Donovan’s Twosome

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Big Balls

[To my readers: Here are two shorter pieces that I think make a wonderful contrast when read together. I hope you’ll enjoy both of them.]


She Swallowed Every Drop

No one could have been more shocked than I was when the hotel door opened and I saw my niece Barbara. Especially since she was wearing a black dress that was cut up the side to mid-thigh and scooped out enough on top to let me the whole upper half of her big firm tits.

She closed the door and we both started to talk at the same time. She was saying that she was sooo embarrassed that I found out her secret and she would just die if the rest of the family knew anything, and I was saying that I was embarrassed that she had discovered my secret, and that it would ruin my marriage if the rest of the family knew anything ….

Eventually we both stopped talking in mid-sentence, looked at each other, and laughed. We both realized that neither one was going to tell, and we gave each other a big hug. We also figured out together without having to say anything that as long as we both knew each other’s secrets we might as well have fun with them.

“So, Uncle George,” she said very seriously. “I understand that you like blow jobs. Long slow blow jobs.” She smiled at me wickedly.

I’m a regular with the agency where Barbara works, and it’s not too surprising to me that they have some kind of file on me. What’s more, I always use the same downtown high-rise hotel when I meet with a lady of the evening.

“Yeah. Yeah, I do,” I said, blushing all the way down into my robe.

“Good,” Barbara said with a grin. “So do I.”

My niece pulled off the little black dress, showing me her matching little black panties. Her tits were wonderful, big but firm, riding on her chest like only 19-year-old tits can. She opened my robe and made an admiring “mmmmm!” noise when she saw how hard I already was. She stroked me for a few seconds, then squeezed my shaft as I rolled and tugged on her erect nipples. Then she reached up on her tip-toes to kiss me, and then dropped to the floor on her knees, assuming the classic hooker position.

“I don’t let my men do this without a condom,” she purred, raking her long sleek read nails over the head of my cock. “A girl has to be careful, you know. But with you it’s different.” Barbara gave a long, slow lick to the underside of my shaft. “I want you to come in my mouth, Uncle George.”

I would have answered, but the feel of her tongue swirling over the surface of my cock head stopped me from saying anything. Barbara drew in a long breath through her widely flared tuzla escort nostrils, and began the best blow job I’ve ever had in my forty-something years.

She took my whole prick in her two little hands, cupping my balls as she just took the head in her warm, wet mouth. She began to bob, her mouth like wet velvet against the most sensitive area underneath where the head met the shaft. She must have used some special kind of mouthwash before visiting my room, because her mouth was hot and cool at the same time, waking every nerve ending I had into life.

My niece got my cock wet all over and then looked up into my eyes. She let go with both hands and mouth for a just a second, letting my cock spring free, and then went down on me completely, swallowing my entire shaft all the way down to my balls in a single smooth, totally professional motion. It was the perfect blow job moment.

My niece the hooker pulled back again, stretching a thin string of spit and pre-come from the tip of my prick to her swollen lips. She fisted my prick slowly and toyed with the beads of juice that emerged from my cock. She looked up at me again with a smile of wonderment and awe. For once I knew it wasn’t just an act. Instead of the usual rush to come that you get from a call girl who has to watch the clock, my niece was making it last.

Barbara dragged me through endless cycles of deep throat action, teasing me constantly by stopping and just licking the tip of my prick. She tortured me by bringing me just to the brink of coming over and over, eight or nine times, and then squeezing down hard on the base of my prick so I couldn’t shoot.

Finally when I groaned that I couldn’t take any more, my cocksucking niece put my hands on the back of her head and told me to let her have it. She put me down her throat one last time and I utterly lost control, thrusting my hips back and forth to fuck her mouth the way I would fuck her cunt. My seed spewed up from my balls and filled her mouth to capacity, and she pulled back for the last time and opened her mouth wide, showing me my own cream coating her tongue and filling the inside of her cheeks all the way along her teeth. Then, as I watched in fascination, she swallowed every drop.

##### ##### #####

Anything You Want

My daughter Naomi drove me to it, I swear. She talked back to me and dressed like a slut and did things with men that I didn’t approve of at all. But the last straw was when I came downstairs to check on her and her date and saw her on her knees, sucking him off in my own home.

“So bağdat caddesi escort what?” you might say. Naomi was nineteen and all grown up, I knew. But she was still my little girl, and while she lived in my house, she had to follow my rules. As it was, this wasn’t even some date her own age. This was a grown man in his thirties, and I could tell she was loving every minute of the passionate blow job she was giving him. As for him, his face told me he was going to come in her mouth any second.

Well, I blew up then and there. I yelled at him to get out, and he was so startled, he stumbled out the door leaving most of his clothes behind. I dragged my naked daughter over to the sofa and threw her across my lap without even thinking about what I was doing. As I heard his car roaring in the driveway, I raised my hand over Naomi’s ass.

I spanked her. I used my bare palm on her bare butt, and I spanked her until her butt cheeks were a uniform red all over. I switched back from one cheek to another, spreading around the spanking as she howled and struggled. Only after several minutes of this did I realize that she was no longer struggling at all. She was writhing.

Her hips were moving in time with my spanking hand. She was pushing her ass up to meet each blow. Her hands were no longer clawing at me, and although she was still screeching, the voice was no longer that of a little girl being punished, but of a woman in the throes of pleasure. She panted and groaned and rubbed herself over my lap, and finally exploded in what could only be the sound of a young and passionate woman’s climax.

My hand froze in mid-stroke. Then it dropped to her burning ass and began to cup one cheek. With the tips of my fingers, I felt the unmistakable oozing wetness of a woman in heat.

“Oh, Daddy,” she whispered. “Don’t spank me any more. I’ll be good, I promise.” As she spoke, she spread her legs for me, letting my hand slide deeper between her legs and closer to her bare pussy. She grabbed my other hand in hers and pulled it to her breast, letting me cup her titty, her nipple drilling into my flesh.

“I promise, Daddy,” she whispered again. “I’ll do anything you want. Anything.” Naomi turned, her naked body rubbing against the bathrobe I was wearing, pushing it open. As my cock slipped out, I was horrified to see it. I hadn’t even realized that I was totally erect and hard as steel. I had gotten a hard-on over my own daughter, and I hadn’t even felt it. Naomi, though, obviously had.

She slipped to her knees in front of me, between my open legs. bostancı escort Before I could react, my cock was going up the valley of her tits, and she used her forearms to push them together, making a perfect tunnel for me.

My own daughter looked down at her boobs, then pleadingly up at my face. Then she did something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. She slid further down to the floor and took my cock in her mouth.

She opened her mouth and took it between her puffy, swollen lips. She sucked and swirled her tongue over my head, using her mouth just as she had earlier on that stranger. But this time she was doing it to me. My own daughter was sucking my cock.

Then she looked up directly into my eyes. I could see all her need and desire in them as she put her hands back on her tits. She let my cock ooze out of her mouth and then promptly captured it again with her big, firm boobs. This time she used both hands to push them together, and I slipped to the edge of the couch and began to actively tit-fuck my own daughter.

She made it tight, tight as any pussy I’d ever fucked, and between her sweat and mine and the saliva she left coating my cock, it was more than wet enough. My boner rode up and down in the soft flesh of my daughter’s breasts. She was still gasping and panting, and before very long I was gasping and panting and straining to come too.

It didn’t take long. I doubt I took more than two dozen strokes before my orgasm hit me like a bulldozer. When Naomi felt my cock began to jerk, she threw her head back and held her boobs around me tighter than ever.

My come streaked out of me and I shot all over her chest and neck, creaming between my own daughter’s titties, making a mess of her with my family-making juice. I relaxed, and watched in fascination as my cream dripped off her chin and back down to her tits.

She kept right on squeezing her beautiful breasts around me as she finished me off, pumping me till I didn’t have a drop left in me. I was totally empty when she finished and moved back, letting me see her front completely covered in my white sticky stuff. From the way she shivered and shook, I suspected she had come again, just from the sheer pleasure of doing something so wrong, so wicked. The thought made me want to spank her again on the spot, but I didn’t have the energy.

Naomi said she was sorry and all for the things she had done with that older man, and that she would try not to be bad that way again. But from the twinkle in her pretty blue eyes as she said it, I realized my naughty daughter didn’t mean a word of it. I knew perfectly well I would catch her again soon getting her face fucked or riding some teenaged snot-nose cowboy-style while he plunged and thrashed beneath her snapping pussy.

The truth was, I couldn’t wait for Naomi to mess up again.

Just so that I could punish her — and fuck her — once more!

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