Distraction Ch. 01

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Since having her cherry popped in Paris, Amy had found herself hornier than ever before. Once she was passed the pain, she’d found pure ecstasy in her lover’s arms and was desperate for that same feeling again. Of course, having had his way, Amy was crushed to find herself rejected.

She’d now been home a month. She was over the rejection and settling into her new college life, but god she was horny! Masturbation had never been a big deal to her, but lately it was a nightly occurrence. She couldn’t sleep unless she got herself off. Sleeping in the same room as her sister, Kaley, made it quite difficult sometimes, but Amy found that as long as she restrained herself with a firm, but languid rhythm and buried her face in her pillow when her climax hit, she could get herself off satisfactorily without alerting her sister.

Amy had never been good with boys. It wasn’t that she was unattractive, she simply wasn’t confident around members of the opposite sex. Her French fling was a liberation for her, but returning home and once again being in the presence of her sister, with her long blonde hair and killer body, made her feel like she was 15 again. Kaley was less than a year older, but had developed long before her sister. Amy had to wait ’til she was 17 before her curves started to show. Now at 18, her body had developed beautifully, but the extra time Kaley had had to tone up made Amy very self-conscious, putting her back in the frame of mind of the ‘geeky pale red-head’.

It was almost 1am and Kaley was wide awake, encapsulated by the sight before her. Despite her head being buried in her pillow, Kaley had heard the quivering moan coming from Amy’s bed three nights ago. She sat up and saw her little sister facing away, her young body quivering in the dim light of a street lamp coming through the window. She knew immediately canlı bahis şirketleri what was going on, having been in a similar position herself on quite a few nights while Amy was away.

This was the third night in a row Kaley had watched Amy frigging herself to orgasm. She couldn’t help it. Last night she’d had to stop herself reaching into her pjs. Tonight she felt less restrained. She knew it was very wrong to be turned on by the sight of her own sister fingering herself, but as Kaley stared at Amy’s glistening skin and listened to her heavy breaths, she had to touch herself; to join in. She watched Amy’s arm carefully, matching her slow, steady rhythm. She plunged two fingers fully into wet pussy and stroked her clit with the palm of her hand ’til she found herself fighting back a deep, orgasmic moan…


The next day was Saturday. Kaley felt strange having blissfully frigged herself to orgasm at the sight of her sister doing the same. She knew she had to get out of the house for the day and, if possible, get it out of her system. She finished breakfast quickly, showered and dressed, packed a rucksack and headed out to the mall, promising her mom she’d be back by 6.

It was just after 10 and the mall wasn’t quite as crowded as it would be later in the day. Kaley made for the nearest restroom, locked the cubicle door and stripped down to her red thong. She reached into her backpack and took out her carefully-folded red dress. The dress had been a favourite since she bought it a year ago. Long enough to look classy, but short enough to show off a good deal of beautiful legs and with a firm bodice that accentuated her breasts.

She slipped on a simple pair of red heals, tied up her hair and went back out into the mall after checking herself in the restroom mirror.

The mall was getting canlı kaçak iddaa busier and there were just enough people around for Kaley’s appearance to go relatively unnoticed. She drew a few looks of curiosity and disdain, but not enough to bother her.

Kaley had only done this twice before, but already she had a good idea of what she was doing and the type she was looking for. It took barely half an hour to find him. The man was in his late twenties/early thirties, tall and athletic and wearing dark jeans and a loose jacket over a tight t-shirt. Kaley followed him for a short time, making sure he was alone and waiting for the right time to pounce.

The guy was looking at an outfit in a store window. “I think that’d look good on you.” He turned to see the young blond in a killer dress smiling sweetly at him.

“Do you indeed?” he said, flashing a set of perfect teeth. Kaley’s heart fluttered.

“How about you try it on?”

“Only if you come tell me how it looks.”

Kaley’s smile widened. She leaned in close to the guy, having to crane her neck to whisper in his ear. “Why not try me on instead?” It was a corny line, but she’d been with enough men to know nothing worked better than a simple, direct approach.

Sure enough it wasn’t long before the pair were sneaking into one of the enclosed changing rooms at the back of the store and fervently sucking on each other’s tongue.

“I just need to be fucked!” Kaley said breathlessly into the stranger’s ear, making sure there was no confusion as she unbuckled his belt.

“Not a problem,” he replied as reached under her dress and yanked down her panties.

Their underwear hit the floor at pretty much the same time. Kaley wrapped her legs around the guy’s waist, he pressed her against the wall of the cubicle and clamped his hand over her mouth. canlı kaçak bahis He was experienced enough to know what the girl’s reaction would be when he impaled her on his 8″ erection. Sure enough his hand muffled a surprised squeal.

Kaley tightened her thighs around the man’s waist and put her own hand over his just to be sure. She was desperate to be fucked hard and fast and her ‘lover’ was obliging her excellently. It took only a few minutes of her tight pussy being rigorously drilled before her body spasmed hard and she screamed into the palm of his hand.

But her stranger wasn’t done. He let Kaley down on shaky legs, turned her around and entered her sopping cunt from behind. Kaley felt dizzy and all strength had gone from her knees. Only the guy’s cock was keeping her upright. She felt a second orgasm build as her first was still subsiding and she had to clamp his hand back over her mouth to muffle another scream.

Finally the stranger’s rhythm slowed and he rammed Kaley’s pussy hard a few more times as his own orgasm hit. Kaley pulled away and practically fell to her knees from exhaustion. She quickly turned and clamped her lips around the guy’s cock as he blew a load into the back of her throat. She swallowed four more powerful spurts before he was done.

Kaley licked the man’s head clean before gingerly getting to her feet. Both of them needed a moment to get their breath back before either could even speak.

“I’ll go out first, you wait five minutes,” the guy said as pulled up his pants.

Kaley nodded in agreement and sank back down to the floor, sporting a tired smile.


It was shortly after 5 when Kaley returned home, having cleaned herself up and changed back into her casual wear. Her mom was in the kitchen fixing dinner and Amy was curled up on the couch with a mug of chocolate, watching TV. She was dressed in a tight t-shirt and jeans that showed off the curves she’d only recently developed.

Kaley sighed with disappointment as the wet patch forming in her crotch let her know her plan hadn’t worked…

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