Dearest Phil

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Dearest Phil,

I’ve decided to tell you what I love. There’s a lot about you that makes me melt inside. That makes me know you’re the one. You’re very smart. You’re wonderful at making me laugh. You know what I like and you never stop loving me no matter what. With you I feel like I belong.

This is why I don’t feel bad or unsure about you having full control over me when we have sex sometimes. I enjoy it quite thoroughly. Your hands on my body. Fingers dragging across my back. My ass. My skin. I love every second of it. Could you please do it again? I promise that when you do I’ll be the perfect little slut. I’ll give myself over to you. All of me. And you can do whatever you wish.

I’d do it all. Anything at all. Just to make you feel good. I’m just here for you to fuck. To make you cum. I want to see the ecstasy on your face when you cum. Either all over my body, have it trickling down my tits and covering my stomach as I lie there; or inside me, spilling from my pussy or making its way down my throat. I want it all. That is the only request I make of you my master. If I cum it will only be for your enjoyment, your pleasure.

You’d lay down the rules. No cumming without your say so. I am to do anything and everything your heart desires. I am your cock whore for the night. I am to answer when talked to. I am to refer to you as master. I will respond to all your queries, speaking when possible. I am to make you feel as good as possible, and to focus only on that. I will prove myself to be a wonderful slave.

It would happen like this.

I’d wake up and notice you still beside me. Asleep and peaceful. A smile playing about your mouth. An idea sparks and I disappear underneath the covers. I find the hole in your boxers and take advantage of it. I pull your half hard dick through and lower my head onto it. Mmmm I love it. I love sucking your dick. I feel how warm and hard it is between my lips. You stir. I stick my tongue out and give you a long, hard lick up your shaft and hear you moan in your sleep.

I stack my two hands on your cock, one on top of the other, leaving just the last inch or more of your seven inch wonder exposed. I begin to softly nibble and lick it. Then I cover it with the wetness of my mouth and suck on it, hard. You begin to awaken. I lick harder. You mumble out loud. “What’s going on?” Finally you begin to rub the sleep out of your eyes.

I remove the topmost hand and begin to lick and suck the, now uncovered, portion of your manhood. I hear a sharp intake of breath from you. You close your eyes from the amazing feeling and flip open the covers to find me ass naked, on my stomach, serving your cock. You respond in a playful tone “What are you doing?” I take my mouth away from the task at hand long enough to respond, with an innocent look in my eyes, “Serving you master.”

You look at me and immediately catch on. By now you’re awake enough and thrust your hips upward a little bit. I let up on my sucking but before long I find your hand on the back of my head, forcing it slowly down. I choke on your cock for the first time. I hear a husky moan emanate from you and increase my licking while you keep gagging me. Oh how I love your moaning. I love when you tell me how good it feels. When you moan. It’s all the illegal bahis happiness I did. That and your sweet cum in the end.

“You’re a real whore aren’t you?” I bob down on your dick again and you moan again “But you’re so damn good.” The next time I’m gagging on your dick you grab my by the hair and push me even farther in, dragging my head around a bit so my throat muscles really massage your thick hardness. “Oh yeah that feels good.” You let go of my head and I just keep on sucking and licking. “You never stop do you slut? Mmmm, oh but you’re my slut. My little cock slut. You’re suck a slut for my big, thick dick aren’t you?” You push my head down again for emphasis. “Aren’t you, you delicious look porn-star of a slut? My titty slave answers when she’s asked.” I look up into your face, mouth still on your cock, and nod vigorously. “Mhmm.” My lips vibrate against your flesh making it tingle.

“That’s right. You answer your master. I’m your master and your ass is mine. Whatever I say goes. And right now I say that you can’t cum without my say so. When you orgasm, when your juices spill, it’ll be for me and my enjoyment.” I stop sucking you long enough to respond, “Yes master.” “Good little slut. Ooooh…” You exhale and your whole body vibrates with pleasure. I’m dripping wet by now, on all fours. I can feel how swollen my pussy has gotten. I just want your dick inside me.

“Enough of this. I want to see what you can do. How much you really want my cock. Get on all fours on the ground and wait for me.” I do as you say and before long find myself in cuffs around my ankles, and wrists. To top it all off I find a collar and leash being put around my neck. I feel you crouching or kneeling behind me and before long I sense your mouth by my ear. “Now you are truly my pet. My slave. You are my sexual pleasure. Only mine and my best and most favorite pet.” I gasp as you stick your fingers inside me as I kneel there. “Ah…so wet. So eager to prove.” You quickly move your fingers inside me. It takes all my energy to focus on not cumming. I almost forget to breathe. “Good. You’ll be rewarded for that. But not yet. I want to go slow with you. I want to really…” I hear you licking your fingers that were inside me. “…taste and consume you.” I shiver with those words, not quite knowing what you mean or have got planned.

“Get up whore.” I stand up and then you instruct me to lay flat on the bed, on my back. You keep pulling the leash until I’m in the right spot on the bed. “Spread your legs and let me get a good look at what I’ll be fucking today. You look me up and down and I see the heavy lust in your eyes. I arch my back a bit pushing my tits further into your plane of vision. Slowly starting to feel me up, your eyes stare into mine. Burning into me. I spread my legs farther apart and lift my arms above my head, pulling my boobs up a bit with them and opening them up, opening myself up. You hand feels warm and I melt with its touch. Before long it’s traveling back down my body, hitting all the curves, before, suddenly, plunging into my tight wetness again. I moan heavily as you finger me for what it seems eternity, but never cum. Finally, “Lick.” You hold your dripping fingers up to my face. I eagerly lift my head and start sucking.

As I do my tits bounce and illegal bahis siteleri your other hand grabs at one of them. Squeezing and fondling the nipple, you begin to massage it. You take one of them and rub it in between your thumb and pointer finger. The areolas are swollen to the size of a silver dollar now and begging for attention. My legs are dangling off the bed , along with my ass. Before I know it you’re buried to the balls in my pussy, pumping away. Your hands holding my arms down and above my head. “Fuck your pussy feels tight as hell.” You growl in my ear. “So wet, so hot. Just how I want it.” I whimper in response. “You like me fucking you, don’t you? My tittied slut? God, they’re wonderful. Ginormous. Fuckable. Supple. Delicious. Mmm, maybe I’ll titty fuck you tonight. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” You hit a good spot and we both groan and moan. I can’t cum and all I can do in response to your rhetorical questions is bob my head like I’m going down on you and mutter “Yes, master.”

Suddenly, you’re attacking my tits with your tongue. That gets me hotter than almost anything. You know this all too well. Thankfully you’ve stopped plowing me and are just inside. I can feel the blood pumping through your glorious shaft, as all my senses are thoroughly heightened by your tit licking. My God you know how to make me submit. You pay especially close attention to the areolas and nipples, but you do not leave the rest wanting. Before long my DD sized breasts are covered in your lips and saliva. You attack the nipples again, telling me to cum and beginning to fuck me hard again. With my legs up in the air to hit that spot and the extra sensitiveness of my nipples, I cum hard, flowing all over your amazing dick, even squirting a bit. My body shakes.

“You loved that you slut didn’t you?” You stop and remove yourself. Taking your hand you place your fingers inside my pussy and rub my juices all over my nipples and breasts. You keep doing this until my entire torso is glistening with my juices. “You feel like a dirty whore don’t you? Tell me exactly how much of a whore, slut and cock maid you feel and maybe I may consider you cumming.” Bend over and tell me whore. Stand.” I stand and bend over at the waist, my legs together, baring my pussy for you. “I love being your slutty cock whore. God I love your cock. You have the most wonderful cock master, so big and thick and hard. Mmmm, it kept getting bigger and bigger inside me. I love being just a few holes and a pair of tits for you to fuck. I love you fucking all my holes. Deep, hard and long. I love seeing and hearing how much pleasure I bring you.” I hear your sounds of pleasure and I need to stop myself from cumming again. You interrupt me, “Fuck you’re such a good slave. Your pussy is dripping wet. And my cock is rock hard. The perfect combination.”

You thrust one last time, then push me to my knees. “Turn around my queen whore.” I turn and your manhood greets me. “Suck it. You deserve it for not cumming. Suck your juices off.” I take your dick in your mouth again and start licking. You exhale sharply and without realizing it your hand is on the back of my head, your pelvis is pushed forward, and I am being gagged with your enormous cock filling my throat. You don’t move as the pleasure washes over you. canlı bahis siteleri I begin to just flow down my thighs from the thought of your pleasure, reveling in your dick. It’s a good 8 seconds before you let up and I can breathe. The combination of everything happening almost has me fainting.

“That felt amazing my cock slut. My fucking whore. Oh how I love to fuck you.” You look down into my face as I look up at you. “You have earned a delightful treat.” Excitement and wonder fill my eyes. “I want to hear your screams of pleasure. I want to feel your body tremble. I’m going to take my fingers and fuck you until you yell for me to stop. And then I will take you the way I did earlier, legs up in the air and fuck you some more, before I finish with you. Now how does that sound? My sweet, my tittied fuck toy.” My eyes were shining as I looked up at you and you tugged on my leash. “Thank you Master! I’d love it. That would be wonderful. May I suck you one last time Master?” You tilt your head, thinking. “I think you can my pet. One more. Choke yourself on it.” You roughly tug on my leash again and I envelop it with my mouth and throat. You shudder once before pulling me off.

“Lie on the bed slut. Spread yourself out like you did before.” You insert your fingers into me and begin pumping away. My mind stops working. I can’t sense anything except the orgasms racking my body, one after another, like waves crashing on a beach. My head isn’t functioning anymore. I moan and scream with the crescendos. I babble away aimlessly. “Fuck it feels good… thank you master….omg I love it master….I’m your whore…slut…holes for you to fuck. This feels sooo good…..omg…fuck I keep cumming…fuck…I can’t stop…I just keep cumming…master….I’ve had enough…I can”t…anymore…I..can’t…please…” You pay no attention to my mumbling and keep making me convulse. I cum for you.

After several more minutes you stop and let me rest. Soon I hear you command again, with a tug and some pulling on my leash “Stand up and bend over the bed. Now here’s what will happen. This is the last position slut, so listen close. I will enter your hot, tight ass, no lube. I will fill you up like this, and maybe you will even cum anally. Are you ready, slut?” You emphasize with a long hard slap to my ass which stings but gets me dripping again. “Yes, master.” “Good, now…” I feel the soft tip of your dick probing the opening to my ass. I’m getting wetter. I’ve been dreaming about this for a few days. Your cock coated in my juices, you swiftly enter. Sharp pain and pleasure mix.

I cry out. You pump a few times and pure pleasure washes over me. I moan loudly. “You love it don’t you whore?” You grunt through clenched teeth. “Yes, my master.” I exclaim. You pound away. I feel you expanding inside me. You’re close. “Please cum Master, I want your cum inside me. I want to feel your pleasure. Please master. Please…My ass is ready. May I cum master.” “YES.” You exclaim as you shoot into me with your big load. I cum from the sheer power of it, being pushed over the edge. I collapsed from my arched back position as you collapse on top of me.

I hear a contented sigh and know that you’re done. “Mmm, happy?” I half smirk at you. “Are you?” You reply. “Oh yes. Quite.” I cover you with kisses as you half heartedly pretend to swat me away. “Come on sleepy, let’s go have lunch.”

I roll you off and pin you down. “And then we’ll see if the tables won’t turn.”


With Love,

Your Alina

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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