Doing Brandon

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Public Sex

After our first “encounter,” Nora and I had fallen into the practice of meeting for coffee about twice a week at her house. We would sit at her kitchen table sipping coffee and swap gossip and share fantasies. Sometimes they would get us both quite horny and we would end up in her bed. One time we didn’t even make it that far, finding ourselves naked and pleasing each other on the cold kitchen floor.

But one Monday morning upon my arrival, Nora warned me that her son (Brandon) was home that day. He was sleeping but would likely show up any moment.

So we sat quietly and chatted. It was a bit of torture to sit there and not touch Nora at all but it seemed best that we “behaved.” Just the same, I wasn’t being shy about my dress – top 3 buttons of my blouse open (showing all the substantial cleavage I could as well as the upper edge of my lacy bra) and a tight, mid-thigh skirt that rose to my hips when I sat, allowing glimpses of my pussy should anyone peek – no panties, of course — after all, I was here to entice and play!

It must have been during the second cup that we heard her son stirring upstairs…footsteps, the flushing of the toilet… In a few minutes, Brandon walked into the kitchen. He was very cute! His long dark hair all tussled, Topless and a pair of pajama bottoms hanging low on his hips, I could see the outline of his substantial cock outlined in his pants. The fly of his pants was slightly open and although he wasn’t displaying anything, he certainly looked yummy!

I had met Nora’s 21 year old son, Brandon before, but under somewhat different circumstances (he knew that I visited his mom). So he wasn’t shocked to see me this morning.

Nor was I although I was a little surprised and quite pleased at his appearance! I stood as he entered the kitchen, and raised my arms for a greeting hug. This surprised him a little but e allowed me to wrap my arms around him and pull him tight against my breasts. I kissed his lips lightly then smiled, “hi, Brandon, how nice to see you again! And looking so hot, too!”

I suppose it was only natural that when we broke the hug, Brandon’s hands slid up to my tits. He just held them gently and, without thinking about it much, my hands dropped to his hips and quickly pushed his loose pants down past his hips. His eyebrows shot up as we all looked down to see his semi-hard cock exposed to our view.

“Oh my!” I exclaimed. I didn’t even think about it – my hand instinctively wrapped around what looked to be a potential 7″ cock.

Brandon shot a glance at his mom to see what her reaction might be. Nora wore a wide grin as she leaned forward slightly; waiting to see what came next. Nora had been a little more circumspect in her dress this morning, keeping her blouse fully buttoned (but of course she knew that we would not necessarily be alone this morning güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and that we probably wouldn’t be “playing.”)

“You are a gifted young man,” I said softly. I leaned forward and kissed his lips again, my tongue darting out to part his lips (happily he had thought to rinse with mouthwash earlier). My other hand reached to caress his naked, tight boy-ass. VERY tight ass!

I had noticed Brandon mentally undressing me when we had met before so I wasn’t too worried that he would reject a fat old lady out of hand.

His cock immediately started to grow in my hand. Hot, soft-yet firm. Satiny male strength. I noticed that I was already wet.

I sank to my knees, never releasing his growing cock.

Above me, while still looking at his mother (she told me later) his eyebrows remained high, eyes “bugging out” as Nora later described.

I moaned appreciatively as I leaned forward, taking his nearly hard dick in my moist warm mouth. I savoured the taste of this growing hard cock in my mouth, finally realizing that here I was on my knees in my lover’s kitchen, sucking her son’s gorgeous cock. I paused for just a second, also realizing that I hadn’t heard a whisper of protest from anyone.

“Well, good morning, Brandon!” I heard Nora say.

“Oh fuck,” he replied, “morning, mom!” he replied. Brandon moaned.

I like moans. I felt encouraged. I also moaned a little as I became a little more assertive with my mouth.

I heard a chair scrape on the floor then saw that Nora had come around the table and was now squatting near us, watching. There was some serious lust in her eyes. I wasn’t ready to share.

Nora was rubbing her pussy through her slacks while she watched me tenderly sucking her son’s hard cock.

Nora and I had discussed the concept of having sex with our sons. We had kicked around the concerns we both had about how such an act could damage them, yet agreeing that the idea was extremely exciting. I had told her about how I had found out that my own son had been jerking off into my underwear and catching glimpses of me naked at every opportunity. We had agreed that we would try to “feel them out” on the subject if an opportunity arose.

Brandon was fully hard now and I was moaning regularly as I slid my hungry lips up and down the length of his shaft. I noticed that both Nora and Brandon were also moaning frequently. As I sucked, I considered where to go with this act. I knew that I could probably have him cum in my mouth but that seemed a little premature. My cunt was throbbing – I decided that it needed a little attention…

I slid my mouth from his dick, replacing it with my hand and stroked him as I looked up to see him looking down at me, a look of surprise and pleasure on his face. Looking over at Nora, I could see much güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the same expression with perhaps a little more lust showing – she was staring at his rigid cock. I smiled. “Damn, but he tastes good, Nora!”

Nora cut her eyes to mine and smiled. “I’ll bet he does!” she exclaimed. I sort of pushed Brandon’s cock towards her (oh yes, I knew what she wanted!) she scooted closer (the slut), reaching her own hand for her son’s cock. Brandon moaned above us, “Oh fuck, mom!”

‘Oh fuck, is right’ I thought. As Nora took her sons dick into her mouth I stood up and turned to face the table. I watched Nora sucking Brandon’s hot cock while I hiked my tight skirt up and over my hips then I leaned down over the table, my fat naked ass facing them.

Glancing back over my shoulder, I thought that I was going to spoil Nora’s pleasure but at this point I didn’t really care. I asked Brandon, “Do you want some of this?”

Nora stopped sucking and looked to see what I was offering. She smiled and reached out to caress my ass (Nora really loves my fat ass). Then she slid her hand down to cup my wet cunt as her hand tugged Brandon’s cock towards it. “Here, baby, get this thing wet inside Cheryl!”

Brandon wasn’t about to argue as he allowed his mother to draw him closer to me. He placed his open hands on my ass as his mother guided his straining dick towards my open, wet fuck-hole.

I felt the head of Brandon’s cock brush against my ass then touch my pussy. I moaned. “Oh yes,” I whispered. I hung my head, focusing on the sensation of his thick hard cock entering me. Brandon needed no encouragement to fuck me. I was so wet that he slid into me without effort. His thick cock felt SO good in me. I moaned again, quite loudly.

Brandon began to saw his cock in and out of my cunt. I looked over to see Nora watching intently as her son fucked her fat lover right there in her kitchen. She had her hand shoved down in her pants, rubbing her pussy furiously as she watched. “Gawd, he feels so good,” I said to her. Nora pushed her slacks and panties down over her wide hips and they dropped to the kitchen floor.

Brandon’s hands were now gripping my hips as he slammed his cock deep inside me. I could feel the cheeks of my ass quivering and shaking with every thrust. This boy could fuck!

I saw that Nora had pulled her huge tits out of her bra and was pinching her erect nipples. I realized that she was going to need a little more attention. I also realized that I was going to cum soon. I switched my focus to Brandon, telling him to, “fuck me baby, fuck Cheryl hard, make me cum, baby, fuck me!”

My orgasm swept over me in hard, sharp waves. My entire body was shaking and convulsing as I came hard. Brandon continued to slam into me with no sign of slowing up but I wasn’t ready güvenilir bahis şirketleri for him to cum yet. Not yet.

As my orgasm began to subside, I stood up straighter, causing Brandon’s unsatisfied cock to slip out of me. I turned towards him, seeing an expression of confusion and lust in his face. “Thank you, Brandon, thank you for that – you are wonderful!” He looked as though he wasn’t sure about what to do next. I thought it only fair that I show him.

“Lie down, baby,” I instructed him. “Lie down on this rug on your back, baby”. He looked down at the small kitchen rug then back at me. He had apparently forgotten that his mother was right there taking all of this in. Regardless, he did as instructed and lay down on the rug, realizing that this morning’s encounter was not yet over with.

As he settled onto the rug, I took Nora by the shoulders (after giving her hard extended nipples a squeeze) and guided her to her son. Nora soon got the idea and stood above her son, standing and straddling his chest.

“Fuck, mom, what are you doing?” he asked in confusion.

Nora didn’t speak, unsure of what to say (and also completely lost in lust). I pressed down on Nora’s shoulders showing that I wanted her to squat over her son’s hard dick. She looked at me and sank to her knees. Nora didn’t need any further help from me as she grabbed Brandon’s cock and guided it to her own wet hole. Brandon watched, mesmerized as his mother took his engorged cock into her hungry cunt.

She immediately began to ride his cock in earnest, lost in her desire, in her unbridled lust. “Oh fuck, mom,” Brandon called out. “Oh yeah, fuck me, mom, fuck you feel good!” Brandon was now fucking back as his mother rode him, thrusting his hips up as she thrust her own down.

I stood behind Nora, cupping her swinging tits, rolling and pinching her nipples as she moaned loudly, whimpering, moaning. When I whispered in her ear, “fuck him baby, fuck your baby boy, let him fill your cunt with his thick hard dick,” she moaned and rode him harder yet.

I realized that Brandon wasn’t going to last much longer and I dropped down on my knees beside him and whispered in his ear, “fuck her, fuck her good – you are such a nasty mother fucker. Give momma your hot cum, baby.”

Brandon apparently liked what he heard – his hips began pumping harder. I straightened to return to Nora, taking her face in my hands as she began to cum. She was making all manner of noise, moaning, groaning, and whimpering in pleasure. I kissed her deeply, tongue fucking her mouth as she came, grunting and moaning against my mouth.

“Oh fuck, mom, that is so hot,” shouted Brandon. “I’m going to cum, mom, I can’t help it!”

As Brandon releases his hot creamy cum in long jets inside Nora’s spasming cunt, he cries out, “Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!”

Nora is beside herself in lust as her son fills her sopping pussy with his hot cum. No shame, no regrets – nothing but lust and joy.

In seconds the orgasms have passed. Movement slows, pulses slow. We all wonder for a moment what we have done. And I begin to wonder about how we might clean ourselves up…

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