Dawn , Alexis Ch. 2


As they pulled into Adam’s driveway he and Alexis kissed and hugged good-bye and he told her he’d call her later. He turned to wink at Dawn and Alexis pulled him back to her and whispered to him, “Honey, you ever tell ANYONE about this and I’ll make sure it never happens again, got it?”

He nodded and smiled and took off to his house. Dawn climbed in the front seat and before they pulled out of the driveway Alexis asked Dawn, “So, where do you want to go next?” Dawn smiled and told her they needed to get gas first and she’d tell her after they stopped. Dawn had hardly had her fun for the night and there was one more guy she wanted to suck off before the night was over, and hopefully Alexis would help her if nothing more happened, and she hoped it would. They pulled into the gas station and Alexis pumped and paid for the gas as Dawn made a phone call.

“Hello?” the voice on the other end asked.

“Hey James,” Dawn replied. They continued the friendly conversation for a few minutes until Dawn decided to get to the point. “Want Alexis and me to come over and see ya?” she asked. He was sort of stunned but agreed and gave her directions. She had been to his house lots of times before but every time he took her a different route and she could never remember how to get there. After she finished writing down the directions they said good-bye and she hung up and headed back to the car.

“So?” Alexis asked. “Well, how about we head over to James house for a few?” Dawn gave her a look that Alexis knew too well and she knew what her friend was up to and she was not about to turn down a good cocksucking, even if she did have a boyfriend. Alexis smiled and her friend and they headed in the direction of James’s house. They didn’t really speak that much on the way over, the usual conversation; what radio station to put it on, etc. Alexis kept trying to imagine what her friend had in store for her when they got to his house.

She felt a little bad, she did have a boyfriend and was really falling head over heels for him, but it had been so long since she had been with another guy and wanted to know if she was missing out or if she had finally found “the one.” Dawn kept thinking of all the fun things they could do when they got there, she didn’t know how far Alexis would go with another guy since she had Adam, but she knew if nothing else happened she at least wanted Alexis to watch her suck James off, and maybe have Alexis help her. If not, that was cool, it didn’t bother her to have someone watching her. That was another thing she and her friend shared and didn’t know, until now that is.

It was a long drive back to James’s house and Dawn finally got tired of the silence, “So, how far would you go with another guy Alexis?” Alexis laughed cause that was exactly what she was thinking at that moment and since they shared their secrets with each other she felt like she and Dawn could read each other’s minds. She finally answered her friend, “Well, I’m not sure. I really do care a lot about Adam, but I need to know if he is “the one” and I guess being with another guy would answer that question…..hell it depends. How big is James’s cock?” they both about died laughing at her question.

Dawn answered her after she caught her breath, “Well, he’s pretty decent. About 7-8 inches maybe, I’ve never took out a tape measure and actually found out.” This caused both girls to laugh even more. They finally pulled into the city and they started watching the roads so they didn’t get lost. Dawn saw his house (she recognized it once she was there) and Alexis pulled in the driveway. Both girls got out of the car and headed up the porch. Dawn knocked on the door since he lived with his parents and they knew her. His dad answered and they headed downstairs to his room. Alexis stood in the doorway for a few minutes until James urged her in the room.

They all just sat around for a few minutes, Alexis and Dawn smiling at each other and James not paying them any attention, just staring at the television. Alexis was the first one to speak, “So, Dawn I thought you came here cause you wanted something from this boy?” her comment embarrassed Dawn immensely, even though that was what she was wanting. She gave her friend an evil glare and then travesti porno smiled at James. “Yes?” he asked. “Well, Dawn didn’t you tell me in the car you wanted to suck him off?” Alexis spoke for her friend who was red as a beet right now.

“Oh really now?” James asked. “Um….well, yeah, I kinda wanted to, I guess,” Dawn said through gritted teeth, still giving Alexis an evil look. Alexis laughed at her and James looked back at her. “Well, I’m use to her doing it all the time, why don’t you help her this time Alexis?” he laughed at his own joke, little did he know that was the girls’ plan all along. Alexis and Dawn smiled at each other and James turned back to the t.v for a second till he heard his bedroom door shut. Her turned and looked at Alexis who was smiling from ear to ear.

“Oh, God,” he said, “I was kidding you two. You aren’t serious are you?”

“Well,” Dawn replied, “we already helped each other suck off her boyfriend’s big cock, so we figured we’d come over here and do the same for you, if ya want that is?” Dawn smiled, more at Alexis than him. He was shocked, he had just recently found out how much Dawn liked to suck cock, but had no idea she would ever go this far. He didn’t know what to say, but his cock answered for him by almost popping out of his shorts. Dawn and Alexis looked down to his crotch at the same time and they both smiled at each other. “Well, is that a yes?” Dawn asked him.

He couldn’t even nod his head he was still in shock of what she had just asked him. He knew Dawn was not innocent, he knew she loved sex almost as much as him, maybe even more than him, but he had no idea she would ever do something like what she was hinting. “Wait a minute,” he thought to himself, “is she really hinting or is she trying to get me in a trap? If I do say yes are they really going to do this? Or is this another one of her teasing games?”

He didn’t know what to think and as if reading his mind Alexis placed her hand over his bulging cock and reassured him, “Believe me, James, this is no tease. Dawn had so much fun when I decided to share Adam’s cock with her she thought she should return the favor and share your nice cock with me. Don’t you think that’s fair?” Dawn smiled at her and James finally managed to speak, “Yeah sure that’s cool with me.” He tried to be calm but the thought of this was driving him mad. To have two beautiful girls sucking his cock…he had thought about it many times, but never thought it would come true. Especially not with Dawn and Alexis.

These two were awesome, they were both about the same height 5’9” or 5’10”, Dawn had medium brown hair with blonde highlights, hazel eyes which fit her perfectly, and a nice body. She was bigger built than Alexis but carried it well and nice, 38C, breasts. Alexis was a blonde, though he always wondered if she was a true blonde or if it was out of the bottle, she had green fiery eyes that seemed to scream “fuck me” (right now anyway) and an awesome figure, she was very petite and voluptuous breasts, he always though she was at least a D cup, but was not sure.

Maybe he would find out tonight he thought. “Well,” Dawn’s voice broke him from his thoughts, “you wanna do this or not? We could leave if you wanted?” she said teasingly, knowing he would never let them leave, especially not now. “Hell no!” he said, “Oh, I mean you can go if ya want, but I don’t want you to.” Both girls laughed at the way he tried to stay cool even though they knew he was dying for this to happen (hell what guy would be crazy enough to turn TWO girls away from doing nothing more than sucking his cock?).

“Well, Alexis,” Dawn asked her friend, “you wanna unleash the ‘soldier’ or should I?” Alexis smiled and moved herself between James’s legs.

“I wanna do it,” she said, “this is my favorite part.” She knew she didn’t need to tease this boy, he was probably about to explode already. Dawn moved on the couch beside James and continued to get him worked up while Alexis pulled his shorts. Dawn looked at her friend as she started kissing James’s neck. Alexis smiled back at Dawn and grabbed the waistband of James’s boxer briefs and start to slowly pull them down, when she saw the top of his pubic hair she stopped. güzel porno James and Dawn both watched her intently, not knowing what she was gonna do next.

She smiled at them both and started kissing the inside of his thighs gently and wetly. Dawn and James both groaned at the sight of her doing this. Dawn whispered into James’s ear, “Damn baby, I think this is getting me as hot as it is you.” James groaned and placed his hand inside her shirt and started fondling and massaging her breasts gently. Alexis knew what she was doing and continued to kiss the inside of his thighs as she watched him play with her best-friend’s nice tits. She was getting herself as hot with her little show that she knew she was getting them. After a few minutes of teasing him she moved her hands back to his boxer briefs and slid them all the way off him.

He still had his hand inside Dawn’s shirt fondling her breasts, but now her bra was gone, and when his cock pushed free out of the briefs he sighed. Alexis was amazed at how much pre-cum was covering the tip of his cock. She looked at him and smiled. She took the tip of his cock in her mouth and sucked off all the pre-cum, she looked at Dawn, who was now watching her intently, and took James’s cock all the way her mouth in one quick motion which got an “OH GOD” out of him and Dawn. He had now moved his hand from her shirt down to her shorts caressing her thighs and Alexis was watching their show as they watched hers. She was taking him in and out of her mouth with ease making him and Dawn groan each time she had him all the way in her mouth.

She kept sucking his cock all the way in her mouth quickly and then pulling back off slowly for about five minutes. Then she sped it up, she was tired of teasing him and all she wanted now was to have him shoot off in her mouth. She was sucking him faster and faster and he was trying his damnedest to make it last but after about five more minutes her couldn’t take it anymore, he let out a long, low groan and shot his first load in her mouth which totally took her by surprise and she fought to keep it all in her mouth, but it started pouring over her chin as he shot his second load.

This time she was ready and swallowed every bit of it. He shot his third load and when she felt his cock soften she pulled her mouth off of it and opened her mouth to show Dawn the present she had for her. Dawn smiled and climbed off the couch and moved beside Alexis and the two immediately locked in a kiss. When they pulled away both girls smiled and turned to James and showed him their cum covered tongues before they swallowed his thick, creamy cum. Dawn then turned back to Alexis and licked the cum from her chin and neck and swallowed it.

“Hey!” Alexis said, “That was mine, you were supposed to share”

She mocked a pout to which Dawn answered “Awww you poor baby, I’m sorry.” She pulled her friend to her and kissed her gently and sweetly. “Well, ok I forgive you.” Alexis said and both girls laughed. They turned to look at James and he was starting right at them his cock already getting hard again. Both of the girls laughed. “Well, Dawn, I think we are teasing your boyfriend all over again” Alexis said with a smile. To which Dawn replied, “Hey, he’s not my boyfriend, he’s my fucktoy. There IS a difference you know?” Both girls broke out laughing. When they finally settled down they looked back at James and then started whispering to each other.

“Hey!” he said, “if you cocksuckers are talking about me I have a right to know what you are saying, don’t you think?”

Both girls looked at him and said, “NO!” and they all laughed. “Well, James my dear,” Dawn started, “we were just discussing what we should do with that hard cock of yours. And since we gave you a little show, we have decided that you owe us something.”

“Oh, do I now? Just what did you two have in mind?”

“Well, see we think we deserve a treat for all our hard work. And since I just LOVE that cock of yours and Alexis loves to have her pussy licked, we were thinking maybe I could ride that cock of yours while you eat her pussy.”

“Hm…I dunno about that.” Both girls looked at him in protest. “And just why not?” Dawn asked. “Well, I think I am pretty anal porno wore out,” he said with a laugh. “Oh the hell you are,” Dawn exclaimed, “I hardly think you are wore out after one blow job when we have had sex more than four times in one night buckaroo! So either you give us what we want or..”

“Or what?” he asked her. “Or we’ll never do this again,” she replied. “Ok, ok,” he said, “but how can we do all that with my folks around? We all know how loud YOU get Dawn. I don’t think my folks would like it too much.”

“Well,” she started, “my sister is not home. We could go over there. If mommy will let you go out and play that is.” The two girls laughed at the joke and waited for his reply. “Well,” he said, “ok then let’s go. By the way, who’s driving?” Alexis answered him, “Uh, I am, why?”

“Whew, just wondering. Wasn’t going anywhere if Dawn was driving.”

“HEY!” she said and they all laughed and headed out the door to Alexis’s car. Dawn sat in the back with James and they were whispering back and forth. “When did you get into all of this stuff?” he asked. “Well, today actually,” she said with a smile, “me and Alexis kinda joked about it at first, but when it came down to it we both liked it. Is she a good cocksucker?”

“Hell, yes,” he answered in more than a whisper which made Alexis look back at them and they smiled, “she is very good at it, almost better than you,” Dawn playfully punched him in the shoulder, “Hey, I said ALMOST,” he said with an innocent smile. Dawn kissed him sweetly and they made out for the rest of the ride. They pulled into her driveway and they all piled out of the car quickly, all of them very eager to get started. Dawn went in the house first, making sure no one was home, even though she knew no one was cause all the cars were gone. They all practically ran to her bedroom. Dawn was very proud of her room, it was never completely clean, but she had painted it herself and everyone complemented her on the colors she picked (not going into that right now if you are reading this you don’t care about the exact color of a room) very spring-like colors.

Once in the room none of them made a move to start what was about to happen. Dawn was the only one to even venture close to the bed, she sat down on it as soon as they stepped in the room. She looked at Alexis and James, an inviting look, hoping they would sit down. Finally, after scanning her room for the 100th time James sat down beside her and Alexis followed, sitting on the other side of her. They all sat there for about 5 minutes, finally Dawn broke the ice, “Ok, strip someone,” James and Alexis laughed, thinking she was joking. She looked at them seriously, stood up and took all her clothes off in a matter of seconds. They both just looked at her, stunned, she laughed “Well, someone had to get this started.” Alexis followed her lead, stood up stripped and then both of them stood there waiting for James to do the same. He finally stood up and followed the girls’ move.

Dawn looked at them both and smiled. Then she pulled James to her and kissed him deeply and passionately which made his cock stiffen again, when she noticed this she smiled and pushed him on her bed and he obediently laid down. She looked at Alexis who was standing right beside her. She pulled her to her and kissed her, “Your turn hon.” Alexis smiled and sat on the bed. “I don’t think so,” Dawn said, “get your cute ass up there where you are supposed to be.” Alexis climbed up the bed and got on her knees beside James’s face. He grabbed her waist to hold her and pulled one of her legs to the other side of his face so her dripping wet was right above his face, he teasingly ran his tongue over her slit and she jumped. She started to get up, but he held her in the position she was in. Dawn walked over to her and kissed her cheek, “You DO want this don’t you?” she asked her friend. Alexis nodded and stayed where she was. Dawn straddled herself over James’s cock, “Turn her around,” she ordered. James obeyed and turned Alexis to face Dawn. Dawn started to lower herself onto his cock, but just then……to be continued!

~Author’s note~

*Sorry guys, I will finish it as soon as I can. If any of you guys have any ideas of how I could make these stories more appealing to you please let me know. The first chapter DID come from real life, if you are wondering. And I am hoping to make the next two come true sometime soon too! LOL If you have any comments or questions just send me an email! Thanks for reading and I hope you like what’s to come.*

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