Discovering ‘Family Love’ Ch. 06

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In this, the last letter of this series, I review from my own perspective how we convinced my husband John to accept the twins fucking me through offering him a couple of tasty morsels that he was unable to refuse; his sister and his niece.


My husband John did not return home until close to two in the afternoon, providing us ample opportunity to clean the house and prepare ourselves. Emilee, his sister, myself and Angela, his niece, all dressed in a conservative manner, and we presented ourselves upon his entry as the perfect and proper family. He hugged his sister, not having seen her for over a year, and welcomed Angela, commenting how much she had grown up since the last time that he had seen her many years earlier. Thrilled to be surrounded by so many of his extended Italian family, John delighted in the attention he received. He and his sister chatted at great length and interacted almost to the exclusion of others, and I thought that they actually seemed a bit overly affectionate and touchy for siblings. His eyes also tended to drift up and down over the figure of his shapely niece a bit more than I thought appropriate for an uncle. However, I recognized in his behaviour a potential opportunity.

For the rest of the day, and throughout Sunday as well, Emilee and myself avoided participating in any sexual escapades with our niece and nephews, Johnathan and Robert. Though when Monday came and my husband went to his office, we returned to enjoying each other’s company in the most depraved manners imaginable for a family unit! Angela resumed provided the boys their morning blowjobs, a task to which she had already received a number of years of reinforced training, and Emilee resumed her role as the fat uddered cow that received its daily ass fuckings. My role, as the dirtiest and naughtiest in the group, was to offer my unrestricted services where requested. Angela loved to have her vagina licked and kissed and sucked and savored and I freely accommodated her requests, munching on her tight tiny bald pussy, while the others enjoyed watching us engaging in our lesbian lovefest. I also taught her to lick my own lustful vagina, and enjoyed stroking her long soft blonde hair as I watched her tongue darting in and out of my hungry hole.

I also took great pleasure in milking and suckling upon Emilee’s huge udders, her nipples at the full width and half the length my thumb filling my mouth to capacity. The boys of course also used my mouth, cunt and asshole as they pleased, and freely dumped their semen into each of my holes, and well as all three holes of the other women, as frequently as they wished. The other assigned task, as ordered by the boys, who took great delight in watching the resulting show, was to clean their semen from out of the vaginas and asses of the other women after they had left a deposit there. Permitted only to use my mouth, I sucked and slurped at their holes, eagerly swallowing any of the contents found within, and I used my tongue to probe and dig deep into their holes for the last remnants of the contents therein. Following my exploration of the cum filled cavity, I would present my fluid covered face to the boys for their inspection, and then willingly accept their kind offer to suck clean their cum drained and softening cocks that they had just moments before pulled from out of their aunt’s or sisters anus or vagina.

In this manner we would fill our days while John was at work, only to miraculously return to our pure and innocent forms by the time that he returned home in the late evening. Johnathan and Robert wished to remain living in my house, and also for Emilee and Angela to stay for an extended duration, and to be provided the opportunity to return frequently. And we therefore recognized that for this to be the case, and for John not to inevitably become suspicious of our activities, that we would need to find a way to have John accept our behaviour. And we figured the best way to achieve this was to include him into our world of sexually depraved exploits. And thus, together, we devised a plan to do so.

The next weekend John remained at home, and it was a beautiful, warm weekend. In the back we have a large swimming pool, the view to which is protected by high fences. The boys got into their bathing suits and jumped into the pool, asking us all to join them. We ladies discussed among ourselves and decided to join them on the pool deck to do some sunbathing, and we asked John to join us as well.

We took our time changing into our bathing suits, giving John ample opportunity to get on his own trunks and proceed outside. We carefully selected our attire to ensure that our various tempting assets were well presented. I wore a one-piece that fully covered my chest to suggest to my husband that I was a shy and conservative wife who was attempting to conceal my body from his nephews. On the other hand, Angela wore a bikini that revealed cleavage and most of her ass cheeks, and Emilee wore a one piece that left little to the imagination with regards to the size of her breasts. We exited through the door together and strutted ourselves before John, who was reclining on one of the deck chairs. There were six deck chairs in all, 3 positioned canlı bahis şirketleri in a line at an angle to the other 3. Therefore we ladies took 3 together, ensuring that when the boys left the pool that all the men would be situated in a position where they had a direct view of us.

I watched John’s eyes as we positioned ourselves before him. He completely ignored me, but his eyes most definitely ran up and down the beautifully perfect curves of his niece, and lingered on her tight narrow ass when she bent over to position her towel. He also gawked at his own sister’s ample bosom, and I thought I saw his dick flinch within his trunks when she leaning forward to position her towel on the chair, resulting in her huge udders hanging down before his eyes.

We each laid ourselves out on the chairs and begun to sun ourselves. The boys soon afterward exited the pool and joined John on the mens side of the chairs. We thought it was time to turn up the heat and began to execute stage 2 of our plan. I said to Angela that I did not want her pale white skin to burn and began to apply lotion to her body. The boys watched as I kneeled along the opposite side of her and began to squeeze lotion onto her chest, belly and legs. I then began to sensuously rub the lotion over her soft young flesh. She spread her legs apart as my hands ran up and down their length, offering me access to her inner upper thighs. My husband watched intently as I caressed the young girl’s pretty flesh.

Emilee was laying on her stomach and I offered to lotion her up as well. She accepted and straddling her around the waist I began to apply the lotion to her shoulders. I told her that her straps were in the way and I pulled each one down over her arms, pulling her one piece down to her waist. Finishing her shoulders, back and legs I returned to my own chair. I watched John’s tortured eyes as he tried to conceal his staring from me. From time to time Emilee would deliberately taunt the boys by propping herself up on her elbows to ask me a question, and thereby causing her heavy boobs to become largely exposed as they drooped downward onto the chair. Yes, John definitely had an interest in his sister, and seemed quite eager to see her exposed tits. His sister’s tits were his Achille’s heel, and we would leverage his desire for them to tempt him into our perverse sexually deviant fold, and for John to ultimately accept his own wife becoming a wanton slut to his young nephews.

After some time of sunning ourselves Emilee asked me to help her put back up the top of the bathing suit as she wished to turn over now. I innocently suggested that she turn over and leave the top down to get some sun on her boobs. I explained that no one would mind, and it was all very innocent, as her brother certainly wouldn’t care, and that her nephews just saw her as their older aunt and did not see her in that way. Emilee hesitated, but then Angela piped in saying that she would also like to get some sun on her chest, but that she was too shy to remove her top, but would do so if Emilee did, knowing that her brothers and uncle would not be offended. All the men said that they agreed that it was quite alright and that they wouldn’t mind, my husband trying to appear very nonchalant about the whole situation. But the expression in his eyes revealed to me his deep desire to see his sister and little niece bare breasted.

Emilee reluctantly agreed and slowly turned herself over, letting her full rack come into view as she raised up the back of her lawn chair. Turning over, her large breasts drooped across her chest as she sat back into a reclined position. Her very broad aureoles, each 4 inches across, as well as her protruding thick long hard nipples, capped her big fat udders. The sight of his sister’s massive breasts drew the immediate and undivided attention of my husband’s eyes upon them. Giving John time to appreciate and savour his own sister’s tits, Angela then sat up and undoing her top released her own very lovely size C breasts to everyone’s view. My husband’s eyes immediately shot over to admire the perfection of this lovely young lady, and seemed to struggle, shifting rapidly back and forth, between the two sets of tits now available for his eyes to feast upon. Letting her tits hand down as she also repositioned the back of her chair upward, she then sat reclined, her perky young breasts continuing to stand proud on her chest.

I suggested to Angela that she needed to get some suntan lotion on her breasts before they burned but reaching for the bottle I mentioned that it was empty. Robert rose up with another bottle that was near him and brought it over to her. With her eyes closed she said “you put it on little brother, I just want to enjoy the sun.” Without hesitation Robert knelt beside her on the far side facing John and squirting the fluid onto his sister’s tits began to rub the lotion over her. Her breasts jiggled and bounced as he roughly rubbed the lotion onto them, deliberately bouncing them about for John’s entertainment. Once Robert returned to his chair, acting as if this was no strange process at all for a brother to rub lotion over his sister, Emilee asked me if I could rub lotion on her front half, as I had canlı kaçak iddaa only captured her back side before. I also said that I just wanted to enjoy the sun and suggested that as with Angela, she get her own brother to perform the laborious task.

John’s head jerked up at the suggestion, and he leapt up quickly when Emilee asked if he would help her out. Taking the bottle from Robert John pretended to casually walk over toward his sister, but his accelerated pace and the excitement in his face, as well as in his trousers, revealed the level of his true feelings. This man, who could not manage more than a half-hearted pudgy when we were together in bed, seemed to have the good start of a hard-on going on under his shorts. Beginning at her feet to appear disinterested in reaching her chest, John quickly worked his way up her legs and onto her belly. Then applying lotion near her neckline began to subtly move down the soft wide flesh of her tits. “Don’t be sparse with that lotion on my boobs brother.” Emilee remarked “They burn very easily. Make sure you cover every inch with lots of lotion, and be sure to get underneath. I don’t want the bottom of my boobs burning if I lay back. If they do burn it will be all your fault!”

This of course gave John all the encouragement he required to go full heartedly at the task before him. He eagerly spread the lotion over her broad chest and began to rub his fingers and palms over her boobs, letting them linger over her nipples. Cupping a heavy breast in both his hands, he lifted the boob to spread the lotion under the heavy tit, and then repeated the same with the other boob.

As my husband eagerly squeezed and crushed together his sister’s heavy boobs he barely took notice when Angela suggested that I also get some sun on my chest and I asked him for his permission, saying I would only do so if my husband felt it was alright for his wife to expose her bare chest in front of guests. “What, oh ya, sure, sure, whatever.” Was all that he could manage to utter, his fascination fixed solely on the boobs that were in his hands. Dropping my top and raising my chair back I then also sat with my breasts exposed. Angela said that while my body did not need lotion as I was already well tanned, she noticed my boobs had not been regularly tanned and so needed some lotion. I said John had the one bottle and the other was out. Johnathan replied that he had an extra bottle and brought it over.

HE offered to apply the lotion to my chest but I said “Oh Johnathan I don’t know, my husband might get upset.”

Looking at my husband Johnathan inquired “Should I oil her up Unkie?”

Looking up briefly at his nephew, positioned over his bare breasted wife, John replied “Sure boy, do whatever you need to do.”

With this Johnathan began to oil my chest, pressing my breasts back and forth. With Johnathan sitting opposite my husband, John watched as Johnathan covered my chest with the lotion and seemed to be enjoying the view as he continued to caress and massage his own available pair of boobs. “You have to cover them with lots of lotion Johnny.” My husband explained. “Remember what Emilee said, you really have to work that lotion into those bigger sets of boobs.”

“OK unkie.” Johnathan innocently responded and sitting across my legs lifted both my boobs with his hands and began to squeeze and fondle my breasts just as his uncle was doing to Emilee. John watched as his nephew enjoyed playing with his own wife’s breasts, and this clearly turned on my husband as his cock protruded rock hard from under his trunks. Eventually, despite John’s eagerness to continue, Emilee said that was quite enough lotion and thanked John for his efforts. Both men returned to their respective chairs, making no effort to hide their hard-ons.

Angela said that we were all amply protected from the sun, but now the men ran the risk of sunburn and that we should cover them with lotion. Standing up, her perky bare tits, slender legs and virtually bare ass drawing the immediate attention of all the men, she strolled over to her brother Johnathan and proceeded to rub lotion on his legs, chest and stomach, her own tits playfully hanging and bouncing about in the process. Emilee then also rose up and kneeling beside her brother, her heavy tits hanging seductively over his body, began to lotion his skin as well. Seeing that Robert had no one to pamper him, my husband said “Grace, go cater to your nephew.” Getting up I also walked over and John watched eagerly as I sat on his nephew’s waist and rubbed his chest, with my own chest hanging down over him.

I watched as Emilee stroked her brother’s chest and ran her hands up and down his legs. Without comment from Emilee, John reached up and began to fondle her heavy hanging tits, enjoying lifting and lowering their heavy weight in the palms of his hand. He also watched Angela and Johnathan playing. She was caressing her brother’s chest as he unreservedly rubbed her ass, legs and hanging tits, pretending to be applying extra lotion to supposedly dry spots. Robert took the cue and stating that there were still dry regions on my breasts cupped them in his hands and began to gently fondle them.

As my husband watched his wife’s canlı kaçak bahis tits being rubbed by his nephew, his other nephew and his sister virtually making out on the lawnchair beside him and with his sister’s hands exploring his body as he groped at her heavy tits as they swung back and forth before his face, John’s hard-on regrew and protruded upward through his trunks. As Emilee’s hand alternated its position from between his stomach and legs she repeatedly slid her hand over his cock, pretending it was an inadvertent placement. Then leaning over her brother and placing her lips to his ear, I heard her whisper to him “Don’t resist or say anything.” And then giving him a quick kiss on the lips placed her hand on his cock and gave it a good squeeze, repeatedly doing so as she moved her hand back and forth over his body pretending to oil up his chest and legs. I saw the broad smile on his lips as she groped his dick and as he fondled her tits.

Angela and I said that we were done oiling up the boys and that we were going to get drinks while the two brothers said they were sleepy and rolled onto their backs, facing away from John. Leaving John and his sister to continue their playing alone, I spied on them through the window as Angela made drinks. Subtly Emilee slid her hand under his trunks and grasped his hard-on in her hand. Stroking his cock she leaned forward, kissed him on the lips, and then hung her tits over his face so that he could suckle on her large hanging nipples. Clutching her tit John took the offered nipple into his mouth while Emilee extracted my husband’s cock from his trunks and began stroking him in the open.

I rarely saw his cock this hard when we were married and couldn’t remember the last time I had seen him with a full blown hard-on. Swollen and purple, his cock was hungry and angry, and his hips bucked as she pumped away on his rigid dick. Extracting her tit from his face she then lowered her head over his waist and wrapping her lips around his cock began to suck on my husband’s cock. His face lit up in pleasure as he watched her sucking him down, the process only lasting shortly before I saw the contortions on his face as his dick unloaded into his sister’s mouth. Willingly gulping her brother’s semen down her throat, she licked his cock clean and restored it to its position within his trunks.

Having watched Emilee gratify her brother and watching as she gulped down my husband’s load, Angela and I brought out the drinks and everyone drank their thirst away. Soon more drinks were required, and then more, and soon we were all rather tipsy. The sky began to cloud over and we all agreed to move the party inside. We entered the house, but none of the ladies made any effort to restore our tops. Rather, we commented on how refreshing it was to be topless and that there really was not point covering ourselves back up now that all of the men had already seen us. A broad smile crossed John’s face as he realized that he would have an entire evening to spend with his bare breasted sister and niece.

I offered to make the next round and suggested that everyone go take a seat in the living room. Per our prior planning, the boys took either end of the long couch, leaving my husband to sit on the love seat. His sister took the spot beside him. Robert and Johnathan suggested that Angela sit between them but she said that she would prefer to sit close to her charming Uncle, and sitting on the arm-rest beside John, placed her bare legs across him. Wrapping her arm around his back she sat with her slender legs draped over his own legs and her bare chest pressed against his shoulder. His sister wrapped his arm around her and pressed herself tight against him, letting his hand rest upon her bare boob. When I entered the room with the drinks I could see by the expression on John’s face that he was is sheer bliss and total heaven.

Pretending innocent and reserved, after handing each person their drink I said that I had no place left to sit. But the boys said that there was a spot still between them. I feigned reservedness and said that I didn’t know if it would be right for me to sit between my two nephews so scantily clad. “Oh don’t be such a silly prude. Sit, sit.” My husband said, and I did not question his order.

Sitting between my nephews I watched as my husband enjoyed his drinks, one after the other, and as he freely accepted the sexual gestures offered by the ladies seating on other side of him. He and his sister shared a kiss, then another. I watched as they exchanged long passionate kisses and John freely fondled her breasts as she slid her hand back down under his shorts and stroked at his once again stiffening dick. For a man who had not had a respectable hard-on for me in many years, he certainly seemed to be able to get it up for his own sister! Angela also encouraged John by offering her own affections. Kissing him on the cheek and calling him Unkie, soon she also was sharing her kisses upon his lips, which he greedily accepted. She also carelessly let her breasts graze across his face and when he turned to nibble on a boob she giggled and freely offered her tits for his closer inspection. Sucking on each nipple, he cupped her breasts in his hand and enjoyed caressing the young flesh. Afterward Angela was sure to always keep her boobs without John’s reach and to regularly position her chest close enough to his face that he could freely slide his tongue and lips over her breasts.

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