David Goes to the Movie


kFrom time to time, when David has nothing better to do, he will go to find some action in the seedier part of town. This is the place where the porno book stores and movie houses are located, along with some live entertainment. His favorite place is the Carnal Club Bookstore but if there is nothing happening there, he will go across the street to The Tea Room Movie Theater. As its name implies, the theater shows all gay movies. David is not a fan of the movie genre. To him, all the actors are either thuggish louts or swishy poufs, and he can’t identify with either kind. He goes there in hopes of finding somebody who wants a quick and easy blowjob.

The last time David patronized The Tea Room, after handing over his ten dollars to the man in the admissions window, he approached a door with a big warning sign in red letters on a white background. The sign said: “WARNING! DO NOT ENTER UNLESS YOU ARE AT LEAST 18YEARS OLD. INSIDE THIS MOVIE THEATER YOU WILL SEE ACTS OF SEXUAL INTERCOURSE ON THE SCREEN, ON THE STAGE OR AMONG MEMBERS OF THE AUDIENCE. IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY SUCH SEX ACTS, DO NOT ENTER! Since David did not believe that such sex acts, whether depicted on the screen or live would be offensive to him, he went through the door.

The interior was extremely dark and David had to wait several minutes for his eyes to adjust. When he could see well enough he started slowly down the aisle. Here and there, a few men were sucking off other men but that didn’t interest David. He was there to do, not watch. Other men were seated by themselves and David stood next to the aisle seat of the row where gaziantep escort one of them, who looked to be in his forties, was occupying the next seat in.

When the man noticed David, he patted the seat next to himself and David responded to the invitation by sitting there. Seconds after sitting down, David’s right hand was on the other man’s thigh. The other man responded to the inquiring hand by unzipping and opening his pants and David reached in and gently fondled the flaccid cock. So far, neither man had said a word.

As David played with the cock, he could feel it just starting to stiffen so he pulled it clear of the surrounding clothing. The man scooted forward in his chair to give David easier access and leaned back to enjoy the blowjob he was about to get. Although the cock was still soft, David leaned forward, both his hands resting on the man’s arm on the chair, and took it between his lips. One of his favorite things is feeling a cock stiffen in his mouth, and he expected to enjoy that with this man’s cock.

As he worked up saliva and rolled the soft cock around in his mouth, he was gratified to feel it swell and harden. After a minute of fondling with his tongue and the insides of his cheeks, David could feel that the stranger’s cock was erect enough to begin sucking on it. He started slowly bobbing his head up and down, reveling in the feel of the cock sliding back and forth into his mouth and stiffening as his tongue caressed its entire length. With every stroke, David could feel the man’s cock becoming firmer and longer, and more pleasing to his lips as it slid between them and more pleasing to the back of his throat as it pressed against there.

Neither man spoke since there was no need for conversation, but the man started breathing faster and deeper as David’s mouth brought him to a full erection. His cock was big and hard and David shifted in his seat so he could move his face more up and down and envelop the entire shaft. “This guy’s hung pretty good,” David thought. “I didn’t expect to find a cock this nice in here so quickly. This promises to be a better day than I expected.”

Both men were having better days than they had expected. The other man had entered the theater looking for a quick blow job and he hadn’t expected to get it from a mouth as talented as David’s. As he built to a climax, he squirmed in his seat, his hands gripping both chair arms. When he could feel himself ready to cum, the man sucking him off moved his head faster and tightened his lips on the throbbing cock.

David was really enjoying the feel of the big hard cock going in and out of his mouth and when he felt it throbbing, he knew the man was ready to cum. He tightened his lips and started sucking faster. The man’s rapid breathing was pleasant to David’s ears and he also enjoyed the way the man was squirming in his seat from the pleasure he was getting. David likes sucking cocks or getting fucked and he enjoys it even more if the man being sucked off or fucking him is also enjoying it.

Still nobody had said anything but the man was grunting and David could feel his hips jerking and his cock thrusting. Suddenly there was a gush of semen onto David’s tongue, slightly fishy tasting but still good. He savored the taste briefly and swallowed it and continued stroking with his mouth, enjoying the second and third spurts of cum. When the man was done cumming and his cock was softening, David held it in his fingers and licked the semen from the head and under the ridge.

After David had licked off everything he was going to get, he let the cock flop back onto the man’s lap. The man tucked it back inside his clothing, refastened his pants and stood up to go. “Thank you. Excuse me,” he said as he squeezed past David and turned up the aisle heading for the door. Those were the only words either man had spoken. After he was gone, David moved over into the seat that had just been vacated.

A minute later, David looked up and saw a man, a middle-aged African-American standing in the aisle where he had stood earlier, looking expectantly in his direction. Patting the seat was again the invitation to sit, and when the man sat, he slid down on the chair and leaned back, obviously not there to suck anybody’s cock. Once again, David’s inquiring hand was answered by pants being unfastened and opened and once again David found a semi-soft cock inside the pants. As he prepared to suck off his second man of the day, David told himself, “This promises to be a REALLY good day.”

* * * * *

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Whatever you think of it, I always appreciate knowing. Please vote and send feedback, either emailed to me or public comments after the story. Such feedback helps me to write more and better and I always answer any emails or PC that I receive or that is posted.

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