Donkey Show Ch. 02


This is a follow up story to Ms. Linnet’s Donkey Show Ch. 01 written 14/08/2009 posted 09/01/09

Read first here.

This story has been written with full permission and support of the estate of my late mother, who passed away in 2010.

I now own the copyright to all her work being her daughter. Hope you enjoy.


“You know it’s an amazing sight when a horse fucks a mare, I just wish the men in my life had that much power and stamina fucking me.” Rachel said as we road along on our nightly ride to the paddock with a string of ponies between us.

“What.” I asked.

“You know I am married; Jenny has no idea of my cravings for cock. I love to masturbate and do several times a week thinking of it. Then at night when she is fucking or fisting me, I let my mind wander to my secret fantasy, me being fucked by a huge cock.”

I was amazed by Rachels admission and in all the times we had been riding together I never once mention she still likes cock over pussy. We both love to ride and work with horses and have a similar fantasy as Rachel, as Rachel and I talked, we realized how close our fantasies were. We talked for hours as we dealt with the horses getting more and more turned on by the perverted thoughts we were having.

Finally, we got around to Khartoum, he was beautiful, as wild as the wind, but with his little companion in his stable he was as calm as a village pond. Rachel said, “what about him, pointing at James, he could be your first?” I just gulped thinking she meant Khartoum but no, she was clearly looking at James the stable hand who was hired by Khartoum’s owner to look after his stud horse.

“Are you working tonight?” Rachel asked.

“No! What have you got in mind?” I asked.

“Well Jenny is home, and we have a big bed would you like to join us it’s been ages.” I just agreed as I was so horny that I would fuck a doorknob if it was all the choice I had.

I was quite tired and sweaty from the sex that morning and the work I had enjoyed with Rachel around the stables, so after accepting the invitation I asked if I could shower and change if they had anything, Jenny just said help yourself but not to put too much on with a cheeky grin as Rachel smacked her bottom and planted a kiss on her lips.

As I returned, I saw the girls laying the floor, Jenny was on top of Rachel, and was talking to her in a sexy bossy way, giving Rachel specific instructions to feel her tits, she complied immediately. As I made my way esat escort to the table, I saw three drinks there. “Is one of them mine?” I asked, not thinking there was anything wrong with seeing the two girls make out in the kitchen floor.

Ignoring them, I sat down at the table, as the two women teased each other until they decided, final to get up and join me at the kitchen table. We sat complimenting each other for about 5 minutes, teasing each other really, Jenny was caressing Rachel’s nipples during this conversation and the sight of this was turning me on and the pair of them knew it.

“You have something in your hair.” I Said to Jenny and moved towards her. I then, accidentally spilled my drink on her sports top, and she immediately pulled it off, much to Rachel and my satisfaction. We instantly helped Jenny to pull down her hot pants as then her yoga bottom that she always seemed to have on. I gently pulled them down to her ankles and Rachel told Jenny to lie down and open her legs to show me her new toy.

She was in an instant bent down showing me her beautiful bottom just as she pulled the cheeks open to show me a jewelled butt plug firmly embedded into her arse, she lost her balance. She was practically pinning me to the seat, so I rolled over so I was on top and pushed her down on the kitchen floor, I brushed my hair behind my ear whilst our eyes locked. Jenny then pulled the dress I borrowed from her wardrobe and held it up to my back so that it got stuck above my breasts in a big roll. Jenny then decided to strip me down totally naked, and we started to play with each other’s tits.

Rachel on the other hand went through into her bedroom and emerged with a vibrator in one hand and her clothing in the other. Jenny got onto her hands and knees and crawled like a kitten up to Rachel’s legs and started rubbing herself upon her body. I rolled over and went on my knees and did the same as Rachel lowered herself onto the floor. Jenny and I were face to face on our knees on our purple shag rug naked and our tits pressed up against each other’s. We were joined by Rachel with her vibrating toy firmly pressed against her nipple and moaning at the pleasure it was binging her.

Jenny took no time to start heating things up as she grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me to the ground (in the doggy position) and told me to stay still. She made her way around to the back of me and dipped her fingers in her drink etimesgut escort and licked it off and teased my pussy with her rather cold and wet fingers. Whilst she was playing with me, to the point at which I wanted to grasp her fingers and push them inside of me, Rachel had managed to lay on the bean bag that was always in their kitchen she lay on her back in front of me and I started to lick her without hesitation.

Rachel must have handed Jenny the vibrator and she held it firmly against my clit. I started to moan, and I could hear the buzzing and the sensations which made me even hornier, so I thrust my body backwards against her fingers that were playing with my pussy as I felt them slide inside as I pushed backward onto the.

I told Jenny to go to town as I was incredibly horny, and she did just as I asked and with each thrust I felt her slip deeper into my wanton body. We continued like this for about 5 minutes until my legs were trembling, she pushed hard into me and I pushed back, feeling her knuckle’s stretch me and then her hand was inside my pussy I forced my mouth into Rachel’s love canal as Jenny pumped her fist in and out filling me deeper with each thrust I don’t know how deep she was inside me I just felt full then without warning she pulled out and I could feel just emptiness “So you want to fuck my donkey?” Jenny said and blew into my open slit and I collapsed in a quivering mess on the kitchen floor.

All three of us were hot and sweaty so we decided to head for the shower as we were recovering from our lustful rutting we stepped into the wet-room and turned on the shower the whole of the room had jets of water bursting from it with a concentrated area right in the centre. We took turns standing in the concentrated area while the other two made out as one of us stood under the shower head enjoyed the drenching we were getting.

I was last to step under hard rain section as I did so the power of the water washed my sinful thoughts of horses away. We all dried off and went to the large bedroom and the largest bed. We removed the covers and we started returned to our play licking each other’s pussy in a daisy chain.

Jenny decided to move to the leather chair in the corner of the room and pulled her legs up to her thighs and starts to pull on her nipples and masturbate then and to play with her butt plug I watched for a moment and then returned to my lover as Jenny watched Rachel etlik escort and myself having fun.

I ordered Rachel to get on all fours, just like a dog and reached for their strap on that was on display on the bedside table. She excitedly did as she’s told, climbing onto the springy satin fabric and crawling across it on her hands and knees. She cheekily poked out her amazing arse at me. Her flushing pussy lips brazenly exposed.

I then approached her bald glistening pussy. She giggled, peering over her shoulder. I began pushing the tip of the dildo against her rounded buttocks and down the slit of her arse stopping briefly at her anus just pushing it against the opening seeing what her reaction would be. With Rachel’s vulnerable little tight pussy exposed, I slid the toy between her thighs, teasing her with it. Rachel let out a shivering moan, so I dragged it up along her wet girl-juice covered pussy. This action was met by another quivering moan as the plastic toy hit her clitoris and after a minute or so her thighs started to shake and I knew she couldn’t take it anymore so I pushed into her slit deep and hard my hips forcing the toy in up to the hilt, smashing it in as hard as I could before repeating it over and over again. It wasn’t long before she was begging me to stop but I wasn’t listening, she was my bitch, and I was the stud fucking her like the animals we had become.

I slowed and pulled out slipping the toy from my hips letting it fall to the floor, I went over to Jenny and went down on her eating her out drinking her love juice, savouring every drop with I then felt the dildo against my pussy, it slipped in easily as I was still stretched from the fisting I had earlier but Jenny lay above my head with her pussy in firmly embedded on my face. As I started licking Jenny’s pussy, Rachel pushed the toy in and out of my pussy my body twitched with excitement and I pushed Jenny’s lower body up and used my flat hand to rub her clit side-to-side really quickly and after about 30 seconds I was greeted with her cum spraying into my face and her rock hard nipples on her soft natural tits being dragged down to my face. Jenny started playing with her own pussy and I started making out with her kissing her face with my cunt juice covered lips, Rachel reached up to my breasts and used them to pull her harder into me.

Jenny’s and my pussies were dribbling and convulsing, Rachel lay on her back on the bed as I held her down as Jenny pushed the vibrator into her clit until she erupted all over jenny’s face and the bed, then they did the same to me but Jenny swallowed my girl juices as I drank from Rachel, We stopped eventually with all of us spent. We then had another shower and slept in Rachel’s bedroom that night and cuddled until sleep took us, not knowing what the following day would bring.

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