Dark Side of Hema Ch. 08


Ash felt her body squirming and thrusting against his with a lot of action, it was not at all a new thing but did give him a mild surprise.

He didn’t expect this married pussy to be so easy on his meat and the way she choked herself on his cock was too much, the sequence of events was really too erotic to be lived in any kind of past, forget the recent one.

It was nothing short of a sudden stormy encounter to arouse such deep explicit passions in both of them, passions that could not be chilled by any dousing whatsoever.

He kissed her with her eyes gazing at the huge portrait of Venkaji in the room and shutting her eyes thought what had become of her.

This day, she was no more or no less than ‘A class Iyengar whore’ and it all happened in a space of 8-10 hours since 6 am in the morning.

She just thoughts of all the pricks which had ravished her since that time. there was Ananth who started the day for her, then it was Manjeet followed by the 2-in-1: Ananth and his boss Dayal and finally Ash.

She was now supposed to service Ripu who was waiting in the other room after a long rest since the early part of the day when Ash and he got together to screw Radha darling.

Radha was sprawled on the bed near to Ash’s groin and her lips gently grazed the pubic hair making the sensitive jewels just below quiver, the foreskin on the prick was partially covering the cockhead and the coital juices of the just concluded trios fuck between her, Ash and Hema darling was visible, the shimmering liquid still oozing out of the prick hole gave it away, amply.

Ash kissed her again and this time on the lids of her wide-set eyes, then he pulled away from her and bent his head, his hand coming back to her cheek. “I know you,” he whispered into her ear, “I know you so well … even though we’ve just met. I have fucked many women but none have been like you. Demure but sexy, elusive but available finally and last but not the least, married and still tight between your legs”.

Hema felt ashamed.

She did not want this, fucking Ash and she dreaded this moment.

She knew that this was going to be a tough call and there will be no going back after this, he was a knight and had all blue blood in his prick veins. They sang a beautiful song, the prick played the violin while the cunt was juicily getting milked giving the feel of ‘jal tarang’.

Radha was stunned when she saw Hema clasp the face of Ash around her legs and suck his cock – while he was seated on the sofa with Hema lying on him, it was a scene which one can concoct but not enact. How could she balance her self?

Without Ash catching her anywhere on the body and to be in that acrobatic position for 16 minutes was anybody’s guess.

The only answer probably ‘Passionate clutches of peaking sex’.

With this single act, Hema’s debauchery and entry into the real world of sexual slavery a private affair izle and business was sealed.

The next round was well negotiated and she was promised 50 lakhs for that one fuck which Ripu was to have with her. Ripu had heard enough and he was prepared to go that far. This was nearly 30 times what he paid to get the cherry from Radha – a couple of years ago.

Times had changed and also tastes, virgin pussies were a craze that time and now it was for married pussies.

Hema quickly got up and logged into her Citibank account over the phone, it showed up ’25 lakhs’ already.

The remaining was to be transferred after Ripu got back to Delhi. Ripu was floundering money over pussies, he had enough to do all this and a lot more. Hema learnt a lot of all this while spending time with Geetha and Radha, this was not news to her, the only hitch was when and where to start, today flipped that inhibition ‘phut’ and it was all for grabs.

She dressed quickly for Ripu and wore a shimmering Nylex saree for a change- Ripu was a Northie, would not appreciate or find Kanjeevaram silks alluring. She took special care to wear a low neck with a low back blouse. Of course no bra or panty and of course no petticoat.

(Readers- All my heroines are same when it comes to their distaste in the word ‘undergarment’. It could be anything.)

Radha knocked on the door and was led straight into the cool confines with no delay, in fact Radha as naked as a bird shooed her in and greeted,’ Ripu darling- this is the latest in our menu for you and we know it will not be the last, she will come to Delhi whenever you want, she is a member of the club now’.

‘Main jaanta hoon raand, paise bhi to maine hee diye hain iske membership ke, ab to phoot, mujhe iske har purje ka muyana karna hai’, saying Ripu, obviously noticed that Hema was watching.

He stopped worrying about Radha who quietly went out of the room and locked it from the other side, Ripu started rubbing and unzipping his pants.

He moved off the chair slightly as he pulled down both his pants and his underwear and immediately his long, hard cock which stood a good size came out as if to breathe fresh air, Ripu was very shameless and continued rubbing it with his hands for Hema’s viewing.

Hema watched him and his doings with fascination, and to tease him out of his wits, she licked her lips as a drop of pre-cum formed on the cock tip. “What should I do?” She asked him very innocently.

“Suck it my Tamil Iyengar darling, after tasting Radha my taste for the Tamil Iyengars pussies has really gone up. I am planning to start a farm of Iyengar beauties in Delhi, would you like to manage that for me?” Ripu shouted, very sarcastically.

Hema shrugged, she did not like his depiction of the community and the women but then it was her mistake and doing too, accused izle she was doing what was not right for the community. Anyway, she figured, why bother as long her bank balance improved and she kept moving forward.

She moved towards Ripu and with all the clothes still on her sexy body bent down and knelt on the floor as Ripu watched in fascination when she took his manhood and started caressing it and the balls with her skillful hands.

He really fainted when she suddenly moved forward and licked the tip, tasting the drop that had formed there. “Well?” she said, “Is this what you want me to do?” .

Ripu quickly moved her out of the ways and completed undressed and rubbed the dick slowly against her very sexy cheeks and really got aroused much more when she rubbed her scented fingers across the lips and nose in a very erotic manner while smiling and again started licking Ripu’s prick.

Then she took the head of it into her mouth, moistening it with her tongue and tickled at it a little while sliding her lips slowly down the shaft, then she slid the foreskin off the cock head slowly and gently back and forth. The cavity area of the cockhead really was smelling and very dirty.

Hema was an expert in such situations and sucked the entire accumulation from there and before he realized, Ripu felt clean and extremely wet because of her saliva.

She continued to tickle Ripu’s shaft with her tongue, running it up and down the underside and began sucking in earnest, her head bobbing up and down on the stranger’s cock, this was too much for Ripu and was sure that there was little to compare between the other 2 (Sonika, Radha) and this one when it came to cock sucking. It was becoming unbearable and for the first time Ripu did nothing to stop the descending avalanche of pleasure and started cumming.

Hema started to remove her mouth, but realized that if she did, Ripu would squirt all over her Nylex saree, so, instead, she took all of his juices into her mouth, Ripu was a tarzan when it came to ejaculating and juicing and he came so much that a small trickle started to flow down from the corner of her lips.

Finally, the flow subsided, and Ripu’s cock started to go down and became small.

And quick it was. Within half an hour of her entry into the room, he began squirting his load into her mouth and his first orgasm was complete.

Hema on her part sucked and sucked, swallowing his load until he was dry.

Hema was wearing a Very light dress, a simple braided gold chain hung around her neck and there was the black beaded mangalsutra. Her huge breasts and the stiff nipples were clearly visible through the cloth.

As Ripu watched from beneath her grinning and chuckling softly. He opened the buttons of her blouse and slid his hands up her slender, superbly curved body to cup her breasts.

They were more than his alef izle hands could weigh and filled his palms as he was marveled at their perfection, Ripu pinched the hard nipples making the 25-year-old Hema shudder in pleasure.

Her sari was still on her clinging to her body just by the hook at the waist and was all rolled up onto her midriff. Her hips started sinking lower and lower.

Ripu was patiently waiting and snorted, bending his knees and arching his hips, and thrust his thick but long cock deep into her hot, wet cunt. It was very tight he could feel the sinews contracting on his throbbing prick.

The moment was too much as he watched in the mirror just above both of them, Hema’s face radiating with lust, her lips parted showing her tongue well placed within- wet and sexy tongue moving inside between the shining white teeth with abandoned, shameless slowness over her sexy upper lip.

In the mirror, it was very sexy to watch and he started to hurry up and gripped her buttocks.

“Slowly, Ripu darling- I am yours, enjoy me otherwise you will again ejaculate, I can give you pleasure as long as you want. I know how to please men” she whispered, “Don’t be in a rush.”

Ripu strained his neck and somehow managed to reach one of her nipples with his tongue, and started snaking the same around it, Hema was enjoying all this and in response started biting her lower lip, moaning softly.

“OHHHHHH UH OH UH OH OH A OH A OH OH RIPU! NO… UHHH NO NO NO FUCK FUCK FUCK ME…………….. OHHHH OHHHHHH!”, Hema started crying as he squeezed her breasts and moved his hips under her.

Hema started enjoying this more and more and began rocking back and forth over him.

Ripu could feel and see the wave of lust on her face and he had no doubt that she had a really lovely face, really sexy and extremely erotic that he had ever known, with her nostrils flared up and her mouth open, and her dark eyes which were wet with desire.

Hema was now on her hands and knees over him, and moved her body up and down, back and forth, sliding her cunt along the length of his prick, her cunt was burning hot and wet and tight, s again moaned softly, her face arched while the mangalsutra around her neck made her look more sexy.

Ripu gripped her buttocks and moved his dick inside matching her torso’s up and down,.,this was well synchronized.

Her breasts bounced and swayed freely in the wild display of sexual pleasure.

“Ohhhhh uhhh yes! Oh god yes! Oh that’s so good, Ripu … uhh Ripu uhhhh Ohhh fuck yes! Oh ma OHHHHH yes! Oh yes!” Hema cried out.

The bitch was fucked in this position for more than an hour by Ripu who gained a lot of strength in this round and did not want to look stupid in front of the slut.

Hema allowed him to spray his entire spendings on her cuntal lips, waist and breasts and last but not the least, sizeable portion of the cum was delivered on her sexy face and eyes and some managing to slip into her ears.

Hema was looking a true slut what with, some of the cum shining on the gold necklace and also on the ‘mangalsutra’.

Venkaji should have been here, his portrait was in the other room.

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