figuring out what just happened. He looked angry for a moment, then just started laughing and got out of line. Ellie was still giggling and Rachel still yelling as the ground pulled away from us and we took to the air.

“Okay,” said Ellie, “we don’t have a lot of time, so we have to get going.” The look of shock on Rachel’s face matched the shock I was feeling.

“What?!” We answered in unison.

“Whip it out.” She said to me, completely straight-faced. All I could do was look at her in utter confusion. I heard the words, but I didn’t believe them, not out of her mouth. Rachel’s face hadn’t changed, and then she suddenly blurted out.

“No, you can’t be serious. That’s not fair. I bought the tickets. I’m- You- It’s not fair!” She stuttered, and yelled.

“Maybe not. But it’s happening, so maybe you should get used to it.” She reached over, unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and pulled my very, very hard cock out. It sprang out of my shorts and Rachel’s eyes got wide. “Oh,” Ellie said, “have you never seen this before?”

“Not uncovered.” Rachel said. “Holy shit.”

“I know, right?” Ellie said. “It’s the best!” And with that, she stood up, moved her ass across my lap, reached down and guided me into her. When she had said that she was ready in line, she wasn’t lying. She sat down, taking my entire length in one slow motion. Rachel sat mouth agape in what looked to be erotic horror. Ellie shuddered involuntarily when her ass came to rest in my lap. I looked up at her face and she was biting her lip. I reached up under her shirt, around the front and took a handful of tit. She bit her lip harder.

Rachel pulled out her phone and answered. It was Guy. She apologized and explained what Ellie had done, then got around to what Ellie was doing. Meanwhile, Ellie started lifting herself up and dropping back down, over and over, a little bit faster each time.

“Yeah, I know. Totally not shitting you. They’re totally fucking right in front of me. Yes, my sister! I know!” She was yelling as our rhythm built faster. “Yeah, I can see everything. Yes, EVERYthing! He’s got pretty big balls. Oh, my sister? It’s pretty much the same as mine. You know she only has a landing strip, stop playing games.” She pulled the phone away from her ear and said, “He doesn’t believe me.” I laughed, but then Ellie took the phone away.

“Really?” Rachel asked, mock-appalled, “you take away my boyfriend, my bucket list, you make me watch you fuck your boyfriend, see the cock I can’t have and now you’re taking my phone away, too?” She leaned back and folded her arms in a convincing pout. Her eyes met mine, she smiled and shook her head and her gaze went down to the action. Her eyes kind of glazed over, she brought her hand to her mouth and started to run her finger back and forth across her lips while she watched. Ellie was telling Guy about ataşehir escort what we were doing, how it felt and where he was in the fair. Rachel’s eyes were darting from the action to her sister’s eyes, to mine, then back to the action.

Ellie was looking out the window looking for Guy. Rachel’s legs opened slowly, she slid forward like she did on the bus and scooted off the skirt, then pulled the front up ever so slightly with one hand. Ellie began to moan, talking about how worked up she was and that she was sorry that Guy wasn’t there, bouncing harder and harder, never taking her eyes off the window. As soon as Ellie had mentioned Guy, Rachel’s hand went right for it and she started working herself right there. The more she got into it, the less she checked on Ellie and what she was paying attention to. Rachel alternated watching her sister ride my cock and staring me in the eyes, daring me to watch her play with herself.

I grabbed Ellie’s skirt with my hands and urged it up as she was coming down. Ellie was so intent on finding Waldo out the window that she didn’t notice. After I got it far up enough to expose her, I looked back to Rachel, licked my finger then brought it down to Ellie’s pussy and began to rub her clit. She told Guy what I was doing, started moaning louder and bouncing even harder. I looked at Rachel, then her rubbing herself out, then back at her eyes as she did the same to me. Her hips began to rock into motion and she rubbed herself in quick little circles.

She was taking care to push her skirt down and slow her hand motion down when Ellie looked over, spitefully bouncing on me and biting her lip, then looking back out the window for Guy, whom she was still filling in on every detail of riding my cock. Still hadn’t found Waldo. Ellie inched her skirt back up to flash me her pussy then started rubbing herself in earnest. She propped her skirt up so it would stay that way, then reached under her shirt and start to twist her nipple in between her forefinger and thumb. One leg kicked up and out to improve my view and her access.

Meanwhile, I was still rubbing Ellie’s clit in tiny, vigorous circles, causing her to choke on the words she was attempting to speak into the phone, pausing as tiny waves of pleasure ebbed and flowed through her.

“What’s that? What’s she doing? I don’t know-” Ellie stopped mid-sentence when she quickly figured out what her sister was doing. “Jesus Christ! She’s diddling herself! Yes, right in front of us! You little slut!” She said to Rachel, still not slowing down. She snapped a picture with Rachel’s phone and sent it off before she could protest.

“Fuck it. I don’t care. If you’re taking my fun away from me that I’d had planned, I’ll make my own fun.” Rachel retorted.

Then, it happened. Any other time, it would have been a mild inconvenience, but at that moment it was a blessing from heaven. It was as if a higher power was looking down on us and gave us the go ahead. I felt like we were doing something right. The ride had come to a halt. Not only had we stopped, but we’d managed to stop right in the middle of the set of wheels on each of the support poles. We were stationary. Well, save for the rocking from my girlfriend fucking me in front of her sister, and the added bit of rocking from Ellie’s sister frigging herself in front of us while we were fucking. The rest of the line on either side, though, was completely still. I laughed, leaned back and slapped Ellie’s ass, kind of hard. She moaned loudly into the phone. I looked over and sis had one hell of a look on her face. I knew she loved a little BDSM, loved being tied up and tying up, love, love, loved being spanked. It was 1/3 pout, 2/3 turned on beyond belief.

“You know what? Fuck this. Fuck all y’all!” Rachel blurted out. She half stood on uneasy footing and dropped her skirt to her ankles, then pulled her shirt off. She stood there naked as the day she was born. She plopped back down in the seat and spread herself wide open, then started playing with herself again, not hiding and not at all shy. I stared with my mouth gaping open, watching her get herself off, then looked over and saw Ellie was watching me. She had slowed down since seeing her sister’s behavior, and then the car stopping, but she had never fully quit bouncing.

“You like that?” She asked. Without waiting for a reply, “You do, don’t you, you sick fuck?” Ellie started laughing.

“Of course he likes it!” Rachel said, “We tease him with it all the time, and look at this thing,” she said, slapping her wet pussy, “it’s amazing!”

“She does have a point.” I admitted.

“Oh, shut your mouth. Nobody asked you.” Ellie said. “I can’t watch this.” And with that she half-stood up, as much as she could, turned around and mounted me face to face. “I can’t watch that.” I took a tit and pointed the nipple into my mouth, causing her to squirm and wriggle on my cock. It felt amazing. Unfortunately, I could no longer see Rachel.

“That’s anadolu yakası escort fine, I’m more of an ass girl than a tit girl.” Rachel commented.

“You sick bitch.” Ellie said.

“You have no idea.” Said Rachel. I wondered what that meant, and if I’d find out. Ellie went back to talking to Guy.

“Yeah, I’m still here. I just had to turn around because your slut girlfriend is all spread out, and I’m not into that. No, I’m totally into girls, just not that girl.” I decided to mess with her a bit to see how she would handle herself. I took her nipple and lightly bit it. She moaned, “Yeah, he just bit my nipple. No, not very hard. He knows just the right amount to bite. I’m sure he could show you, too.” At that, I spanked her again, open handed, one good thwack. “Oh, holy fuck!” She yelled as her pussy tightened around me. As her moan died down, I could have sworn I heard a second, soft moan from the behind her. “What was that for?” Ellie asked.

“I’m not a thing you can just rent out.” I told her. “I’m a person with feelings and skills and a big hard cock inside of you, and I get a say in what I do.” She started laughing, and then I heard Rachel giggling as well.

“Yeah, right.” Rachel chimed in, “You don’t get to do anything without express written consent of that pussy you are currently balls deep in.” I laughed myself because it was true.

“But still.” I said.

“Still what?” Ellie asked. I spanked her good and hard again. She tensed up as if she was very near orgasm. She gasped.

“Oh my god, that’s so fucking hot!” Rachel said, “There’s a giant red hand print on your ass cheek! I want one!”

“Still, I get to spank you if I want to.” I said. “But you over, there, Ms. Spread Eagle, you I don’t get to do that to.”

“Aww! Why not? Please, sis? Let him spank me. All I’ve got in this sexed up little car is myself. You have both our boyfriends. I have none! Here, I’ll make it easy.” She said as she half stood up, turned around and backed her ass up towards us.

“Hey, wait, what? No! Get back!” Ellie said, afraid to touch her sister’s ass for fear of touching something else. She tried in futility to push her away with words.

“I’ll go away when I get what I want. Give me what I want.”

“Yeah, give her what she wants,” I told her, “It doesn’t even have to be me. You spank her.”

“I’m not spanking my own sister!” Ellie yelled. “Just spank her and get it over with!”

“You know, Ellie, I can’t help but notice you haven’t stopped bouncing on my cock this whole time. It can’t be all that bad.” She gave me a dirty look, then kissed me, and nodded towards her sister’s ass. “Which cheek?” I asked.

“Spanker’s choice.” Rachel said. I sized her cheeks up, took a long look at her now dripping pussy, and decided left cheek. “Gonna go with the right. You ready?” I asked.

“Yes, sir!” She said.

“Okay, here comes, wait…are you still playing with yourself?”

“What? No, I’m…well, fine. Yes. Yes, I’m still playing with myself. Can we get on with it?” I looked at my girlfriend one last time. She smiled, rolled her eyes and shook her head yes.

“Okay, here we go. On three, one, two-” And I slapped her left cheek loud enough to reverberate in the tiny car. She screamed out, obviously in orgasm, still playing with herself but much faster than when she started. I felt Ellie’s pussy tighten around me, just as if I’d spanked her again. I looked down and she was rubbing her clit in tiny, vigorous circles.

“Fuck, oh my god, fuck, fuck, fuck!” She cut herself off, coming in another wave.

“Jesus Christ, look what you did to her.” Ellie said. “That IS a mighty hand print that you leave. But spanking’s never done that for me before.”

“Bullshit.” I retorted. “First time, my old apartment? Date one?”

“Holy shit, yes, I do remember that! Is that really what I looked like? That’s fucking hot.”

“Yup. Nothing a good spanking can’t cure.”

“Guy, yeah, your girlfriend’s ass is still here. Jesus, she’s coming hard. I’m sure you did hear that slap. Wait, what? You could hear that outside?!” That got all of our attention. Ellie looked out the side and Guy was right below us. She just started laughing. “Guy says that people are still trying to figure out where the slap and moan came from. Guess we’d better stop then, eh?”

“No!” Rachel yelled. We both looked at her and I could hear Guy laughing on the other end of the phone.

“What do you think, Guy?” Ellie asked, “Do you think we should spank her again?” She laughed at his response. “Do I think she’s been naughty? Need I remind you she took off all her clothes in protest, is fucking herself mere feet from my boyfriend just because she’s a sore loser at her own game?” She paused, then looked at me and nodded.

“What do think, sis? Same cheek, get a nice bite with the sting or should we even you out a bit?” I asked Rachel. She only moaned. “Guy says you’ve been naughty. Do you agree?” I asked.

“Yes,” she squeaked, “I’m very naughty. I’m a very naughty girl.”

“Whoa, now.” Interjected Ellie. “I only get the dirty talk. I’m the bad girl. Now spank her!”

“You hear that, naughty girl? I have to spank you now.” I told Rachel.

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