Daughter with My Friends Ch. 02

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NOTE: This story characters are all above 18 and college going. This story is of incest and gang bang. Anyone offended are please warned not to read any further.

This is a continuation of Daughter with my friends I (Jasmine groped) posted in Literotica but I have written in such a way that each story stands on its own.

This is a story of a father who sees his daughter being groped and gets on a fantasy to see his daughter. groped and begins creating incidents for her to be groped. The problems he faces and how he does and the aftermath is the outline of the story. I have divided it into parts with headings to give an idea of what is inside.

Big Thanx to all the mail. I really enjoyed it. Keep it coming.

Happy reading!


Story so far: A father partying with his friends and goes to the bathroom to wash off spilled Whisky and sees his daughter being groped and used. The father begins to see his daughter in a new angle and create incidents for her to be groped.


After the party incident, in which I saw my daughter groped by my friends, I always watched her. All the watching seemed useless making me feel paranoid, until one day we traveled in a bus. Due to the heavy rush I was forced to part from my view.

I remembered an incident long ago when I traveled with my mother & sis. I had seen them being groped. Trying to rescue them I had unknowingly participated. Maybe that was what gave me all those fear of groping making me over protective of my daughter and the same time making me fight the lust.

When the view returned I found her near a person of my age or perhaps more. His hand was on her shoulder, which was vastly coming down giving my paranoid feelings a new burst. I tried to move forward but was confined. Forced I watched his hand over her ass, gliding around. He lifted her skirt giving a view of her red panties before his hand dived in. I watched as if seeing a movie and felt the rise and pressure in my pants. After some time I got through but just as the person antalya escort got down. Thoughts of his hand on her ass, instead of anger was making my dick stiff. The more I thought about it the more I wished I could see it again.

Wish not granted, saw me creating opportunities for others to grope her. Wherever there was rush I would allow her to be in the middle and move her around in such a way that her ass brushed someone’s dick or sometimes if there was a queue and she was behind me I would slowly push her back so that her ass stayed on his dick and if I was behind her, I would push her forward slowly so that her tits would be on their back and so on just to see their faces and their reactions. Sometimes some people would lower their hands and place on her ass or pussy and then slowly the fingers would move to trace the lines. The Bus was becoming fast my favorite means of transport. It was on a working day that I saw what I lusted for.

We climbed the first bus that came. Due to rush I told her to stand behind the last seat. I slowly faded to the background keeping a watchful eye. Some touched her ass as they moved while others stood near her gathering courage but nothing seemed to happen and I was thinking this to be another of those dull days until from the next stop a young boy aged around 21 got in.

Unaware I was with her he edged towards her. As the bus began to move on I found him moving closer towards my daughter till his body was on hers. Slowly one of his hands went down. As if due to the motion of bus he drifted it towards her ass.. Like a pendulum his hand was moving till his hand touched her ass. Then the pendulum stopped moving and came to rest at ‘0’ position – her ass. The back of his hand was resting on her ass and he stood there unknowingly. When he was sure there was no trouble from the girl and public, his fingers began lifting her skirt.

Unless anyone looked at her ass no one would think a groping was in progress. Both stood as if nothing was happening. Jasmine sometimes glanced over towards me wondering alanya escort what to do but I would reassure her with my eyes. The boy soon had her skirt at his mercy as it rose higher to display her panties.

Like watching an adult film I watched eagerly for his next move. He squeezed her ass and pressed himself on her ass. After some time he opened his zip, released his fly and rested it on her silk panties absorbing her ass heat. Moving slowly – the famous to & fro motion he fucked her thighs as his fingers moved on forbidden areas. I looked around wondering if anyone had seen, but no one noticed them standing together.

Pulling the skirt down he slickly guided his hard dick between her soft thighs. She looked around. Her eyes were deepening, the biting of her lips showed how much his movements had awaken the lust in her. As his dick rammed on her, her eyes widened and she smiled at him. Happy and encouraged he went further. He began to move according to the bus, sometimes falling on her or sometimes groping. Only I understood that movement was my daughter being fucked between her thighs.

Once again he began lifting her skirt. This time he patted her ass and groped all over her ass. Slowly he began to pull her panties down. She tried to protest and move away but he held her firm. Left with no choice she stood there as his fingers continued to pull her panties. She had worn her pink panties with daisies.

I wondered if she was cursing the thought to wear such a child-like panty. It was also lucky she didn’t wear one of her crazy G-string underwear, which left her ass cheek naked. It would have been easy for the boy. Just lift the skirt and slide the panty with a finger and Walla you were in.

I smiled and looked again to see where the episode had reached. He had pulled her panties down from a side so that one of her ass cheek was naked. I watched her young ass squash in his hands and turn to red. He traced her assline with his fingers and slowly inserted his finger in her asshole. She jumped alanya rus escort in surprise as his finger touched her asshole. She rubbed her feet together as the wave of lust hit her. She bit her lips as he pushed his finger deeper into her asshole. His fingers ran from her shithole in between her thighs touching her pussy. He tried to part her pussy and enter.

Squeezing her bare ass in a hurry, as if afraid when it would disappear he moved a little allowing his dick to point up as he moved towards her ass. Then once again using her skirt as shield he pressed on her ass. I saw both of them shudder as their naked flesh touched each other. Once again he covered his dick and her ass with her skirt but this time he was glued to her. Without any consideration for the surroundings he was rocking on her.

By now his movements were fast and some people were beginning to look with doubt. I knew he was nearing climax, the recklessness and the movement of his hand over her ass & pussy and sometimes on her boobs were getting speedier and intense. After a few more rocks and pushes he shuddered as he ejaculated on her ass. I felt my dick rising as I saw her skirt get wet with his cum on her ass. He pulled her skirt up and slowly wiped his dick on her ass and then on her panties.

He placed his dick once more between her thighs and pulled down her skirt. They stood like that till his stop came. As his stop neared I once again saw him shuddering – maybe he had cum again. He pulled his dick rubbed again and put his shirt out. He patted her ass and said ” See you tomorrow, Same time – Same Bus” as he moved towards the door and got down. She stood there without turning as he got down. Then slowly she turned around. Some were smiling at her, she smiled back. The message was getting on.

I never saw him again even though we traveled in the same bus at the same time frequently. The vision of my daughter being groped in the bus by the young boy in front of everyone, her helplessness and her movement when lust began to dominate her all began to haunt me throughout. I had a constant hard on which increased whenever I saw her. My eyes always swept her huge ass always exciting through her skirt. I decided to grope her myself given a chance. I decided to wait for the right moment – the moment my hands would know her soft ass and boobs.

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