Darla’s Games Day 09


I woke and instantly regretted it. My dreams had been so devoid of agony and I woke to this misery that had become my life. Farin slept peacefully, her head on my chest and arms around me. I was still strung up to the bed, spread wide and helpless, but at least I could move my mouth again.

“Farin..” I whispered. “Wake up baby.”

Farin stirred slowly and fluttered those lovely eyes open and smiled at me.

“I’m so sorry.” I whimpered at her, “but I have to pee really bad. Can you see if Darla is back so I can use the bathroom?”

She smiled at me. “I’ll just get the bedpan my love. I’d rather not wake her at all.”

Good point, I thought. She propped it under me and helped me aim my flow. It was hard laying on my back, but we did it. She left and emptied and cleaned the pot and returned it under the bed.

“Farin?” I whispered, encouraged by her thought of ‘let Darla sleep’.

“Yes my love?” Farin smiled at me.

“Thank you for staying yesterday.” I whispered and tears began to fall once more. “It helped so much.”

She looked sadly at me and climbed up on the bed with me. “Carrie, I love you baby. I will never leave your side.”

She kissed me and soon we were kissing madly. Our mixed morning breath was dreadful, but it barely registered with the love in our kiss. The kiss grew and grew in passion and depth.

Farin began to feel my breasts and soon she was taking off her clothes. I watched her as she shook herself to her feet and slowly undressed for me. “Do you remember the first time I did this?” She teased as she slid her shirt slowly over her head.

“I’ll never forget it for all my life.” I smiled.

“Mmmm, Really?” She moaned at me as she lowered her skirt.

“Yeah, Sue said I could have a copy of the DVD.” I laughed.

Her eyes shot open and she laughed with me. But soon she was naked and leapt onto the bed and though it pulled my wrists and ankles, she was soon over top of me and we were kissing and it was wonderful.

Farin was just moving into a ’69’ position over top of me when the door crashed open and Darla and Barb stood in the doorway. They were laughing.

“They just can’t get enough of each other.” Darla laughed.

“Like a couple of teenagers.” Barb giggled.

“Get out!” Farin screamed, climbing off me and heading towards them.

“Get dressed Farin, fun time is over.” Darla stared her sister down.

“Please Darla.” Farin huffed. “Before you do whatever, please just give us another half hour alone?”

Darla looked at her and smiled slightly. “Okay, just remember I love you sis.” And she turned and they closed the door behind them.

“While you had her in a giving mood you could have asked her for the key.” I smiled at Farin.

She slapped herself in the head. “Well, best not to push our luck. Now where were we?”

“Ummm, you were getting ready to lower your sweet wonderful pussy over my mouth.” I grinned.

“Oh yeah.” She giggled.

We spent every second of the next half hour making love. At my request, she would bring various parts of her anatomy to my mouth, the only part of me that could enjoy her properly. I must have came five times and Farin at least seven that I counted.

We could have spent half the day together, but the door opened, I am certain in precisely half an hour. I had Farin sitting on my face, moaning away as I licked her to another delicious orgasm that would fill my mouth.

Darla and Barb giggled. Farin kept riding my face, she was too close to stop, and I didn’t really mind at all. I loved her getting off on my mouth. She came and I swallowed and then she kissed my mouth and got up and dressed, though her body was still covered in sweat.

“Okay.” Darla smiled at her slightly uncomfortable sister getting dressed. “What do you want for breakfast Farin?” “Whatever.” She smiled at me. “I already had what I wanted most.”

“God they are little tarts aren’t they?” Barb laughed.

“Insatiable little sluts.” Darla laughed with her.

“Why don’t you go with Barb on her bike and get something and bring it back while I get Carrie untied?” Darla asked her sister.

She looked at me with uncertainty. I smiled at her. “Go, its fine.”

She smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek and left with Barb.

Darla came up towards me with the keys in her hand. “Darla?” I said to her almost in a reverent whisper.

“Yes Carrie?” She actually smiled back.

“Did you forgive me yesterday?” I whimpered. I couldn’t take that again, nothing like that ever again. I hated her, oh yes, more than any one, but was there a point in fighting it? She was going to have her way by my decision or by force and the force always seemed to make things more painful.

She cocked her head to the side and looked at me.

“I’m so sorry Darla, I swear…” I began sobbing. “I’ll never disobey you again. Please don’t do anything else like that I promise, I’ll do better.” I wailed. The trauma was coming back like a ton of weights.

“Stop.” bursa eve gelen eskort bayan Darla whispered and placed a finger gently on my lips. “Carrie, it’s done, I hope you learned your lesson and I think it is great that you are dating my sister now.”

I kept sobbing. “Oh, I did Darla, I did, I swear I won’t break your rules again.”

“Shhh!” She said. “Carrie, stop. It’s okay. I know you will try, but you will fail me again and that is okay too. As long as you try your hardest, I am pleased. Just know that I am going to play with you whether you obey me or not. The games will just be much harsher if you fail.” She grinned. She released my right hand and I brought it up to wipe my eyes. I then wiggled my fingers to get the blood flowing back properly. I was very sore.

“In fact,” Darla smiled, slightly mischievously. “We will test your resolve today. I have a fun game to play today and if you want, I’ll let you bet some time.”

My face turned from sad to concerned in an instant.

“Oh I do love that expression on you.” She smiled. She released my other hand and I began working the two together, rubbing my wrists. It was then I remembered the cuffs painted onto them. I shivered and felt embarrassed. How was I going to explain this at school or to Mom?

“Yeah, well, that will keep you reminded awhile huh?” She smiled and released my ankles. “Just tell them you were with Farin and did it as a joke. Maybe Farin will get a pair too so you two can match.” She laughed.

I smiled at that. I knew she would.

I sat up and rubbed my ankles. I was so sore. I stretched my legs and arms and rolled to sit up at the side of the bed, next to Darla, though not too close.

“Go out to the kitchen and set the table out for us.” Darla said to me. It was an order, I knew, but it was said with a gentle voice.

I got up and walked out to the kitchen. There seemed little point in asking for my clothes. I figured she would have offered if I was getting them back.

I set out the plates and forks and knives. I set out some butter, salt and pepper. I set out, per her further instruction, four glasses of orange juice and made a pot of coffee. Just as the coffee finished brewing; Farin and Barb returned with the food.

They had gone to some small restaurant down the road and gotten eggs and steak and bacon and pancakes and toast. I was so hungry. We all sat and dished out the food and passed it around and began to dig in. I shoveled it into my mouth I was so famished.

“Slow down Carrie.” Darla laughed. “You are going to choke.”

I gulped down a mouth full of steak and laughed. “Sorry, I’m starved.”

Farin and I sat across from one another and smiled and stared at each other a lot during the meal.

“We are going to the mall today.” Darla smiled at Barb. I looked between them and could tell that Barb had already known where we were going today and probably what we were doing too.

I huffed louder than I should have. Whatever she had planned, I was sure it had to do with humiliating me. Then, I felt Farin rubbing her feet on my thighs and I laughed in spite of my pending doom.

Darla glared at Farin and shook her head.

“Like lovesick puppies, these two.” Barb chuckled.

We finished up breakfast and everyone showered and dressed. Farin and I had to borrow clothes or wear ours from two days ago… eww. Of course, Darla picked my outfit. Farin looked good, she wore jeans and a black T shirt that had ‘100% Bitch’ on the front. She slung on a metallic belt to accentuate the look.

She winked at me as she shook her breasts in front of me. I laughed. “That shirt was made for you Farin.”

She stuck her tongue out at me. “Want to go outside and fight?”

“Umm… No thanks” I laughed.

Barb, I don’t think owned anything that wasn’t denim or black leather. Darla wore rather conservative clothes for her norm. She wore comfortable looking, though tight jeans and a nice polo. I wouldn’t have thought she owned a polo.

Well, of course, I knew what was coming for me, but I’m never quite prepared or comfortable with the slut wear they give me. She and Barb took in a bright orange vinyl skirt until it was snug on my ass and only hung down about two inches below it when I was standing straight up. I sighed as they altered it from the original mid thigh length.

On top, I was given a black bandeau. I looked down at the word SLUT, so prominent on my left breast and slutty and fuck on my right breast, the string of the rest of the words were hidden inside. Of course, my shoulder art, upper arms, wrists and lower back tattoos were all exposed and I felt so disgusted with myself.

I didn’t even bother to plead. She wanted to show off Barb’s art and I was a walking display for it. We piled into the car, Farin and I in back and Barb up front with Darla. She drove off to towards the mall. To top it off, she gave me a pair of black stiletto bursa eskort bayanlar heeled ankle boots.

I whispered to Farin as we huddled close. “Listen, if anyone from school sees me, you have to help okay?”

“What do you want me to do?” Farin whispered back.

“I don’t know, distract them so I can duck into a store and hide or something.” I whispered back.

“Okay baby,” She held my hands in hers and it felt very reassuring. “I’ll do my best.”

Darla looked back at me and smiled. “Okay Carrie, you want a chance to win back some time?”

I looked up at her. “Yes, I would like that Darla.” I answered.

“Okay, here is the deal.” Darla began. “We are going to into Hecht’s and I will give you a couple of outfits to try on. You go in with Farin. She will take all your clothes and the outfits I sent you to try on and leave, saying they are the wrong size. We are going to leave you then, naked in the stall. You will leave the door unlatched and you will sit on the bench, legs wide open, feet on the bench. You will pull your nipples, one in each finger and thumb and hold them, stretched like that until we return with the right size.

If you are still like that when we come back, I’ll give you a day off your bet. If not, you’ll owe me a day. Fair enough?” She asked.

I hadn’t really lost any bets with her yet. Still, what if someone came in? “What do I do if someone comes in before you get back?” I better know just in case.

“Well, you do whatever they say of course.” Darla giggled. “I mean you are a naked lesbo slut pulling her nipples with her legs spread in the changing room after all. And you will stay that way unless they tell you to do otherwise.”

I groaned. Farin hugged me and I weakly returned her hug. “Just do it baby, the sooner we get you out of the bet, the sooner we can just be together.” She whispered.

“I know.” I sighed, resigned to my fate.

We got to the mall and it was Sunday, so it wasn’t terribly packed. Still, there were a good many cars in the lot. We drove past Hecht’s and all the way around to the other side of the mall. I sighed. She wanted to parade me through the mall first.

Darla parked the car and we all climbed out. Farin held my hand through the parking lot, eliciting more than one stare from the various patrons of the mall. Of course, it could have been my outfit, as nasty as that was.

We walked through the mall, every click of my stiletto heels seemed to scream to the passing patrons for attention. The height of the heels caused me to flex my legs dramatically and shake my ass more than I wished. We strode past couples and groups of all ages and types. Farin and I held hands, which was a little scary, but comforting all the same.

It was as we turned the corner of the mall that I noticed some people taking a bit too much interest in my tattoos. I flushed red as I thought of the large silhouette tattoos of women on my upper back. Then there was the butterfly on my lower back with the masturbating woman in the middle. I shivered at the thought of someone making it out.

I heard footsteps behind us and I shivered. Darla and Barb looked back, they were in front of Farin and I. Darla smiled at me as I steeled myself not to look back. It would be too humiliating to see the faces of my admirers.

Farin looked back over her shoulder and I watched her give an exasperated sigh and pull me closer. “Some boys are following us.” She whispered into my ear. “Just ignore them, it isn’t anyone I recognize.”

I gladly obeyed, not wanting to see their faces. We then got to an escalator and started up. I panicked, thinking of the short skirt and the vulnerability of my charms below it. Farin pulled me ahead of her to block the view from the boys behind us.

Then we walked the remaining half of the mall and ended up in Hecht’s in the women’s clothing. Darla and Barb picked out some short skirts and tops as Farin and I followed them and we finally ended up in the dressing rooms. Darla pulled Farin aside and whispered in her ear and handed her the clothes and her handbag. Farin sighed and took it and then led me into the changing rooms.

Once inside, she closed the door behind me. “I’m so sorry, you know I don’t want to do this Carrie.” She sighed. “Strip down baby and sit on the bench.”

I sniffed and pulled off the top and handed it to her. Then I removed my skirt and gave her that. “Keep the socks and boots on.” She whispered. “You look so good Carrie, please don’t cry.” She leaned and kissed me as I spread my knees and placed my booted feet on the bench.

“Okay, I am going to put a blindfold on you so you won’t see who comes in. It will be easier that way. Trust me.” She whispered. She put the blindfold on me and all went black. She repositioned my feet and finished with, “Okay, now pull your nipples and stay put, I’ll be back as soon as I can love.”

I heard her leave and I whimpered. My heart was pounding in my chest. Every sound görükle escort bayanlar terrified me. I sat there with my fingers pulling my nipples and waited. I heard someone coming into the changing rooms and I held my breath. I hoped they would select another booth. I was fortunate, they went to the one next to me and I heard two women talking to one another as one waited outside and the other tried on clothes.

“What do you think mom?” The girl from the booth next to me asked as the door opened.

“I like it.” Her mom replied.

It went on for about four outfit changes and I dared not make a sound. When they had finished, they left the changing rooms and I let out a loud sigh of relief. I heard footsteps again, some minutes later. They didn’t talk, they walked in, and then, I felt, more than heard, the stall door open and a gasp, then a light giggle.

I was sure Farin wouldn’t have gasped. I doubt she would giggle either. My body shivered as I sat there. I was spread wide and pulling my nipples straight out. The intruder turned and locked the stall door. I whimpered in fear. Without a word, I heard the rustling of clothing being removed and I shivered. It could be anyone. It could be someone who knew me or a complete stranger and I found myself praying that it was the latter. Next thing, the bench sunk slightly and I felt a calf push against my thigh. Then it shifted on the other side and a calf pushed against that thigh.

Whoever it was had climbed onto the bench and it was pretty easy to figure out what was coming next. A hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head forward and just as I had thought, my lips pressed against a nicely shaven pussy. It was warm and wet, the odor was not unpleasant, a gentle musky smell.

I wept. I was being used again. The violator pushed my head more urgently into her wet twat and soon I gave in, extended my tongue and accepted my fate. I tried not to cry loudly, though the tears flowed continuously. I was very tentative at first, licking the unhidden cunt at my face from hole to clit over and over and over again.

The intruder moaned, no voice or sound I could recognize, just enjoyment and pleasure at my ministrations. I determined to just get it over with and latched onto the erect clit with my lips and attacked it with my tongue. Soon my face was being thoroughly fucked as the stranger humped her hips against me. My nose was squished, my chin was coated with juices and she was panting and moaning as quietly as she could.

The humping became more furious and I realized that my secret abuser was going to climax soon. So I thrashed my tongue wildly against her clit and as she came, I thrust lower and dove into her cunthole with my tongue. She just humped my face until she came down. I licked her gently, removing what I could of her moisture with my tongue.

She grabbed my head and pushed down so I was forced to hold my head as if I were looking at the floor. Then she mounted my head and wiped the remnants of her wetness on my hair. She climbed down, dressed and left.

I sobbed there, reeking of pussy. I had become nothing more than a slut, an anonymous slut to serve woman. I missed Farin, I wanted her to come and rescue me, to take me away from her evil sister. How could she just accept this?

Okay, deep down, I knew there was nothing she could do. How many times had she and I begged for leniency or to be released from this bet? Yet, asking out only made things worse. How was I to escape this web of debauchery?

Footsteps approached once more and the door opened and locked. “Oh baby,” whispered Farin. She lifted the blindfold from my eyes and I released my nipples. I sobbed into her arms as she held me. “Hey, that is one more day off the bet.” She kissed my cheek softly.

“Look at me Carrie.” She whispered and held my cheeks in her hand. “I love you, you know that. Will you stay and go for another day off your bet?”

My eyes ran freely with tears. Could I stay and go through this humiliation again? It was worse than the gimp suit in the bathroom. Whoever was using me could see me, every bit of me. “Farin,” I sobbed, “I just want to go home.”

She hugged me tight. “Okay Carrie, I understand.” I let her wrap her arms around me and hold me tight. “She said if you declined I should offer you a week off if you stay here for four hours.”

I shook and cried violently into her shoulder. Four hours of molestation by unknown perverts. Who was I kidding? I was the pervert. I was the one with the lesbian tattoos all over my body. I was the pulling my nipples, legs spread in the dressing room with no clothes. I was the one blindfolded to protect the anonymity of anyone who might use me.

“Think about baby,” Farin whispered, “a whole week off plus the day you already got off. You would be down to like thirty-six days. Just a little over a month. And it is just women coming in here. Not like …” She stopped in mid sentence.

I was sobbing uncontrollably. “Okay Farin, I’ll do it for you.”

She pulled my face to look into her eyes. “Carrie…”

“I’ll do it, just leave please. I don’t want you to see me.” I nearly barked at her.

She kissed me sweetly on the lips. I wanted to return it, but I was somewhere else right now. I was setting my mind for the next four hours of being an anonymous slut in a damned changing stall.

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