Dee At The Adult Book Store

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I was wearing my sexy little number to the adult book store, and was looking for some fun in the glory holes. I entered the shop, and I kept my long coat on over the top. There were about seven guys just browsing the shelves. My hubby didn’t enter with me, he wanted to give the impression that we were not together. I started looking at the magazines first, and noticed that the guys were looking at me, but trying not to be obvious about it. I had my coat unbuttoned and the latex mini was clearly visible underneath. On my feet I wore my six inch platforms, and these made me stand almost 6’4″, as I am 5’10” in my bare feet. I am sure several of them thought I must have been a transvestite!

I slowly walked up and down the magazine aisles looking for pics of gang bangs, because I love them! I finally found a magazine called “Half-time” showing some cheerleaders being well and truly fucked by a huge number of black guys in a locker room! As I was reading this, I noticed my hubby enter the shop. However, he was not alone. He was chatting to another guy I had never seen before!

I put down the magazine and walked over to the area where all the dildoes were. I picked up a nice pink one that had two heads on it, the ones you use to put in your pussy and ass at the same time. I was just stroking it up and down thinking how much fun it might be t try it, when the shop owner called out,

“Hey bahis firmaları lady, you wanna touch you gotta buy first!”.

“Oh, I am sorry” I replied. “I was just wondering what on earth this would feel like inside me?”.

That got the men’s attention!

“Hmm, well maybe you should try it out” said my hubby – and the other guys agreed with him, not knowing of course who he was!

I must have blushed a little, because an old guy standing nearest to me said.

“It’s ok ma’am, we guys just don’t get to see nice girls like you in here that much, and the thought of watching you play with that pretty much turns us all on!”

“I see….well I would LOVE to play with it, but where??”

Just then the shop owner said, “You need to buy it first love!”.

“I’ll pay” said hubby!! (God bless him!!)

After he paid for the double dildo, the man who came in with my hubby said,

“Hey babe, here’s some lube to help do it right.”

I took the small tube of pink lubricant and then stood looking at the men who had gathered around me.

“Now what?” I asked innocently.

“Come and stand here on this bench, we all want a good view” said hubby again as he and the other guy lead me towards a small table covered in magazines.

I climbed onto the table and slowly removed my coat. The guys all whistled and moaned as they saw kaçak iddaa my body in the latex minidress with the holes.

I started to tease them and kiss and suck the bigger of the two heads on the double dildo, and the guys started to rub my thighs. I loved it! This was wild and really turning me on! I deep-throated the smaller head, and then slobbered sit all over them both, simulating the cock sucking I had no doubt I would shortly b doing! Then I took the lubricant and smothered it all over both heads of the double dong.

“You need to make my pussy and ass wet” I said in my sexiest slut voice!

Fingers and tongues went crazy! I was licked, poked, fingered, prodded and stroked to the point where I thought I was actually going to have an orgasm right there! I stepped away a little and then spread my high heels apart, exposing my pussy and ass totally to the men who were gathered around me. I leant forward so my hand rested my weight against the wall, and then with the other hand, slowly pushed the larger head inside my waiting pussy, much to the moaning delight of the guys who had now taken out most of their cocks and were wanking with me as I fucked myself.

“Stick it in your ass you slut – fuck your asshole baby” said the man who had entered with my hubby.

“Please put both inside you baby??” said the nice older guy.

I bent further forward, and then ever kaçak bahis so slowly pushed both cockheads inside my hungry ass and pussy at the same time. It hurt a little at first in my ass, and so I slowly moved it in and out.

“I need a tongue on my clit” I said, and within seconds the old guy had moved underneath me from the front and was sucking and licking my fattening clit.

This was amazing, and it was everything I had hoped for! I stood on the table and fucked my ass and pussy until I orgasmed right in front of those men, with the old guys tongue lashing my clit. I thrashed about when I came, my head tossing back and forth as the waves of pleasure washed over me. I smiled and moaned as I came, and then slowly stepped down from the table, the double dildo still embedded in my tight ass and hungry pussy.

“Now it’s our turn” said my hubby.

“Yeah, it’s time to cum” said another guy.

“Ok I said, but I want it in the glory holes, I am in this booth, you all go nextdoor, and I will suck you ok??”

Noone complained. They just about killed each other getting inside the small booth next t the one I entered. I had to remove the double dildo when I walked into the booth, but quickly squatted down to suck the first cock that came through the glory hole, and so placed the tool back inside my holes. This was incredible. Here I was, on my knees, wearing high heels and a latex minidress in a public bookstore sucking a strangers cock!

I spent the next hour or so drinking so much cum that when I finally left, I reckon my tummy was making a squelching noise as I walked!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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