Doctor’s Incestuous Family Chapter 2: Sister’s Anal Delight


Doctor’s Incestuous Family
(An Incestuous Harem Story)
Chapter Two: Sister’s Anal Delight
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

James Wilson

I hadn’t had a real chance to talk with Jenny, my eighteen-year-old sister, since we made love during their lunch break at school today. We had shared our passion, committing the most wonderful incest I could imagine. We took each other’s virginities and discovered new aspects of each other. I had no idea my little sister was so hot. So sexy. So wanton.

She had been an eager and active participant, falling to her knees, sucking my cock, begging me to pop her cherry, to cum in and breed her. It had been so wild hearing my uptight, little sister say those words. I never thought she was interested in sex. Not really. She dressed so conservatively, baggy clothing, long skirts, high necklines. Not like the other eighteen-year-olds at our college.

Or my fellow nineteen-year-old sophomores.

When she burst in on my secret spot on the school grounds where I vaped, a small clearing amid rhododendron bushes behind the school’s gym, I had thought she would tattle to our mother. Mom was a doctor, and she hated smoking. Jenny was always tattling on me, following me around, being annoying.

Now…she could follow me around all she wanted.

What I did not expect to happen after she caught me was for Clint and his little sister, Alicia, to have sex where we could watch. Clint was a legend at our college. Last year, when I was a freshman, he was the junior who had knocked up Pam Hiragawa and his cousin Melody Samuels. He strutted school with both girls on his arms, his own private harem. Rumors persisted he even fucked his other cousin, Lee; his two sisters, Zoey and Alicia; and his aunt, Ms. Samuels, who taught me History this semester.

It had been so hot hearing Clint fuck his little sister. He took her hard. She begged him to cum in her, to breed her. Jenny and I had listened, growing hotter and hotter. There was such envy in Jenny’s eyes as Clint devoured Alicia’s pussy.

And then we were masturbating. I was stroking my dick, my sister fingering her twat. We grew hotter and hotter, and before I knew it, I was devouring Jenny’s pussy. I made her cum. I fucked her. Came in her.

And that, I think, was why she was so nervous when the city bus dropped us off two blocks from our house. She was silent as we walked home. Normally, I wouldn’t have even said anything to her, letting her walk ahead while I texted my friends.

“You okay?” I asked her as she walked, so tense, up to the door of our house.

“I’m fine,” she said, her voice strained.

Jenny was a cute girl, her light-brown hair held back from her face by a pink headband, her cheeks delicate, her lips pink and kissable. Beneath her dress and tights, she had a sexy body with round breasts and pink nipples and sleek thighs. She definitely could dress better.

“Is it about what we did?” I asked as she pulled out her keys from her purse. Mom was at her practice and Dad was long gone. “It takes more than once to get pregnant.”

Jenny shook her head. “I’m in the middle of my cycle.” She jammed the key into her lock. “It’s the best time for me to get pregnant. And it can take only once.” She shivered. “The precum alone leaking from your cock has enough sperm in it to impregnate me.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Didn’t you pay attention to Mom’s lectures?” Jenny shouldered open our front door. “She was quite clear with me.”

Our mother was a gynecologist and an obstetrician. If anyone would know, it was her. I swallowed, my stomach tensing. “So…is it for sure that I…?”

“Knocked me up?” Her voice grew brittle. “No. There’s no guarantee your sperm will find my egg. There’s a lot of factors from incompatible blood types to acidity levels in my vagina to your sperm’s mobility. It’s why couples can try for months and months and not conceive. But…”

She walked to the couch, dropped her purse and bookbag, and slumped down onto it, her face pale. I closed the front door and followed her. I sat down beside her, closer than I would have. Things were different between us. What happened today was special. She was my little sister. I wanted to protect her, love her, make her feel better.

I put my arm around her shoulders, pulling her to me. “Well, I’m here for you. Whatever you decide.”

Her hands rubbed at her stomach. “You mean that?”


“And what about Mom?” She squirmed. “She’s going to find out. I can’t hide a pregnancy from her. Not her.”

“Well, you’re eighteen. Girls get pregnant at your age.”

“She’ll be so mad.” Her blue eyes trembled as they stared up at me. “She’ll hate me.”

“Mom won’t hate you.” I squeezed her shoulder. “I won’t let her.”

“What do I tell her about the father?”

“That it was a stupid one time thing, and you don’t really know him. He goes to another school, you didn’t catch his name, and you have no way to contact him.”
“So I shouldn’t say you’re the father?”

My heart clenched. Panic boiled through my stomach. “Jesus, Jenny, no. She’ll kill me for real. You’re my sister. What we did was illegal.”

“That didn’t stop you from putting your cock in me and fucking me and cumming in me,” she pointed out, her hand resting on my thigh.

“Well, no,” I swallowed. “But you wanted it. You were begging for it.”

“Begging for it?” she arched an eyebrow. “That’s your excuse?”

Panic swirled through my stomach. “I… I mean. You were consenting. You were the one who fell to her knees and sucked my cock.”

“Relax.” She gave my thigh a squeeze which sent a tingle racing up my leg. “I’m not going to tell Mom.”

I gave a big sigh of relief. “Thanks.”

“I know you think I’m a tattletale.”

I flushed. “Sorry.”

“No, no. I was. I just…wanted your attention. Ever since I can remember you’ve been my cool, older brother and I wanted to be your wife. I told Mom that when I was five or six, and she laughed. Said it was normal and I’d grow out of it. But I didn’t. When I hit puberty and…things changed.”

“Developed?” I grinned, my eyes flicking down to her breasts. Her clothing didn’t emphasize them, but I knew they were round and succulent.

“Yes.” Her cheeks were so red. “Well, I wanted to be your wife, but also your girlfriend. Your lover. I…wanted what happened today so badly. So that’s why I’m always around. I just wanted you to notice me. And when you didn’t, I would get mad and…”


She nodded. “Sorry.”

“So you went out there wanting me to pop your cherry?” I grinned. “You were hoping you’d, what, catch me jerking off instead of vaping.”

“Well, I know you like Ms. Samuels and her big boobs, and you have her right before lunch, and the way she dresses…” Jenny shifted, glancing down at her own breasts. “And every boy in my history class talks about how they want to ‘tap that ass’ as they put it.”

“Well, she does have great cans,” I said, watching her squirm. “But so do you.”

“Really?” There was such a hopeful edge to them.

“Oh, yes, little sis, you have a hot body.”

Her hand stroked higher up my thigh. “James…” She said, her voice tight. “You know…you already came in me today… And…if it’s already too late…”

My dick throbbed. “Yeah, it probably is. So no harm, no fowl if we….”

Her hand reached my cock, rubbing it through my jeans. I ached and throbbed, groaning as she squeezed and relaxed. The pleasure rushed through my body. My toes curled in my shoes as I let out a groan of delight.

“You are a horny minx, sis.”

“Thank you, big brother,” she cooed, squirming. “Will you eat my pussy again? It was so amazing. I came so hard on your lips.”

“Yes,” I groaned. “But first, get naked for me.”

“Here?” She bit her lip, looking around the living room.

“Mom won’t be home for two hours at least. Let me see that sexy bod. Those tits. Show me how much better they are than Ms. Samuels.”

Her grin grew and she let out an excited squeal before throwing her arms about my neck and kissing me hard. Her lips melted against mine, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. I held her, kissing her back, savoring how naughty this was. Her body pressed against mine, feeling the shape of her breasts as she tried to devour my mouth.

My little sister was a horny minx. I loved it.

Her arms tightened, clinging to me with a hungry need. I felt how much she wanted me, how much it meant to her that I was paying attention to her. My dick throbbed in my jeans, aching to bury into her pussy.

But I had to please her first. Clint devoured Alicia’s pussy before he fucked her. And it was clear his little sister would do anything for him. And I think I understood why. He gave her what she needed. He devoured altıparmak escort her pussy, made her cum, and let her be his little princess.

Guys I knew just cared about busting their nut. None of them had meaningful relationships. They had girls they hooked up with. Some were almost like real girlfriends, but they would cheat on them if they had a chance. They didn’t care about the girl. Why would they? Modern girls thought they had to put out, that they were emancipated and should just give themselves to the guys because if they didn’t, others would.

And the guys loved it.

Jenny broke the kiss, breaking away from me. “You really think my tits are better than Ms. Samuels?”

“Yes,” I groaned.

“I love you, big brother,” she grinned, her hips shaking as she pulled off her headband. Her brown hair fell about her face and shoulders, sweeping around as she shook her head.

“That’s hot,” I groaned.

She beamed at me, her hips rolling. “You think I’m hot, big brother?”

“Yeah.” My mouth was so dry. “Yeah, I do.”

Her fingers went to the buttons of her dress. “Good.”

I squirmed on the couch, my dick throbbing so hard as I watched her fingers work each button of her dress. My heart pounded in my chest as she revealed her snowy flesh. Then the racy red of her bra. She dressed like a frumpy church wife, but her underwear was so hot, so sexy. It was so shocking to see such a lacy bra, the material transparent in spots, letting her pink areolas and nipples peek through.

She shrugged out of her blouse and wiggled the skirt down her hips, exposing her white tights covering her racy, red panties. They almost were a thong cut. Such a naughty pair of panties. She stepped out of her skirt and turned, showing her ass. The panties only covered the top half of her butt-cheeks before the fabric narrowed into a strip vanishing into her crack and clinging to her pussy.

“Yes,” I panted, rubbing my dick through my jeans as she peeled off her tights, exposing the creamy flesh of her butt clad in those panties. “Those are hot. I love them.”

“My cheekies?” she asked, bending over, the crotch tight against her pussy. She smacked the naked part of her ass. “They’re so naughty. I just had to buy them. It makes me feel so wicked walking around in them and no one knows. No one but you, big brother.”

“Yeah,” I panted as she stepped out of her tights. She was so slim and sexy.

She straightened, reaching behind her and unfastening her blouse. I licked my lips, squeezing my cock so hard through my jeans as she shrugged out of her bra straps. They slipped down her arms, the cups sliding away from her breasts. She dangled her bra to her right, giving me a teasing look over her shoulder before she dropped it.

“Where did you learn to do that?” I groaned.

Her cheeks when crimson. “Um…porn. And I practiced in my bedroom.”


“Yeah,” she said, wiggling her hips, her ass swaying. “For you.”

“Damn, I love it.”

She turned around slowly, her round breasts jiggling. They were a lush pair, ivory flesh bleeding into pink areolas, her nipples small but hard, thrusting at me as she faced me. She trembled, putting her hands on her hips, trying to look sexy, but at the same time there was a vulnerability about her, a fear glittering in her eyes.

“You are the sexiest girl, sis,” I panted. “Damn, I am the luckiest big brother in the world. Your tits are amazing.”

Every word relaxed her, transforming her pose from the vulnerable into the sensual as her confidence swelled. Her smile grew smokier. Her breasts rose and fell as she breathed, the fear vanishing from her eyes, replaced by smoldering desire.

Then she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and pushed them down her hips. I had already seen her pussy when I pulled them off her hips just hours ago, but I still salivated, leaning forward as the first brown curls of her bush appeared. She rolled her panties down farther and farther, exposing more of her pubic hair, and then her slit half-hidden by her curls. I smelled her excitement, a tart musk that only made me harder.

“Now it’s your turn,” she grinned. “Let me see my sexy big brother naked.”

I blushed. “Really? You think I’m sexy?”

She nodded her head, her hands stroking up and down her body. “You are so cute. All my friends whisper about you.”

“Really?” I grinned at her, arching an eyebrow.

“I’m not having a threesome with you and one of my friends,” she told me, eyes narrowing.

“Had to try,” I shrugged as I stood and peeled off my t-shirt.

I played soccer for school and my body was tanned by a summer practicing and playing with my friends. She let out an appreciative moan, licking her lips. I grinned at her as I unfastened my jeans, pushing them down along with my boxers, my cock popping out hard, bobbing before me, my balls aching.

“Tada,” I said, standing naked.

“Come on, let me see that ass,” Jenny purred.

“Girl’s like a guy’s ass?” I asked, glancing down at my dick. “What about my cock?”

“Girls like muscular chests and tight asses. Cocks are okay, I guess.”

“Huh,” I said, turning, letting her stare at my ass. I gave her a booty shake which made her clap.

“Yay, shake that ass!” she cheered, sounding like a guy at a strip club. Then she smacked my right cheek and squeezed it. “I’m so glad I can do this, big brother.”

“Yeah,” I groaned as she pressed against me, her pussy and silky pubic hair rubbing on my butt-cheeks, my cock throbbing as she ground on me.

“You’re all mine.” Her hands slipped around my stomach, rubbing my abs as she ground on me. I straightened my back, her nipples hard against me. Her lips kissed between my shoulder blades.

“And you’re mine,” I groaned, my dick growing hotter.

“Oh, what are you going to do to me?”

“Devour you.” I spun in her embrace, my dick smacking into her hip. She giggled as I seized her, pulling her naked body tight against mine, her breasts rubbing on my chest as I kissed her hard.

I pushed her down on the couch as our tongues wrestled, my cock rubbing on her stomach, throbbing. My sister felt so hot against me. I shivered, my tongue probing deep into her mouth as I kissed her. She was so hot. So lithe. I wanted to fuck her so badly. But her pussy brushed my balls, so hot and wet and in need of her big brother’s attention.

I broke the kiss as she squirmed on the couch. I kissed down her neck, my hands stroking her sides, finding her breasts. I shuddered as I cupped her naked tits, squeezing their firm plumpness. I loved how soft they were. How they felt in my hands.

And how my little sister moaned as my lips reached her nipples.

“Big brother,” she gasped as I sucked on a pink nub.

My tongue explored her nipple. The texture felt delicious on my tongue, winkled and silky at the same time. I sucked hard, making her buck and shudder. I nibbled on it, doing everything I remembered from porn. I sucked so hard, taking as much into my mouth as I could while my fingers played with her other nipple.

I pinched and rolled the little nub. I loved the sounds my sister made. She gasped and moaned, squirming, her legs spasming, brushing my naked sides. I squeezed and kneaded her breasts while I played with her nipples. I made her moan and gasp. And that was so hot.

“Big brother,” she kept moaning. It was such a sexy thing to hear. My heart beat faster every time. “Love you, big brother.”

“Love you, too,” I moaned between sucks on her wonderful nipple.

My right hand wandered down her body as I kept playing with her nipple, swirling my tongue, sucking hard, making wet plops every time my mouth popped off. My hand reached her stomach. She squirmed, sucking in a breath as I went lower and lower.

And found the silky curls of her pubic hair.

Her thighs spread wide, inviting, as my fingers caressed her pubic hair. I stroked her silk as I went lower and lower. She grew hotter, wetter. Her flesh was feverish. And then I found her slit. She dripped. Moans sang from her lips as I rubbed her pussy. I stroked up and down her slit, my fingers parting her folds.

I found her pussy’s entrance and penetrated her.

My dick throbbed. This morning, this hole was virgin territory. No one had gone in here before me. I had broken her in. I had taken my sister’s cherry. As her tight snatch clenched on my two probing fingers, my cock ached to bury into her again.

Just pull your fingers out of her and let me fuck her, my cock seemed to say. We’ll both enjoy it more.

I ignored the voice, my fingers pumping into her silky flesh. She was so hot. My thumb slid up her silt and through her curly pubic hair, finding her clit. She gasped, her body bucking as I massaged it, my lips sucking so hard on her nipples.

“Oh, bursa rus escort bayan big brother,” she moaned, her voice so throaty. She humped and writhed on the couch as I pumped faster and faster. “Oh, that’s so nice. Oh, you’re such a wonderful big brother.”

“I am,” I panted, looking up at her. “I’m going to make you cum so hard.”

“Yes,” she moaned, her body trembling as she squirmed. “Oh, I bet you are.”

I sucked on her nipple again, pumping faster and faster through her pussy. She moaned, her back arching. I sucked on her left nipple, now. Savoring its texture as I made her moan and squirm. Her thighs wrapped about my waist, gripping me as her pussy clenched and relaxed about my fingers.

She grew hotter, wetter. I pumped faster and faster, rubbing my thumb hard. I groaned, releasing her nipple and falling to my knees, her thighs sliding up my sides. I pushed them apart so I could lean in and lick at her folds as I fingered her.

I loved her tart juices. Pussy tasted amazing. And this was my little sister’s pussy. I fingered her faster and faster, my tongue flicking up to her clit. I sucked on it as I pumped in and out of her silky folds while she squirmed.

“Big brother,” she moaned, fingers grabbing my short, brown hair as she trembled. “Oh, yes, big brother. Oh, fuck yes! That’s it. That’s amazing. Oh, yes! Oh, my god, yes!”

She heaved as her orgasm spilled through her. She humped against me. Her eyes fluttered. Her tits bounced as her orgasm burned through her body. Her pussy spasmed on my fingers. I groaned as I sucked on her clit, loving the fact I made my little sister explode.

I made her cum.

I gave her this pleasure.

My fingers pumped faster and faster, reaming in and out of her as she thrashed on the couch. I lapped up her juices, licking around my fingers. Her flesh felt amazing as it spasmed on my fingers. My dick throbbed in such envy.

“Big brother, you’re such a stud. Oh, god. I want you in me! I want to fuck you! Please, please, big brother. Fuck me! Cum in me! Make sure I’m bred!”

She was caught up in the lust again, just like before, not caring if I knocked her up. I didn’t care either. Everything else could wait. There was something so primal stirring in me. She wanted me to breed her, and I wanted to do just that.

It was pure instinct.

Incestuous instinct.

I ripped my fingers out of her pussy and moved up her body. Her hands grabbed my cock, guiding me into her pussy. I reached beneath her, grabbing her ass, clutching her as the tip of my dick brushed the wet folds of her pussy.

I rammed in.

“Yes!” we moaned together as I sank into her spasming folds. She still orgasmed around my cock, her pussy milking my cock.

My hands gripped her ass, two fingers on my right hand sticky with her pussy juices. She moaned, humping up to meet my thrusts, my balls smacking into her flesh. I pounded her hard, my cock boiling. I had to cum so badly.

She kissed me, her hands grabbing my ass, pulling me into her as she humped against me. Her pussy kept spasming about my dick. Somehow, she was still cumming. One orgasm rolling into another. Was that possible?

“Damn,” I groaned, my fingers clenching on her butt-cheeks. “Do you keep cumming?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she squeaked, bucking so hard into me. “Girls can do this… Multi-orgasmic… Yes!”

I felt like a stud. I made my sister cum and cum. I hammered her pussy, my dick burying over and over into her depths while her silky pussy massaged my dick. My balls boiled. My cum swelled in them.

Her thighs locked so tight about my waist. She humped against me, moaning, her head tossing, brown hair flying. Her breasts jiggled, brushing my chest as she writhed. Her head leaned back against the top of the couch, screaming out her pleasure.

“Finger my ass,” she moaned as I kneaded her butt.

“What?” I gasped in shock, the words almost throwing off my strokes.

“I like to finger my butt when I masturbate,” she moaned. “Do it. Shove your finger in their, big brother! Please!”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I spread her butt-cheeks and delved my finger into her asshole. I brushed her sphincter. She groaned and gasped, her eyes widening as my middle finger, slick with her juices, probed into her tight, velvety asshole.

She came harder, bucking beneath me as I probed deeper and deeper into her tight bowels. It was so different from her pussy. My dick ached, throbbed. I had seen anal in porn before. What would it feel like to fuck my sister’s asshole?

“Shit,” I groaned, her asshole clenching on my finger. “I’m going to—”

Keys rattled in the door.

“Mom!” I gasped as fear shot through me.

A primal panic filled me. I ripped my cock out of my sister’s pussy. Mom’s keys fumbled with the lock. She would be in the house in moments. We had to do something? I looked at our clothing lying on the floor, my sister gasping, her blue eyes wide.

“Clothes!” I bent down, scooping up as much of hers and mine I could. “Then…bathroom.”

There was a first floor bathroom down the short hallway from the living room to the kitchen. The front door opened. My sister and I, holding bundled clothing, fled, our hearts racing. My shoulders tensed, waiting for our mom to scream out at the sight of our naked forms fleeing the living room.


Dr. Bernice Wilson

I couldn’t get the image of Cheryl Elliston being fucked by her twenty-year-old son out of my head. After my exam of the pregnant woman, it gnawed at me. She told me she had a one-night stand while on vacation in Cancun, but her body wasn’t tan at all. And Clint had knocked up both his cousins. I knew Cheryl and her sister Vicky were close, their children growing up together. And if Clint was fucking his first cousins, who else was he fucking?

Even stranger, Cheryl was…excited to be having a baby at her age from a stranger.

What if it was Clint’s?

It was so illegal. So wrong. And yet…it had my pussy tingling. It had me thinking of my own son, James. He had grown into a handsome, young man. He was athletic, with the same boyish handsome face his father had that had me swooning in my younger years. And those blue eyes…

It had me so out of sorts. I couldn’t focus at work. And since I had no afternoon appointments at my clinic, I decided to head home early instead of working on paperwork like normal. I needed to think, reflect, figure out what to do about Cheryl.

Should I confront her? Should I call the police?

I bit my lip. Why did it make me so excited picturing Clint and his mother together. I imagined the young buck mounting his busty mother. Cheryl was still gorgeous with her dyed-blonde hair and skinny body. She worked out and ate right.

Fuck Mommy, Cheryl moaned in my imagination. Mommy’s been so lonely since your dad left me.

I blinked at that, Clint shifting into James in my thoughts. Cheryl’s husband didn’t leave her. Hers had died. And I had been so lonely since Doug abandoned us for that twenty-two-year-old tart who worked at his office.

I shook my head. I couldn’t be thinking those sort of thoughts. James was my son. My flesh and blood. I spent ten hours delivering him into the world. I carried him inside me for nine months. I couldn’t have sex with him. Couldn’t let him slide back into my body.

I trembled as I walked up to my house’s front door, my mind whirling. It twisted my stomach even as my pussy grew so hot. It was wrong. I kept telling myself it was wrong. I would be a horrible monster if I seduced my nineteen-year-old son. I needed to get laid. I needed to find a young stud, someone in his twenties, and just get fucked.

Have a one-night stand and get my horniness out of my system.

My hands fumbled at my keys. Having a one-night stand sounded like so much work. Especially when I had James in sleeping down the…

“No,” I hissed at myself as I struggled to jam the key into the lock. It scraped across the metal before popping in. I twisted it, looking down, lost in my thoughts as I pushed open the door. I stepped into my house, shaking my head, my deviant thoughts assaulting me from—


I blinked at the door being shut hard somewhere in the house. I looked around the living room. “Jenny? James? How many times do I have to tell you not to slam the doors?”

I moved into the house. There was a musty smell that reminded me of…pussy juices. I smelled that enough at work. I shook my head. It couldn’t be that. I passed into the living room and groaned, spotting a wet spot on my couch.

“They need to wipe up their messes,” I muttered.

The downstairs shower hissed on. I frowned at that. No one used the downstairs shower. I walked down the hallway to the bathroom door, bursa üniversiteli escort bayan water splashing. The exhaust fan hummed to life. I knocked on the door.

“Mom?” Jenny squeaked.


Jenny Wilson

My heart thudded as Mom knocked on the door. She saw us. She had to have seen us. I stood naked before the door, trembling. James had been smart enough to turn on the shower. Maybe…we could convince her we were showering together to save water. For the environment. That was a thing, right?

“Why are you showering downstairs?” Mom asked.

My eyes widened. She didn’t know James was in here.

“Um…James was hogging the upstairs bathroom,” I lied. “And I really needed to shower. I just felt…”

“Grody from school?” Mom sounded amused.


James pressed up behind me, his hard cock wet with my pussy juices as it rubbed on my ass. I shivered, his arms sliding around me, one sliding up and cupping my breast, the other reaching for my pussy. I shuddered, biting back a moan as he found my clit.

What was he doing? Mom was on the other side of the door.

“Okay, honey,” Mom said. “I’ll let you have your shower.”

“Sure,” I said, trembling. Then, without meaning to, asked, “Why are you home early?”

Why did I do that? It was so stupid. I wanted her to leave, especially with James’s hands stroking me, his dick rubbing on my ass, his lips nibbling on my neck. Which was wonderful. We were locked in here. We could have more fun. But not if Mom was just outside the door.

Although a naughty thrill ran through me. Mom was just outside, and my big brother’s fingers danced on my clit, shooting pleasure through me.

“I just…had a weird day at the office,” Mom said. “Mrs. Elliston came in pregnant.”

“Isn’t her husband dead?” I asked, remembering the funeral we went to over a year ago.


“She’s Clint’s mother, right?” My eyes widened. Clint was fucking his little sister. Had he also fucked his mother? Had he bred her?

My pussy clenched.

“You know Clint?” Mom laughed. “Well, I guess you did meet him a few times.”

“He goes to my school. He’s a stud. Has two girlfriends.”

“Three,” mom said as James let out a low groan, his cock moving, sliding down between my butt-cheeks.

“Three?” I gasped as the tip of my brother’s cock slipped between my butt-cheeks and pressed on my asshole. He couldn’t be doing what I think he was doing.

“Yes, he also has knocked up his cousin Lee,” Mom said. “Apparently he’s dating her and her older sister Melody. Plus this girl named Pam Hiragawa. It’s scandalous, right?”

“Yeah,” I moaned. “I mean, they’re his cousins.” I looked over my shoulder at James as his cock pressed on my asshole. I shook my head, eyes wide. What was he doing?

He mouthed, “I need to cum.”

“Pussy,” I hissed in a low voice. That was where his cock belonged.

“What was that, honey?” Mom asked.

“Nothing?” I squeaked as James pressed forward, his dick popping into my asshole. My sphincter stretched around his pussy-lubed cock. It burned. I groaned, leaning forward against the door, rattling it. My big brother worked his dick deeper and deeper. I shuddered. It was like my finger but a million times thicker.

He stretched me out, making me groan.

“Are you okay?” Mom asked.

“Yes,” I groaned. “Just…stretching. Sore. PE was intense today. So strenuous. And…” I stifled another groan as James worked deeper, his fingers dancing on my clit and rubbing my nipple, shooting bliss through my body, crashing into the heat burning in my ass.

“Well, I better let you hop in the shower before you waste all the hot water.”

“Yeah,” I squeaked, my voice so tight. My big brother’s cock was all the way in my asshole.

“Enjoy your shower.” Mom’s footsteps retreated.

“I will!” I moaned. Then, once it was safe, groaned, “Big brother!” I shuddered as he drew back his cock through my bowels, sending more burning heat through me. My face twisted. It almost hurt.


“Sorry,” he groaned. “I was just about to cum when Mom interrupted us. And then you were wiggling that cute ass. I couldn’t resist.”

“And why not my pussy?” I moaned as he slammed into me, my butt-cheeks jiggling as I groaned, the door rattling from the thrust, my arms bending like shock absorbers.

“You asked me to finger your ass,” he protested, drawing back and slamming in, the burning becoming…different.

“Finger my ass not fuck it,” I groaned as his balls smacked into my taint, his crotch slapping into my butt. He was so deep in me. I shuddered, shifting.

“Sorry,” he groaned, rubbing my clit faster, sparking such wicked pleasure through my body. “You’re just too sexy to resist.”

“Am I?” I groaned, a smile crossing my lips as the pleasure fluttered through me. He thrust in again, my bowels clenching, the heat beginning to feel good. “I guess…it’s not that bad.”

“It’s heavenly,” he grunted, pinching my nipple, thrusting harder, faster.

His cock slammed so deep into my asshole. He grunted with every thrust. I could tell how much he liked fucking my asshole, how much pleasure my bowels gave him. That made me shudder and smile. I made him feel good.

I wiggled my hips, clenching down with every thrust as he reamed over and over into my depths. I groaned, savoring the bliss. He buried into me, making me tremble. My asshole clenched down so hard on his dick, my pussy growing wetter and wetter.

My own orgasm building inside of him.

“Mmm, so you like my ass?” I moaned, growing hotter and hotter. “You like fucking your little sister’s asshole?”

“So much!” he panted, his strokes thrusting deeper, harder, our flesh smacking together while the shower ran. “You’re so tight and hot. Damn, you are sexy, little sister.”

I beamed. “And what about my pussy?”

“Love your pussy. Love your mouth, too. Love everything about you.”

I gasped as his fingers shoved into my pussy, fingering me again as he reamed my asshole. My back arched into his chest as the pleasure fluttered through me. He ground my clit with the heel of his hand, fingering me so hard, so deep while he fucked my asshole.

The two different sensations met and swirled together. I panted, groaning through clenched teeth. My eyes rolled back into my head. My hips rotated, bucking back into him. Our flesh slapped together louder and louder.

Mom moved through the house. She might catch us.

“Yes, yes, finger me, big brother. Fuck my ass and make me cum!” I didn’t care. It was hot taking this chance, The danger spiced it up. Maybe mom would find us. Hear us. My pussy clenched on his fingers, my bowels on his cock.

“You are so sexy,” he panted. “So hot and silky. I’m going to cum so much into your asshole.”

“Do it!” I hissed, trembling, cumming.

My body bucked and squirmed. My moans echoed through the bathroom. Mom could definitely hear me as I came. And I didn’t care. Not when my big brother fucked me. Not when he gave me such taboo passion.

It burned through me. The wonderful rush of bliss shot through me. It boiled through my brain. I shuddered, my pussy spasming on his dick as his cock buried over and over into my depths. He pinched my nipple with the other hand.

I loved it. I loved being fucked by my big brother.

“Jenny,” he groaned, burying into me, his cum firing into the depths of my asshole.

I drank it in, loving the sensation, my bowels writhing about his cock as I trembled in his arms. My brother loved me. My brother would be there for me. No matter what happened. My eyes rolled back into my head, moans bursting from my lips.



James Wilson

I trembled as I sat on my bed, waiting. My bedroom door was open. I stared out it. I could just see the upstairs bathroom door if I craned my neck. I rubbed my sweaty hands on my jeans, waiting for Jenny to return.

The last two weeks had been amazing. We had fucked every chance we could. At home. At school. We would have quiet quickies while Mom was cooking dinner. We would make love on my bed or Jenny’s before Mom got home from work. At night, we would slip into the other’s bed, trying so hard not to make any noise as we writhed in passion.

But Jenny’s period was late. We knew this might have happened.

The bathroom door opened. Jenny walked out holding the pregnancy test. She rushed into my bedroom, closing the door behind her. She stared at me, her face twisting with apprehension as she gripped the test.

“You’re pregnant,” I groaned.

She nodded her head.

I took a deep breath. “Okay.”

She stared at me, studying my eyes. “Just…okay?”

I reached out, grabbing her hips and pulling her to me. “I told you, I’ll support you.” I pulled her down on my lap. “Whatever you decide.”

“I want it.” She gave me a smile, tears burning in her eyes. “It’s ours, James. Something we made. A bit of you and me together.”

“Okay,” I told her and kissed my pregnant, little sister on the lips.

To be continued…

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