Don’t Freak Out Pt. 02


“I’m not gonna freak out, Rob,” Guy assured me. “I’m just surprised, that’s all…”

I smiled at him again to show that, even though he was quite visibly shaken by what he was seeing, I was more than comfortable to have my son’s mouth slurping up and down my large erection in front of him. At twenty-one-years-old, Jake was very accomplished at giving blowjobs, having perfected his skills on a succession of very grateful university buddies.

“How long have you guys…?” he started to stammer before laughing incredulously and calling out, “Wow! He’s noshing you off, Rob! Your kid is actually sucking on his dad’s big dick!”

“It’s been a couple of months,” I told him, gently caressing Jake’s hair as he very boisterously fellated me. “Jake and I have come to a very… how should I put it… ‘serviceable’ arrangement.”

“I’d say!” Guy laughed, now with more humour in his face. “What, you suck him he sucks you, kinda thing?”

“Well, yes, we do have a give-and-take approach,” I agreed, now taking my hand away so that Guy could better see my son’s face working the length of my upright cock. “But we don’t limit ourselves to fellatio… we use each other for relief in a variety of different ways.”

“Yeah?” Guy grinned, clearly starting to come to terms with what had been an unexpected revelation. “You guys are… you know… doing each other up the arse…?”

“We offer each other anal release, yes… when one or other of us feels like full penetration…”

Guy grabbed Jake’s hips again and started fucking him quickly and roughly. “Aw yeah!” he chuckled, now enjoying watching Jake attend to his dad’s thick shaft while his own was tightly stimulated by the same young man’s bowels. “That is so fuckin’ hot! I gotta see your Jake fuck you, Rob… see how much he likes a bit of daddy’s big hairy butt!”

Jake pulled off my cock and laughed, “You wanna see how much I like my old man’s arse? Go on, dad, turn around… let me get my face in your crack!”

“Fuck yes!” Guy cried out. “Shove your arse in his face… make him lick you out!”

I chuckled, pushing myself up to change position. “I’m guessing this means you’re okay with Jake and I being sexual together…?”

“Okay with it?” Guy laughed, now driving himself in and out of my son’s squat backside with fast, furious strokes. “I fuckin’ love it!”

I turned around to present my two large buttocks to Jake’s face, and Guy went on, “I was just a bit poleaxed when he went down on you, that’s all… I so wasn’t expectin’ it…”

Jake pressed his nose into my abundantly forested rear trench and Guy guffawed uproariously.

He pushed the back of Jake’s head to plant his face squarely between my cheeks and called out, “Yeah… that’s it! Get a nice deep sniff of daddy’s ripe gash!”

Jake inhaled loudly, savouring deeply and deliberately the pungent odour of my coarse wiry bum-hair, and Guy bellowed, “Fu-u-uck!” at the top of his voice, with his hips cracking frantically against my son’s muscular behind.

“Lick it!” he cried out at the top of his voice. “Lick your dad’s skanky hole… stick your tongue right up it!”

Jake made munching sounds to make it clear that it he was sloppily eating his father’s arsehole, and I chuckled, “We enjoy rimming… fingering… a whole array of different shared activities…”

“But best of all you like to fuck!” Guy panted, slamming his cock in and out of Jake’s bum like a hammer-drill. “You take it in turns, don’t you? He does you hard up your arse and then you turn him round and do him!”

“Well, it’s not really that prescriptive -” I began before realising that my friend was experiencing his second climax of the evening, shooting his seed in rough spasms up into Jake’s bowels.

He grunted gutturally, discharging rope after rope of his thick cream into my son’s bum and then gasped, “Oh fuck… I wanted so much more of that… that was fuckin’ awesome, guys!”

He collapsed over Jake’s back, sweating and struggling to regain his breath, and Jake pulled out from licking my anus and whispered, “D’you wanna show him how we fuck?”

“Maybe tomorrow,” I muttered, unsure of how Guy would respond to our intercourse now that he’d spent himself twice. He was obviously turned on by our sex while my son’s bum was showing his cock a good time, but once it was spent and was lolling floppy against his thigh, I was concerned that he might take a less enthusiastic view.

But Guy soon dispelled my worries on that score too.

As we cleaned up in the bathroom and got ready to sleep, he grinned at us both and said, “Thanks for sharing that, guys!”

“I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about what you just saw,” I said, “in the cold light of day, as it were.”

“I think it’s amazing… it just blows me over that a bloke and his son can be so cool with each other that they can play around together when they’re feeling horny.”

I beamed at the compliment and Jake spat froth into the sink where he was brushing his teeth. “You don’t think it’s gaziantep escort weird, then?”

“Not at all,” Guy replied. “As long it’s just for fun. Why, do you?”

“No,” Jake agreed. “It’s kinda like wanking off… just shooting your muck… but we do stuff with each other… that’s all.”

“I get that,” Guy smiled back. “That’s what’s so great about it!”

As I stood over the toilet bowl to take one last pee before turning in, Guy grabbed his own toothbrush and started squeezing out some toothpaste from a small tube. He said, “I mean if you guys were lovey-dovey… you know, kinda kissing and stuff… then, yeah, that would be weird… but as you’re just messing around, I’m well up for seeing more!”

Jake laughed, throwing his stuff back into his toiletries bag, and Guy smiled over at me, starting to brush his teeth.

I smiled back but I could feel my cheeks blushing scarlet at what he’d said. I had once kissed Jake full-on on the lips during our sex, and I could remember in uncomfortable detail how thoroughly I’d enjoyed it. It had caused me to cum very heavily – had simultaneously caused my son to climax explosively too – and the one saving grace of the incident was that Jake had been too drunk to have any recollection of it.


I awoke just after seven and glanced over to see Jake sitting upright in bed with his hand slowly sliding up and down his fully engorged erection which was poking thickly upwards through his straining boxer fly. He had his headphones on and was watching a movie on his phone. I got out of bed, taking care not to wake Guy who was still soundly sleeping, and Jake glanced my way so I smiled over at him. He smirked back and I was surprised to see that the porn he was using to masturbate was lesbian.

“You sleep okay?” I mouthed, aware that he’d have two girls whimpering extravagantly into his ears.

He pushed his headphones aside and nodded, “Yeah, no probs. I just woke up with a stalk-on. Often happens when you’re the only guy in the room who didn’t get to cum.”

“Oh, sorry about that,” I chuckled. “It hadn’t really occurred to me.”

“You never think of my needs!” he hissed melodramatically and then broke into a broad grin to show he was just being silly.

“You okay keeping it solitary?” I asked. “I’d be happy to help you out if you’d like me to.”

“You know what’d be cool,” he chuckled. “If we strip off and fuck right here, so that Guy wakes up and sees us in all our daddy-boy glory!”

“Oh my God, that would be so funny! I can smile casually across at him… be like, ‘Oh, good morning! Did you sleep okay?’… while I’m briskly pounding against my son’s bum!”

“You don’t get to do me… I’m gonna be the one doing the pounding!”

I shook my head. “It’s my turn, I think you’ll find. You did me last week bending over the kitchen sink.”

“I thought we weren’t being so ‘prescriptive’,” Jake grinned, using my words against me as he so often does. “And in any case, Guy did me up the arse last night and I sucked you off and rimmed you. I want a turn for myself sometimes…”

“Okay,” I sighed, glancing over at Guy who was still sprawled out and senseless. “You can do me.”

Jake grinned triumphantly and then switched off the lesbian porn, muttering, “Looks like the girls are gonna have to wait… daddy’s butt needs Jakey’s full attention!”

I went over to fish my lube out from my rucksack and prepared my backside to receive my son’s cock as quietly as I could. Of all the male lovers I take these days, Jake is easily the most well-endowed, not only in the magnificent length of his erection which often feels like it’s jabbing against my liver, but also in his sphincter-stretching girth which can take several hours to fully recover from.

Not that I’m complaining: far from it. Jake has proven to be a most engaging bed-mate, enjoying strong, physical tussles with his father as foreplay and never ceasing to delight and surprise me as we wrestle cock-to-cock. He penetrates roughly, asserts himself vigorously and uses every contour of his veiny penis to fully pleasure us both. Without exception, he waits for me to climax before allowing himself to let rip with his own copious outpouring, and there’s something about knowing that the huge phallus lodged up inside me belongs to my son that is, to me at least, unaccountably arousing.

He pulled his t-shirt and boxers and stood naked at the foot of his bed, looking breathtakingly tall and muscular. He was working out daily in the town gym and the bigger one they have at uni, and both the swell of his biceps and the sheer bulk of his chest showed how his efforts were yielding spectacular results.

His cock was fully aroused and arching proudly upwards from his two large, sagging balls. His foreskin was pulled right back from the huge purple helmet which glistened ready and expectant with the thin slit at the tip gently streaming with precum.

Mine was growing longer and thicker but still drooping downwards with the pink head just starting to poke out from my ruffled foreskin.

I smiled at him. “You always get hugely turned-on by the prospect of mounting your old dad!”

“A fuck’s a fuck,” he grinned, downplaying the suggestion that with me it might be special. But then added, perhaps as a small concession, “I’ve got to admit, though, I love the stink of daddy’s butt when I’m doing it hard!”

I chuckled. “Well, this one will be especially smelly. I haven’t yet been to the toilet this morning.”

“Aw yeah!” he laughed back. “Just how I like it!”

I got on the bed and bent over on all-fours with my big chunky arse sticking outwards. I opened my legs wider to splay open my coarse, wiry thicket for my son, hoping that the protruding pucker of the pink hole he was about to use would be visible through the hair. As he shuffled up behind me and lined his fat cock head up with the muscular ring that he seemed to find so much more enjoyable than his hand, I asked, “Does it feel a bit odd to go from lesbian porn to doing your dad up the bum?”

“Not really,” he grunted, holding my hip with one hand while he guided the broad dome of his bell-end up into me with other. “I watch girl stuff sometimes while a dude’s sucking my cock, then when I’m done we change places and he puts on a movie of his own. You just gotta do what feels good, I reckon.”

My lube and his own precum eased his entry and soon he was holding me steady around the tummy as he established a smooth, steady rhythm in and out of my hole.

“Jesus, it reeks!” he muttered as he held back from thrusting as roughly as he wanted to let me get used to the intrusion.

“Reeks in a good way?” I checked, concerned that my anal stink might disgust him.

“Oh yeah, it’s nice and bummy… just so fucking strong!”

I smiled as I sniffed the same pungent odour for myself. I felt my own cock lengthening and starting to stand upwards underneath me at how wonderfully anal our sex was making the room stink.

“Me and few guys took turns doing each other up the butt when we were shitfaced one night,” he said. “I tell you, dad, five dudes’ skanky arseholes kicked out less stink than yours does on its own!”

I laughed at the comparison, taking it as a compliment that intercourse with me was so richly aromatic, and then asked, “The problem we’ve got is how to wake Guy. He sleeps like he’s dead… I once managed to hoover the bedroom with him comatose on the bed.”

Guy was indeed completely oblivious to our performance on the adjacent bed to his. Our conversation hadn’t managed to rouse him – as an alarm clock rarely did, I hadn’t expected it to – and I knew from how often he slept over with me these days that the only way to wake him up was to grab him by the shoulder and give him a good shake.

“He’s got a sensitive nose, though, hasn’t he?” asked Jake. “Didn’t he say he say he can sniff out gas leak at forty feet or something?”

“Yeah… I think it goes back to his time on the oilrig.”

“Let’s see how deeply his nose sleeps, then,” Jake chuckled. “Hunker up and lean forwards, dad… really open up your arsehole!”

I pushed myself upright and crouched open-legged, squatting forwards like I was taking a crap. Jake did the same behind me, stooping over my back, and then wrapped his arms around my chest and clasped his knees around my thighs to hold me firm for the fuck. Then he started driving his cock in and out of me with long, firm thrusts, the two of us facing forwards like a pair of mating dogs.

“Breeding dudes’ butts like this always kicks out the most stink,” he panted into me ear as he worked up a fast, forceful rhythm with his chest tight against my back.

“Oh yes!” I chuckled, snorting eagerly at the gathering stench. “It smells of… gosh… how would one describe a smell like this…?!”

“It smells of bumming, dad… the man-on-man sort,” Jake breathlessly informed me. “Once you’ve smelt how it smells… kinda shitty and cocky at the same time… you get to recognise it anywhere!”

“It’s very distinctive,” I agreed, slamming my bum roughly down onto Jake’s cock, with my hands on my knees and my hard-on raised resplendent between them. “Wonderfully pungent from the rear, of course, but… you’re right… there’s also a delicious sourness wafting from out front.”

“It’s from your bell-end,” he gasped, reaching down to wrap his fingers around the swollen girth of my cock and masturbating my foreskin back and forth to intensify my helmet odour. “It’s got a nice cheesy flavour to add to the brown stink of the fuck.”

“He’s not stirring, though, is he?” I observed, peering over at Guy who was oblivious to the animalistic rutting going on at full hump on the bed right next to him.

Jake took his hand away from my cock – his point about its odour now made – but I grabbed his wrist and pushed it back onto my erection. I always enjoy the feel of my son wanking me off, especially when he’s using my arsehole and bowels to stimulate his own larger and thicker manhood.

“Time for a bit of grinding, I think,” he chuckled, his breath feeling hot against my ear. “This’ll really gouge out your muck… make the whole room reek of my shit-shaft!”

He made corkscrew motions with his cock, swirling it roughly around as he slid it in and out of my rectum, and the barnyard odour of our intercourse – that which Jake had charmingly termed our ‘brown stink’ – became immediately much harsher and more faecal, making us both gasp with delight.

“Oh my goodness!” I laughed. “This is the most anal I’ve ever known anal sex to smell!”

“Aw yeah, it’s fuckin’ amped, dude!” he panted as he kept grinding me, making me emit a loud, trumpeting fart around his circling cock.

“I can’t believe you just called me dude!” I gasped.

“I can’t believe you just farted without apologising for it.”

Guy groaned from where he struggling to open his eyes, and then glanced across at us and croaked, “What the fuck?!”

“Good morning, Mr Leeson!” Jake chirped brightly across at him, still squatting behind me with his hips bucking like a hand clap against my butt.

I had to laugh at Guy’s bleary confusion and Jake’s silly boyish voice, only slightly annoyed that my joke had been stolen.

My son kept on, “Give me a minute and I’ll get you a coffee… I’ll just finish off over here… doing my dad up his butt!”

Guy grinned over at him, his hand automatically seeking out his own rousing cock under the bedding as he watched us thrusting together. One of Jake’s broad muscular arms was still wrapped tightly around my chest; his other hand was still sliding with increasing speed up and down the full length of my erection, raised prominently outwards in front of me and swelling hard against his grip.

Then Guy said huskily, “I thought one of you guys must be taking a dump with the toilet door wide open…”

“We wanted to wake you up,” Jake replied, now in his normal voice. “I had to grind-fuck him to make enough doodie-stink to rouse you from the dead!”

“A grind-fuck…” Guy mused with a broadening smirk. His stubble was dark and thick, and his hairy chest deep and luxuriant. “You’ll have to show me how that works.”

“Yeah, I’ll show you by doing it to you!” Jake laughed back at him. “See how much stink your arse kicks out… I reckon you’ll be a full-on quiffer!”

I smiled over at my lover, pleased to have him see receive my son’s huge phallus up into my body and to watch the young man’s hand massaging so attentively my own large organ arching upwards out front.

Guy smiled back at me and said, “Oh my God, Rob… you guys looks so amazing together… it just seems so right and… I dunno, kinda natural I guess… that you’d do this together… enjoy each other this way…”

I beamed with pride, pleased to be showing him how Jake and I now join our bodies as one. I wanted Guy to see that, by knowing each other fully in pleasure and in climax, we are strengthening the intensity of our father-son bond.

If I’m being totally honest, I wanted him to know how extraordinary it would feel to make love to his own son that way that Jake and I were frantically bucking together.

I fell back down onto the bed, splaying myself out on all-fours, and slammed by bum back against Jake’s well-trimmed pubes, calling out, “Come on, let’s see those muscles of yours flexing… do it hard and fast and finish us both off!”

Jake kept squatting with his knees around my thighs, and chuckled as he lowered himself over my back, preparing to go for the home-straight and jizz off up my arse. He reached under me to wrap his hand around my cock again and started wanking his old dad off as quickly while his own bigger meat began drilling rapidly in and out of my hole.

“Fuck yeah!” Guy chortled, flinging the duvet to one side and pounding his own thick dick making his balls jiggle up and down. “Go on, Jakey boy… fuck your old dad up his shitter! Pound him rough as you can with that massive cock of yours!”

Jake’s balls started thumping against the backs of my thighs, hanging low in his scrotum and heavy with his seed.

Guy wanked himself energetically with long, firm strokes and then asked, “One of you guys wanna suck me off? I mean, I don’t wanna interfere if this is a private thing for you pair…”

We answered him by both shouting, “Me! Me!”

He leapt up from his bed and hurried over to ours. He clambered onto the mattress in front of where I was bending over and knelt down to jab his thick hard-on insistently towards my face.

I grabbed his cock and yanked the foreskin fully back to sniff the sharp tang of his helmet, as Guy laughed, “Aw fuck! You guys’ butt-lovin’ smells even rougher over here!”

“We love it!” Jake chuckled, as I lapped at Guy’s slit to taste the salty sourness of its drool. “It stinks but it’s hot!”

“Couldn’t exactly do it discreetly, though, could you?” Guy replied. “I mean, the whole fuckin’ hotel must be able to smell you bummin’ your old man!”

“It’s a very natural smell,” I told him. “It’s intensely anal, I grant you, but I don’t see any reason to be ashamed of it…”

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