Dorm Room Blues Ch. 01

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This being my first submission I believe I should explain how/ why I write my stories. All of my stories are fantasies, some are mine, some are others, and there is a lot of truth built in to them, but nothing is complete truth. Whenever I read other people’s erotic writings I often find there’s too much bullshit and not enough kinkiness it them to get me off. I don’t feel I need to pay too much attention to grammar, spelling, or any of that nonsense, so I’ll focus more on the story, and all the good stuff that goes along with it. Occasionally I make up words, which I’ll define for you in the stories most of the time. Some of these words I’ve been using for years, and some are brand new. My method of writing that works best is to just start and let it all flow out as I type. However by the time you read this, there will have been multiple editing jobs done. Even so, don’t expect it to be error free as I only edit my own shit, nobody else’s eyes comes close to this document before you see it. I think what I’ll do as a standard procedure before each story that I write is give you all an introduction and some hints as to how much of this is true and how much is fake. For this first one, everything that happens is fake, but much of the setting and characters are based on real people. This is just the introduction to a series of stories I will create based on these characters, hopefully. Please post comments on my writing, I want to try and develop an audience for this. PS: I generally put a subtle hint where the really dirty parts start, for those who can’t read through the rest, although it’s highly encouraged. Since this is my first story, I’ll give it away. Look for the big “W”. Thank you and enjoy.

Chapter 1: Move IN

Sara Felix was a very strange girl she thought. She thought back on her life, and was astounded by how many times she had switched directions. Two years ago she had no intention of being in college. The cliché life that her family expected of her would not become of this young woman. She went through so many rebellious stages. First she thought of herself as being in with the “punk” crowd. Then she tried to fit in with the preps, athletic or “jock” girls, and even tried being a nerd. Nothing she tried seemed to fit with her so she was hurled into the middle with the typical American teen that fit into no group at all. She hated it. For the longest time she felt alone and frustrated. As her frustrations grew she just somehow got tied into taking the Act’s, which she excelled at, and then got a great scholarship to a very nice Wisconsin university. So here she was, moving far away from home into a place where she could discover herself, or at least try again to fit into another crowd.


*Caucasian (almost pale white)


*125lbs very fit frame:

*Washboard stomach (but not muscular like a man’s)

*Semi-muscular arms, broad shoulders

*36C (breasts very close together and extremely perky)

*Smooth large luscious lips

*Abnormally long and flexible tongue

*Long smooth legs, perfect shape

*Well kept pubic area (not completely shaved though, small strip aprox 1”by1.5”)

*Small, but not tiny pussy. Could best be described as a “pretty pussy” -not exactly mouth watering, but certainly worthy of an eye brow raise and a licking of ones lips

*very subtle medium size ass (not too wiggly, not too tight)

* You guys out there know what I’m talking about when I say Sara was one of those girls who you always believed had a killer ass, but she was too shy to ever wear anything to show it.

*Her face was semi shallow, her ears were quite elfish but her nose was very cute

*she has green eyes and dark brown hair

*Her teeth were perfect after years of excellent care

When she got to college, she soon canlı bahis realized there were far less crowds to try to fit into, and even if you did try it was highly discouraged. It was exactly the opposite kind of environment that her high school had taught her. Her schedule in college was quite difficult for a first semester freshman. She was heavily bogged down with 17 credits. Between studying, eating, and working out (she was a work-out-aholic- somebody who constantly needs to fill their time with working out and ALWAYS brag about it, like they do it to impress people. Her body was pretty nice, but she just couldn’t get the form she really wanted, so she just kept going), she was a very private person with few friends at first.

She resided in the third floor of one of the 7 dorms on campus. Her room was small but packed with shit, as some girls rooms can get. There were two desks, lofted beds, a futon, small TV, red rug, numerous shelves, a stereo, a barrage of books and study materials, clothes, and food and drink. Sara was one of those people who didn’t mind a little cramp, so long as she had her shit with her. This particular dorm was arranged so that males and females alternated floors. Her randomly assigned roommate Kimberly was a sophomore, and quite a hot one. Her description will be discussed in the next chapter. The first erotic event of Sara’s college experience happened after her first full week of classes.


Sara always had a secret fetish to explore her sexuality with girls, but up until now it had no chance for nurturing. As much as guy’s think it’s socially acceptable to do, it’s really not that easy for a girl. Especially after you have created an image like Sara had about her self. The typical, guy loving (but not easy), studious and semi party girl, Sara was hardly about to attract any other potential bi-curious/ lesbian friends that meet her standards. (*side note: There’s always that one girl you know who’s an absolute freak who is open to anything with anybody…. The problem is that she’s always never up to your standards L) There’s really no way to let out your feelings of inquisition when you get into this kind of situation unless something happens by chance. And one day, the second Friday she was on campus, a special opportunity arose.

Sara was very opportunistic; she was very much a on-the-fly type of girl. It was about 4:00PM when she came in after spending nearly two hours working her ass off at the gym. Her tank top and shorts were near drenched with sweat and she badly needed a shower. She entered her dorm through the main door and chatted for a minute with the boy working the front desk (a ritual which is damn near unavoidable for anybody entering the building from that entrance). She scuffled up the stairs to the third floor and walked into the bathroom. As soon as she entered she walked over to the opposite end to examine the shower situation. It was pretty grim.

Four of the five showers were occupied, and she was not about to use the shitty one. She decided she would wait 10-15 minutes for a good one to open up. Before she left the bathroom she entered a stall and relieved herself. She had drunk 4 bottles of water at the gym, it had to come out. While she was sitting with her shorts pulled down she could feel that her small pussy was extremely hot. Secretly she smiled behind the stall door and slid one finger into her slit just for a second and then cooed quietly as she extracted the finger and brought it to her lips. Oh what a delicious taste! She sucked on her finger for what must have been a minute but did not reinsert it. It had been a month since she had received any action from her former boy friend Brian, and she was feeling it. At this time she wasn’t quite in the mood, nor was she daring enough to do anything about it that place to take the event any further. She wiped her bahis siteleri self, pulled up her pants, flushed, washed up, and left the bathroom.

She walked down to the corner, got to her room and tried to open the door. It was locked. Her door was usually always opened so this usually meant that Kimberly was gone. Sara’s eyebrows perked up at the thought of having some time alone to finish what she started in the bathroom. Her thrill was short lived however when she took her key and unlocked her door to find Kimberly somewhat startled on the futon. Kim had the most frightening look on her face, but something restrained Sara from asking if anything was wrong. Kim is laid out on her stomach over the full length of the futon. She has a sports bra on and a small pair of black shorts (secretly with nothing under). She had discarded her underwear. Kim is breathing a little heavy and seems quite sweaty considering the fair temperature in the room. Sara sits down at her desk and checks her email and aim messages while she starts up a conversation with Kim, who goes over to her closet and grabs clothes and shower accessories.

*Dialog in my stories will be shown like this: I will give a key right when the first dialog starts for the characters, and it will read much like a script. There are only two characters right now, Sara and Kim. * marks actions

Sara = S.

Kim = K.

S – “Hey Kim, you look pretty spent. Long day?”

K – “Yeah how’d you know?” *laugh’s unconvincingly. Sara saw through it knowing that Kim only had one class which was over by 10AM.

S – “We’ll it’s just been a long week. I’m tired as hell. I’m not sure if I’ll be going out tonight. I don’t have that much homework but I feel like I haven’t had anytime to just veg and nap this whole week.”

K – “We’ll then maybe it’s not such a bad idea for you to just chill here tonight. You can have the place to yourself; I’m going out with John to a party. Although if you change your mind you are welcome to join us. There’s going to be at least one keg.”

S – “Hmmm well I haven’t quite made up my mind yet, but you know I can’t stand beer anyways. I still have time for a nap to think things over”

K – “Hell yeah there’s always time for that. I’m going to go hop in the shower now though, then we could go eat?”

S – “Good luck with that, I just checked out the bathroom before I got here. There are 4 bitches already in there taking the good ones. I’d be in there myself if there was a decent one open. I’m just waiting like 15 minutes before I start cracking skulls to get clean”

** Kim seems unphased by Sara’s comments; she’s too distracted by something else.

K – “Oh well, I’m going to go anyways. I’m going to really bitch to Rachael about it though, she hardly does anything!”

S – “Yeah she is a lazy as fuck Ra. But at least she doesn’t get nosy because then things could get ugly.”

K – “Yeah they could. See ya in a few”

S – “Ok bye.”

*Kim exits the room, looking rather relieved.

Sara’s mind begins to wonder as to what Kim was doing in the room before she got back. Being as perverse as she was, the thought that Kim was entertaining her self went right through her mind and it was appealing. She was however too tired to pursue such notions. She walked over to her dresser, which was right next to the girls clothes hampers and began to strip to get ready for her own shower. Just as she was about to toss her sweat soaked shirt into the hamper she peered down into the half full basket.

There was a pink thong that did not belong to her. At first she just thought that the hampers had got mixed up (They have the exact same ones) but then she noticed her clothes underneath it. Immediately she knew that it was Kim’s thong in her hamper. So she casually bent down to pick up the thong and was about to place it bahis şirketleri into Kim’s hamper, when she noticed that the thong was wet and quite potent. It was at that moment that things started to take shape in Sara’s mind.

Kim had been masturbating on the futon, but with her thin shorts on to pull up just in case somebody had entered. When Sara had walked in, she must have severely startled Kim, who Sara thought now must have been close to orgasm if not right after, based on her heavy breathing. Kim had accidentally thrown her panties into Sara’s hamper. That explained to Sara why Kim had wanted to get in the shower so quickly, before any evidence of her foul play could be detected.

Sara was half disturbed and half extremely excited having realized this. She hadn’t been able to get comfortable or alone enough to masturbate her self since moving in, so she had kept a log of all her dirty little thoughts and intentions. It was placed right in with her school notebooks, harmlessly. She took the pink thong with her and walked over to her desk. She looked for the notebook where she had last placed it but could not find it. Amazingly she looked on top of the stack of textbooks and found it there. She pulled it down and looked at the cover. There were wet fingerprints on the first 10 pages! Sara was ecstatic; her roommate was masturbating to her fantasies! Yet she was also slightly angry that her privacy had been violated, hadn’t it? Oh no, she hadn’t! Sara remembered that she had been absolutely hammered the night before and might have added an entry and left the notebook right out in the open on the desk by her computer. She flipped to the last page and read the entry:

Wow what a night. I must have ddrank wayt to many because right now I just wanna fuck something orsomebody. Grrr I wishj Kim would just come over here and suck on my tits and then I would eat her and fuck her untiln she screamed!

HOLY SHIT! Did she really write that?! She couldn’t remember, but as sloppy as the handwriting was it seemed to match hers. She had not consciously realized that she had an attraction for her roommate until she had found the panties and journal entry. She sat down at her desk and closed the cover to her private journal. She tucked it away back into her usual spot and then put the panties right in front of her on the desk.

About ten minutes had passed since Kim left for the shower. Sara brought the soiled pink thong to her face and smelled, rubbing some of the still remaining wetness onto her face. She was horny as fuck right now, yet still sweaty and tired as well. She also had a huge dilemma on her hands. How was she going to handle this situation?! She knew she couldn’t do anything more for the moment, but she began to contemplate. This was going to be a very interesting year she thought!

She tossed the panties back, though this time into Kim’s hamper. Then she finished stripping and sprayed just a little febreeze into the air to counter act w/e smells had emerged. She wrapped a towel around her self and sat down on the futon and turned on the TV. She had never felt such strong desires for a woman in her life as she did right then and there, though she knew she wasn’t a lesbian, merely bi-sexual. She zoned out. About ten minutes later Kim re-entered the room and Sara stood up and gathered her shower supplies.

S – “Good Shower? Is there at least one good one free now?”

K – “Very” *giggles “Yes there’s three open now”

S – “Damn right.” *giggles “Well then I guess it’s my turn. I’ll be back in about 20 so be ready for dinner. I think I decided I will go out with you guys tonight”

K – “Ok. Sounds good, I’ll tell John your coming too, I’m sure he won’t be disappointed. See ya in a bit”

S – “Yup” * gives a small wink, which goes un-noticed by the overly shy Kim.

Sara hurried off to the showers. Wow how suddenly things had become so interesting for her in college! She had so much to think about now! But first thing was first, there was a reason why she would only use the good showers….


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