Don’t Tell Eric Ch. 05

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Amy was really excited as she waited for Jeff to arrive Monday morning. When the doorbell rang she rushed to the door, pulled Jeff inside, and kissed him before even checking to see if he had the money.

“Good morning.” Amy said.

“Good morning. You sure seem energetic this morning.” Jeff said.

“I am…I really am. I’ve got something fun planned for us today…assuming that you have the money.” Amy said.

“It’s right here.” Jeff said.

He handed Amy the money. She took his hand and led him to the downstairs bathroom.

“What are we doing?” Jeff asked.

“Well…I’m feeling very dirty right now so I thought we’d take a bubble bath together.” Amy said.

Jeff smiled.

“That sounds fun.” Jeff said.

Amy turned on the water to fill the tub as Jeff took his clothes off. Amy added the bubble bath and the tub filled with soft luxurious bubbles.

“I’ve never taken a bath with a woman before…how should we do it?” Jeff asked.

“Well…you sit down in the bottom of the tub with your legs straight out in front of you.” Amy said.

Jeff got in the tub.

“Then I’ll sit on your lap with my legs wrapped around you like this.” Amy said.

She sat on Jeff’s lap, wrapped her legs around his back, and her arms around his neck.

“There…now we can make out and you can play with my breasts for a while. I’ll wait for your cock to get painfully hard then I’ll slip it up inside me and we’ll get dirty in the bathtub.” Amy said.

She kissed Jeff for several minutes then she tilted her head back and closed her eyes as Jeff kissed, licked, and sucked on her breasts. Amy could feel Jeff’s cock pressing hard against her…it was throbbing. She raised herself up, reached into the water, and guided Jeff’s cock into her as she sat back down.

“Oh my…that feels nice.” Amy said.

“Damn right it does.” Jeff said.

Amy started slowly rocking her hips as Jeff held her waist in his hands and with his powerful arms moved her body up and down his cock.

“Oh god…you’re so fucking hot.” Jeff said.

They fucked harder and faster and soon the water was splashing out of the tub all over the tile floor of the bathroom.

They were both building to orgasm and they both moaned with pleasure as they came together. Amy slumped forward onto Jeff’s body and kissed him.

“God that was amazing. Thank you for helping me to make one of my fantasies come true.” Amy said.

“It was most definitely my pleasure.” Jeff said.

“Even though we were in the bathtub the rules still apply…all of them.” Amy said.

Amy sat on the edge of the toilet and Jeff licked his cum out of Amy’s pussy. He helped her clean up all the water they’d splashed out of the tub before leaving.

Tuesday morning Amy was smiling when she opened the front door.

“Good morning Mike.” Amy said.

“Good morning beautiful.” Mike said.

“Have you got the money?” Amy asked.

Mike handed her the money.

“Excellent…let’s go to the kitchen.” Amy said.

“The kitchen?” Mike asked.

“You don’t have to fuck in the bedroom all the time Mike. I want to fuck in the kitchen today…come on.” Amy said.

“Okay.” Mike said.

They walked into the kitchen.

“Let’s see…with your height being up on this counter shouldn’t be a problem.” Amy said.

She took off her robe and hopped up onto the counter. She spread her legs wide.

“Leave your clothes on, just open your pants and get over here and fuck me.” Amy said.

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” Mike said.

Mike took his cock out of his pants and buried it in Amy’s pussy. He fucked her hard and fast on the counter.

“Oh yeah…that feels so good.” Amy said.

“God Amy…you’re fucking incredible.” Mike said.

Mike came in Amy’s pussy and without having to be told he started licking his cum back out of her.

“When you’re done I want you to make me lunch. I was thinking of having burgers.” Amy said.

When he was done licking his cum out of Amy he went into the backyard to light the grill while Amy went and got dressed. Mike grilled up two hamburgers and then he and Amy canlı bahis şirketleri ate together before Mike left.

Wednesday morning Amy opened the door and smiled at Lucas.

“Good morning Lucas. How are you today?” Amy asked.

“I’m horny as hell.” Lucas said.

Amy smiled.

“Have you got the money?” Amy asked.

“Right here.” Lucas said.

He handed Amy the money. She counted it quickly then led Lucas up to her bedroom.

“Lucas…I’ve decided to have a little fun with you today.” Amy said.

“What kind of fun?” Lucas asked.

“You might not get to fuck me at all today, but I think you’ll still really enjoy it.” Amy said.

“How would I possibly enjoy not fucking you?” Lucas asked.

“You’ll see. Now…take off all your clothes and get up on the bed.” Amy said.

Lucas stripped off his clothes and moved onto the bed as instructed. Amy stood at the end of the bed and smiled at Lucas.

“I’ve decided that I need to get some new underwear Lucas. New bras…and especially new panties. The problem is I don’t know which ones I should keep and which ones I should get rid of. Will you help me to choose?” Amy asked.

“Yes…how can I help?” Lucas asked.

“Well to me it’s all just underwear, but I want to keep the sexiest stuff…I was hoping that I could model things for you and you could tell me if they’re sexy or not. Would you let me do that? Would you help me out by telling me what looks sexy on me?” Amy asked.

Lucas’ cock became almost instantly hard.

“Yes.” Lucas said.

Amy giggled.

“I hoped you’d say that.” Amy said.

Amy sat on the end of the bed and took her shoes and socks off. She then stood up and turned towards Lucas and pulled her top off and then stepped out of her shorts.

“Okay…so what do you think of these? They’re just your basic white cotton panties and a comfortable bra. What do you think?” Amy asked.

“They look great on you, but they’re not that sexy.” Lucas said.

“Not that sexy huh? Okay…we’ll just take these off and toss them in the pile of things to get rid of.” Amy said.

Amy unhooked the bra and stepped out of the panties and tossed them over next to Lucas’ clothes. She walked over to her underwear drawer and pulled out all of the white cotton panties and regular bras and tossed them in the pile as well. She then pulled out a purple bra and panty set and slipped into the panties and put the bra on before walking back over to the end of the bed.

“Okay…what about this one?” Amy asked.

“Very nice.” Lucas said.

“Sexy?” Amy asked.

“VERY SEXY.” Lucas said.

“Okay…so that’s one for the keep pile.” Amy said.

She took off the bra and panties and tossed them into a pile on the opposite side of the bed. She modeled several more bra and panty combinations and Lucas approved most of them, but rejected a few. Then Amy pulled a thong out of her panty drawer. She stepped into it and pulled it up tight. She put on a matching bra.

“Tell me Lucas…what’s your opinion of thongs? Do you like them? Or do you prefer the panties with the full back?” Amy asked.

“I love them all, but thongs are the best for watching a girl take off.” Lucas said.

“Oh…and why is that?” Amy asked.

“When the girl is facing away from you and bent over as she pulls them down they kind of hang up in the crack of her ass and the thin strip across the crotch kind of clings over the pussy teasing you…making you wait.” Lucas said.

“Oh really…I never thought of that. So like watching a girl take her panties off like this?” Amy asked.

She turned around so her ass was pointed at the bed. She bent over and started pulling the thong down. Just as Lucas had said the thong stuck between her ass cheeks and made him wait for the view of her pussy. When Amy pulled the thong down far enough to reveal her pussy she heard Lucas gasp. She let the panties fall to her ankles and picked them up. She looked at Lucas with the little thong in her hands. On Lucas’ stomach Amy saw a puddle of cum.

“My oh my…I’ve never had anyone do that before…you didn’t even touch yourself did you?” canlı kaçak iddaa Amy asked.

“No…it was just so hot…I couldn’t help it.” Lucas said.

“Well…if it was that hot then I’d say these are keepers and since the bra goes with them I’ll keep it too.” Amy said.

She tossed the thong into the keep pile and then took off and tossed the bra into the pile as well. She then looked over at Lucas.

“Lucas…it’s okay if you touch yourself now. I want you to jerk off now while watching me. I want you to cum again while watching me okay?” Amy asked.

“Yes…I’ll try.” Lucas said.

Lucas grabbed his still hard cock and started slowly stroking it as Amy slipped into another bra and a pair of panties. Lucas’ concentration was split between looking at Amy and jerking off so a few times she had to ask him two or three times if he thought she should keep the bra and panties she was wearing.

Amy saw that Lucas had gone from slowly stroking to feverishly stroking his cock and she heard him grunt as he shot two thick spurts of cum onto his stomach.

“That’s beautiful Lucas…keep stroking it…see if you can keep yourself hard…we’re almost done.” Amy said.

Lucas kept stroking away at his cock despite the fact that he’d already came twice. Amy modeled a few more bra and panty combinations until she got to a tiny little thong that had no bra to go with it.

“Are you getting close Lucas?” Amy asked.

“Yes…yes.” Lucas said.

“Good…I want you to cum on these panties while I’m wearing them.” Amy said.

Amy moved to lie on the bed and Lucas moved to his knees between Amy’s legs…still stroking his cock as hard as he could. Finally Amy heard him grunt and then sigh with relief as he aimed his cock at the tiny little pair of panties. By the time his cock was done spurting almost all of the material covering Amy’s pussy was covered in cum. Amy lifted her butt up off the bed, slipped the panties down, took them off, then held them up to Lucas’ mouth.

“Open.” Amy said.

Lucas opened his mouth and Amy pushed the panties inside.

“Now…everything in the toss pile is yours if you want it. Anything you don’t want you need to throw in the trash. I want you to get dressed, decide what you want from the toss pile, and then drive home with these panties still in your mouth. Will you do that?” Amy asked.

Lucas nodded.

“Was it worth $1,000 even without fucking me?” Amy asked.

Lucas nodded and smiled.

“Okay…then get to it.” Amy said.

Amy kissed Lucas…with her cum covered panties in his mouth.

Lucas rolled off the bed and pulled his clothes on. He gathered up all of the bras and panties that Amy had thrown into the toss pile. He looked at Amy for some kind of help. She led him down to the kitchen where she gave him a paper grocery bag that he put them all in and then clutched the bag close to his chest as if it was the greatest treasure in all the world.

Lucas took the bag and walked out to his car. He got in and drove away. Amy went back up to the bedroom and cleaned up the mess before taking a shower and getting dressed.

She was making dinner when Eric walked into the kitchen. Amy smiled at him.

“We need to go to the mall after dinner tonight.” Amy said.

“Sure…why?” Eric asked.

“I need to replace about half of my underwear.” Amy said.

“Did Lucas do a panty raid?” Eric asked.

“No…he didn’t do a panty raid, but he did take about half of my underwear…both bras and panties home with him.” Amy said.

“Why did he do that?” Eric asked.

“I gave them to him. I had him help me sort out what was sexy and what wasn’t. I gave him all the stuff that he thought wasn’t sexy. He gathered it all up like it was some great treasure though.” Amy said.

“I’m sure he went home and jerked off all over it.” Eric said.

Amy laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Eric asked.

“That’s all Lucas did today was jerk off.” Amy said.

“You mean you didn’t fuck him?” Eric asked.

“Nope. The first time he came he hadn’t even touched himself. I had him jerk off after that and he came a second time. canlı kaçak bahis I had him keep jerking off and the 3rd time he came he did it onto a little thong that I was wearing.” Amy said.

“Wow.” Eric said.

“Here’s the best part. I took the thong off, put it in his mouth, kissed him with them in his mouth, and told him to drive home with it in his mouth.” Amy said.

“That’s funny as hell mom.” Eric said.

“Yeah…I thought it was pretty funny too. He seemed to really enjoy it.” Amy said.

Thursday morning Amy opened the door to find Troy holding $1,000 fanned out for her to count.

“Good morning Troy.” Amy said.

“Good morning Amy…this is for you.” Troy said.

Amy took the money.

“I’m in a naughty mood this morning Troy.” Amy said.

“Well I’d be happy to help you with that.” Troy said.

“I’d hoped you might. That being the case we need to go to the garage.” Amy said.

“The garage?” Troy asked.

“Yeah…I was driving home from the grocery store the other day and I realized that I have never had sex in the backseat of a car. You hear about it all the time…it’s a stereotype, everybody’s done it in the back seat of a car, but I’ve never done it.” Amy said.

“Well I’d be happy to help you scratch it off of your list of things you haven’t done.” Troy said.

They moved quickly to the garage.

“Luckily I’ve got a big car…this would be hard as hell in your little car.” Amy said.

“Speaking as hard as hell I’m ready when you are.” Troy said.

Amy looked and Troy’s jeans were tented out with an erection.

“Oh my. Well let’s get to it then.” Amy said.

Amy was wearing shorts so she slipped out of them and her panties then crawled into the backseat of her car and lay on the seat. Troy moved in over her, slipped his cock into her and started fucking her.

“I can see why people like this…it’s exciting.” Amy said.

“Yeah…though most people don’t do it in a garage.” Troy said.

“Well we certainly weren’t going to do this in public…someone might find out and then Eric would find out and we’d all be in deep shit.” Amy said.

Troy fucked Amy hard and fast and came inside her. He kissed her and then moved so that he was kneeling on the garage floor and licking his cum back out of Amy’s pussy.

Friday morning Amy let Kyle in and led him to the dining room.

“Kyle…we’re going to pretend that it’s lunch time.” Amy said.

“Okay…why?” Kyle asked.

“Because I’m going to lay on the dining room table and you’re going to eat me until I say stop.” Amy said.

Kyle licked his lips.

“My favorite meal…how did you know?” Kyle asked.

Amy giggled.

“It seems to be a favorite of most straight guys.” Amy said.

Amy slipped out of her robe and lay on the table. Kyle moved between her legs and began licking Amy’s pussy.

Kyle licked Amy’s pussy for more than an hour. She came 3 times.

“You can fuck me now. I don’t want your tongue to fall out before you lick your cum back out of me.” Amy said.

Kyle stood up, opened his pants, plunged his cock into Amy’s pussy, and started fucking her. He was so turned on from licking her pussy that he didn’t last very long.

After cumming in Amy’s pussy Kyle moved his tongue back to her pussy. He licked Amy’s pussy for another half hour before he pulled his mouth away.

“That was great Kyle…thank you.” Amy said.

“Any time.” Kyle said.

Kyle left and Amy got dressed.

When Eric got home Amy was smiling.

“Well you seem to be in a good mood.” Eric said.

“I am. I’ve just had an amazing week. Remember how we talked about how there was a wide world of sex waiting for us to explore?” Amy asked.

“Yeah…have you done some exploring?” Eric asked.

“I’ve been on a sexual safari this week. I had sex in the bathtub, on the kitchen counter, in the backseat of my car, on the dining room table, and I had that little lingerie fashion show with Lucas.” Amy said.

“Sounds like you’ve had a much more exciting week than I have.” Eric said.

“So you and Lisa haven’t done it again since you were up at the cabin?” Amy asked.

“No, but we’ve got a date tomorrow night, I’m hoping to get lucky.” Eric said.

“I’m sure you will. After your exciting weekend at the cabin she’ll probably be all over you.” Amy said.

“One can only hope.” Eric said.

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