Dr. Mabuse SOI: Jack, Pam, , Jackie

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Hello, my name is Jack. In 1979, I graduated from my local university and was on my way getting myself established. I had started my career with an entry but good paying position with a major corporation and had my first apartment. It wasn’t long that I realized that I needed to learn some new computer skills and took an evening course at the community college. It is in that class that I met Pam. Pam was 22, gorgeous blond,and with deep blue eyes that you would just melt into. She and I hit it off together and it wasn’t too long before she moved in with me.

Pam was living at home with her mother as her father had left the marriage and lived in another city. After Pam moved in with me, she continued to stay close with her mother. She kept an eye on her even though her mother was 45 and could take care of herself. Pam’s mother is named Jackie and I remember the first time I met her. She was wearing tight jeans, drinking a martini, and smoking a cigarette through a long holder. She was petite with red hair and well built for her age. I don’t remember too many times that she didn’t have a drink and or a smoke in her hands. She was outgoing and bubbly where Pam was deceptively quiet. I got along very well with Pam’s mother and she liked me.

After a few months of living together, Pam wanted to do something fun for her mother. She was lonely at times without her husband and without Pam to keep her company. The church down the street was having a big band dance and Pam suggested it would something that all of us would enjoy. Maybe Jackie might meet some new men her age there. That Saturday morning, Pam and Jackie went shopping at the mall where they bought new outfits for the dance. Pam came back that afternoon with several bags but as I was working on some paperwork, I really didn’t notice what she had brought in. It was getting around six in the evening when I showered and put on a suit for the dance. Pam was still running around in her black underwear getting her hair and makeup just so.

I was killing some time watching TV when she came out of the bedroom in a new killer low cut red dress with a slit up the side. God, she was hot! I wanted to have a quickie but Pam said we were running late and we should go pick up her mother. We drove over to her mother’s house and Jackie came out to the car as soon as we pulled up. She had on the identical dress on except it was in black.

We drove up a few blocks to where the church was, got our liquor out of the trunk, and walked into the dance. The dance was being held in the gym which had paper decorations on the wall, paper covered banquet tables, wooden folding chairs, beer, and setups. We sat at an empty table and made ourselves some drinks until the band started to play. We were chatting, laughing, drinking and began to notice that most of the people there were couples in their 60’s. The band was very good and Pam and I danced to several numbers.

I found it very romantic to slow dance with Pam as the mirrored ball spun shafts of light around the darkened gym. I was enjoying Pam’s company but she was getting concerned that her mother was not enjoying herself. While we were dancing, she was alone drinking her martini and smoking cigarettes through the holder. I told Pam that I would dance a few numbers with her and maybe we would leave early. Jackie was delighted to dance and I had never realized how pretty she was as we slow danced to Moonlight Serenade. Her breasts were pushing into me and her nipples were hard.

I could see Pam out of the corner of my eye and saw a contented look on her face as I danced with her mother. The song ended but I wanted to dance much longer and I think Jackie felt that way also. We returned to our table and finished another round of drinks. It was getting around 10:30 and we decided that the dance was getting a bit boring, so we decided to go hang out at my apartment.

We arrived at my place. Pam and Jackie relaxed on the couch as the girls were feeling no pain. I put on a tape of some big band music upon which Pam and Jackie started to dance around in my living room. I was making some daiquiris and was starting to get hard watching those two very sexy women in their almost identical dresses dancing together. I could see that Pam had that mischievous sexy look in her eyes which usually meant fun in the bedroom.

I placed the drinks on the coffee table and went over to my entertainment center and grabbed my 35mm from a storage compartment. After checking for loaded film and a hot flash, I started to snap some photos of them dancing. In the past, I had taken photos of Pam in the nude and having sex with me but I found these candid photos acıbadem escort to almost as erotic. The song ended and they sat back on the couch. Jackie light a cigarette, placed it in her holder, leaned back in the couch, and blew a deep puff of smoke into the air.

Pam asked me, “Did you see what we bought today at the mall?”

I said, “Of course, I noticed your dresses!”

“We bought more dresses today, Jack, we stopped at Fredericks of Hollywood!” said Jackie with a grin.

“Do you want to see what we bought there?” smiled Pam.

“Sure, how come you didn’t show them to me earlier?” I asked.

“You were too busy doing your business paperwork” replied Pam

“Well, you have my complete and undivided attention now. I want to see them.” I said.

“Be a good boy and sit by me”, cooed Jackie, “Pam, bring the bags in here.”

Pam when into the second bedroom and came out with 2 shopping bags with Fredericks

logos on them. I was already snuggled next to Jackie as Pam pulled two lingerie outfits.

Pam pointed to a black outfit that was a teddy with fishnet stockings.

“This is what I bought for me and this red chemise is for mom. What do you think?” asked Pam with a smile.

“It hard to decide just looking at the outfits.” I laughed, “How about putting them on? A model show! And we can do a photo shoot! .

“OK!” shouted Pam and her mother in unison.

Jackie pickup up her outfit and headed into the second bedroom to change. I checked the storage compartment of the entertainment center for a fresh roll of film, unloaded the exposed film, and popped in the new roll. Pam was starting to undress in the living room giving me a nice strip show. She eased out of her red high heels and slid down the side zipper of her dress. She slowly removed her dress and playfully slid the dress across my face. I could still smell Pam’s perfume on the cloth while threw the dress over a chair.

While sliding off her panty hose, Pam asked “My mother loves all the attention she is getting from you tonight. Please compliment her outfit? I know that you will be looking at me most of the time and I love it! But please make mom feel good about herself.”

As I watched Pam take off her black bra and saw her pink nipples harden, I said “Your mom is very attractive and she will get more attention than she can handle.” I took a shot

of Pam topless and of her sliding her black panties off.

Pam said “Wait. I have something for you too! Put this on!” Pam pulled a white silk robe

out of the shopping bag and handed it to me. It had two dragons and it and it has cut just

above the knees. I did my strip act for Pam as I removed my tie, shoes, socks, shirt, and slacks and put on the robe. The robe felt really smooth, cool, and erotic.

Pam had put on her black teddy, fishnet stockings, red heels and walked over to me.

She whispered “I’m in the mood for fun and lets have none of this” as she slid my briefs

off. I gave her a very passionate kiss as Jackie came into the room. She did look very hot

in her red lingerie with a light cigarette in her holder. I watched her breasts jiggle as she walked towards me. I was the first time that I had seen Jackie braless and seen what nice breasts she had for age 45.

Jackie took a drink, exhaled a puff of smoke, and twirled around in the smoke. She asked, “What do you think? Do I like that robe on you!”

“Thanks and you look very sexy Jackie” “Ready to play fashion model?” I asked.

Jackie sat on the coffee table and continued her drink while I had Pam go first and pose on the couch. I posed Pam in various reclining positions and to my surprise, Jackie offered some great suggestions. After snapping about 8 photos, Pam said it was Jackie’s turn to pose. They switched places and I directed Jackie into several positions. She actually was very photogenic and at times looked like the dragon lady with that long cigarette holder. After about 8 more shots, Pam moved onto the couch with her mother.

The two posed together for some side by side shots and Pam behind her mother with

her head lying on Jackie’s shoulders. It was fairly innocent photos to that point. Jackie wanted to get a shot of Pam and I. I instructed Jackie on a few minor points of operating the camera and then, switched places with Jackie.

“Now Jack, you sit behind Pam, put your left arm around her waist, your right hand

on her breast, stretch your left leg over hers, and nibble on her ear.” directed Jackie.

While posing this way, it was no longer possible not to have akbatı escort a sustained hard on. My cock has stiff as can be, poking into Pam’s lower back. I could tell that Pam noticed this and had one of those sexy but mischievous smiles on her face.

After a few shots were taken, Pam said “Mom it is your turn to pose with Jack.”

“Gladly” said Jackie “It was been awhile since I have been with a half naked man.”

Pam got up and I had difficultly keeping covered in that short silk robe. Pam took the camera from Jackie and had her sit on the couch. Pam had Jackie sit in front of me with her legs bent on the side to where her ankles where touching underneath her hips. I was sitting more to the side of her than behind her. I was trying to quiet down my hard cock but Jackie’s close body and the smell of her perfume made it impossible not to be aroused.

“OK Jack, put your right arm around mom’s waist and your left hand on her left shoulder” directed Pam “And Mom, put your left hand on Jacks thigh”

With that, Jackie’s hand brushed aside my robe, exposing my hard cock to everyone.

At first Jackie couldn’t see my hard on but Pam had the biggest smile on her face as she snapped off a shot. Jackie then shifted her hand to be better placed on my thigh and landed on my cock.

“Oh my, I’m sorry but someone is really enjoying this” giggled Jackie.

Pam fired off a quick shot that captured some silly looks on our faces. “I think Jack is enjoying this Mom and you are too!” said Pam. Pam leaned over and whispered into her mother’s ear, “Go ahead stoke his cock, Jack will love it!”

Jackie started to move her hand gently up and down my shaft. I could see that she was enjoying the feel of a hard cock. It wasn’t long before my precum was making slurping sounds as she touched me. I was really enjoying this asnot only was Jackie jacking me off but Pam was intently watching and occasionally taking a photo. My hands slid around her waist and moved under her lingerie. I began to caress her breasts and hard nipples. My other hand took the edge of her chemise top and slowly slid it over the top of head until it was completely off. Jackie opened my robe and began to softly kiss my chest.

Pam went over to her topless mother and whispered in her ear again. “Suck his cock!”

Jackie moved her head from my chest and placed my cock in her mouth. Pam slid her mother’s red lingerie panties off. Pam took off her own black panties and sat back on the coffee table touching her pussy while watching her naked mother suck me. For awhile, I could nothing but lay back and enjoy. Then I started to stroke Jackie’s thighs and move to her wet pussy. She was wet and in no time had my fingers caressing her clit and pussy lips. The intensity of her sucking and my fingering was getting faster. I concentrated my index finger on her clit and with a soft moan Jackie put my whole cock in her mouth. As she pulled back, I took my cock and rubbed some sticky precum across her lips.

“How did you like that?” asked Jackie to which I said “don’t stop”. Jackie was very good at sucking and in fact, she was better at it than Pam. Jackie went back to licking my shaft and tonguing underneath the head. I glanced over to Pam. At some point she had removed the rest of her teddy and was on the coffee table only in fishnet stocking and red heels, legs spread, touching herself, and obviously in lala land watching us. Jackie was enjoying being fingered and was bucking her hips against the two fingers that were in her. I heard a loud moan from Pam and saw her shake from a really good orgasm then come to reality. She took the camera and snapped another shot of Jackie and I.

Pam then leaned her firm round breasts over my face. I started to suck on her pink nipples as they moved across my lips. Pam leaned over more and whispered into my year, “I want to see you fuck my mom.” I looked into her deep blue eyes and saw that she meant it and I was very willing.

“Move over here, mom, I want another photo done this way” Pam said to Jackie very quietly. Jackie pulled away from my cock and looked at Pam with some wild abandon in her look. Pam said very softly, “Get on all fours and lay your arms on the bolster at the end on the couch.”

Jackie did as she was guided by Pam’s soft hands caressing across her back. Jackie needed a slight breather from the intensity but a second later I has on my knees behind her rubbing my cock across her clit. Jackie let out a moan as my cock slid into her wet pussy. Pam stopped massaging Jackie’s back and picked up the camera. She kneeled down in front of her mom and got aksaray escort a picture of her face in ecstasy as I was pumping her in the background. Jackie was going into multiple orgasms, moaning, and at times shouting “fuck me”. Pam put down the camera and came behind me.

I could feel her soft body pressing against my back, rocking with me as I moved in and out of her mother. Pam was playing with me balls and fingering my ass, occasionally she would slid her hand under me and caress her mother’s clit while Jackie was getting fucked. Pam got her finger slick from her mother’s cum and slid her finger in my ass. With that, I lunged deep into Jackie and came like I never had before. We laid there stacked on top of each other, catching our breath, and enjoying the pleasure going through our heads.

Eventually, Pam got up, then I did, and Jackie rolled on her back.. I light one of her cigarettes, placed it in the holder and handed the holder to Jackie. She took a long drop from the holder and blew it forcefully straight into the air. Both were looking at me as I still had a raging hard on which was unusual for me after having such great sex. Pam was lighting a cigarette for herself which is rare since she does not smoke.

Pam sat by her mother and asked, “did you enjoy it?” as she caressed Jackie’s face.

Jackie said “Oh God Yes! I think that was the hottest sex I have had or can remember. Jack is a helluva fuck and I know he keeps you happy.”

Pam looked at me and said “yes, he does!”

Jackie looked to Pam and said “come lay with me like when you were little”

Pam crossed over to the couch where her mother was and laid on her back, between her mother legs, with her head on her mother’s breasts. Jackie started to caress Pam’s neck and shoulders and played with her blond hair. Pam has enjoying the rest and attention from her mother. She had not been in close nude contact with her since she was little. There was a bit of discomfort on her back as it was wet from the cum leaking from her mother’s pussy. I picked up the camera and got another shot of mother and daughter relaxing for the moment.

Jackie motioned for me to come by her. Jackie grabbed me by my hard on and said “You need to take care of your cock. I’d like to see how you take care of my daughter.”

Pam lay between her mother’s legs in bliss as Jackie played with her daughter’s blond hair. I slid onto the couch and maneuvered my head between Pam’s fishnet stocking covered legs. Her pussy was still very wet and open from touching herself. I folded her lips aside and started to tongue her clit. Pam looked down with a big smile and then closed her eyes as pleasure filled her head. I had her whole clit in my mouth as I sucked and tongue rubbed her clit. Looking up, I could see that Jackie was playing with Pam’s nipples, rolling and pinching them. Pam was quietly moaning and rocking her hips. I slid upwards on Pam’s body and drove my cock into her pussy. Pam let out a gasp of surprise and smiled.

I lifted her legs and placed her ankles over my shoulders. I really was turned on by her fishnet stocking and red heels so close to my face. I was pumping her faster while watching Jackie play with Pam’s nipples. Jackie was very relaxed and enjoyed watching her Pam being satisfied. I moved one hand between Pam’s legs and started to play with her clit as I was pumping my cock in her. Pam was starting to have a big orgasm as she bucked her hips as I pumped her. The ohh’s and ahh’s resounded around the room. Her pussy muscles seemed to grab my cock tighter and I plunged as far as I could, pumping hot cum into her.

We laid there for awhile and quite honestly I fell asleep. I woke up the next day about 3 in afternoon. Pam was in kitchen but Jackie was not there. It seems that Jackie had awakened Pam a few hours earlier and then took her mother home. I showered, got dressed, and joined Pam in the kitchen. With big smiles on our faces, we discussed the previous evening.

“How are you sleepyhead?” grinned Pam

“Is your mom OK?” I asked.

“Mom had a very good time last night and really enjoyed it but she is not sure if she would ever be that adventuresome again. She was wondering if we had planned this but I told her it spontaneous on our parts. She wants a copy of the photos we took!” said Pam.

“I had a great time would love to do it again.” I said, “but I understand how you mom feels. She really is a hot in the sack! What kind of mood are you in right now? I asked slyly as Pam smiled and gazed into my eyes.

The three of us never did get together that way again. We had our pictures to remind us of that evening and looking at those pictures always turned us on. Pam and I got married

and Jackie eventually resolved the issues with her husband and he moved back home. Pam was glad to have both parents back. Life is fairly normal in our families but there are times when Jackie and I exchange looks and smile. We know what we are thinking about.

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