Delayed Shipment


You watched as the new shipping manager walked out of your office. Cute ass, you thought to yourself. Actually, you were thinking more, but you were at work and you didn’t want to get too excited at the office. Still, you stared as he walked… He was the only person in the shipping department who wore slacks, and you could tell he had them tailored to fit perfectly. The cut was snug around his form, snug enough that you could tell his legs were very muscular. If course, it was obvious he worked out. His shirts were always very large on him, and a very good fit. When he reached to grab or point to something, you could tell his arms, his chest, hell his whole body was muscle. You got the feeling he wasn’t one of those muscle-heads. No, he’s well defined but not gross. You smile softly to yourself as he turned the corner, glad that he was working for you for the next week or so. Your company was attending a big trade show in St. Louis in the next few days, and you were responsible for making sure that JB Pet Wholesale had a good show. In fact, you think you were hired specifically for this show. The offer had come in so close after the big Baltimore show just a few months ago, and it seemed all you have done at JB was prepare for the show.

Well, it could be worse. You got to work with Jared, the shipping manager and your subordinate, almost exclusively. He was hired right about the same time as you, and it seems he spent as much time in your office as in his own. But it was getting to be crunch time. The samples were being loaded on tricks, the display material tested, the printer working furiously to get the brochures and flyers made up. This show would mark JB’s first step into the world of aquatic pet supply. So far, they had done well with dog and cat supplies. But an ambitious new CEO was eager, maybe too eager, to expand. Hey, it paid your bills, and gives you more chances to get close to Jared.

Your phone rang. You look at the screen. Jared. “Claire here, what’s up?” You held your breath for just a second, hoping he would say, “I am.”

“Boss-lady, We have a problem.” He always said something funny, and the fact that he jumped right into the conversation told you there was something serious going on.

“What’s going on?” Oh, no. Something had to be wrong with the shipments being sent to St. Louis.

“You had better come down here.” You had never been invited to his office before, probably because it was above the shipping floor, and always had workers in and out. Still, to see his diplomas on the wall, probably pictures of a girl he never spoke about…

“I’ll be right down.” You hang up the phone, concerned about what might be wrong. The dog and cat food samples shipped two weeks ago, and they sat in storage at the convention center. So it couldn’t be that. You began walking faster, worried it might be something with the new water pumps. Those have been a hassle since they were first bought off that German company. Then the new aquariums… one style kept breaking, the other leaked. You glance at your watch, 4:45. Almost time to quit for the day.

Hmm, you think to yourself. Almost quitting time, minor crisis, you were sure, Friday night. You detour to the bathroom to make sure you looked your best. Solve the crisis, you think, invite him to a celebratory drink, see what happens…

You open the bathroom door, holding it for one of the secretaries. Teresa is a bit gabby, you think to yourself. It’s probably best she’s not in here. In fact, you check to make sure you are alone before entering the handicapped stall. It was the only one with a full-length mirror on the door, and you wanted to make sure you looked just right. You close the door after yourself, glancing back to see how your ass looked. You were wearing your short brown skirt today, the one with the slit up the back. Sexy, you thought, it showed just a little bit more leg when you took long strides, which you made a mental note to do when you were in Jared’s office. Panty lines, though. Shit, you think. I look like a slutty grandma with those panty lines. Quickly, you kick off your four inch heels, the ones that helped show off your legs and shapely ass, quickly pulling the pantyhose off before reaching up and pulling your underwear off. Black, silky, very sexy when nothing else was on, But in this skirt, not quite. You stuff the panties into the trash, making a mental note to come back and get them if things didn’t end up with after-work drinks. You pull the stockings back on and turn around to address your chest. The light brown blouse is loose around your waist, but pulled a bit tighter around your breasts. Average size, but in the off-white bra you had on, they were pushed together and up, making them seem not only a bit bigger, but certainly more obvious. Especially in this top. You unbutton one more button on your blouse, exposing the cleavage a bit more and just barely allowing a peek at the bra underneath. baddies west izle Better. Now, your face. You brush along your eyes to clean up the mascara that had run over the day, retouch your lipstick just a bit to give it that fresh, wet look. Perfect. The hair is just about perfect, just a few hairs out of place. There, you think to yourself. If this didn’t work, he was either married or gay. No ring, and with a body like that, he better not be gay!

You stride out of the bathroom and head down the hall to the shipping department. After a few minutes, you find the door. Opening it, you are assaulted with noise as forklifts, trucks, and workers struggle to make the loudest sound. You grab a hardhat, but before you put it on Jared signals for you to come into his office. You walk quickly, your legs making long strides as you hold the hard hat and make your way to his office. He holds the door open for you and you brush against him as you slink past him. You feel his chest against your shoulder as you enter his office and look around. It’s as you expect. His office is white walls, fluorescent lighting, and lots of windows so he can see onto the shipping floor. Even the desk looks industrial, cold. He signals for you to have a seat as he grabs his hard hat and steps out the door, shouting something to a driver down below. You take the chance to look around. No pictures on his desk, only one thing framed on the wall. A double diploma frame. You look closer, a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, a masters in business management from Yale.

You stand behind his desk looking at the diplomas as he opens the door, startling you. You spin around, a guilty look on your face as you move from behind his desk and back to one of the two chairs. He smiles and hangs his hard hat before speaking.

“Did the bachelor’s degree in three years, but I stayed a fourth because of the football team. I was a free safety before I broke my shoulder. And that’s when Yale entered the picture.” He definitely had the build of a football player, and despite the years you imagine he still could work out with the best of them. “I’m just glad my coach didn’t let me take jock classes. I’d be selling cars now if he had!” You laugh softly as he sits down and picks up a stack of shipping forms. “Okay. You know the hundreds of pallets of pumps we were supposed to get today? The ones we were going to turn right around and send to St. Louis? Well, they’re still in Long Beach. There’s no way we’d get the whole shipment here in time to turn around and get them delivered in time for the show.” Shit. This was a major problem. You began to realize this might be more than just a quick fix, drinks, and dinner situation. This could be a grab the phone, order Chinese, work all night situation. Still, it could be worse.

“We have one truck off-loaded, but drive time won’t have it here until Thursday, and that’s IF it clears customs by tomorrow. And even then, there’s no way it can be inventoried, repacked, and shipped to the convention in time.”

You slump back on your chair, angry, staring at the ceiling. Fuck, you mutter. Now what. There was no way those pumps would make it. The manufacturer swore they would have them to you in time. Now, the key piece of your display, the new filtering pump system that until now nobody in the United States had the rights to, were sitting on a fucking dock in fucking Long Beach fucking California.

You turn your head up, a look of surrender on your face and see Jared staring at your body. Specifically, you feel his gaze on your legs. He doesn’t see you looking at him, transfixed as he is on the hem of your skirt. He’s interested, you think to yourself before you remember the crisis at-hand. The convention! You shift, bringing his gaze away from the black void created by your thighs and miniskirt. He looks up, blushing slightly at the idea of being caught by you and begins looking through the manifests on his desk. You lean forward as his eyes shift to the clock on the wall. Your eyes follow. Just after five. You hear the sound on shipping room floor go from forklifts and shouting to laughter and jokes as the staff calls it quits for another week. His eyes stay on the clock as the sounds diminish, waiting until there is silence in the shipping area before turning back to you. His eyes dart to his computer screen before locking with yours and he begins to stand.

“There might be a solution, at least for the convention,” he says as he walks around the desk. You see his hand turn the computer screen towards you, and you see the logo for an air cargo company. A grin spreads on his face as he squats down and looks at you. Oh, you think to yourself, did he plan this whole thing? You feel your pulse quicken as the scent of his cologne fills your nostrils. Yes, you think, he did plan this. You smile at him, looking into his bold, blue eyes and for the barbarians izle first time seeing a fire smoldering within. You turn the screen, remembering that, staged or not, you still need to get those pumps on the first flight you can get.

“I think perhaps, ah, let’s get the reservation set. We still need the product here in time for St. Louis.” He stands, turning the keyboard and sitting half on the desk. He taps a few keys and reserves the plane. As he does this, you look him over. Shirt tucked in extra tight, no doubt to show off his powerful shoulders. Pants a perfect fit, and for the first time, you can just see the outline of his cock. Boxers, you wonder? Or maybe he doesn’t wear underwear at all? You lean forward practically licking your lips, sure he had planned this all along as a way to get you alone. Oh, this couldn’t have gone better if you had planned it yourself!

“Done.” He presses the enter key firmly, his eyes no longer watching the screen but staring at the cleavage you exposed earlier just for him. You place your hand on his thigh, rubbing lightly as you shake your chestnut hair. You want him to have an unobstructed view. “Yes,” he breathes. “I planned this. I’ve wanted you since I started working here, boss-lady, watching you. I wasn’t sure you wanted me until…” His eyes shift to your hand on his leg and he slowly turns, now leaning against the desk as his hand reaches down to tilt your face upwards.

“I decided a long time ago I would have you,” you whisper. Your eyes turn back to the growing bulge in his pants. “And now, I have you all to myself.” Your hand reaches up to the zipper on his perfectly- tailored slacks. You grip the zipper and pull it down, reaching in to grasp his cock and pull it out. Much thicker than you expected, it springs out of his pants. You lick the palm of your hand and begin stroking, shifting your chair to center yourself on him as you look up. “Mmm… I’ve wanted this for so long,” you say as your free hand unbuttons your blouse completely. His hands reach down to pull the silky garment from your body and expose your bra-covered breasts. Your hand continues to stroke him as he leans back, looking down to watch your breasts swaying as your hand strokes his shaft. You smile as you bring your lips to the head of his cock. Snaking your tongue out, you lick the head as your hand squeezes the shaft, making his cock swell with blood. His soaked head peers at you before you close your eyes and push your lips down on the smooth shaft. His cock tastes salty in your mouth, the skin firm and so thick as your hand grips the base and you work up and down. His groans fill your ears as you suck on his cock, tasting his pre-cum as it dribbles out and spreads on your tongue. He moans in pleasure as you begin squeezing his balls with your other hand, still gripping his shaft firmly and working your mouth up and down. You want to taste more of his cum, but more than that, you want to feel him cum inside you. You feel him sit up and bend over, and in a moment, your breasts are freed from the bra. You slip the bra from your body, breaking contact with his cock and balls only briefly to drop it to the floor. You pull his cock from your mouth and sit up, trapping his cock between your breasts. You squeeze the mounds together, rubbing up and down, fucking him with your tits. You look down and lick the head as it pokes out, thoroughly enjoying the feel of his cock against your body. He leans back to unbuckle his pants, standing so your hands can lower them to the floor. He quickly unbuttons his shirt, stripping it off and showing you the most perfect body you have ever seen.

Chiseled abs, pecs, so-strong arms. He reaches down, bringing you to your feet as he reaches back and unzips your skirt. He grips your pantyhose and skirt and drops to his knees, pushing the clothes off your body. His face presses against your moistening pussy, his tongue flicking to just caress the upper lips where your clit lies before he stands up again. He takes you in his arms, caressing your back as he presses his chest to yours and his lips to yours. You feel his lips part and you part your own, poking your tongue out to meet his. Quickly you mingle, wrapping your arms around his neck as his hands lower to grip your ass. You feel his hands lifting your body up and you wrap your legs around his waist as he carries your weight in his arms. You feel your hips rolling slightly, the firm shaft of his cock pressing against your moist lips and ass and all you can think about is getting him inside you. He spins, putting your ass on the desk and pushing you back slightly. You open your legs as you rest on your elbows, eager for whatever he has in store for you. You watch as he drops to his knees, spreading your legs wider as he moves his face closer to your swelling pussy lips. His tongue darts out, barely touching your flesh. You shiver with excitement, the slight touch of bay patrol izle his tongue sending waves through your body. His fingers play along the lips, dragging just outside, up and down, teasing you as he looks up at you. God, you want him! You feel his breath on your sensitive pussy as he continues to tease you, barely touching you. You feel him drag a finger down along the lips, not even enough pressure to part your pussy lips, and you try to thrust your hips forward to bring him inside you. He pulls back, looking up at you and shaking his head, no. You moan as he continues to tease your pussy, dragging his fingers along but not allowing them to enter you. You feel his lips kiss your thighs, starting mid-thigh and licking up to your crotch but stopping just short of your now soaked cunt. You bring your own hand to your pussy lips, pulling them open and pressing your own clit, needing the release, needing to cum. You feel his hand push your aside as he presses two fingers against your clit. Pinching, rolling, pushing, oh God you need this! You feel his tongue just caress the opening of your vagina, is fingers rolling your clit and shooting bolts of pleasure through your entire body. You feel yourself warming, your body building an orgasm as his tongue presses against your opening, pushing in slightly.

Yes, you hiss, yes, you want him inside you. His fingers continue to play with your clit as his tongue presses into you, tasting your juices as you reach down with one hand to grip his hair. You wrap your legs around his head, trapping him as you pull his hair, moving his face against your aching cunt. You begin to moan and gasp as your orgasm builds, your head rolling back as you struggle to hold your release for just a moment longer. Oh, this feels so good, you think as his tongue slides up to your throbbing clit. The feel of his lips and tongue working on your sensitive button sends you almost immediately into spasms as your orgasm shoots from your pussy through your arms, your legs, you head swimming in ecstasy. You collapse against the table, your head rolling back off the edge as you feel him stand.

After a moment, you look up to see him standing, stroking his cock and standing between your legs. In one movement, you feel his hips slam against you, his cock slamming into you, his body pressed against yours as he fills and stretches your cunt. Oh, God, he feels so good inside you. Your head rolls back as his cock slips in and out of you, fucking you furiously, slamming into you, deeper and deeper with each stroke. Lights flash before your eyes as his cock fills your body. His weight pressed against you as you lie there, powerless to stop him.

“Yes, fuck me!” You gasp your command as his hands grip your inner thighs, pushing your body side to side, his cock never leaving your tight hole. You feel his body moving up and down, pushing the head against your inner walls, just touching that spot that makes you cum so hard when he rears back and slams his cock home. The feeling of him slamming into that spot sends you convulsing, arching up, your head swimming as you cum hard on his cock. You realize you are sitting up when you feel his hands on your ass, lifting you again. You wrap your legs back around his waist as he continues to fuck upward into you. Spinning, he pushes you against the wall, the firm surface holding you in place as his cock continues to pound your sensitive, abused pussy. You bite his shoulder as he grunts, your bodies slapping against one another, making that sound that can only come from hard fucking. You press back against the wall, clutching his neck as you feel him twitch inside you, his thrusts becoming sharper as his thick cum shoots into your body.

Sweaty, gasping for breath, drained, he continues to pump into you, his softening cock no longer stretching you but you unwilling to let it go. Finally he lifts you off of his body and lowers you to your feet. Your arms pull his head down to yours as you kiss his lips and his hands finally move to caress your breasts. You giggle and smile as you lie on the floor and fondle one another for a few more minutes. After a bit, he suggests you go get some dinner, then come back to “solve the shipping problem” some more. At this, you hear a loud crash outside. Jared jumps to his feet and opens the door just enough that you see the janitor running away, his pants down around his ankles. Jared closes the door and looks at you, laughing.

“Um, we might have another problem, boss-lady!” You both quickly dress, you struggling to do something about the cum dripping down your leg as he slips his shoes on and runs after the janitor. You finish dressing as you see him return, putting his wallet back into his pocket. “Dinner’s on you,” he says as he takes your hand and leads you out into the cold, dark street.

The janitor, having just counted the small stack of $20 bills Jared had just given him, goes back about his job. Next stop, the ladies’ room. He enters, whistling, feeling good about the money he just received and the cum he left dripping on the door as he watched the two executives fucking. As he emptied the trash, he hit another goldmine: A black pair of panties. Hmm, he thinks. Who did these belong to?

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