Dare Me To?

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At 18, John had never had a father figure. His dad had left him and his mother, Jenny, years ago, but they were far from unhappy. They were like best friends. They would sit and talk things over, go for drinks together for company, play on the Xbox, and pull pranks. They pulled so many pranks on each other. It was all in fun though. It was rare to see them together and not be laughing about silly things.

It was a Saturday afternoon, the height of summer. Sunshine beamed down into the suburbs. Heat lines danced above the asphalt of the streets. There was not too much activity. John and his mother lived in a dead-end road and not many cars came down there. It was rather quiet and secluded excepted for the residents of the other houses. John sat playing on his Xbox in the living room. He had drawn one drape across the French doors which led to the garden, so as to keep the sun from blinding his view of the television.

Over the sound of gunshots and grenades from his game, he could hear his mother one door away in the kitchen rattling pots and pans as she cleaned. The house was hot, basking in the sun. A few of the windows were open, but there was no real breeze coming through. Everything was stagnant, a dog day afternoon.

John was getting his ass kicked by the game he was playing, and lost interest after a while. He leaned back into the sofa and looked through the French window not covered by the drape. Grass in the garden was burning and turning brown. He turned off his Xbox and made his way through the hallway.

“Bored!” he yelled, standing in the doorway to the kitchen. His mother was on her knees, head in a floor cupboard she was scrubbing. Below the waist she had on a light colored skirt which flowed smoothly over the curve of her butt and stopped at around her knees. She wore an old white cotton vest, marked a little from her hard work. It was obvious she wore no bra. She always said it made working a little uncomfortable, and there was no embarrassment between her and her son. No one else would see so it was fine.

“Bored!?” chuckled Jenny, climbing back out of the cupboard. She sat back on her knees, looking towards John. Her dark hair was held above her head in a band. Stray locks curled playfully down her neck.

“If you’re bored you can help me clean!” she smiled.

“I’m not that bored!” John cheeked back. He leaned against the doorframe.

“Yeah! Thought not!” his mother sniggered, putting her head back into the cupboard. John walked over behind her, inspecting her work.

“You’ve cleaned loads. Why don’t we do something? John persisted. His mother climbed back out of the cupboard, and pushed herself into her feet. Standing up she was a little shorter than her son. John was by no means tall, but he had a few inches on his mother. “What do you want to do? She asked, crossing her arms over her chest. John had always noticed his mother’s ample breasts. He considered her gifted, although he had never thought of her in a sexual way. When he was younger and had friends over, they would often stare at his mother as she walked through a room. Little jiggles of her curves drove them mad. John did not like it, but could not blame them for it.

“Want to play a game?” he asked, “How about Monopoly?”

“Aren’t you a bit old for that?” Jenny asked, as John shrugged. “Ok. Go set it up. I’ll be in a second.” John grabbed the game box and set the board up on the coffee table in the middle of the room. He sat on the sofa. Soon his mother entered and took her place on the floor the other side of the table, facing him.

They began playing, the same old boring game. They moved the pieces round the board, got some properties, and paid a few fines. Jenny sighed.

“This sucks doesn’t it?” John voiced. He and his mother looked at each other for a few moments before laughing.

“It needs something new to it,” suggesting Jenny. John nodded, and went to find something in the kitchen. After a few moments he returned, holding a few cans of beer in one hand, and 2 bottles of wine in the other.

“In the middle of the afternoon?” Jenny giggled. John placed them on the table along with 2 glasses.

“You don’t have any plans do you?” He asked.

“Well…” she hesitated, “No I suppose.” John opened a bottle of wine and began pouring generously into his mother’s glass. Jenny looked a little shocked at the amount he had given her.

“From now on, you drink one glug for every $50 you get fined in the game.” explained John. Jenny was not too sure what to say, but gradually gave a genuine smile.

“You’re a terrible influence, young man.” She jibed, picking up her near-overflowing glass in one hand and the dice in the other. John sat down, cracking open a beer. Rolling the dice, Jenny took a small sip of her wine. She moved her piece along a few spaces, landing on a $200 fine.

“Four glugs, please!” grinned John. Jenny gave him a sarcastic frown, just sore for being caught.

“Oh dear, middle of the pendik escort afternoon,” she sighed before drinking down her wine. She had to drink nearly the whole glass. Leaning back on her hand, her face came over all red.

“It’s so hot.” Jenny complained. Standing up, she pulled the other drape across the French window, blocking out the light. The room was now a dim place filled with shadows. A tall lamp provided just enough illumination to see. John noted how alluring his mother looked like this, and he was only one in the world who could see her. It was very intimate. John rolled the dice next. Before he finished moving his piece his mother laughed.

“Haha!” yelped Jenny, pointing her near empty glass at the board, “that’s $300! That’s most of your drink, please.” John sniggered and shook his head. He gulped down his drink. This was going to be messy.

On the next go Jenny had to drink another glass, throwing a playful tantrum about how brutal the rule was. John dismissed her, joking she could not keep up with him.

“I can!” she griped, giggling, trying not to let her son see she was wound up.

“It’s fine, mom,” John spoke sarcastically, “you can cop-out now if you want.”

“Pour my wine.” Jenny was determined. John filled her glass again, and Jenny enthusiastically downed it. As she leant back, John could see her bright red cheeks, and a mild sweat she had developed around her neck and chest. They continued playing, drinking different levels of wine and beer until they neared the end of the game. By then John noticed his vision had blurred a little, but was in good shape compared to his mother. She tried leaning on her arms on the floor, but they buckled easily. Her head fell back flaccidly, eyes closed. Jenny found herself moaning softly at her dizziness, but kept smiling. She was sincerely happy. She was drunk.

“Stop now, lightweight?” John teased. Jenny’s head snapped forwards, pointing a finger with it.

“No!” she snapped.

“I’m over here, mom.” sighed John. His mother had pointed and shouted at the wrong end of the sofa. She unsteadily moved her arm to correct her mistake, making John burst out laughing. Jenny clumsily pushed herself off the floor and found the stability in the legs to stand upright. John got on his feet and held the tops of her arms.

“Ok?” he asked.

“Just floating to the bathroom!” his mother laughed. John led her out to the hallway and allowed her to go into the bathroom. He returned to the living room, walking to the drapes and peered out. The sun still beat down heavily. His eyes soon got sore from the light, so returned the room to its dim musk.

After a minute his mother returned, flopping into the room. John ran over to catch her. She fell chest first into him, squeezing her breasts against him. After he steadied her she put her arms around his.

“So big and strong.” She hummed.

“So drunk!” John poked fun at her, “Two bottles of wine and you’re anyone’s!” Jenny looked up at him, pushing herself away in the process.

“Ok!” Jenny stammered, “Ok! New challenge! New challenge!” She was determined to stop her son mocking her, but was having fun all the while it happened.

“Why don’t we play forfeit poker?” he asked.

“What’s that?” slurred Jenny.

“We just deal a hand of poker, and the loser has to drink.” He explained. Jenny agreed eagerly, not wanting to spoil their fun. They set it up with a proper poker set. John sat on the sofa one side of the low coffee table, and his mother on the other side sitting on the floor. The first hand was dealt.

Jenny looked down at her cards, biting her bottom lip lightly. John stared at her dark curls as the fell playfully over her eyes. She could feel his gaze, and raised her big eyes to meet his. Her lashes fluttered in dark allure.

“I raise.” John announced. Jenny’s eyes widened, like a rabbit in headlights. Looking back down at her cards, she allowed her lip to bounce out from between her teeth. She smiled.

“I’m all in” she flirted. John instantly checked his own holding again. Three beautiful aces stared back at him. Looking back at his mother, he saw her smiling broadly, struggling to contain giggles.

“I call.” He grinned. Jenny let out a burst of laughter. She turned her hand over to reveal a king high.

“Looks like you got me.” She kept smiling, showing brilliant white teeth. John nodded towards her empty wine glass. Jenny’s head flopped to look where he pointed, in that ragdoll way only a very drunk woman could. She could not stop giggling, strewing up her eyes and covering her mouth with her hand. Rocking back and forth with intoxication, she leant for her wine bottle. Upon shakily lifting it to pour, it struck her that it was empty.

“Oh no,” She falsely moaned, “I can’t do my forfeit!” Jenny let the bottle roll out of her hand and across to carpet. She started falling backwards, saving herself by landing on her palm. Her thick, lush curls fell down half her maltepe escort face. Jenny gave a soft sigh, completely vulnerable. With her chin resting on her chest she looked up at her son mercifully.

“You still owe me a forfeit, lady.” John spoke firmly. Jenny rolled her head back.

“Everything’s spinning.” She laughed. John gathered the cards on the table and began shuffling them.

“Looks like you lose then.” He informed. Jenny leaned forward and put her hand on the cards, stopping him shuffling. Her mouth straightened, more serious.

“I’ll give you a forfeit.” Without taking her wide eyes off of John, her free hand ran up her leg and waist, then ran her index finger up her front, across her body over her stomach and over her breasts until she reached the strap of her vest. In one smooth action her vest strap was flicked from her shoulder. It fell down the top of her arm floppy. Without hesitation she did the same to the other strap. Each rested around her elbows. The vest top strayed where it was, held up tight by her ample chest. John’s mouth opened a little, taking in the sight of his mother’s bare shoulders. His eyes caressed down her neck and top chest, witnessing her smooth and peach-like skin.

“Is that good enough?” Jenny cheeked. Sitting still for a moment, she allowed her son to take in this new side to his mother. John licked his lips. As she leant back on her hand again her vest shimmied down her body a little further. Jenny knew it was happening. John was treated to a good eyeful of cleavage. He saw the tops of her perfectly round breasts. The very top of her vest settled just inches above her nipples. Even though covered, they pushed through the white cotton enough for John to see his mother’s excited state.

“What are you doing, drunky?” laughed John.

“Another hand?” she grinned. John could not shuffle up quickly enough. He almost dropped the card as he dealt with such haste. Jenny leaned forwards to take her cards. The vest slipped further down her body. John tried not to stare at her nipple which peeked out on top of the cotton rim. She saw him looking, but did nothing to cover herself. She looked down at her cards.

“Oh no,” Jenny sighed in a very forced manner, “I only have a ten-high.”

“You’re not meant to tell me, mom.” John chuckled. “You can bluff me.”

“Ok.” She laughed, pushing all her chips across the table. John announced a call before she could get them in the middle and showed a pair of twos. His mother wasted no time in stumbling to her feet once again. This time she whipped off her skirt. It was one of those that was buttoned at the side. It peeled off her legs like a big wrap, revealing her navy blue lace panties. Her vest was held up resting on just one boob now. The other was entirely exposed. It stood proud and erect in the warmth of the room.

“Shouldn’t you cover yourself? I don’t have any dollar bills to stuff down that!” John said, making light of it. Jenny stood still, a little shaky, but said nothing. “You’re beautiful.” John complimented, after some hesitation. Jenny turned around, letting John get a look at her panties riding up the crack of her ass. Her ass was so fleshy, like a peach. John wanted to dig his nails into it and taste the salt of its skin, just to know it was real. Soon he realized his mother was bending over, away from him. She had slid her vest down around her waist and was pushing it down her hips. She let them fall down her silk legs and crumple at her feet. John could only sit slack-jawed, eyes dancing down his mother’s slender back.

As Jenny stood back upright she turned towards John, placing one forearm across her chest. John could see her ample rounded breasts as the dim light bounced off them. Jenny sat back down, nipples concealed.

“I think we should play for dares now.” She smiled, “You know, ‘I dare you’ to do something.” John nodded willingly. It did not take long for Jenny to give up the next hand. John passed her his beer and dared her to drink it in one. She took it willingly. In her intoxicated state she missed her mouth and much of the liquid spilled down her chin and onto her chest. She jumped a little at its chill, still keeping her arm across her tits. John dealt the next hand. He looked down at a pair of kings, and then slyly peered at his mother’s face as she studied her own hand.

“I’ve got three jacks!” she smirked. John paused for a moment.

“Three kings.” He said in a soft, timid voice. Jenny sighed, and mucked her hand face down onto the table. John felt relief overcome him. His dishonesty worked. His mother had not even looked to see if he was telling the truth.

“Dare me?” she asked. John took a breath, thinking of what to suggest. Jenny watched a look of realization come over his face.

“I’m going to save this one up.” John informed his mother. She nodded in agreement. John dealt out another hand, and stared at Jenny until she revealed her hand. It was a pair of fours.

“Unlucky, kartal escort mom, I have fives!” John tried to keep a serious face, looking down at his ace high.

“I don’t think I’m very good at this.” Giggled Jenny. John wasted no time dealing another hand, and went through the same façade. They did it again and again. Jenny was entirely passive, just allowing her son to declare himself the winner of each hand. John was getting so excited he began announcing his hand before his mother did. After about 15 dares he had successfully saved up he told her that he had three eights on his next hand. Jenny looked down at her own hand and claimed to have a pair of tens. She threw her hand down on the table. It landed face up. She had folded three tens, beating John. He look down at the hand in mild shock, then up at his mother’s face. She looked into his eyes deeply, and then slowly pushed herself up towards the table, leaning over to him. She put her elbows on the glass, uncovering her nipples. John noticed how erect they were again.

“Want to use some of these dares up now?” She asked softly, “Otherwise I’m going to be at your command for life.” John had to swallow a lump in his throat.

“I dare you…” stuttered John. Jenny moved to sit on her knees placing her hands behind her back. Her chest bulged out in front of her, with the sides of her ample breasts slightly obscuring her arms above the elbow.

“Yes?” Jenny interrupted. John shook, obviously out of his comfort zone.

“I dare you…” he continued as Jenny fluttered her eyelashes, “I dare you to pose.”

“To pose?” His mother smiled.

“Yeah. Wait there.” John pushed himself off the sofa and made his way out the room. Jenny shivered with anticipation. She leaned back on the floor, her arms falling above her head, legs curling to her side. Staring at the ceiling, she felt like a child, completely at the mercy of someone in charge. She ran her fingers down her side, imagining what John would ask of her.

After a couple of minutes John appeared back through the door, holding a digital camera in his hand. Jenny pretended to cover herself up. John instructed her to sit up on her knees, arm back across her chest covering her nipples. The camera flashed. Before checking the photo John told his mother to use her other hand to run her fingers through her hair, to hold it above her head. She did willingly. The camera flashed again. He then told her to cup each of her tits. As she did John could see her hands could barely contain her fleshy mounds. John took a few more pictures.

“Stand up.” John instructed. Jenny stood, still holding her tits. John got her to turn away from him, so he could see the side of her tits and most of her back. The light danced off her ass like a candle in eclipse. A few more flashes of the camera recorded his mother’s exposure.

“Look at the camera.” John once again asked. Throwing her gaze over towards him, her luscious curls fell down her shoulder. Her bedroom eyes pierced through the lens. Moving towards her, John put one hand on her hip over her panties, and the other at the top of her back. He pushed down on her, forcing her to bend over. Through instinct Jenny released her breasts and balanced herself on the fireplace mantle. Her pert tits swung free, retaining their roundness. John stepped back, taking in her amplified posterior as it was pushed out, barely contained by lace underwear. More pictures flashed.

“Get on the floor.” John ordered. Jenny got back on her knees. Her son guided her onto all fours, arching her back inwards. He circled her, taking many photos. Jenny threw her head back and forth to John’s instruction, giving a ravished look. John had his mother lean down into the carpet, tits pushing down against the floor. Her ass remained proudly upright, atop her smooth thighs. Her panties ran deep into the crack of her ass, cheeks on full display. John took his last pictures. He could smell a warmth in the air, the excited condition of his mother. He could see the moistness in the crotch of her panties.

“Ok,” Breathed John, “You can get up now.” Jenny slid up off the floor. She picked up her white vest heaped on the floor. She went to put it on but hesitated.

“Is that dare over now?” she joked. John nodded, allowing her to pull the garment over her head and cover herself. She got on her feet, drunkenly balancing on her son. John was looking through the photos on the mini screen. She pushed her breasts against his arm, laughing as if she acted like she did not know what she was doing. Failing to get his attention she watched as the photos came up one after another.

Jenny looked fantastic. Even in the amateur style of these pictures. The white hot flash burnt most of the pictures giving that home made feel, although it captured her curves beautifully.

“So are you turning your mother into a porn star?” Jenny said in jest. John stopped reviewing the photos and thought to himself. Jenny was slowly slumping onto his shoulder.

“I dare you to put these on the internet.” John tempted. Jenny woke up with a jerk. At first she looked shocked and reluctant, but after a long stare from John she began smiling.

“That’s my dare?” She grinned. John nodded.

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