Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 06


Dex and the Twins at College


After the spaghetti feed prepared by Sylvia and Reece, we adjourned to the family room to watch TV but it was obvious that the twins were antsy. Their plans with Max and Jerry were cancelled when Max called to say that they had a mandatory team building session at a local bar. The girls were not pleased but there was nothing they could do about it. Finally, Julie spoke up and said, “We should go out dancing or something.” That got the attention of the others and Julie jumped up and ran up the stairs. She sounded like a heard of elephants all by herself. Ten minutes later, she thundered back down the stairs again and ran into the family room and blurted out, “There is an open party at the Pi-Phi Sorority tonight. A lot of the girls on the lacrosse team are members and they keep trying to get June and I to join. We keep saying ‘no’ because we have a better deal here.” June giggled and stroked her curled fingers in the air in the universal signal for jacking off. Sylvia and Reece burst out laughing. They were interested. I wasn’t all that interested but I indicated that I was in.

I quickly showered and dressed while Sylvia and Reece showered in my bathroom. As usual, I waited more than an hour for the four of them to get ready. I was two beers down and working on my third when June and Julie thundered down the stairs. They must have checked in on Sylvia and Reece first and a few minutes later the four of them appeared in the family room. When I saw them, the last thing I wanted to do was go out. All of them were stunning in full evening makeup. They were all way past gorgeous.

Sylvia and Reece hadn’t come prepared for a party with their limited clothing in their small duffel-bags, so they dressed in the same classy clothes they had arrived in. The twins wore matching floral off-the-shoulder mini-dresses with stiletto heels. June’s dress was hunter-green and Julie’s was maroon. Their high chested cleavage above the straight front would be considered obscene by some but not me and I doubted that anyone at the party would object. The sleeves of their dresses dropped from the same line as the bust-line and bell-flared down to their wrists. Their selections of gold chains and gold dangling ear-rings were nice finishing touches.

Julie looked at Sylvia and Reece’s silk low-scooped blouses and said, “We have the perfect tops for your leather mini-skirts. Do you want to see?”

Sylvia looked down at her blouse and said, “Sure. This is the best we have with us, it’s fine for work but not really suitable for a party.” Julie took Sylvia’s hand and pulled her back up the stairs. Reece followed close behind. Ten minutes later, they came back down. Sylvia was wearing Julie’s gold metallic low-cut chain-mail top that fell off her shoulders, almost to her navel in front and back but she was fully exposed on the sides when she raised her arms. She did just that to show me that she had no bra on and her breasts were, in fact, fully exposed. She had a huge grin on her flushed face. She was very conservative so this was quite a departure for her. Less so for Reece.

Reece wore the same thing in silver-toned metal chain-mail. She raised her arms and spun around in a circle. Her tits were also on display. Finally, we were ready to go and I wondered if we would all get home in one piece.

Sylvia called shot-gun and slid into the front passenger seat of my car. There was no way we were all going to get into Sylvia’s Mini-Cooper. Reece sat on the hump in the backseat between June and Julie. I turned back to make sure everyone was ready and with Reece’s feet on the hump, her tight skirt had ridden up her thighs. She grinned at me and spread her legs to reveal that she wore no panties of any type. I suspected that they were all dressed commando. I know I was.

The Pi Beta Phi Sorority was in a huge, formally private Antebellum home; a mansion really. It was remarkably well maintained. Cars were parked everywhere up and down the street when we got there, but someone must have left early and we got a spot right across the street.

From the number of cars, we knew it would be packed inside and it was. I don’t know if it was the fact that the party was being hosted by a Sorority or not but there were more girls there than guys and our arrival made it even more so. I also noted that the girls were particularly well dressed; while the guys were much less so.

As we made our way through the large foyer, a loud screech got our attention. We turned to the commotion. It was two of the twin’s lacrosse teammates and they both charged through the crowded room with their arms outstretched and collided with June and Julie, who greeted them just as vigorously. Sylvia, Reece and I got left there as June and Julie were towed off by their friends to tour the house.

Sylvia giggled and said, “Well, they seem popular.”

I laughed and replied, “They always are.”

Music was playing in the next room and some male-female couples escort bayan bursa were dancing. There were more female-female couples dancing. We decided to make a quick tour of the downstairs only. There was a constant flow of people going up and coming down the stairs to the second floor and I could see another flight of stairs to the third floor.

There were people everywhere and I didn’t know a single one of them. Guys and girls alike gawked at Sylvia and Reece as we made our way through the crowd. Some were drinking and other were smoking marijuana. I pointed to a spot and yelled to Sylvia and Reece to be heard over the din, “I’ll get us some drinks and meet you over there.” Sylvia nodded and they headed that way as I went in search of the bar.

I towered over everyone so it was easy to check out the crowd. I spotted Molly about the same time that she spotted me. She grinned at me and gave a little wave. She was with several other girls and they looked to see who she was smiling and waving at. I made no attempt to go over and talk to her. I continued on my mission.

I finally found the kitchen and the bar that was being manned by a bartender. Before I could even order anything, he asked for my ID. That was a shocker. I didn’t even bother giving my license to him and I turned and walked back through the crowd. It turned out that the Sorority had been busted for serving alcohol to minors. They were severely punished and henceforth required to have a licensed bartender handling the alcohol. I didn’t even know that bartenders were licensed. There were always ways around the rules and I made my way back to where I had left Sylvia and Reece. They were both over twenty-one and they could get drinks for all of us. The bartender wouldn’t care where the drinks went after he turned them over.

Molly and her entourage had moved across the room to intercept me on my return. She introduced me to her friends and then her friends to me. It was loud and I only heard a couple of names and promptly forgot those. It was hard to talk with the music and loud conversations. I noticed that they all had beers in their hands and I doubted that a one of them was over nineteen.

Molly motioned for me to bend down and she got close to my ear and said, “I saw the women you came in with. They’re gorgeous. I’ve never seen them before. Do they go to college here?”

I shook my head and said into her ear, “No. They are friends from last summer. I have to get back to them. They don’t know anyone here. I’ll see you later.” I nodded to Molly’s entourage and yelled out, “It was nice to meet you.” They all grinned and nodded back. I had no idea what Molly might have said to them, but they had been eye-balling me the whole time like I was a meal for a homeless person.

When I got back to where I had left Sylvia and Reece, they weren’t there. I scanned the room before moving to the door to the room where the music was loudest and everyone was dancing. Reece saw me before I saw her and she raised her hand to signal me. She was dancing with a guy a couple inches shorter than her. Reece raised her arm again and pointed at Sylvia dancing a few couples away with a guy that I recognized from the football team.

Every time Reece raised her arm to signal me or point out Sylvia, the eyes of the guy she was dancing with went wide and a huge grin formed on his face. I laughed to myself because obviously, Reece had forgot that at least half of one or the other breast was exposed depending on which arm she raised. I knew both she and Sylvia would be in trouble when the next song was “YMCA”. I didn’t want to miss this. Whether Sylvia remembered about her metallic top displaying her breasts or not, she and Reece eagerly formed the letters, “YMCA” with their arms raised just like everyone else. It wasn’t long before everyone on the dance floor got close-up looks at Sylvia’s and Reece’s tits. The girls on the dance floor snickered into their hands and the guys were maneuvering to get better looks. When the song ended, a roar went up from the dance floor as Sylvia and Reece made their way through the crowd to my position. Their faces were flushed and they waved their hands at their faces to cool themselves off.

I explained the situation with the bar and pointed the direction. Sylvia slithered her body up against mine and said, “How did you like the show? Pretty hot, huh?” I kissed her pouty lips and she wanted more as she pressed her lips hard to mine. I reciprocated and we stood in the middle of this crowd in a deep and passionate kiss. Some girl yelled out, “Get a room,” and several others burst out laughing.

Reece came in close and then the three of us were engaged in passionate kisses. One guy yelled out, “Jesus man, share some of that. Holy crap that is hot.” I had my arms around both of them and I guided them to a quieter room and I waited in a vacant spot as Sylvia and Reece made their way through the gauntlet of ass-grabbing guys, most of whom had already had too much to drink. Neither Sylvia nor Reece bursa sinirsiz eskort seemed to mind the hands and they kind of reveled in it.

As I waited, I saw June and Julie come back in surrounded by girls and guys. They were grinning and laughing and then Julie saw me standing across the room. She waved at me which brought the attention of all of them to me. I waved back just as Molly appeared at my side without her entourage. Molly is much shorter than Sylvia or Reece so she kind of climbed me like a tree until I bent low to kiss her on the lips. It was intended as a ‘hello kiss’ until Molly made it a full mouth passionate kiss as if in competition with Sylvia’s and Reece’s kisses.

Molly loved the attention from those observing. I did not and I pulled away from her lips. She was clinging to my neck and pulled herself back on again as she rubbed her thigh up and down on my crotch. The same girl’s voice yelled out, “Looks like you’ll need another room.” I walked Molly out of the room toward the foyer. I pulled her arms apart and let her drop to her feet.

I sternly growled, “Stop it Molly. You’re embarrassing me.”

She giggled and pushed me back against the bannister and pushed her body against mine. She didn’t care that these people were watching her every move. Her left hand went to my crotch and she looked up at me and said, “Oooo… ‘Thumbbody’s’ as horny as me.”

I moved her hand away just as Sylvia and Reece walked up with a beer can in each hand. Reece handed me one of hers and Sylvia did the same. I had a beer in each hand and could no longer fend off Molly’s hand, which she firmly gripped the outline of my cock as she turned around to face Sylvia and Reece. I introduced them all around.

Sylvia bent down to speak to Molly and asked, “Are you Dex’s new girlfriend?”

Molly was more than a little drunk and she slurred her words as she replied, “No. We’re jusss fugg-buddeeth.” Molly formed a sly look on her face and leaned in close to Sylvia with her free hand cupped to her mouth and said, “He has the best cock ever. It blows an awwwsome load and never goes thoft. You reawwy need to twy et.”

Sylvia and Reece, who had moved in close to hear Molly, burst out laughing. Sylvia said, “We’re both more than familiar with Dex’s monster cock.” I was thoroughly embarrassed by this conversation. I set one beer down on a stair behind me and popped the tab on the other. I guzzled it down till it was dry. Molly was running her hand up and down my hard-on through my pants and then one of her friends moved in and pulled her away from me as she proclaimed that Molly was drunk.

Molly objected but went with her friend as she looked back and yelled, “You guys are reawwy beautiful.” Sylvia and Reece watched her go and took sips off their drinks. They both looked at me and burst out laughing. I was half down on my second beer.

Reece pointed at my face and said, “Oh my God, Dex. You’re embarrassed.” I frowned and nodded. Reece giggled as she looked down when I moved my hand across the front of my pants to adjust the position of my erection.

I guzzled the rest of my second beer and said, “I really have to piss bad. I’ll be back.”

Sylvia leaned in close and said, “I’m sure there is a little used bathroom on the third floor. There always is.” We’ll be around here somewhere.”

I headed up the stairs leaving the two empty cans on the stairs between the filigreed balusters. Reece tittered into her hand and nodded as she looked around. I had to work my way through the constant traffic on the stairs.

There was a line to a door, that I assumed was a bathroom and I took Sylvia’s advice and walked up to the third floor. It was much quieter. There were four closed doors that all looked identical. I opened the first one on the left and stuck my head inside. Two college co-eds were engaged in a sixty-nine on the twin-sized bed. Their faces were obscured by the thighs of the other and they were softly moaning. I watched for just a moment and quietly closed the door. That scene had done nothing to diminish the hardness in my pants. I moved to the door on the other side of the hall.

That door was partially latched and I pushed it open without touching the doorknob. The latch made a loud ‘snick’ as it slid off the plate in the door frame. I looked inside and a naked girl was on her hands and knees groaning hard with a naked guy behind her gripping her hips with his cock buried in either her pussy of ass. I couldn’t tell which. The action had stopped and they were both looking at me when I stuck my head in. The girl stared at me a moment and then began thrusting herself back on the guys cock. He resumed his motion as I pulled my head back and pulled the door shut.

The next door on the left was the bathroom and I hurriedly yanked my zipper down and let my cock slap out into my right hand. Fuck, it felt good when I started stroking it from tip to balls. I sat down on the toilet with my pants at my feet and leaned escort bayan back against the tank.

I had no sooner thought about the fact that the bathroom door didn’t have a lock on it when the door burst open. I was startled and pulled my hard-on to my stomach and covered it up with both hands. The girl standing in the doorway didn’t look startled at all. She was looking at exactly what she expected to see. She stepped in and closed the door behind her. She moved toward me and sat down on the edge of the tub directly in front of my spread legs. She had a look of wild unrestrained lust on her face as she stared down at my mostly covered cock and then reached down and ran her fire-engine-red painted fingernails over my exposed glans.

Electricity charged through my body. She pulled my top hand away and I offered no resistance. She was pretty, with a decent body. She slid off the edge of the tub to her knees between mine and grinned up at me as she pulled away my lower hand and started a double-fisted hand job. She didn’t look down at my cock. She just kept her sultry eyes on mine. I couldn’t pull them away from her.

She spoke in a husky voice and said, “I’ve never seen you at any of our parties before.” Her hands worked in counter-rotation and the sensation was incredible. She dipped her head and spit into her hand and went back to work. She continued, “You have an amazing cock. Molly seemed to like it. I assume she’s had all of this.” I nodded. She continued, “I noticed that you came in with the freshmen twins, June and Julie. How do you know them?” She had picked up her pace and I was lifting my hips off the toilet at her face.

I groaned out, “They’re friends.”

The girl, who never introduced herself, gave a wicked evil grin and slowly dipped her head toward my cock. I wanted her to suck it all right down into her throat. She pursed her lips and kissed the knob. My cock was pulsing with hardness. She didn’t take her eyes off mine. I was alive with anticipation as she struggled her lips from side to side to get her mouth on my knob. She pulled off and maneuvered her lips around to relax them. She pulled her head back and said, “Oh, isn’t that too bad. Your cock is just too big to fit in my mouth.” She gave me a wicked grin as she increased the pace with her hands again.

The bathroom door burst open again and my first thought was, ‘Fuck. Is this grand-central station or something.’ I pulled my eyes from the nameless girl between my legs and looked at Sylvia standing in the doorway with Reece right behind her.

The girl turned to see who was interrupting her and had started to order the person away when she saw two women that she didn’t know. The girl, who’s arrogance and demeaner suggested that she was a big cheese in this Sorority, pushed herself back up on the edge of the tub and released my cock. It slapped back hard on my stomach. She turned to Sylvia and Reece, who had stepped into the small bathroom and closed the door, and said in a voice that would melt butter, “Yes. May I help you? You can see that we were busy.”

Sylvia took the lead and said, “I’m sorry, but that cock you were getting busy with is ours, so if you’ll excuse us, we’ll take it from here.” Reece just smiled at the girl.

The girl tried to get some control back by saying, “I’ve never seen you too before. Do you go to this college?”

Reece spoke up and said, “We’re from out of town. Just go. We’ve got this.” The girl stood up from the tub and acted like she wanted to intimidate them with her height but she quickly found out that, even though she was a couple inches taller than Sylvia and Reece, they wouldn’t back down and actually stepped closer to the girl.

The three of them stood there at an impasse for several seconds before the nameless girl stepped past them, through the door and slammed it behind her. I had kept quiet during the showdown.

Now I was in their cross-hairs and Sylvia looked down at my face and then further down to check the status of my cock. It had started to soften a little. Sylvia glanced at Reece and said, “You’d better get that thing up to full size again.” She moved aside to let Reece squeeze past and she hiked up her tight leather mini-skirt and sat down on the edge of the tub where the girl had sat and spread her legs to show me her glistening wet pussy. She pulled my cock off my stomach and made one trip down and up with her hand and then slid off the tub and buried my cock in her mouth. I let out a loud groan, “Oh fuck. Yes.” I was instantly at maximum hardness. Reece gagged a little when my cock surged in size and hardness. She giggled around my cock and pulled back up the shaft and kissed my knob as she pulled off.

Sylvia had pulled her chain-mail top off over her head and had pulled her tight leather mini-skirt up to her waist. Her nipples were incredibly hard. Reece pulled back and slid further down the edge of the tub to make room for Sylvia, who planted her high-heeled feet on the outside of mine and sat down on my thighs. She leaned in and kissed me and then said, “You draw some real ‘beauts’ don’t you? That Molly chick? This one, whatever her name is. She was going to leave you hanging you know.” I just smiled and leaned forward and engaged in a tender, passionate kiss that calmed Sylvia down. I could feel the tension leave her body.

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