Delving Deeper into My Messy Fetish


Before I start about my newest experience I’ve had, I just have to thank everyone for all the support I’ve received! It was originally a scary thought for me to let people know about my new kink I’ve discovered about myself but I don’t regret it one bit anymore! I am so thankful for a site like Literotica that lets me express and relate the things I love to do when I am feeling worked up and I will continue to share.

After reading all the feedback I’ve received in messages on my last story about how I came to discover my messy fetish, I can honestly say it’s encouraged me a lot. When I say encouraged, I mean it’s allowed me to be way more open to trying new things. I absolutely love hearing from similar people to me, especially women! While I did receive a lot of feedback from men, the women were what really got to me because I am one myself.

I know I’m not a lesbian, I would never claim to be one. I can’t deny the fact, though; something about women writing me naughty things or watching them in videos turns me on beyond measure. I’ve tried to pick apart my own brain to discover why I am like this but I have come up empty handed.

As for my new fetish, that is a whole other level. Over the next couple weeks after that first experience I had in the first story, I really delved deep into the world of scat. Moments of shame coupled with moments of pure horniness has been my life since. The orgasms I have had while viewing scat porn are not comparable to any I’ve had previously.

After my first experience, I fell so far into the world of scat play. I scoured every kind of site I could find, trying to find more and more videos of women that shit their panties and then cum furiously like I loved to do. It became an obsessive search and every time I found a new video that met those aspects, I would masturbate.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve cum to women doing the nastiest things with their shit, but I can tell you it has become a vicious cycle. A shameful one, actually. Don’t get me wrong though, part of the turn on for me is the guilt. The fact that these good looking girls do something so taboo and filthy is what gets the spark started in me. Doing what they are doing with them while I watch and being so turned on builds the flame to an inferno.

I recently did something very unexpected and out of the blue one night. After weeks of rubbing my pussy furiously, sometimes two or three times a day, I was at a new high. You see, what I’ve discovered with this fetish is the more you let yourself become dirty, the more filthy you want to be. I know it sounds sick, especially coming from a girl like me that no one would ever expect to be into this kind of thing, but I am in love with it.

I know I’ve been raised religious my whole life, and taught to not be such a sexual deviant but I just can’t help it anymore. I crave being as dirty as I can when I get turned on. It’s such an overwhelming beast inside me when it takes a hold, and I just can’t control myself when it comes down to it. I really don’t know what has happened to me or why I even really like this kind of stuff, but the way it makes my pussy feel is all that really matters to me.

I’ve had to carefully time my masturbation sessions with when my roommate Angela is out. She goes out quite a bit, usually at night, because she just finished some of her last classes this week and has been on a break. Every time she leaves our dorm, I feel the heart pounding start in my chest, and it works its way down eventually in between my legs. This is always when I crack. My mind starts becoming a projector, playing back all the filthy girls I’ve seen on the websites I’ve been looking at. Instantly, I feel a need to get out my laptop, which always results in a woman’s nice big ass in a pair of tight panties pushing until she shits right into them. I always feel horrible guilt inside while watching it, thinking I am such a filthy girl but letting my lust completely take control of me.

This night was no different, Angela had been out for only a mere thirty minutes. I was already laying in my dark room, only the night light’s glow by me on the bed stand. The laptop was loading up and I already could feel that familiar full feeling in my stomach. I’d been avoiding shitting for the past three nights so I knew that tonight was gonna be messy.

My sweat pants were off, thrown onto the floor. My pussy was already soaked, due to the fact I had been holding my shit for days and it was starting to push it’s way out without any effort on my part. I definitely had to go! I held on anyway, regardless.

I found a really hot video I personally loved and had already cum to multiple çanakkale seks hikayeleri times. It was a video of a girl with her legs and pussy spread open, sitting on her floor. She was fingering slowly at first and then as the tension started rising, you could see her start pushing her shit out of her asshole. I loved to time it with my own shit, but let it into my panties because I loved the dirty feeling it gave me being up against my ass.

I started briefly touching my clit while watching the woman finger her pussy. It felt so good, it was already swollen up quite hard. When I saw her asshole start growing wider, I knew what was about to happen. It sent such a shock of electricity through my body, and I began to push.

Then a knock on the door.

I was completely snapped out of the mood immediately. My hands involuntarily shot up to the edge of the laptop and slammed the screen down. Thankfully my panties and shirt were still on, and I was not far into masturbating.

I stood up from the bed, kind of disoriented by the dark room and walked to the door. As it swung back, I saw my roommate standing there.

“I’m sorry Misty, I forgot my keys and I have a serious problem,” Angela said, rather hurriedly and darted past me. I was completely confused but just stood there, watching her run across the room and slam the bathroom door shut behind her.

“Are you okay, Angela?” I shouted, genuinely curious what was wrong with her. When I didn’t hear a response, I knew that she most likely turned on the loud bathroom ceiling fan which would drown out all the noise coming from within the bathroom.

Now I know you, as the reader, probably think where this night could be headed, especially given my newfounded scat fetish but I’m sorry to disappoint, it’s not how it turned out. Angela was a short brunette girl, big boobs and a very round ass but as I said earlier, I am not a lesbian. The moment she walked into the room, it zapped my whole mood of being worked up because to me, being messy and filthy was an extremely private pleasure I loved to take part in. I didn’t want other people ever to find this out about me.. other than of course Literotica.

A half hour passed slowly, when Angela eventually came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body, just below her tits. Her hair was drawn back into a pony tail, and a guilty grin lined her lips.

“I wouldn’t go in there for a bit, I don’t know what I ate but it got to me and I had to come home almost as soon as I got there,” she said to me, most likely talking about her plans to go to a clothing outlet earlier.

“Aww that sucks Angie, still gonna go?” I asked, hoping desperately to get an affirmative.

“Nope, I don’t think so. I’d rather not push my luck again tonight. I think I’m just gonna go to bed early.” Angela then let her towel drop, but I couldn’t make out her cleavage. The room was dark enough that you could not see very much of anything, let alone nipples. The night light did not help, either.

Angela and I had this type of friendship, where we felt comfortable enough to change in front of one another without being ashamed or embarrassed. I guess it just came with being a woman, because I had had this type of relationship with other girls in my life also.

The only thing remotely still getting to me at this point was the fact that I still had to shit very badly. I kept having to clench my ass cheeks together, because it was becoming overwhelming. I didn’t think it was noticeable to Angela, though.

“Okay, you do that,” I said, trailing off as I started making my way to the now open bathroom door. “Night.” As I approached it, I stopped when I realized what was still open on the laptop that still sat on my bed. I tried to make my way back as casually as I could, picked it up and put it under my arm. “I need to finish my one paper, it’s due by midnight tomorrow and I’ve been working on it all night.”

Angela looked at me funny. “I thought you were done with it, already?”

“Nope, revising it.” I let it at that and started for the bathroom again. I had a feeling she was still looking at me oddly, but I didn’t care. By tomorrow morning, I didn’t think she’d remember such an insignificant conversation.

As I was shutting the door behind me, I could’ve sworn I heard a “Good luck,” but I wasn’t entirely sure. The bathroom definitely had a bad smell to it, and surprisingly I was not turned on by it but I was still horny enough to open the laptop back up. I sat down on the toilet seat, with my panties still on and looked at the laptop screen now resting upon the ends of my knees. There the same girl was, now shitting a bit as she fingered her pussy harder and harder.

The musty smell of the bathroom all the sudden didn’t bother me anymore. I felt the fire ignite within me again and I looked down at my dark purple panties. I felt so fucking naughty, sitting on the toilet with my panties on. There was just something in doing it that made my blood thicken with desire, my clit throb with a unique sense of thrill. I put my hands down into my panties, watching the girls asshole on my screen stretch open with each push she gave. I had to keep it muted.

I started pushing more, I could feel my shit just barely poking out and I knew it wouldn’t take much strain at all to completely fill my panties under my ass. I loved the way my underwear were so tight against my lower half, the toilet stretching them extra while my legs were spread out on either side across the edge of the seat.

For whatever reason, right when I was starting to let out just a bit of my shit, something in my background vision caught my eye; a cute pair of bright green panties, scrunched up along with some other articles of clothing. Now I don’t know if it was because I was so high on horniness, or because I’m just a sick bitch but I got the most naughtiest idea I think I’ve ever had in my life.

I got up off the toilet, interrupting myself from shitting for the second time tonight. Walking over to Angie’s panties, I crouched down and grabbed them. I felt such a rush of euphoria that I was doing something so depraved, even though I knew I wasn’t attracted to her. It was the most weirdest combination of being turned on and wrongfulness, but I fucking loved it!

I slid my own panties down, and put one foot after the other into Angie’s. Once they were both in, I took a deep breath and started sliding them up my legs. I questioned my whole morals, my sanity, and my own perception of what I was doing but my heart was pounding out of my fucking chest. I could barely breathe, I felt so wrong but I just continued. That familiar beast was taking a hold of me, the force that craved depravity above all else. That sick, disgusting feeling that made me feel shameful yet brought me to orgasm harder than I could’ve ever dreamed of.

When the panties came to a stop right against my pussy, I could tell they were just worn. How? They were still very warm and I could’ve sworn they were wet but then again that could’ve been my own pussy leaking. All the while, the thought of it still intrigued me. I had stooped to a new low tonight and since I was already here, why stop now? I knew I had my roommate’s pussy juices most likely against my own pussy now, and I loved every moment of it. Just the mere thought of it was so enchanting, it made me feel so sexy in the most dirtiest way.

I made my way back to the toilet seat, this time in Angie’s panties which were even tighter than my own. I knew that I was in for the orgasm of my life tonight.

I didn’t even need the laptop at this point, I just set it off to the side of our shower and closed the lid. My clit was so swollen from the feeling of what I was about to do, combined with the pressure on my asshole that I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

As soon as my legs were back over the edges of the seat, my hand was inside the panties, making furious circles around my clit. With each motion, I got more rough than the last and dropped the fingers of my other hand underneath my ass, on the outside of her panties. I felt the tension building in my body, at first pulsating out from my chest and then making its way through my tits, legs, and thighs, eventually landing right between my pussy lips. Was I really about to shit in my roommate’s panties?

I pushed as hard as I fucking could. I felt the bulge immediately appear with my hand underneath, the shit squeezing its way up between all the crevices between my pussy and ass. I kept pushing, about to climax. My pussy started throbbing violently and I let myself partake in the most intoxicating feeling of filth. I started cumming uncontrollably, all the while slipping fingers deep inside my pussy lips. The fact I was doing it in Angie’s panties fueled me even more. I wasn’t done.

I looked down at my dirty work after catching my breath momentarily. The smell of it filled my nostrils, but I loved it. Angie’s panties were still pulled tightly against my pussy, but with a wet spot in the middle now, growing bigger with each second. I was peeing. All the pressure that built up, I didn’t even notice that I had to piss. I didn’t care ether, it only made me want to cum again. I felt the liquid running down against my pussy, and over my fingers,

My other hand braced the lump of shit beneath my ass and I realized just how much there really was. It was all mashed up against my ass cheeks, almost spilling out each side. I knew I was gonna have to be careful once I stood up.

The massive bulge was now soaked with piss. It was so warm to the touch, and squishy. I couldn’t hold back. My fingers of my dominant hand started once again on my pussy, this time letting my pinkey slip down to my dirty asshole. I was met with the soft shift right beneath, which I didn’t mind at all. I needed to be filthy and I wanted to cum harder than I just had.

I started whispering to myself, “You are so fucking filthy, Misty. Shitting in Angie’s panties, how sick can you be?” The dirty talk I liked to do to myself aided me closer to the breaking point. “I shit in Angie’s panties, holy fuck,” It sent a wave through my body, the realization of just how depraved what I was doing really was.

This was just too much for me to handle. I pushed again, as hard as I could. The last bit of shit I had left in me squeezed its way out of my ass, displacing the previous scat I already had piled up beneath me. The warm waste made its way up the front of my pussy this time, as I finger fucked myself as deep and fast as I could. The feeling of the wet shit against my knuckles, and knowing how dirty I was becoming made my legs start to tremble. I did my best to keep my moans in, but couldn’t help but let a few quiet ones out.

I came again, getting so overwhelmed that I just ended up shoving the fingers of the hand still underneath me directly into my panties, deep into my shit. I wanted to be so fucking dirty and I got my wish. My fingers went deep into the clump. My pussy was so sensitive to the touch, I couldn’t keep myself still. All the warmness of the big pile of shit in my panties, the wet piss, almost made me fall off the fucking toilet. My body became light, my head surged with blood and I felt an immense pressure build up inside my groin. My breathing intensified and I felt like I was gonna pass out, but I held on desperately. I was such a fucking mess and came as hard as I’ve ever cum. I didn’t even know how I was still living, my heart was racing so fast. I had shit all over my fingers once again on both hands, and my pussy had shit mashed half way up it which only made my orgasm stronger. It lasted a good minute or two, my body pulsating with every twitch of my pussy.

After a few minutes of breathing deep breaths, I finally came back to my senses and immediately felt the normal accompanying sense of guilt and shame wash over me. I couldn’t fucking believe what I had just done. I looked down at myself, a total mess, and sighed. I can’t really explain what takes a hold of me in moments like this, but once I could finally look past my sex haze with my normal state of mind, I quickly realized how wrong it was. This is what I struggled with the most.

Also, the cleanup. I was at a loss of what to do with Angela’s panties. When I finally stood up and took them off, I saw just how ruined they were. The shit was completely soaked into the green material, and no matter how hard I scrubbed it that night in our tub, the stains would not come out.

I decided to just throw them out. If she asked me where they were, I would just lie to her and say I didn’t know. Later on in the night, after showering, I stealthily snuck past Angela while she slept and exited our dorm room. I went all the way out the back of the house, threw the panties inside a plastic bag and disposed of them in the dumpster in the alley way. It was around 3 am in the morning, so I was sure no one saw me.

Once I got back inside, I was still in a state of disbelief with myself. As I crawled under my blanket, I couldn’t help but keep thinking of how dirty I had really been. I had Angie’s panties, most likely soaked with her own pussy juices, up against my own pussy and then completely destroyed them with my shit and piss, all the while cumming in the process.

What have I become, Literotica? I can’t really control myself anymore when it comes to being dirty and depraved, it is like the ultimate thrill I am constantly seeking. It’s almost become a drug, how hard I keep making myself cum. I just want more and more.

I’ll admit, I ended up masturbating myself to sleep that same night. No messy or hard orgasm, but an orgasm nonetheless.

I will continue to let you all in on some other nights I’ve had, along with any future experiences. I hope you I can help a lot of people with this same fetish relate, and we can continue together. Once again, I thank you all for the amazing support I’ve received and I look forward to hearing more!

No one would ever guess from what I look like that I’m the type of girl into this shit(no pun intended), but I will let you all keep my secret with me.

Love, Misty

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