Daughter’s Surprise Ch. 02

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The sun peeking through the window brought Dan to full awake.

Alone in his bed, he thinks, “Was that all just a dream?”

Sliding out of bed he notices that he is naked.

“Well, I don’t sleep naked, so it happened. What have I done? Was it a terrible mistake? Where do we go from here?”

All these thoughts raced through his mind.

Pulling on some old gym shorts and a t-shirt, he mumbles to himself, “I guess I’d better find out what happens next.”

Stepping into the hallway, he hears their voices from the kitchen. Entering the kitchen, he sees the backs of both of them as they stand by the sink. They both have on one of his t-shirts that don’t quite cover the bottom of their naked asses.

“Good morning girls.”

Both girls turned and ran to him, hugging and each kissing a cheek. His arms slide around their waists.

“Daddy,” Samantha begins. “I really loved last night! Everything’s good, so don’t get weirded out. Okay?’

“I loved it too!” Robin pipes in. “I can’t wait for you to be in me again!”

“It was wonderful,” Dan replies, his cock stirring to life, “but I think we all need to sit down and have a conversation.”

Dan guides the to the table.

“I’ll get coffee.” Sam states.

The three of them sip coffee at the table as Dan starts the conversation.

“First off, last night was absolutely incredible! I just need to know what’s happening next and how we are going to handle it. Is everyone planing on this being an ongoing thing?”

Both girls nod vigorously.

“I’ve actually been secretly in love with you for a couple of years.” Robin confesses. “I’d marry you right now to prove it!

“Daddy,” Sam says, as she looks him straight in the eyes, “I think I’ve always loved you a little more than most daughters do. You’ve always been there for me, raising and protecting me. When other girls talked shit about their fathers, I could never understand it. Even when you said no to something or punished me for something, I always knew it was the right thing. If we keep going as lovers, I know you would still protect and never hurt me.”

Dan wipes a tear away as he pulls Sam close to him.

“Well, I’m a little choked up after that display of affection! Maybe because I’m older, I like to plan things. Are you two planning on still having boyfriends?

“You are my boyfriend now.” Sam says as she lays her head on his shoulder. “I’m breaking up with Bill.”

“Russ is already gone.” Robin says, “I called him this morning to end things. When he asks why, I told him I was now with a woman, someone twice my age. I didn’t even really lie! He didn’t believe me, but whatever!”

Dan took a breath, “Now being a realist, I am twice your age, what happens if you want kids someday?”

“Not a problem.” they both agreed, “we don’t want any.”

“Alright, last question for now and we can figure the rest out as we go along. When it comes to sex, is it always going to a three way? I don’t mind if you two want some alone time once in a while.”

“I think I speak for Robin,” Sam says, “I think it will be all of us most of the time, but if we pair off in whatever combination as long as no one is ignored, all will be well!

With an evil grin, Robin replies, “I’ll want you all to myself on our wedding night! All kidding aside, I do need to make an appearance at home, so I’m going to get dressed and scoot out. Can I use your car Sam? I broke up with my ride!”

Robin throws her clothes on and heads toward the door. She kisses Sam on the way out. Dan can see their tongues playing with each others. She then throws her arms around Dan’s neck and kisses him just as passionately. His cock starts to rise and push against her.

“Damn Dad, you make it hard to leave!”

“Don’t worry Robin, I’ll make it hard when you get back!”

Dan walks back to the kitchen and sits back down.

“Someone liked that kiss, judging by that lump in your pants!” Sam said as she straddles his lap.

“Judging by the condition of your nipples someone else liked it too!”

“You mean these?” Sam says as she pulls the shirt off over her head.

“Those are the ones.” He replies as he leans down and takes on in his mouth.

He alternates between her nipples, while squeezing the other one. Her nipples are standing out straight from her tits.

“Yes Daddy, suck on my tits. It feels so good!”

She slides her hand down and starts to rub her pussy, the back of her hand rubbing his cock through the material of his shorts.

“This feels amazing!” She gasps. “It’s like my tits are connected straight to my pussy!”

This makes Dan suck even harder, pulling her nipple out as far as he can with his lips, then letting it snapback, while rolling the other one between his fingers.

“Oh fuck Daddy! She gasps, as her fingers furiously work her clit. “”I’m going to cum!”

He takes that a a cue to gently bite on her nipple and drag his teeth across it.

Unable to speak, she makes some grunting noises and her body convulses as her orgasm hits hard.

Once bursa escort she comes back to earth a little, she raises up a bit while pulling Dan’s shorts to the side, releasing his cock. Grasping it she lowers herself back down, guiding it into her hot, wet pussy. Once she has settled all the way down and he is deep inside her, he pulls her close to him, holding her still.

“Just stay still for a minute. I just want to feel me being in you.”

Hugging him tight, their lips meet in a soft kiss, slowly building up more passion. Their tongues slide past each others exploring each others mouths.

Even though she’s sitting still he can feel her internal muscles working on his cock.

“She could makes me cum from just sitting on me!” He thinks.

He reaches under her ass and lifts her up and back down. She picks up on what he wants and starts rocking her hips, making his cock slide in and out. She fucks him for several minutes then suddenly she stops.

“What’s wrong Honey?” He asks, thinking she has changed her mind about doing this.

“You know, in all the excitement of last night,” she grins at his as she rises off his cock, “I never did get a look at this wonderful cock of yours, and I’d like to try something I’ve never done. Do you mind?”

“Not at all!” he was quick to answer.

She slowly lowered herself to the floor, letting her tits drag across his knees as she went. Once she was one her knees in front of him she just stared at his hardness for a few seconds.

“Oh my! You have got such a beautiful cock. Biggest I’ve ever seen.

She reaches out and traced it with her finger, feeling every ripple. Rubbing over the top of the head, touching the slit. She wraps her fingers around the shaft, gently stroking.

“Can i ask what you’ve never done?”

“Well, I hope that you’ll be pleased to know,” Samantha replies as she continues to stroke his cock, “I don’t have a lot of experience with dicks. I’ve touched two and sucked on one, even tried a taste of cum after it squirted, but I’ve always said the man that cums in my mouth will have to be pretty damn special. And you Sir, are pretty damn special!”

With that she kisses the head of his cock, then licks up and down the length of his shaft.

“Mmm, my pussy tastes pretty good.” She said while licking her juices of of his shaft.

She opens her mouth just wide enough to take in the head. Sucking just on the head until Dan squirmed. She then lowered her head taking more cock into her mouth. Bobbing up and down she took more and more into her mouth. Dan let his head roll back as his beautiful daughter took his cock down her throat. His cock was completely cover with Sam’s saliva as she hungrily swallows his manhood. She start twisting his shaft with one hand, while the other reaches under to fondle his balls. Dan feels the pressure building and knows he can’t last much longer.

“Honey, you’re going to get what you want real soon!”

Sam picks up the pace and makes little moaning noises while she waits for her prize.

The extra vibration from the moaning puts Dan over the edge. He grabs Sam’s hair holding her onto his cock. The first blast went deep into her throat, causing her to gag a little. Stream after stream pumped into her mouth as he continues to use her hair to bob her head up and down. After the last little spurt came out of him and Dan released Sam’s hair, she pulled back and looked at his cock.

“I’m sorry Daddy, I couldn’t swallow it all. Some dripped out on you. I’ll take care of it!”

She leans in and licks the escaped cum from his balls and shaft, then milks a few more drops out of his softening cock, licking them up as well.

“I’ve got to tell you Samantha, that was a first for me too. No one has ever let me cum in there mouth before. I’m glad we shared that together.”

“Me too Daddy!”

She climbs into his arms and they hold each other.


“Yes Samantha?”

“I’m still horny. I want to cum again.”

“Okay, I’ll make you cum.”

“Actually, I know you’re drained right now, pun intended, But I have an idea, let’s go to the bedroom.

Puzzled, Dan follows Sam’s naked ass down the hall. Once in the bedroom, Sam drags a chair to the foot of the bed.

“Sit here.”

Dan does as asked and watches his daughter scramble up the bed and lay on her back, Knees bent up and open, giving him a perfect view of her pussy.

“I’m going to get myself off in front of you. It make me hornier just knowing you’re watching.”

With that she starts to rub her hands over her tits, her nipples instantly standing up.

“She begins to talk in a sultry voice, explaining what she is doing and thinking.

“Oh Daddy, your hands feel so good on my tits. My nipples are getting so hard under your hands. Yes let a hand wander down my body, across my flat belly. My pussy is getting so wet just waiting for your touch. Yeah, that’s rub my thighs.”

Dan’s cock starts to rise again as his daughter puts on a show. She moves both of her hands to the bursa escort junction of her legs and pussy.

“Daddy, stop teasing me! Touch my pussy. Please!”

She continues to tease herself, the back of her hands just slightly pushing against her mound, pushing it together. Alternating her hands, rubbing one side against the other.

“Please open me up! That’s it. Spread my lips, look into my pussy, it’s waiting for you to make it cum. Yeah, feel how wet it is, slide a finger in, I’m so wet because of you. Your finger feels so good in me. Is my pussy tight enough for you? Did you say you want me to taste my own pussy? I’ll do that for you.”

Removing her finger, Sam brings it to her lips and swipes it across them. Licking her lips, she tastes her juices.

“Mmm, I taste good. Can I have another taste?”

Dipping a finger back in, she covers it with her wetness. She brings it to her mouth and inserts it in, sucking it clean.

Dan lets out a little moan watching her suck her finger. It’s all he can do to not jerk himself off, but instead sits on his hands. His release can come later.

“I need to get off Daddy, will you fuck me with your fingers?”

She returns to her pussy and slides three fingers into herself.

“Oh that feels so good, nice and slow, in and out of me. That’s it, shove your fingers into my tight little pussy. Go a little faster, good, oh yes! I want more! Fuck me hard and deep! I want to cum all over your fingers! Work my clit too!

She lowers her other hand and rubs two fingers over her clit, while fingering herself with the other.

“Rub that nub Daddy, make your little girl cum! I’m so close! I’m…”

Sam’s words are replaced with grunts as she is enveloped in an orgasm. All the muscles in her body contract before she relaxes onto the bed. As her hand slides from her pussy Dan is up quickly and takes her fingers into his mouth, licking and sucking her juices off of her.

“Your pussy tastes wonderful.”

Just when Dan is trying to figure out where to stuff his cock, he hears the garage door opener kick on.

“Sounds like Robin is back. Let’s throw something on and meet her.”

Dan is still half hard when Robin comes through the door. It disappears completely when he see that she is upset. It’s obvious that she’s been crying.

“Robin, what’s wrong?” Dan asks, stepping up to her, his arms open.

She goes into his arms and starts crying again.

“It’s not fair! Just when I find the people I want to be with forever, this shit happens!”

“Try to calm down.” Dan urges while stroking her hair. “Tell me and we can try to fix it.”

In between sobs Robin explains. “When I got home, my Dad told me he got another job on the other side of the fucking country and we’re moving right after graduation! I told him I am eighteen and I wouldn’t go and he reminded me I don’t have a full time job and couldn’t afford to live on my own. This just really fucking sucks!”

Sam comes over with tears in her eyes and hugs her, while Dan holds them both.

“I think I know a way out of this.” Dan says, squeezing them both. “Give me a couple minutes. If this doesn’t work, I WILL marry you! You two go wait in the kitchen.”

“I know my Dad will makes this work.” Sam says with conviction. “You might be my new Mommy!”

The moment of laughter eases the situation, so Sam proceeds to tell Robin in great detail about what happened while she was gone.

Dan came back after ten minutes with a smile on his face.

“It’s all set! Guess who is the newest resident of this house?”

“Why did my parents let that happen?”

“I explained to them that I didn’t mind you living here, and as a legal adult you can make your own decisions. To top it off, I promised I already love you and would treat you just like my own daughter. That was an easy promise to make! You can start moving your things anytime.”

Robin ran to Dan and jumped into his arms.

“I love you so much!” Robin exclaimed, “I love both of you!”

Robin begins to kiss Dan and in no time their tongues are intertwined. Still needed relief his cock was quickly rock hard.

“So Sam told me she did something for you that she was saving for someone special?’

Dan nodded.

“I have something I’ve been saving too, and I want to give it to you right now.”

“I think I know what it is.”Sam interjects. “I had him all to myself before, now it’s your turn. I’m kinda worn out anyway. I know you’ll tell me all about it after.”

Robin looks Dan in the eye. “I can feel you poking me in the belly and I know of a much better place for this! However we don’t need these.”

Robin slid Dan’s shorts down releasing his hard cock.

Using a fake southern accent Sam drawls. “Why Daddy, I do declare it’s not proper for a father to be showing his sweet and innocent little girl his big hard,” Fanning her face with her hand. “Do I dare say the word…penis?”

After a good laugh, Robin replies, “Well, Miss Daisy, let me cover this big ole bursa eskort penis up for you.”

She wraps her hand around his cock, tugging on it.

“Come with me Mr. Dodge, we don’t want to offend your virginal daughter anymore!”

With cock in hand she leads Dan to the bedroom. Neither of them even think about shutting the door.

Once inside they begin to kiss deeply, between the two of them, they manage to get naked. Robin drops down a takes his cock in her mouth. Playing with his balls while she sucked. She was there for only a minute we she suddenly stood up.

“I’m a little more experienced than Sam. Cum in my mouth wouldn’t be a first for me. So you’ll have to wait and see. First, I want you to eat my pussy.

Dan takes Robin by the shoulders and guides her back until the back of her knees bump against the mattress.

“I love you Robin, and I want to eat you until you beg me to stop.”

With that he gives her a little shove. She falls on her back giggling. She slowly opens her legs allowing him a great view.

“Come and get it big boy.” she says while gently tapping her mound.

Dan quickly squats down between her legs, licking his lips. Leaning forward he kisses all around her mound. He reaches up and gently pulls her lips open.

“I wanted to look deep into your beautiful pussy before I really get started.”

Robin’s pussy is already glistening with her wetness.

“It’s yours to look at anytime you want to.” Is her reply as she raised her hips a little.

Dan licks one lip and then the other. Moving his tongue in circles, he slowly buries his tongue deeper into her.

“Your tongue feels so good in my pussy. I want to cum on your face!”

As he drives his tongue as deep as he can into her pussy Dan looks up and sees that Robin has grabbed her tits and is massaging them, her nipples poking up between her fingers.

Dan is so horny he keeps want to grab his own cock and stroke it.

He resists the impulse, thinking, ” If I touch myself, I’ll end up cuming on the floor. I’m sure that’s not Robin’s first is.”

Continuing to drive his tongue into her he changes to lapping up her wetness. He notices his nose is almost touching her clit, so he repositions a little to bring his nose comes in contact with it. Moving his head slightly, his nose stimulates her little bud.

“Oh my! What are you doing? That feels great! I’m so close!”

He continues on, wanting to make her cum.

“Don’t stop, almost…oh yes…I’m cumming!”

Dan keeps his face pushed against her pussy as she continues to quiver. In a few seconds she relaxes her body.

“I didn’t hear you beg me to stop yet, so,” Dan says coyly.

Moving his face up a little, he starts working directly on her clit. Licking then sucking on the litte nub.

“No, I can’t take anymore! Fuck this feels good!”

“Not begging yet.” Dan thinks as he sucks even harder on her clit.

He slides two fingers into her and pumps in and out, going faster and faster and still sucking her clit.

Grabbing his hair, pulling him in, she lets out a guttural scream.

“Fuck, fuck, cumming. Stop. No more.” Pushing his head away, she gasps, “Okay, I’m begging you! No more.”

Robin collapses on the bed gasping for breath. After recovering for a few second, she looks at Dan.

“That was awesome, but I still owe you a first.”

“You don’t owe me anything, just being able to love you is enough for me.”

“But I really want to.”

Rolling over onto her hands and knees she lowers her front half down until her face was on the mattress, looking back at Dan.

“I think you know what to do.”

Dan, not wanting to assume anything stood up behind her, bends over and gives a butt cheek a quick kiss and then the other. Then leans in more and starts licking her hole.

“Wow Dad, not what I was expecting, but this is a first too. I like it! Feels good.”

Now Dan had a much clearer idea of what she was expecting.

He continues to lick at her puckered hole, flicking his tongue, teasing it.

“Mmm, this is nice. It’s weird though, I’m really turned on, but at the same time relaxing.”

“Let’s kick it up a notch.” Dan thinks

Sticking his tongue out as far as possible, he pushes it against her hole and feels her tighten up at first. Not increasing the pressure, but not backing off, he can feel her muscles relax. His tongue slides in as far as it can. Backing off and pushing in again he tongue fucks her.

“This feels amazing!” Robin sighs.

Dan reaches under and slides two fingers into her pussy, wiggling around, getting his fingers covered with her wetness. Pulling them out he stops with his tongue and rubs the hole with his fingers. Pushing forward, he feels the initial clench then relaxation. He pushes all the way in.

“This okay?” he asks

“More than okay!” She responds.

He finger fucks her, marveling at how tight her ass feels. Slowly sliding in and out, he is thoroughly enjoying watching his fingers disappear into her ass. Once inside we wiggles his fingers around in her, exploring her insides. On the way out her separates his fingers a little to stretch her out a bit more.

While pumping his fingers in and out Dan exclaims.

“I can’t believe my fingers are in your ass!’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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