Davey and Mommy: Snowed In

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I am eighteen years old and in my senior year of high school. I am very athletic and physically fit I have a nice body from weight lifting. I seem to get a lot of attention from the girls at school but I tend to be a little shy around them.

But I’ve noticed that lately that when my mom is around me I have been getting a chub that I need to adjust in my pants all the time. The other day I think she saw me adjusting myself but I can’t be positive.

I have been looking at my mom differently for a while now. She is so beautiful to me tall, curvy, large firm breasts and at 48 years old she is still a knockout. My dad and she are always touching each other lovingly, so I grew up in a pretty open-minded household.

I am the baby of the family, with two older brothers. Our mom has always treated me a little differently than them. So, they like to tease me that I am a momma’s boy. I will admit that I am and I would rather be with her than my dad.

We have a family cabin up north and we all decided that this year we wanted to go up there to go snowmobiling between Christmas and New years. My mom and I decided that we would go up early to open up the cabin and get it stocked up, then my dad and brothers would come later in the afternoon.

We left the morning after Christmas, the drive was very pleasant we talked about all kinds of things from school to girls. When we got to the town our cabin is in we stopped at the local grocery store to get food and supplies.

When we got to the cabin the drive only had an inch or two of snow in it so we were able to just drive up to the cabin. We unloaded the car, turned on the water, put in the master fuse to have electricity and put all the food away. I then went outside to collect firewood from the wood shed as my mom was cleaning the bathroom and making the beds.

It started snowing while I was hauling in the wood. I told my mom so she turned the television on to see if we could see a weather forecast. When the weather came on they were predicting eight to ten inches of snow through the afternoon and evening. Mom and I just looked at each other, then I headed out to get more wood for the fireplace.

Mom called my dad to inform him of what was going on so they decided it would be safer for him to wait until tomorrow to come up to avoid the storm.

As the afternoon progressed the snow was coming down harder and the visibility was terrible. It was getting very cold inside the cabin, so I started a fire in the fireplace to help warm it up some. About an hour later the power went out.

Mom went to a kitchen drawer to get candles and matches so we could have some light because it was getting dark quickly.

Mom was upset about the power, “Great we just bought groceries now we could lose all of it!” She exclaimed in a huff.

I looked at her and replied, “No worries mom, it’s winter we can just put it outside.” She started laughing and agreed with me.

As it turned into evening I was getting hungry, I took a candle with me and went to the kitchen. I got out the bread and peanut butter. I made both of us some sandwiches with some chips for dinner. We sat in front of the fire to eat and stay warm.

“Sorry, Davey this isn’t what we had planned for our vacation.” Mom commented to me.

I shrugged my shoulders before I replied: “It’s okay I just glad none of us are on the road right now.” Mom nodded her head in agreeance.

Mom was quiet for a few minutes then blew me away with her question. “Davey, I am curious to know have you ever had sex with a girl?” I turned my head towards her with my mouth Ankara bayan escort open. I could not believe what she was asking me. “Well, have you?” She asked again.

I could feel my face turn red before I answered her quietly “Not yet.” Was all that I said before I got up to put the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

When I came back out into the living room she was watching me and asked me “Why are you so embarrassed?” Again, I just looked at her then all I said was “Because you are my mom!” Then she just looked at me and said “So” I just shook my head at her.

Mom and I moved the food to the back porch to stay cold then played cards to pass the time until it got really dark in the cabin to be able to see anymore. We decided that we would sleep in the living room to keep warm.

My mom was stretching her arms over her head which made her sweater tight across her breasts. I got an instant chub watching her. She got up and announced that she was going to get ready for bed. While she was in the bathroom I went into my room to put on my pajama pants. I had a semi hard on so I had to adjust it to be comfortable.

I didn’t shut the door because it was dark and all of a sudden, I heard an intake of breath. I turned my head quickly to the sound with my cock still out of my pants. I could see my mom staring right at my cock which seemed to get bigger with her looking at it. I shoved it into my pajamas and hollered out “Mom!”

She slowly brought her eyes up to mine then I could not believe what she said next. “My god Davey your cock is huge just like your daddy’s!” She couldn’t see me clearly to notice that my face was beet red from utter embarrassment.

I grabbed the blanket and pillow off the bed and walked past her to go to the living room. Mom followed me out there, while I was getting settled on the floor mom sat on the couch looking at me. She settled back on the couch and then started talking to me.

“Davey did you know that your dad and I have not made love for a long time now like 5 or 6 years. He can’t get it up anymore.” She let out a big sigh then started telling me more things about them. “Your dad could not keep his hands off me before he would take me wherever and whenever he wanted. Oh, the stories I could tell you.” I instantly yelled at her “Please don’t” She started laughing.

I noticed that she was rubbing herself, I don’t think she realized she was doing it. Of course, I am watching her and my cock was getting hard. Then she surprised me again by asking “Do you want to see mommy’s titties?” Before I could answer she pulled her nightgown over her head. She was sitting there completely naked.

I started rubbing my cock I could not believe how much I wanted my mom, she is beautiful. She spread her legs open so I could see her quim which was bald, which really surprised me. “Come here, Davey. Come sit by mommy.” She instructed me. So, I got up off the floor popping a tent in my pajama pants and sat next to her.

She leaned into me to rub my pecs and ran her fingers through the hair on my chest. My nipples turned hard instantly. Then she moved her hand to my crotch all I could do was moan. She was running her hand along my covered cock.

“Pull your pants down so mommy can see your cock.” She instructed me. I lifted my hips off the couch to slide my pants down past my knees to kick them off. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and I whimpered, she looked up at me with a smile. “Oh, my Davey you have a beautiful cock. Like I said it is just like your daddy’s” I sat there moaning with her stroking me.

Mommy then leaned Escort bayan Ankara in to kiss me on the mouth. It was not a small peck, it was a deep, tongue thrusting passionate kiss. She leaned back against the arm of the couch “Davey come kiss mommy’s titties.” So, I leaned over her to start kissing and sucking on her nipples. My god her nipples were so big and hard, she was holding my head against her so I could not stop until she wanted me too.

She started pushing on my shoulders to push me down between her legs. “Davey mommy wants you to kiss her pussy.” She instructed me. I spread her legs wider, then spread her pussy lips to start licking and kissing her.

She grabbed my head to push me deeper into her quim while I was licking her, she then instructed me “Hook a finger in my pussy to find my G-spot!” I wasn’t sure what to do so I inserted a finger to move it in and out. Mommy then yelled at me “Davey make your finger into a hook and rub the top inside of my pussy!” I did as she instructed I must have found the right spot she started bucking her hips and came all over my face.

I was startled at first because I have never tasted anything like this, it was a bit salty but I liked it. I wiped off my face with the blanket and looked at my mom. She was leaning back against the couch with her eyes closed and sighed. She then smiled and said “Thank you, Davey. Mommy needed that.” All I could do was stare at her and say “Your welcome.”

Mommy moved and told me to get on the couch that it was my turn to come. I did not know what to expect so I sat there nervous. Mommy spread my legs and kneeled between them before she took my cock in her hand. She was stroking me to make sure I was hard, which I most definitely was.

She then leaned in and licked my cock up and down the shaft. I leaned back and closed my eyes, the feelings I was having were intense. She then put her lips around the head of my cock licking the tip with her tongue before she started going down my shaft.

I was raising my hips to match her bobbing motion. Oh my god I have never had this feeling before it was unbelievable! I did not want it to stop. Before I knew it, I could feel my balls tighten up I knew I was going to cum and hard. Mommy did not move off my cock as I yelled out to her “Mommy, I am going to cum!” She started moving faster until I spurted 5 ropes of cum into her mouth. She then pulled off and swallowed every last drop.

I was spent but I was still hard so mommy straddled my lap and slide my cock into her tight pussy. I thought I was going to cum again right then, but I grabbed her hips and started forcing her down harder on my cock. She was moaning and thrashing her head around which was kind of freaking me out because I’ve never seen a person do that.

She leaned into me and started bouncing harder, I could feel her come as her juices were running down to my balls. She screamed while she came which startled me. She kept riding my cock as she took her tit and shoved it in my face and yelled at me “Suckle on mommy just like you did as a baby!”

I started sucking on her nipple like I was famished. She threw her head back and came again on my cock. My balls were so wet and sticky from all of her cum I was in heaven. It was starting to run down my ass crack. After a few more minutes of her riding me, I came hard and filled her pussy with my load.

She fell forward and rested her head on my shoulder before she got off my lap and laid on the couch. I sat there breathing hard trying to catch my breath and calm my heart rate down. Wow! I came twice in the last thirty minutes, Bayan escort Ankara I could not believe what we had just done. But I hope it doesn’t end!

I thought mommy fell asleep so I got up to wash up because I was so sticky. When I came back out into the living room she had moved to the floor where my bedding was set up. She smiled up at me and asked: “Can mommy sleep with you tonight?” I nodded my head as I laid down next to her.

We both fell asleep in each other’s arms. The power came back on during the night the sound of the television woke me up. I got out from under my mom to shut everything off. Mom woke up also so we grabbed the blankets and went into the bedroom to sleep more comfortable.

When we first got into bed I had a hard on again, I was spooning with mommy and she could feel it. She started wiggling her ass against me. I put my hand on her tit and was squeezing it while she was moaning she seemed to have ultra-sensitive breasts, she was loving my touch.

My cock was resting against her ass crack so I started moving my hips with her movements. Mommy reached behind her to grab my cock and I sucked in my breath. She shifted so she was on her back, never letting go of my cock. She then steered me to get between her legs “Put your cock into mommy’s pussy Davey!” She instructed me.

I lined my cock up and shoved it inside of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and we started fucking like we were starving for each other. I lasted for about ten minutes before I came along with mommy. I rolled off her and we both fell asleep.

The next morning, we woke up to the phone ringing. When mommy got up to answer it she was naked. I could hear her end of the conversation, I can tell it is my dad asking how everything is. She hung up the phone and came back in the room.

“It has stopped snowing so dad and the other boys are heading up. They should be here in a few hours.” She told me. I went to get out of bed but she put her hand on my leg to stop me. I was looking at her “Davey fuck mommy again before you have to go out to shovel.” She told me.

I laid back down and she told me to lick her pussy. Now remember I have come inside her three times and she never washed up. I got down between her legs and seen the dried cum on her pussy lips. I was very hesitant to go down there. Mommy’s voice got stern and told me “Davey I said lick my pussy!” I replied “Yes mommy.” As I leaned in to lick her.

I spread her pussy lips and licked her clean. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I was getting into it when she pushed my head in deeper to lick and suck her clit. She came hard so I licked her clean. “Davey come fuck mommy! She wants your hard-beautiful cock now!”

I crawled on top of her and thrust my cock inside her. I paused for a moment to feel her vaginal muscles squeeze my cock tight. I started thrusting in and out of her. I got up on my knees to put her knees on my shoulders. I could go a lot deeper in this position.

I was watching her rub her clit while I thrust. She came hard and squirted all over the front of me. I started going harder to where our skin was smacking against each other. I yelled out “Fuck mommy you have an amazing pussy!” I then had an intense orgasm that I emptied my balls into her.

I fell forward and laid on her until I went soft and fell out of her pussy. I then got up to go to the bathroom. When I came out mommy was in her robe, and she instructed me “Davey you have to go shovel the drive and porches for your dad.” I nodded my head as I went to go get dressed.

Before I went outside mommy came up to me and gave me a deep, passionate kiss with her hand on my face she smiled and told me “Davey this is our secret and I want this to continue between us!” I nodded my head at her with a smile and replied before I went out the door “Yes, mommy I am all yours!”

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