Dear Diary: A Daddy/Daughter Series

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Saturday, November 5, 2005

Dear Diary,

It’s my birthday today and I just turned eighteen this morning. Daddy says I’ve gotten to be a big girl but I will always be his little girl no matter what. He gave me this diary because I’d filled up all my old ones over the years. They were all my “little girl” diaries, bright pink with rhinestones on the cover and glitter on the pages. This one was bright red with a heart on the front. Daddy says this will be my big girl diary and that I should write in it everyday.

My name is Cassie. I’m short and I’m four feet and seven inches tall. I have short red hair and brown eyes, and I’m sort of dumpy. All curves but kind of chubby. I’m a virgin. I’ve never been kissed by a boy in my life, or a girl. Mommy never wanted to play with me or spend time with me. It was always Daddy who would play with me, tuck me in at night, make my breakfast, my lunch, and my dinner, and kiss me in the morning and night. Whenever I asked Mommy if she would play with me, she told me I was too little to play with her. Then I’d cry and Daddy would pick me up and sit with me until I stopped crying. He’d tell me he loved antalya escort me and he would take me to my room and play with me and my dolls. I’m too old to play with dolls now but sometimes I do when I’m alone in my room. Sometimes I pretend the boy-doll is Daddy and the girl-doll is me.

My birthday wasn’t too fun. Mommy was out of town with a friend. I knew what that meant. Daddy made me a chocolate cake with white frosting and pink flowers, and wrote on it: Happy Birthday Cassie! And he put eighteen pink candles on my cake. I blew them all out at once. My only wish was that Mommy would tell me she loved me. Daddy and I talked, and ate cake together. Then Daddy took me to my room to tuck me in. I told Daddy I was a big girl and I could tuck myself in, but Daddy said that as long as I lived in his house he would tuck his little girl in.

He went to my dresser and took out my pink teddy. Daddy told me to take off my clothes. I didn’t think there was anything wrong because he was my daddy and it was just the two of us. As I took off my shirt Daddy smiled and licked his lips. It didn’t bother me. I’d gotten my breasts a month ago. 38C-cup lara escort and I’m a size 12. Daddy said he liked full-figured girls. I took off my bra and then unbuckled my belt and slid off my jeans. Underneath I had on white cotton panties. Then Daddy stood up and I raised my arms for him to slip my teddy over my head but instead Daddy put his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him.

“Daddy!” I giggled.

I tried to pull back but Daddy kept his arm around me. Daddy had always been very strong.

“No,” Daddy said, and kissed my cheek.

“But Daddy I’m almost naked,” I said.

“I know,” Daddy said.

Then Daddy lifted me in his harms and sat on my bed and put me on his lap.

He sat there with me, caressing my belly with his large strong hand.

“You grew up too fast Cassie,” Daddy said while he caressed my nipples with the fingers of his right hand, making my nipples hard.

A sigh escaped my lips.

“I’m sorry Daddy, I didn’t mean to,” I said.

“I know sweetheart, Daddy isn’t mad at you,” Daddy said and kissed my nipple.

“Daddy, I’m manavgat escort your little girl… I’m not sure you should be doing that,” I said.

But Daddy didn’t answer and began to suck on my hard nipple.

I couldn’t help but moan, I’d never felt anything like this. I wrapped my arms around Daddy’s neck to hold him against me. I didn’t want him to stop. Daddy kept licking and sucking my nipples, making them hard and wet with his tongue. “Oh Daddy!” I moaned. I was almost thankful Mommy was gone.

But then, Daddy was the only boy who had ever paid any real attention to me. Daddy was so handsome, and tall, over six feet.

Daddy bit my nipples, not hard, but hard enough for me to cry out softly. As he did he caressed my back with his hands. Then Daddy stopped. He slipped my teddy over my head and secured it over my breasts and hips. I hated that he stopped but it was very late. I was a little tired. Daddy said even big girls needed to be in bed.

“Yes Daddy,” I said as Daddy laid me in my bed and pulled the covers up to my chin.

“Good night my angel,” Daddy said sweetly, and kissed my forehead, then he added, “Sweet dreams Baby.”

Then Daddy turned off my lights, and closed the door softly behind him.

I’m not sure if I should write more, because it is already midnight, so I will say good night and write more tomorrow. Good night Diary. XOXO



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