Discovering Intimacy


Growing up as I did, the only daughter of fairly devout, middle class parents in Belfast, it was hardly surprising that I hadn’t had much time for boys. I was curious of course, especially since quite a number of my friends and many other girls at school, of about my age were already sexually active but I’d been brought up to believe that sex outside marriage was sinful and “good” girls didn’t do that sort of thing. While I didn’t share my parents strong religious convictions, my upbringing inhibited me.

While other girls were getting off with boys, I was the conscientious student. Like any “normal” teenager I had “boyfriends” but it was never anything more than a quick snog after school before dutifully returning home to my studies, knowing my parents would never forgive me if I’d let a boy go any further. I’m convinced they’d have rather I’d started smoking or taken drugs, neither of which I did, than have had sex. My teenage years were, without doubt, the most confused and frustrated period of my life, until, that is, I met Paul.

Paul and I started going out when he was 18 and I was 17. I was in my final year at school and Paul was a student at the local Technical College. It was all very innocent at first, holding hands, kissing when we were alone and generally just being together. About six months later, just after my 18th birthday, things started to get a little more serious.

We were at my place. My parents were downstairs and Paul was supposedly helping me with my homework. We got that quickly out of the way and then we sat on my bed and started kissing.

Things quickly became quite passionate as our tongues explored each other’s mouths and Paul’s hands kept straying up the front of my T-shirt. I was getting quite excited and, despite feeling a little guilty, decided I wanted a little more.

I got off the bed and sat down with my back next to my bedroom door. I motioned for Paul to join me and soon we were kissing again. Feeling more and more daring as we kissed I reached behind me and unfastened my bra. I struggled a bit with the straps under my T-shirt and then deftly removed my bra while leaving my T-shirt in place. Paul asked me what I was up to but I silenced him with a kiss then lifted the front of my T-shirt up over my head, giving him his first view of my tits.

Paul had frequently played with them before, either through the material of my clothes or by putting his hand up my top but this was the first time that I had let him see them. He started at them, hardly believing his eyes, I whispered, “Lick them,” in his ear.

Paul cupped my tits in his hands, dropped his head and started to lick. I was in heaven as he sucked on my nipples and squeezed my tits in his hands.

Feeling even more daring my hands found the top of his jeans. I inserted one hand under his waistband and my fingers came in contact with his cock for the first time. I stroked his cock as Paul continued to lick and suck at my tits, covering them in saliva and making them wet all over.

I felt Paul’s hand slide up my leg and under my skirt. Pausing at my knickers he looked at me and I nodded. His fingers slipped under the gusset of my knickers and gently started to stroke the lips of my pussy. He gently slid a finger into me and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from crying out.

A familiar tingle spread through my body. I always got this feeling when I played with myself and I knew what was about to happen.

As Paul’s finger played with my pussy and his mouth teased my nipples my body began to shudder. I wanted to cry out with pleasure as I came but with my parents downstairs I had to bite my lip to hold it in.

All this time I was oblivious to the fact that I was still stroking his cock, gripping it more tightly as I came. Paul told me I had to stop before he had an accident and reluctantly I removed my hand from his trousers.

I pulled my T-shirt back down and we sat there for a while just holding each other, paying attention to nothing else.

Finally, we became aware of our surroundings again. Paul noticed the time, he had a bus to catch. We got up and went downstairs. He said goodnight to my parents. Then I walked him to his bus before returning home.

I went into the living room where my parents were sitting, watching some film or other on the television and told them I was going for a shower and then I would go to bed. I wished them goodnight and went back upstairs.

That night, in bed, I relived the events of that evening feeling an odd mixture of guilt and excitement. Eventually my arousal won and as it did my fingers strayed to my pussy. I lay in bed gently teasing myself until I came once more. Then finally I fell into a satisfied sleep.

Things continued like that for a couple of months then one night I went a little further and let Paul see me naked for the first time.

We were round at his. We had the house to ourselves. His parents would be out until after 10 and his older sister who ciplak izle was studying in Dublin was also away.

We were in his room. We’d had a couple of glasses of wine earlier and it had gone to my head a bit. Paul already had my top off and was paying serious attention to my tits. I had unbuttoned his shirt and was running my hands over his chest as his tongue gently explored mine.

Maybe I was just incredibly turned on. Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was a combination of the two. Suddenly I was feeling really naughty. I asked Paul if he would like to see some more. Eagerly he said yes.

I stood up and kicked off my trainers and socks. I slowly undid my jeans and pushed them down to the floor. Paul’s eyes were glued to me as I stood there in just my knickers. “More?” I teased. Paul, dumbstruck, just nodded.

I turned around hitched my thumbs into the elastic at my waist and slowly pushed my knickers down over my hips. I bent forward, wriggling my bum just inches from his face as I slid my knickers down past my knees. They fell to the ground, I stepped out of them, kicking them to one side as I turned to face Paul.

There was a look of sheer greed on his face as his eyes devoured my naked body for the first time. “You like?” I asked trying to sound coy. “You’re beautiful,” came the gasped reply.

I took his hand and lead him to the bed. I pulled off his shirt and then we lay down. We kissed and Paul’s hands were all over me, exploring my naked body for the first time.

His mouth went to my tits and he started to nibble on them gently. His hand slid up my leg and his fingers started to explore my pussy. I was very excited and very wet.

Paul stood up and removed his jeans. He parted my legs then climbed between them. His head dipped and I could hardly imagine what was about to happen.

Paul lowered his head and gently ran his tongue up the length of my pussy. A thrill like an electric shock ran through my body as his tongue lightly made contact with my clit. I moaned with pleasure as Paul’s tongue lapped at my pussy and occasionally slid up inside me.

Paul reached up and began to squeeze my tits. He teased my nipples as his tongue continued to explore every crevice of my pussy.

I was so turned on. Suddenly I found myself longing for Paul to fuck me, I needed him to fuck me. I also didn’t want him to stop eating me.

I imagined how it would feel to have Paul’s cock inside me. The thought that I might soon be having my first ever fuck plus the effects of Paul’s tongue on my pussy and his hands on my tits suddenly drove me over the edge.

My back arched and my body shook convulsively. My head tossed from side to side and I moaned loudly as the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had tore through me.

Paul continued to gently lick my pussy until a second orgasm, smaller this time, shook my body, then a third. I’d never had more than one at a time before. Reluctantly, as I came for the fourth time, I could take no more and had to beg him to stop.

Paul moved up the bed and held me tight as I recovered. Quietly, I asked him if he had any condoms. Paul’s eyes lit up momentarily and then he shook his head sadly. I decided there and then that I would go on the pill as soon as possible. Next time I wanted to be ready as well as willing.

“Don’t worry,” I said, not quite managing to keep the disappointment from my voice, “I should still be able to do something for you.”

I reached down and started to stoke Paul’s cock through his boxer shorts. As I rubbed his stiffening cock I had an overwhelming desire to see the object of my attention.

I gripped the waistband of his boxer shorts and started to pull. Paul raised his hips, making it easier for me to remove them. I tugged them off then turned to take my first glimpse of Paul’s cock.

It was about 7″ long. To my untrained eye it was huge. I shuddered at the thought of having something that big inside me. The thought scared me and excited me at the same time.

Gently, I took Paul’s cock in my hands and began to rub it. Up and down, my hands moved with slow, deliberate stokes. I varied the pace, first slow then building up speed then slowing down again.

Paul’s breathing became deeper and more rapid as my hands continued to work over the length of his cock. It began to twitch and stiffen even more as I concentrated my attention on its head.

Suddenly Paul moaned, “Oh my God! I’m going to cum!” My hands pumped on his cock even harder.

Paul’s balls seemed to swell and suddenly his cock erupted sending several spurts of hot, sticky white cum over my tits.

I felt so horny knowing that I’d my actions had caused Paul to unload all over me. Like so many things, I’d never done this with a man before. My hands went to my tits and I began to massage his cum into my skin. The dirtiness of the situation, Paul cumming then me rubbing my tits, coating them in a layer of his juice, excited me so much commander fort izle that I came again.

Without knowing why my, fingers went to my mouth and I licked them clean. The taste was salty and, whilst not exactly pleasant, it wasn’t unbearable.

I looked down at his cock. It was starting to soften and a small amount of cum oozed from its tip. I smiled at Paul then quickly ran my tongue over the end of his cock, licking him clean.

After about ten minutes while we lay there, just holding each other, I decided I needed a shower.

I showered quickly then got dressed as Paul cleaned himself up. After Paul got dressed we sat on the bed and just held each other, kissing occasionally, lost in the afterglow of our experience.

When at last I noticed the time, 9:15pm, and realised I had get home.

Paul walked me to the bus stop. Just before I got on board I kissed Paul goodnight and whispered “Soon,” in his ear.

That night, as I lay in bed, I realised that I was still disappointed that Paul hadn’t been able to fuck me but at the same time I felt satisfied in a way I’d never felt before. I also realised that I didn’t feel guilty about what we had done that night, it had all seemed so natural, so right. I realised that my inhibitions were slowly being peeled away as I turned out the light and settled myself for sleep.

Despite my resolve to go on the pill as soon as possible, it was two weeks before I got the courage up to go to the doctor. Even though I was 18 and could, legally, have been having sex for the last two years after all, I was still inhibited and embarrassed, as a result of my upbringing, and didn’t know how to go about it.

I guess we could have used a condom, and if Paul had had any that last night we would have, but I was determined that the first time Paul fucked me I would feel everything. We were both virgins, neither of us used drugs so we were certain we had nothing to fear from the risk of infection. I wanted to talk to someone about it but my parents were, obviously, out of the question. Much as they liked and accepted Paul, there was no way they would have tolerated him if they knew what he and their precious daughter were getting up to. Instead I confided in my friend, Julie.

Like me, Julie had turned 18 just recently and was in my year at school. She told me that she had been taking the pill since she was 14. She had started taking it to help relieve the terrible cramps she got each month. She then confided in me that she’d been using the pill for their “proper reason” for the last six months. Julie had been with her boyfriend, Derek, for about 18 months and she talked about the stuff they got up to quite openly. Hearing her talk so frankly turned me on considerably. Without even knowing it, Julie had inadvertently provided me with a solution.

I used Julie’s approach two days later when I saw the doctor. He prescribed me the pill although I was just a little disappointed when I discovered it would be over a fortnight before I could start taking them.

The next day was Paul’s 19th birthday. He would be having a party at the weekend but as a result of my chat with Julie, I decided to give him a special present in advance.

It was the school lunch hour, Paul lived about five minutes away from our school and didn’t have any lectures until mid-afternoon. He met me at the school gate. As his parents would be out we went round to his. As soon as we got there we went straight up to his room. We kissed passionately for a few minutes and then Paul sat down on the bed.

I told Paul to close his eyes then I rummaged in my bag. When Paul opened his eyes I was holding a packet of pills in my hand. Paul smiled excitedly when he saw them. I kissed him and told him that I would start taking them in a fortnight. I told him I had something else for him and that he would have to close his eyes again.

When he did I kissed him again then knelt down in front of him. I quickly undid his trousers then reached inside. I freed his stiffening cock and gave it a few gentle stokes. Then, without warning, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around it.

There was a surprised gasp of pleasure as my lips slid slowly up and down Paul’s cock. Paul moaned his appreciation as I licked his shaft from top to bottom, coating it with my saliva.

I took as much of him into my mouth as I could, my hands stroking the remainder and playing with his balls. At the bottom of each stoke I sucked him hard, at the top of each stoke I flicked my tongue around the crown of his cock. I varied my pace, going faster then slower, over and over, driving him wild.

Up and down, up and down, my lips glided along the length of his shaft. Paul started moving his hips to meet my lips, driving his cock deeper into my mouth. My hand pumped eagerly at the base of his cock as I increased the pace of my movement. I was sucking him so hard my jaw was beginning to ache,

As I stroked copenhagen cowboy izle and licked and sucked on his shaft my other hand was in my knickers, furiously playing with my pussy. I could feel my own orgasm approaching, the mounting excitement made me suck even harder.

Paul’s cock began to twitch and then he exploded, filling my mouth with jets of his hot, sticky cum. As he came in my mouth I drove two fingers deep into my pussy, my thumb pressing into my clit. Then suddenly I was cumming too. The intensity of the sensations I was feeling was so great I collapsed against him, his cum still dribbling down my chin.

We stayed there, immobile, for a few minutes, Then I wiped my chin and gave his cock a few final licks, removing the last of his cum.

I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Luckily none of Paul’s cum had landed on my uniform. When I was presentable again I rejoined Paul. He thanked me for his “present” then made us both a quick lunch. We just had time to eat it before it was time for me to head back to school.

The next two weeks seemed to take for ever to pass. We had little time to ourselves and we spent what time we had pleasuring each other with our mouths. Each day there was a growing sense of excitement that soon we would be able to express our desire to the full.

In due course I was able to start taking the pill. The only problem was that now that I was on it we never seemed to be able to take advantage of it. Our chance came after I’d been taking them for just over two weeks.

My dad was on night shift that week. Paul had met me and walked me home from school. When we got in there was a message from my mum on the answering machine. She had been held up at work and wouldn’t get home until after nine. This was the opportunity we’d been waiting for. I led Paul upstairs to my bedroom, not even bothering to close the door to my room behind us.

We kissed. In almost no time at all we had removed our clothes and were lying on my bed. Paul’s hands were all over me. His mouth clamped to mine as we let the thrill of what was going to happen take over us.

I moved down to take his cock in my mouth. My lips fastened around his shaft as I eagerly began to suck him. My mouth slid up and down, drawing as much of it into my mouth as I could.

Paul’s hands were caressing my tits, adding to the thrill as I continued to devour his cock. I could feel him getting close and reluctantly I stopped. “You’re not cumming yet,” I told him. Paul smiled his reply.

It occurred to me that I didn’t want any tell tale wet patches on my bed so I excused my self for a moment while I went and got a large towel from the bathroom. I lay the towel on my bed then lay down on top of it. I opened my legs and said “Eat me!”

Paul’s head was between my thighs in an instant. His tongue slid between my pussy lips and darted in and out of my cunt. Slowly he would take each lip between his and suck them, then his tongue would lap gently at my pussy. He sucked on my clit and slowly inserted a finger into my cunt.

As Paul sucked at my clit and finger fucked me, my own hands were playing with my tits. I squeezed and caressed them as Paul’s tongue continued to lap away at my cunt. I pinched my nipples and started to come. Paul kept licking as orgasm after orgasm swept through me. I came six times as Paul’s tongue worked on me, each one more powerful than the last. Finally I knew the moment had arrived, my body ached in anticipation, crying out to be filled with a cock, Paul’s cock.

He has still licking when finally, a little nervously, I asked him to fuck me. “Put it in me,” I begged, ” I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fuck me.” Then, pleading, “Please Paul, fuck me.”

Paul moved up my body, pausing only to kiss my tits for a few moments. Suddenly I could feel his cock sliding against the entrance to my pussy, slowly pushing my lips apart. Paul kissed me and I felt the tip begin to press into me. I knew my cunt was soaking but I was still a little nervous. It hurt a little as he slid into me inch by inch and I cried out softly. Then he was there, his cock buried to the root in my cunt.

He began to move, slowly sliding in and out. I lay there unmoving for a short time as I savoured the sensations of Paul’s cock moving inside me for the very first time, stretching me, filling me completely. The initial pain had passed and I was moving with him. My hips rose to meet each thrust of his cock.

I asked him to go a little faster and my hands were clutching at his arse trying to force him in deeper. The pace increased as with each stroke his cock pushed into me faster and faster.

Paul’s breathing was coming in gasps, I Knew he was getting close. “Harder!” I begged him, “harder, faster, come on give it to me, fuck me, FUCK ME!!!”

Paul rammed his cock into me as hard as he could. In and out, over and over. I gripped his cock with the walls of my cunt each time he was inside me. My nails were digging into his arse as I urged him on.

I felt his body stiffen, his cock twitch violently inside me and then he came. Jet after jet of cum flooded my pussy. Paul collapsed, spent, on top of me, our bodies still joined. I was delirious as I savoured the feeling of his cum deep inside me.

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