Daughter Holds the Keys Ch. 06


It was Friday evening. Two hours ago, Robert had walked out of his office like a badass away from an explosion. Whispers had followed him through the lobby, and the gazes of at least three attractive women had lingered on him as he had stepped out the door. He had closed the Chester account today, and if his decade of outmaneuvering friends and foes alike on his climb up the corporate ladder hadn’t earned him the reverence of every person in the building, this certainly had done it. Even with his cock locked safely away, in that world he was king of the jungle.

Now, though, it was two hours later, and he was home. His expensive suit was folded away in his bedroom, and he was naked in the back yard. His confident strut had been traded for a submissive kneel, and his unparalleled control replaced now with frantic masturbation. Brooke and Claire swam carefree in the pool, and Robert struggled not to grunt and moan as he got closer and closer to orgasm.

“Almost there, daddy?” Claire called to him.

Robert nodded, but blushed furiously. The yard was well enclosed, and short of flying a drone overhead there was no chance that any neighbors might see what was going on back here. But for how his daughter called to him, he wondered if the entire block would guess his predicament.

“Don’t rush him, Claire,” Brooke chided her. “You’re going to get so tired of boys who spill in a minute flat. You should be proud that your dad has so much self-control.” She winked at Robert, and a moan escaped his lips.

Claire smiled sweetly towards him. Robert caught a glimpse of her bikini-clad ass as she turned over in the water, and prayed with all his heart for a better view.

“Although,” Brooke realized, as she followed Robert’s gaze, “I’m starting to think that he’s only waiting for something more. Are you waiting for a better view, mister Decker? Is this not what you expected when we unlocked you and asked you to come watch us swim?”

Robert looked away, and could feel his entire body burning red.

“Tell you what,” Brooke suggested. “Come on, Claire…” and together they swam nearer to the edge of the pool. Two months ago, the idea of his daughter and her girlfriend watching his masturbate in broad daylight would have made Robert want to die. But now… “I have an idea,” said Brooke. “Claire, what do you think your daddy can do, to earn a nice view of the two of us in our bikinis while he cums?”

Claire blushed and bit her lip, but Brooke only splashed her.

“Come on,” Brooke prodded. “He’s waiting.”

“Hmmmm.” Claire met Robert’s eye boldly, even as a flush rose to her cheeks. “How about…daddy, if you can stroke nice and fast for one full minute without cumming, then we’ll hope out of the pool. How does that sound?”

Robert felt a fluttering in his chest. Brooke nodded approvingly. “See, it’s not so hard to think of fun ways to play with them.”

“Go on, daddy,” Claire said. “You can do it. Nice and fast.” The confidence in her voice, slowly built up over the time that Robert’s keys had been under her control, was enough to make Robert’s hand fly. Claire was at the very edge of the pool. Both girls were hidden from his view, from the neck down, but even just the sights of their faces smiling at him would have been the most heavenly view that had complimented his orgasm in a long time. He stroked with all his might, and held on for dear life to the orgasm that threatened to burst forth.

“You can do it,” Claire said again, more softly this time. When she bit her lip again, Robert almost came on the spot.

“I don’t know…” Brooke taunted. “After so long? I think he’s gonna spill. They all turn to little premature ejaculators eventually.” Eventually, though, she sighed. “Alright, I think that’s a minute. And a deal’s a deal. But before you blow, mister Decker…I think I should get to come up with a final rule. That sound fair to you, Claire?”

Robert’s heart caught in his chest, as Brooke met his eye wickedly.

“I think so,” Claire said sweetly. “As long as he doesn’t lose what he’s already won.”

“That will be up to him,” said Brooke. “Here’s my idea. Mister Decker. You can cum for us, nice and big, while we stay here under the water. OR, we can get out for you, and you can ruin your orgasm for us.”

Again, Robert nearly came just at the suggestion. Claire laughed, but her eyes went wide with sympathy. “Well, it’s her rule, daddy,” she said. “I think you had better pick.”

Oh my God…

“Please…” he gasped. He wanted to cum so badly, but the thought of seeing the two girls standing over him… He held on for just a moment longer, anxious to see if Claire would take pity and override her girlfriend’s decision. But she only watched him patiently.

“I think I know which one he’d prefer,” Brooke grinned.

“Tell us, daddy,” said Claire. “You can either ask us please let me cum or you can say please let me see you in your bikinis and then gaziantep seks hikayeleri no orgasm, but we’ll climb out so you can see us all nice and sexy and wet.”

Robert couldn’t for the life of him understand how he hadn’t spilled yet. Claire was blushing, still, but clearly too aroused to stop. Brooke edged nearer to her, and from how his daughter moved Robert could tell that Brooke had grabbed her ass. “Please…” he managed, struggling through every syllable not to let himself cum too soon. “Please…let me see you in your bikinis.” He looked down as he spoke, but then regretted it immediately as Brooke interrupted him.

“No, no,” the brunette corrected. “Eyes up, mister Decker. No hiding. And I think you should say it to Claire directly. I think you should use her name.”

Claire’s face was entirely flushed, but she only nodded and squirmed beneath the water.

“Please, Claire…” Robert tried again, as he met her eyes. “Please let me see you in your bikini.”

Claire beamed, and pulled herself out of the pool. Brooke followed, and Robert felt him cum boiling forth as both girls’ bodies glimmered in the evening sun. Drops of water ran down their toned legs, and flat stomachs, and Claire ran a finger between her bikini-clad breasts as she drew herself to full height. Robert tried not to stare at his daughter, to let his attention shift to Brooke, but he couldn’t look away. He just couldn’t. And then he was erupting, and it took more willpower than he had ever exercised to let go of his cock.

“Let go, daddy,” Claire smiled. “Ruin it for us. No cumming.”

Robert put his hands at his side, and heaved and gasped as his cock bobbed and spurted ropes of cum towards the girls. A droplet nearly landed on Claire’s foot, and he blushed even more furiously, and resisted the urge to touch himself again.

“Good boy,” Brooke whispered. Robert cringed, but the words sent shivers up his spine. “I wasn’t sure you’d do it. I was so looking forward to threatening to keep you locked up for a long time.”

“I knew he would do a good job,” Claire smiled. “Was it worth it, daddy?”

Robert breathed heavily, but looked away as he nodded.

“Good. I’m happy. You deserved something extra special to celebrate, after the week you had. Maybe you should clean this up…and then you can put yourself back into your cage for me?”

Robert nodded again, and then the girls slipped back into the pool as he fetched a tissue and cleaned his cum off the deck. Walking naked around the backyard, and with the girls now happily ignoring him, the redness refused to leave his cheeks.

“All cleaned up, daddy?” Claire asked, as she swam back over to him.

“Yes, sweetheart,” Robert muttered.

“I hope that wasn’t too mean,” she said. Now with Brooke out of earshot and Robert’s orgasm done, she was quickly turning back into her usual self. It only made it harder for Robert to offer his reassurances.

“No,” he offered. Confusion wracked him. “I mean…I don’t know.” His cock was still begging for attention, but what could he say?

Claire smiled one last time. “We can let you out again soon,” she said. “You deserve it.”

Robert’s heart fluttered again, and he began the humiliating task of fitting his needy cock back into its cage. Claire’s gaze darted away, by reflex now that the heat of the situation was passing over her. Brooke was on the other side of the pool. And suddenly, an idea gripped Robert that shot arousal and fear through him in equal measure. “You know, Madi has been hinting that she wants to come back over to see you,” Claire muttered, looking shyly away now and ignorant to Robert’s sudden hesitation. “Would you like that?”

“I…you can have friends over if you want,” Robert answered awkwardly, as he fixed the cage into place, and with trembling fingers slid the tiny padlock through the locking pin.

“You know what I mean,” Claire insisted. “Would you like it if she came over to…

help again, sometime?”

Oh my God, yes.

“I…uhhhh,” terror gripped him as he moved to show Claire that the cage was in place, and he did his absolute best to hide the fact that he had not clicked the padlock closed. “Maybe,” he admitted. “One day.”

Claire smiled at his honesty, and only let her gaze linger on his cage for a split second, as he held it for her to see. Somehow, she did not notice or even hesitate at the way his finger covered the lock from her view. “We’ll have to see, then,” she said. “I’m sure there’s something nice that three young ladies could do for you.”

Robert burned red again, and turned awkwardly away.

“Thanks for the fun, mister Decker!” Brooke called.

“Yes, thank you daddy,” Claire echoed. “Don’t hide away for too long…we’ll see you tomorrow. Things can go back to normal, once you’re dressed and your key is back where it belongs.”

Robert nodded and hurried inside. To Claire’s request, he put his chastity keys back into the glass bell jar in the living room, and even clicked the lock button to turn the base of the bell jar red. His heart pounded, and with every step he worried that the girls might realize his deception. The open padlock jangled where it hung, and every knock of the metal against his cage seemed so loud that he worried it would give him away. Did it sound any different, than it did when it was locked?

He reached his bedroom without interruption, and hid under his blankets like a child during a storm. His pulse refused to stop racing. Gingerly, he reached down to grab himself. He hadn’t been alone with his cock free in so long. And after his ruined orgasm, he was ready to cum again. If he hurried, he would be blowing another load in under a minute. His gaze went to the bedroom window, and for a moment he considered kneeling there, to watch the girls keep swimming, and touch himself at his own pace.

No, he considered. No, not yet. If they come back in…if they realize…I won’t be able to get the cage back on fast enough. It has to wait. And who knows when I’ll get a chance like this again? Who knows if I’ll EVER get a chance like this again? His attention shot suddenly to his laptop, and he realized with a rush that he would be able to peruse the internet, with his cock in hand, for the first time in his adult life. The very notion of it was nearly enough to make him explode out of his cage. But instead, he relied on the tempered and tactical part of his mind, and managed to keep his calm.

Tonight would be a night to remember.

He stayed safely in his cage, but did linger by the window for a while, until the girls emerged from the pool past nightfall. Even in the dark, the sight of their bodies was enough to drive him wild. He longed to touch his cock, but settled for playing with his balls until it was safe. Once the girls were gone, he sat in his bed with his laptop. He opened some work-related tabs for emergency cover, and started searching for his favorite sites as he listened to the girls go through their nightly routines. He wanted this to last. He was going to have the biggest orgasm of his life, and then another if he could manage it. But he had to be careful, and he had to let himself build up slowly. This would all be for nothing, if he blew his load in two minutes flat and then couldn’t get hard enough to enjoy his freedom for the rest of the night.

The girls retreated to their bedroom without interrupting him, and then Robert could wait no longer. He pulled his cage off- all the way off, for the first time in years. No tight loop around his balls. No locking pin knocking against his fist as he stroked. And he touched himself slowly, freely, and completely unsupervised, and struggled to control himself.

The images he pulled up were the likes of which he could barely remember jerking off to as a teenager. Women with hard cocks in their mouths, teens lounging with their breasts exposed to the light…Nubile girls tied up and helpless, in images now used only to please girls who made love to girls, or to tease men who would never in their lives enjoy something so submissive as a girl bound and blindfolded and at their mercies. Robert balanced on the edge of orgasm, and felt his breath grow heavy as the hour dragged on. He put in his earphones, and watched videos of girls devouring each other’s pussies, and then ones of girls devouring each other’s pussies while locked men knelt submissive at their bedsides. And then his struggle not to cum became titanic, as he dug deeper into videos of women teasing men. A pair of beautiful domes teased a tied-up man—one a blonde who rode a gag-dildo that muffled the man’s moans of pleasure, and the other a brunette who tickled and licked his balls while her partner moaned. Then another, where a fit redhead unlocked her husband and rode his cock slowly, threatening all the while to keep him locked for a year if he came. Robert stroked himself and grew deaf to the world, but no matter how many videos he indulged, he kept coming back to the one of the blonde and he brunette. And he let himself teeter even closer to the edge of orgasm, as he imagined that the blonde riding the man’s face was Claire. Humiliation filled him as he pictured his daughter doing the same to him, and reassuring him sweetly all the while, and for one long and intense moment, he nearly exploded.

Instead, he held on to his orgasm. A quiet moan filled his ear, and then he tore his earphone out, and reflexively pulled his laptop closed. But then, with a new surge of arousal, he realized that the sound was from down the hallway. Was it Claire? Or was it Brooke? Either way…the girls were being unusually loud in their lovemaking, if he could hear them so clearly. In the last month of listening desperately for the sounds of their sex, he had only once heard them from all the way in his bedroom. But after their evening in the pool… Robert touched himself again, and remembered the look in Claire’s eyes as she had watched him jerk off for her. Was that same memory spurring her on in bed, right now?

He opened his laptop again, and pulled up the website Daughter Holds the Keys. He had perused the site many times, in the past months…but never with his cock in hand. He stroked as he read the stories the site contained, and then a desperation filled him as he realized what he wanted. What he needed, to make this the orgasm he wanted it to be. But the site hosted no videos. Somewhere…somewhere online, he would find what he wanted. Somewhere.

He edged himself over and over, and he dug with determination through the internet. All he needed was a video of a girl unlocking an older man, and making him cum. Any video where a younger girl unlocked her sub, and made him cum, and called him daddy while he exploded. Robert felt light-headed as the idea drove his masturbation onwards. He needed it more than he had needed anything in his life.

Cum for me, daddy, he imagined Claire saying to him. He could see her in the same bikini from tonight, and he was going to drench her in his orgasm, and he knew it was wrong, but it was going to feel so good…

A door opened, down the hallway, and somehow Robert managed to slow his stroking. His gaze shot to the clock. It was 1am now. Surely, neither of the girls would—

Footsteps down the hallway nearly made him leap out of bed. They were storming fast and determined towards his room, and by the time his laptop was stowed at his bedside and he was laying down to pretend he was sleeping, his bedroom door was swinging open.

“Mister Decker!” Brooke said, as light spilled into his room.

Robert rolled over, acting with all his might as though he had just woken up. But his cock was still rock-hard, and he was leaking precum onto his sheets, and to his pure horror he realized that the entirety of his chastity cage was still on the floor.

“Daddy, did you…” Claire asked from behind Brooke, as she followed her girlfriend through the door. But his daughter took one look at his flushed face, and came around the bedside with such authority in the step that Robert recoiled. When she saw the chastity cage resting on the floor, a look of disappointment crossed her face. “Daddy!” she huffed.

“Have you been jerking it all night?” Brooke asked. She came up the other side of the bed, and before Robert could protest, pulled the sheets off him. His hard cock gave him away. “Oh, Mister Decker,” Brooke repeated. “How many times did you cum? Was it worth it?”

“No…” Robert stammered. “No, I didn’t…”

“None?” Brooke realized. Her eyes went wide, and then laughter crossed her face.

“Daddy…” Claire muttered again.

Robert looked away, but despite the situation found an anger growing within him. This had gone too far. “What did you want me to do?” he demanded. He pulled the blankets back up to cover himself, and glared at Brooke.

“If you found yourself suddenly unlocked, I would have wanted you to lock yourself back up,” Claire said flatly. “It’s the law, daddy! I’ve been trying to make you happy, and you just…tricked me!”

“You’re lucky I figured it out,” Brooke said to him. “With her face buried in a pillow, and a strapon in her ass, you would think that she might not have wanted to talk about it. But…”

“Brooke!” Claire gasped. She put a hand over her mouth, and turned red, but Brooke oly laughed.

“I’m just saying,” Brooke assured her, “your dad is lucky you’re so talkative during sex, or we wouldn’t have realized what he’d done until it was too late. Imagine if we’d come in here to find him all covered in his own cum. Then he would

really have been in trouble!”

“I’m…” Claire looked to Robert for a moment, but then looked away again. “I don’t know, daddy. I really though I had been doing a good job taking care of you. But now…”

“Claire, don’t be ridiculous,” Robert managed. “You didn’t do anything wrong. You treat me…very well. I just…” the wind suddenly died from his sails. “It was just hard to resist.”

“I bet,” Brooke agreed.

“It’s my fault,” Claire murmured. “I should have been more careful. I’m sorry, daddy.”

What the fuck?

“It’s…Claire, would the two of you just leave?”

Claire shook her head. “Not until you’re locked back up.”

This time, Robert put his foot down. “Claire, no. I’m a grown man, and I’m the adult here. This is my house. You’re my daughter, and your girlfriend is living here rent-free because I let her. I’ll put the cage back on in the morning. And if you want to send my keys back to the clinic, we can do that.”

“Daddy…” for just a moment, Claire was breaking beneath the full weight and authority that had made him the envy of his workplace. “It’s the the law.”

“It is,” Robert agreed. “And it’s also the law that you didn’t drink, when you were nineteen, but I let you get away with it anyways. Because I love you. You’re not going to call the cops, Claire. Go to bed. We can discuss this in the morning.”

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