Destined Lovers Ch. 05

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Thank you so much to those who have been reading my work. I hope you like this chapter as well. Thank you for rating and commenting on my previous chapters. This is impossible with you. Thank you.


Finally they reached George’s home town, a place where he used to stay with his abusive uncle. He was glad his uncle was no longer in the town. He looked outside the window and saw that nothing had ever changed since he left this town 5 months ago. He was glad he came back here with the love of his life.

He looked at Henry who was driving smiling as he did. Henry was dressed in a red shirt which was perfectly fit on his body. It was only buttoned half way and George could see the muscular chest in full view as he took a peak of the man whom he loved. He knew the body was his anytime he wanted. Henry couldn’t deny him that. He saw the bulge in the black skinny jean he was wearing and his mouth watered. He knew he had to behave himself while they were at Henry’s father and to be honest he was feeling a bit uncomfortable meeting with Kevin again.

He must have been staring too long as he soon heard the car honking. He looked and saw a large green gate which was soon opened by a guard. Henry slowly drove into a large compound which had a very big white mansion. It was big but not as big as Henry’s. Henry packed the car, unbuckled his seat belt and looked straight at George smiling.

“I know you know my father and I have told you that my mother is dead.” He gasped. “Well actually there is something that I have not told you yet…. My mother died when I was 8 and my father felt that I needed a mother’s love so when he got married again…… and my step mother also lives here….. I also have two half brothers….. Jeremy is 18 and mike is 13 and they are all in there. The reason I did not tell you all this at first is because my step mother and I have not been in good terms ever since she got married to my dad. She believes that my father has his attention more on me and less on my half brothers. It’s the same reason why I never visit that much.”

George was surprised at what Henry had just told him. He couldn’t say anything so he just held Henry’s hand and squeezed it. They got out of the car holding hands as they headed for the entrance door. They did not even reach it when they saw Henry’s father coming outside the house with a woman who was looking pretty and dressed elegantly. She was looking younger than Kevin in her tied dark hair. Her dress was too short almost what a college girl would wear on campus to impress guys.

As they met, Kevin gave Henry a tight hug and when he let go the woman greeted him as if she was not interested and gave George a cold look.

“Hey son, you said you were coming with your boyfriend….. Where is he?” he said as he looked around.

George felt butterflies in his stomach and was very nervous that his hands were shaking a bit. Henry put his arm around him and smiled.

“Here he is.”

George could see as the smile on Henry’s father faded and he looked at George. When their eyes met, George looked down in fear not knowing what words would come out of Henry’s father. He prayed that he would at least speak sweet to him in front of his son and then reprimand him later when Henry was no longer there with them. He couldn’t bear to see to see Henry getting hurt and so he closed his eyes waiting for Kevin’s answer.

“Why are you looking down?” He heard Kevin ask. “Don’t be shy and look at me.”

George raised his face to look at Kevin and he was still not smiling. George looked at him and he had a frown on his face.

He smiled to Henry and then said something that really frightened George.

“Son, go inside with my wife….. George and I will join you soon.” He smiled.

Henry smiled back and went inside with his step mother. George felt like Henry took everything with him when he went inside the house. He didn’t even have the courage to face Henry’s father. But in a good way, he was Happy Henry would not be outside to hear whatever his father was saying to him.

“Walk with me.” Kevin said to him.

As they walked they were talking to each other and Kevin seemed nice.

“Sir, I am so sorry. I know that you do not like me for your son but we love each other.”

Kevin began laughing and tapped him on the back.

“You know that Henry is my favorite son. He is the only remaining symbol of my love with my late wife……. I understand that he really loves you by the way he talks about you on the phone and the way he was acting a while ago.” He sighed. “I will not judge you because you are a worker or you are poor but I believe my son is a grown up and he can make decisions on his own…….. All I want to say is….. Please don’t take my son for granted….. He is a good man who deserves a better person….. And if you are the man he has chosen, love him and take care of him.”

Somehow those words made George feel much better. Maybe Henry’s father was not bad after poker oyna all. He was just looking out for his son.

“So if you love my son for his money…”

“No sir, I promise you my love for your son is genuine.” He interrupted before Henry’s father could finish the sentence.

“I hope that is true. For your sake I hope it is true.” He said smiling. “Anyway, welcome to my home.”

As he said this, he was smiling and he gave George a hug before leading him inside the house. It was really huge and as they entered the mansion George found Henry waiting for them. When he saw them, he came to George and had his arm around him. It felt awkward to George that Henry was doing this in front of his father. His father was standing with them as Henry held George.

“Isn’t he wonderful dad?” Henry asked acting like a child.

“I am not gay son but I am sure he is.” His father answered with a chuckle.

Henry moved and had his arms on George’s waist which really made George drown in embarrassment. He tried to get Henry’s hands off but he had a firm grip on him that he just couldn’t. Henry’s father must have noticed as soon he was heading upstairs chuckling to himself.

“Hey! Behave yourself, at least in front of your father.” George told Henry as his father had left.

“What?” he said coming in front of George. “My father has to know how much I love you.”

“Oh wait! I have to speak to him about something….. Can you wait in the living room for a sec?”

George nodded and Henry gave him a quick kiss leaving him yearning for more. George watched as Henry ran upstairs like a little child shouting his father’s name.

George smiled as Henry disappeared on the stairs. He turned heading to the living room slowly smiling when he heard a female voice behind him and he remained motionless.

“So you are Henry’s new boyfriend?”

He turned around to see Henry’s step mother behind him with folded arms on her chest. She was really a pretty woman and he just hoped that her attitude was as pretty as she looked.

“Yes!” He said smiling as he extended his hand to shake her but she was just looking at him without shaking his hand or saying anything.

“I have seen the type Henry as dated before and to be honest, you are no way near them.” She said rudely it pierced George’s heart. “Those guys were rich and from good families too….. Judging from the way you look, one would know that you luck all those qualities….. I know your type and I know that you are only after his money…. He is super rich and any guy would fall for him but why he chose someone like you over rich and handsome guys is what I still don’t know.”

The words were really hurting George deeply and his eyes watered just listening to what she was saying. Those words were like sharp bottle edges piercing through his skin ready to kill him. Henry was right after all. This woman was really cunning. And what was she trying to achieve by making him feel bad.

“Please, I am sure that you are……” he was disturbed before he could finish his sentence.

“Truth hurts….. Doesn’t it? …….. Believe it or not, Henry is only taking you for a ride. Sooner or later, he will find the man he will truly love and be happy with. As for you…” she looked at him from head to toe. “He will soon dump you for a man who is fit for him. It shall happen very soon… trust me.”

After saying all that, she left chuckling leaving him shattered in the living room. There were so many voices ring through his head but one voice kept ringing through his head.

“Henry is only taking you for a ride. Sooner or later, he will find the man he will truly love and be happy with. As for you …he will soon dump you for a man who is fit for him. It shall happen very soon…”

His heart was in pain. What was she talking about and why was she talking to him that way. Was it just jealousy? But why would she be jealous? She hated Henry and wanted him not to be happy but George was not at peace. He was disturbed.

Before he even realized tears had began running down his face. He tried to rub them but it did not work. They just kept on coming. He decided to go out to catch some fresh air. Who knows maybe it would help him. He did not want to look as if he’d been crying. He went outside and just stood at the entrance thinking about Henry hoping it would make the pain go away. It was working at first but the more he thought about Henry, the more his step mother’s words rang in his head. He couldn’t understand why he was allowing that woman’s words to affect him.

“Maybe if I see Henry, I will feel better.” He thought.

As he turned around to go back to the house he bumped into someone he didn’t see and was about to fall when someone caught him. The hands were on his waist holding him sweetly. He looked at the person and found it was Henry with a huge smile which took away all his worries at that moment. Henry was staring in his eyes. It seemed like everything froze in time, canlı poker oyna it was just the two of them at that moment. Then he felt him getting closer and closer until he locked lips with his kissing him passionately and sweetly. They stayed in that position kissing until a throat cleared. They immediately broke the kiss trying to see who it was that found them kissing.

When George looked, he was embarrassed and felt shy but when he looked at Henry, he was still wearing a smile then he looked again.

A young boy who looked his age was standing in front of them. He had chocolate brown hair which was shaved on the sides. He had big blue eyes which matched with the shirt he was wearing. He had big red ear phones on his neck. He was taller than George and was dressed in a blue super skin jean which was stuck to his skin like it was a part of him.

“Hi!” he said as he raised his hand to George.

“Hey!” George answered after clearing his throat.

George introduced his young brother Jeremy to him and all of them had a chat outside the house until they were called inside for dinner. George met Henry’s second brother Mike and the boy was a nightmare. He had all the qualities of his mother. He showed dislike in George as soon as they had met. Dinner was a nightmare. George hardly ate because he was feeling so uncomfortable and out of place. He tried his best to put up a smile. It was not like there was nothing he could eat because there was plenty but Mike and Henry’s step mother were giving him a cold eye.

After dinner, they all went in the living room but Henry took George up stairs with an excuse of being tired and wanting to sleep. While they were going to the room, George did not even bother checking out the house as he had a lot to think about and he was tired. He wanted to just rest his head on Henry and forget about his worriers.

They reached the room and it caught George’s eyes. It was really huge, beautiful and smelled good as well. As soon as they reached the room they stripped to their boxer briefs and Henry had his arms around George’s neck kissing him.

“Are we sleeping in boxers or pajamas?” Henry asked teasingly.

They did not bring any clothes as Henry had told him he had more than enough clothes for the both of them at his father’s house. he just smiled and let Henry decide.

Henry picked him up and threw him on the bed. He kissed his leg, thigh, stomach, nipples and all over his face. He kissed his eyes, nose and mouth and held him in his arms. They slept like that and George was now sure Henry really loved him; he had nothing to worry about. All he had to do was have faith in the love which they shared and in Henry.

The next day when they woke up, it was already 9 am. They had breakfast and after that went with Henry’s father to see the company. Henry showed George all the places he used to hang around and both of them had a good time together. They had lunch at a café, continued their romantic outing and returned home late in the evening. After dinner Henry had a private talk with his father, returned joking and laughing. They also said their goodbyes during that evening as they would be leaving early in the morning. Somehow George felt good that they were leaving this house.

He had come to the house with fear that Henry’s father might not like him for his son but got even more surprise from his step mother the first day.


“It feels good to be back.” Henry said as he threw himself on the bed.

He was tired as he had been driving for 7 whole hours from his father’s house. He always wondered why there was no airplane that went to that town. It was such a tiresome thing driving for whole 7 hours.

His door opened and he saw George coming near him. He looked at him and sat comfortably on the bed.

“You look tired….” He asked him sweetly.

“Yeah baby.” Henry responded sounding tired. “It was such a tiresome journey…. But I am happy we are home.”

“Perhaps I could help you feel better.” George said getting up and standing with a sexy pose that really turned on Henry.

Without hesitation, George came near Henry, stood in front of him and got onto his knees. Henry’s heart immediately began racing and he felt excited as he stared at George. He ran his left hand up his leg onto his crotch. Henry felt his dick building and getting hard from George’s touch. He began stroking his dick in his pants and it was wonderful.

After a minute of this, Henry couldn’t help it anymore. He took George’s hand and guided it to his belt. George took the signal, unbuckled his belt and got his hard cut dick out.

Henry quickly slid his pants and underwear around his ankles. His cock was throbbing as George stroke it slowly and sensually. Henry was expecting George to stroke his cock but was surprised when he took his cock in his mouth which sent shivers all over Henry’s body. Henry couldn’t say anything as he was being pleasured by George. This was the first time George internet casino was sucking his dick and it felt incredibly good.

He had his hands on either side of Henry’s thighs as he worked his hot wet mouth on Henry’s pulsing dick. Henry was so turned on that he was moaning as George did wonders with his mouth. Only half of his dick was in George’s mouth. George couldn’t get that entire dick in his mouth. He locked his lips on it and then sucked the hell out of him.

“Oh, yes” Henry moaned in pleasure as his entire body trembled. “That feels o good.”

George got off his dick and asked him with a smile, “I have not done this before but I hope I am doing a better job.”

“You are doing great baby.” Henry moaned.

He then opened his mouth again and lowered it on Henry’s dick but withdrew and got his tongue out. He licked Henry’s dick head, running his tongue all the way to the balls and then to his dick again. He took the dick in his mouth again and twirled it which gave Henry intense pleasure. It felt so good and Henry soon found himself gripping the blanket on his bed. He moved his tongue on his head and after about a minute of teasing Henry’s head, he began sucking on his dick faster. He sometimes took Henry’s dick almost all the way out and then goes back sliding it in his mouth which gave Henry so much ecstasy he thought he might pass out. George sucked and sucked on his dick oiling it with his spit each time he went up and down his dick. Henry couldn’t believe George was so good at cock sucking being that it was his first time. One would have thought that George was a pro at this.

As he was busy sucking his dick. He took one of his hands and began massaging Henry’s balls sweetly and softly which added to the pleasure he was feeling. He took Henry’s cock out and went to his balls. He took one of them in his mouth and sucked on it like candy. He took the other one, sucked it as well and then licked all of them at the same time. Henry felt George’s hand wrapping around his cock stroking his dick faster and that took him to heaven as he was in so much pleasure. He never felt so vulnerable in his life like the way he felt right now and when he fucked George. In these two instances, anyone would do anything to him without realizing it.

He continued sucking hard on Henry’s balls sending both pain and pleasure through him. He was moaning uncontrollably and he didn’t care if anyone heard him or not.

He was now leaking pre-cum and he could feel as it dripped on the side of his dick. That also increased his moans as he appreciated his lover in his moans. All of a sudden, his mouth was on George’s dick, working its magic. Henry could feel that he was near, he couldn’t last. Not from all the pleasure he was getting from George’s hot mouth. Henry could feel his cum building up in his balls, his spasms and the way his entire body vibrated that he was close to coming.

“I, I, I am coming.” George stammered in his pleasure moans.

George’s speed accelerated and that surprised Henry. He could feel as shivers run down his spine as his cum was about to explode in George’s mouth. George continued his fast sucking; it was getting stronger and then, boom. He started unloading and pumping cum in George’s hot mouth. Being unable to cum in those two days he was at his Father’s house meant that he had more cum just waiting to be unloaded in George’s mouth.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK,” he roared in pure pleasure as he moved his head on the bed.

It was one of the biggest and longest loads he had ever shot. Finally he was done but his body was still in pleasure afterwards. He got his dick out of George’s mouth and was surprised to find that George had swallowed his cum. It was sexy.

George came near him and gave him a deep kiss. He could test his own cum in George’s mouth as he kissed him and he thought it was sexy.

After the kiss was broken, Henry knew he was totally spent. He felt weak all over from the journey and the powerful orgasm he had just had. George cleaned him up and then helped him get his pants on and made him lie on the bed. Henry was so tired; he felt his eyes getting heavy. The last thing he remembered was George kissing his forehead.


“You are simply going crazy for this guy.” Andrew giggled as he spoke to George in his office.

“Call it anything but you do not feel what I feel.” Henry responded as he worked on the last file he had to sign that day.

He looked and saw his childhood friend seated on the office chair which he had offered him. He was putting on a green shirt, a blue tie and a tight black trouser which had fitted him perfectly.

“What about you and Natalie?” he asked as he stared at his best friend.

“Natalie and I are just friends……. That’s all.” He said smiling

“Why do I feel there is more to this friendship than meets the eye?” Henry asked suspiciously as he looked at the now blushing Andrew. “Anyway, it’s none of my business so I will stay out of it.” He said as he put his signature on the last document.

“Done.” Henry shouted. “Shall we leave now? ……. I need to see George as I have not seen him today due to the fact that I left very early due to some important work.”

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