Did His Wife Know?

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Big Dick

This happened before I was married. It was about twenty years ago and I was twenty-five at the time. Young with long, blonde hair and blue eyes, I was free, available, rather promiscuous and on holiday in Greece.

I worked for a travel firm and occasionally two or three of my colleagues and I got these freebies. All we had to do was write a report about the flight, the hotel and the holiday experience all round; this was well before sites like tripadvisor got going.

Being young, single women at holiday hotels in Spain, Italy and Greece we could not report a lot of what went on as they would have been censored. Yes we usually got laid or near to it.

This particular time I had got a five day break at a hotel near Malaga in Southern Spain. I knew a couple of the reps there so after chilling for the first day or so and topping up my topless tan I hit the town quite hard with them. It was fun. They introduced me to some of the other male reps as a sort of offering, this was the norm when the eye candy came out from the UK, after all what are friends for? But none took my fancy.

Being late May, which was fairly early in the season the pretty good hotel was less than half full so we had loads of space round the pool and the restaurant was never crowded. I got to know a couple, John and Brenda who I put in their late thirties or early forties. They were good fun and sort of took me under their wing for they seemed to feel sorry for me being alone. That is, of course until I explained the situation.

“And there was we thinking that John had broken up with your boy-friend and were drowning your sorrows in a holiday,” John had said as we had a drink on the terrace of the bar one evening.

“No such luck,” I smiled back at both of them. “I am working I’m afraid.”

“Nice work if John can get it, lying by the pool sunning your body,” Brenda replied as I noticed John’s eyes roaming up and down me. I had caught him doing that a few other times particularly when I was by the pool in my bikini and especially when I was topless, which I suppose is natural. Actually I was quite flattered by his attention, older men do that to some younger women and he was a good fifteen or so years my senior.

“Where’s Brenda?” I asked him as he stopped beside where I was sun bathing.

“Spanish tummy, I think.”

“But we’re in Greece.”

“Same thing, must have drunk the water.”

We chatted quite a bit during the day and I got to like him. He was fun, intelligent, had a great sense of humour, was good looking with a great body and he flirted outrageously with me.

“Let’s have dinner together tonight,” he suggested.

“What about Brenda?”

“She won’t be eating, she won’t even get up.”

“Poor her, shouldn’t John be with her, after all John are her husband?”

“Yes of course I should, but to be truthful I would rather be with John.”

“Now, now John.”

We had dinner together and he came on quite strong with me during the meal. I guess I deserved it as I was wearing a ridiculously short, flared skirt and a thin low top that he almost permanently looked down. I was certainly up for the flirting, but had not thought much further than that.

After the dinner when we were both a little drunk he suggested a stroll round the grounds.. They were quite extensive and with the low occupation level they were almost deserted. We walked towards the low cliffs that led down to the sea and came across a small shelter with a bench seat in it.

“Let’s sit for a while,” he suggested although it came out more like a command. I agreed and we sat down. As soon as we had, his arm went round my shoulder and he pulled me to him. We kissed. It was nice and went on for some time. After a while he inevitably became more adventurous and his hand found my breast and caressed it outside my top. Presumably, because he was getting no resistance from me he became more adventurous and slid his hand up my top, onto my bra and the part of my upper breast that was uncovered.

We were still kissing avidly. I had my arms round his neck and I was giving almost as good as I was getting for I had pulled several buttons undone on his shirt. He had a lovely hairy chest and I found myself imagining my bare breasts with their prominent nipples being crushed against it as he fucked me. I shook that from my mind. It was too soon and he was with his wife who I did not fancy seeing for the next few days knowing I had fucked her husband.

So whilst I did not think full sex was on, a good snog and a bit of hand and finger action certainly was. And that is what happened. He fingered me to a quick climax and then said.

“What room John in?”

“No John.”

“No what?”

“We aren’t going there.”

“Come on Chrissy we can’t stop now.”

“We can and I am afraid that we have.”

Although he tried hard I wouldn’t give in, but he kept up the pressure for the next few days.

Had circumstances been different I would have slept with him, but not when I had to see Brenda for the next few days. He Escort Ankara tried a few more times and I almost gave in, but just about held out.

Brenda recovered the next day and was at the pool with us and I imagined how I would have felt had I let John shag me the night before.

That said he tried really hard me over the next few days, but I resisted, just about.

Brenda was a spa fanatic and a treatment as well as a hair appointment each day. That gavhim ample opportunity to try it on and me the chance to stop him.

We had lots of interesting exchanges, such as:

“How the hell can John be trying it on with me all the time when Brenda’s around?”

“That makes it all the more exciting,” or.

“What sort of fucking marriage do John have?”

“A pretty open one actually.”

“How’s that work?”

“We don’t ask and I certainly don’t tell.” And.

“What have John said about me?”

“That I fancy.”


“That yes I would like to fuck John.”

“And what does she say?”

“That she wouldn’t mine either?”

“What John fucking me?”

“No she has not said exactly what?”

“What then?”

“That she wouldn’t mind fucking John as well?”

“Is she into women then?”

“She has messed around in the past, but remember this is mainly pillow talk.”

We were in an outdoor restaurant so were both in a swimsuits with me wearing a yellow sundress and him a shirt over his shorts. As we were on our second bottle of white wine after a late lunch and Brenda had left us to go to the spa, our chatting had become more personal than it had before. I had not quite realised just how much though, but was rapidly working that out as our language also became more intimate.

“What’s that?” I rather naively asked as his bare knee pressed against mine. I moved it away. “Stop it.”

“Sorry I couldn’t resist.”

“Fuck off,” I mouthed at him.

“It’s how we chat before we have sex sometimes during at and now and then after.”

“You talk about me?”

“Of course.”

“And she doesn’t mind?”

“No, actually she started it.”


“Well she often asks if I fancy someone we know or a pop star or whatever. Naturally she asked if I fancied John.”

“You haven’t told her about the other evening have John?”

“No, we don’t go that far.”

“What do John mean?”

“She would go ape shit if she knew. She likes me to look, but not touch when it’s close to home.”

“But when its not?”

“Well what the eye does not see the heart does not grieve over does it?”

“No I suppose not.”

“So if she does not see or know, she’s not too bothered and is happy to talk about it.”


“Well after she and I have had sex or sometimes to get me fully hard we will talk about sex.”

“In what way?”

“Well as it relates to John and us, she asked the other night how I would like to fuck John?”

This was becoming a more surreal situation by the moment. It was incredible to be sitting in a near empty restaurant with a guy nearly old enough to be my dad who had me cum last night and who was telling me that his wife had asked if he would like to fuck me. It was actually arousing me.

Chats like that and him whispering things like: “I fancy John so much in that bikini,” or. “Changed your mind yet?” Went on each day.

It became more extreme when he started touching me when Brenda was around, but could not see us. At first it was just his knee or his hand on my arm; typical touchy feely gestures that were not that overt.

They went further and I had to admit they thrilled me. I realised that not only was I getting a kick from being ‘chased’ by an older, married guy, but that I was also getting a turn on from him doing things with his wife nearby who might catch us. At first they again were not that overt.

For instance: holding the door open for Brenda to go through first with me following and him touching my bum: rubbing his hand along the side of my boob as we kissed hello or goodnight or pulling me tightly against him when we danced and whispering. “I had better be careful as John will give me a hard on.”

They were little things, things that many men do and girls get used to them

He went further and like a fool, an impressionably young woman, a girl whose head was being turned by an older man or the ‘trainee slut’ I was becoming I went along with him. I let him squeeze my bum when we danced, touch my boobs when Brenda was swimming and we were in a quiet place round the pool.

She hated the sea, but we both loved it so when we went to the beach for a swim she stayed at the pool. It was in the sea that he kissed me, touched my breasts and slid his hand in my bikini panties.

The night before we were leaving we went to a tavern with a few other couples, another spare woman and a couple of guys who looked and acted very gay.

I sat between John and Brenda in the cab on the way there. His leg was pressed firmly against mine and continually Ankara Escort he increased the pressure. He slid his hand between us, downwards and onto my bottom. He looked at me as Brenda was looking out of the window at the spectacular coastline. He mouthed. “Lift up,” and as I did his hand slid under me so that I was literally sitting on his fingers. The sensation through the thin, silk dress was incredible, or was that because I was sitting next to a woman whose husband was fingering me? I wasn’t sure.

I was a smoker at the time as was John, but the taverna preferred people to smoke outside. We stood to the sideof the backdoor which Brenda could come through at any moment and although we were sheltered a little by a fence she would certainly suspect something as John was kissing me and had my top pushed off one shoulder and had pulled my left tit out of my bra. Luckily she did not come out although another couple did so we stopped. That was probably a good thing for otherwise I may well have let him fuck me.


It was a late night flight so after the meal service the crew dimmed the lights. I was sitting in the window seat, John in the middle and Brenda had the aisle seat.

“Maybe we could get together in the UK?” You had suggested.

“What about your wife?”

“She doesn’t need to know and in any case she is not really into women, well at least I don’t think so,” John said joking.

When we went out for another cigarette, we snogged more and John caressed my tits and pressed his rather delicious feeling erection hard against me. We were both slightly pissed and if another group had not come outside I think we may have gone further.

A little while before we had left the tavern John had asked whether I was ok with what we had done and I told him that I was. Just as we were going inside he grabbed my hand, pressed that against his erection and whispered. “Did you like that?”

I could not think what to say or do other than mutter. “Mmmmmm.”

As we got inside, I could see Brenda out of the corner of my eye across the room. She seemed to be about to eat one of the other women’s husbands, but glanced up and smiled as she saw us. John and I were walking along a narrow corridor with a waist high wall shielding us from the view of the diners, including Brenda. John pulled me to a stop and we looked out at the customers, the friends we had come with and his wife. As we did that he slipped his hand up my skirt an cupped one of the cheeks of bottom, which as I was wearing a thong was bare. Brenda and I waved and smiled at each other as her husband’s finger slid into the crease of my bottom and pressed right on my hole. That was such a fucking buzz I almost climaxed on the spot.

On Ryanair you are lucky to get a blanket, even if you pay, but I knew the one of the crew and he saved one for me as he had managed to get my seat changed to be next to John and Brenda. I draped the blanket over me and put the armrest between us up.

After looking at Brenda and checking that she was asleep, John surreptitiously slid his hand under my blanket. I took hold of it and stroked it. He pushed so that his fingers found my thigh, I was wearing thin, cotton crops. He rubbed and squeezed me, it felt nice.

I saw John again look towards Brenda and then glance up and down the cabin before leaning across and kissing my neck. He turned slightly onto his side so that he was almost facing me with his back bottom towards her. He took hold of my hand and pulled it towards him under the edge of my blanket that was covering him from his waist to his knees. He pressed my hand right against his thigh and left it there as he stroked my leg for a few moments.

He kissed my neck again. I would have liked us to kiss mouth to mouth, but that was too risky.

“Move it up a bit?” He whispered.


“Your hand, move it up me.”

“Oh see,” I replied understanding what John meant.

I did as he suggested and nearly cried out loud with surprise when my fingers found his bare cock. He had got it out and was fully erect.

I could hardly believe what I was feeling. Without me realising he had unzipped his jeans, got his cock out and I was now holding it under the small part of my blanket that was just about covering him. I looked at John and raised my eyebrows. He smiled and nodded. My first thought was to take my hand away, but that quickly left my mind for that was stimulated by the lovely feelings in my hand. Without thinking I let nature take over and I began to stroke it. But then reality stepped in, I thought more logically. I moved my face very close to his and whispered. “Is she asleep?”

He turned his head and asked. “Are you awake Bren?”

Other than perhaps a slight snore there was no reply and looking past John at her, she certainly seemed to be zonked out.

I saw him look round and then up and down the aisle. He then leaned very close and kissed my neck again.

“Mmmmm,” I murmured thoroughly enjoying the affection. At the same time he pressed quite persistently Ankara Escort Bayan on where my legs were closed together. I got what the enquiring gesture meant and after a few moments hesitation I opened them. Immediately John’s hand slipped between them and moved upwards until his fingers pressed against my pussy inside the crops. That felt as though it was throbbing with desire and I knew for certain that it had soaked my panties. I wanted to throw the blanket off us, straddle John and have him fuck me in front of his wife, the cabin crew and the passengers, but that was impossible as was bending over and sucking him. So instead I started to wank him. Since my teens I have loved doing that and as I did it to him so involuntarily I pressed my pussy back against his hand.

“Nice?” I asked.

“It’s fucking brilliant,” John replied fiddling with the zip on my jeans. With my free hand I undid the button at the top and slid it down.

I could not believe just how aroused I had become, but then why not? It was, of course partly due to what we were doing, but also where we were doing it, because we could get caught and because we were doing it right next to where his gorgeous, sexy wife was sleeping.

John was trying to get his fingers inside my crops, but of course they were too tight.

“Lift yourself up,” he whispered.

“Hold on,” I replied somewhat reluctantly removing my hand from his cock. I did not want John pulling my jeans down as he might go too far so I eased them down myself. I slid them down just enough to give him access to what he wanted, I thought almost giggling as I said to myself ‘he wants my cunt on an airplane.’

I looked past John at Brenda and saw that her head had fallen to one side and was resting on his back. I could see her full tits rising and falling as she slept seemingly quite deeply. I wondered whether she would react if John, or I even cupped one of the tits that I had admired round the pool at the hotel.

I put my hand back on your cock and whispered.

“How far do you want to go?”

“Don’t be fucking stupid Monica, all the fucking way of course,” John whispered thrusting himself in my palm and sliding his hand inside my panties.

“Check on Brenda again,” I told John wiggling my bottom so that he had easier access to my soaking pussy. I knew that it would not take a great deal for me to cum and I had to work out a way where he could dump your load.

“She’s soundo.”

“You sure?”

“Yes and the crew?”

“They are all down the back probably fucking each other.”

I smiled at that knowing what it was like as I had been a trolley dolly for a while.

“Hang on a mo,” I said letting go of his nice cock and reaching for my bag under the seat in front of me. “Take your hand away, I can’t move with it there.”

I had a small towel in my bag that I pulled out and laid across John’s upper left leg and my right.

“Clever girl thanks,” John said as we replaced the blanket over us. Your hand went back between my legs and mine gripped your cock again.

“So want to go for it now?” I asked.

“Yes go on make me cum, wank me Mons,” John groaned probably a little too loud as he slid a finger up me.

“You going too as well?”

“Of course.”

“Well I hope you are not a screamer when you cum,” he whispered

“You’ll find out soon if you keep doing that, but you should already know from the other night shouldn’t you?” I whispered loving the feel of his fingers on my clit.

I started to masturbate him properly. My hand was wrapped round his deliciously thick cock with my little finger near the base and the edge of my thumb near where the thicker end flared out. I would have loved to have cradled his balls in my other hand, but that was just too much of risk.

“Oh fuck here comes one of the crew, pretend to be asleep.”

I took my hand away from him, but he left his between my legs with his finger pressed a little way inside me. It felt so deliciously rude to have the rather pretty stewardess look at me knowing what his hand was doing. She was not around long and I sneaked my hand back across and onto your dick. It felt lovely.

“Ready John?” I asked, just as I heard and saw Brenda stirring.

Not only did Brenda stir, but surprisingly quickly she woke, sat upright and looking at your back said. “Must go to the loo.”

She smiled at me across your body as she struggled to stand up. Still holding your cock, I smiled back and said. “I think he’s asleep.”

“Has he been laying like that for long?”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Almost on top of you.”

I took the easy way out and said. “No idea I have been asleep.”

“Well push him back on his own seat,” she said walking up the aisle to join the queue.

“Fuck that was close,” John whispered.

“Yes it was, but bloody exciting too.”

“What was?”

“Holding this as she looked at me,” I admitted rubbing it.

“It almost made me cum,” John replied thrusting in my hand.”

“Want to now?”

“Yes, yes please,” John said pushing two fingers up me making me gasp and grunt.

I made sure the small towel was in place and bending closer to him I pumped him faster with longer strokes.

“Of fuck yes Mons, yes,” John groaned finger fucking me quite hard.

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