Dream Come True Ch. 01


Content note — unrealistic proportions, excessive (really) cum.

“Bye Jason! Take care of yourself!” Mum calls to me as she tugs her suitcase down to the car.

“You too! Have a great time!” I’m standing in the doorway, head ducked to see out and watch my parents leave. It’s Friday afternoon and they’re heading out for the weekend, going to some spa resort or something like that. My sister is also gone on a school trip, so I have the whole house to myself for the next few days. This has never happened, ever!

I would like to say I’m gonna throw some wild party, but I really don’t have that kind of social circle. Or any social circle, really. I’m in my final year of high school, but I only have one real friend. I feel like I don’t fit in with people, because I’m a freak. I’m 6’11” tall, and I always feel very self-conscious of my size. I try to stand back and away from things, sit at the corners or at least edges of classrooms and so on. It’s kind of always been this way. My mum says I “hit a growth spurt the day after I was born and never stopped.” I’ve always been way bigger than everyone my age, I grew taller than my parents when I was ten!

A couple years ago I tried going to the gym and fell in love with it, I’m there for a couple hours every single day now. The progression of lifting is fantastic, and I do some of every class they offer. I particularly enjoy the yoga and balance/hold sessions. My body has responded, like, a lot, which I can’t deny is good for my self-esteem and confidence, but it does mean I’m even larger than before. I have to turn sideways to walk through most doors. Breaking chairs at school became a pretty regular occurrence until I learned the right way to sit on them. Not a great feeling to have everyone laugh at you as you fall to the ground.

I just got back from the gym in time to help them pack, so I head inside and go for the shower. Stripping naked, I contemplate my form in the mirror. Gym really has worked wonders — I have a strong chest, distinct abdominal development, thick biceps and forearms, and muscular thighs. Dangling between my hips, though, is the truly freakish part of me — my package. When totally soft, my uncircumcised penis hangs just over a foot towards the ground. It almost reaches my knees, so thick that I can just barely touch my fingers together as I grip it. Behind it, my sack hangs almost as low, weighed down and stretched by the mass of my balls. Each is the size of my two fists held together. This is what gets me teased by every guy in the locker room. Only a couple of them are actually mean about it, calling me a mutant or a freak, but everyone does it a bit. And everyone laughs at their jokes.

I get into the shower, setting it to steaming hot. The shower head is roughly at my nipple level, I have to bend down and lean around to clean my head and shoulders.

I basically never talk to girls either. They’re all so hot, and I get hard so easily. I would hate to gross them out and be a creep, my massive cock bulging the front of my pants as I talk to them. And asking someone out? What could we even do? The thing is way too thick to fit even a little bit in, well, anywhere. Instead I just fantasise, jerking my ginormous penis while I think about kissing a girl, holding hands with her.

My only real friend is Emma. We’ve been neighbours since forever, though we’ve kind of drifted apart in high school since I’ve become obsessed with gym and she’s, you know, made actual friends like a normal person. I haven’t seen much of her lately, but she’s still the one girl I can actually talk to comfortably. Thinking of girls and erections pulls my focus to my penis, feeling the hot water running over inch after inch before splashing to the ground. It starts swelling a bit, thickening and reaching further to the floor. I don’t want to jerk off right now so I switch the water to full cold, shivering under the stream for a minute before getting out and drying.

After relieving myself and drying off, I pull on just a pair of XXL sweatpants. I’ll do some more balance and flexibility work in the living room, so it’s good be unrestricted by clothing. I’m trying to push towards one-arm handstands now, but it’s… well, very very difficult. I’m barely progressing on it at all. While warming up, I look up from a pose and jerk in shock, losing my balance. Emma is watching through the window! How long has she been there? We make eye contact and she grins, beckoning with one arm and walking up to the front of the house. I hurry around to open the door. “Hey, Emma! What’s up?”

“Well, I know you have the house to yourself right now-“

“Wait, what? How did you know that?”

She twirls a lock of hair as she looks up at me. “Well, you know, my parents were chatting with yours and so on. What were you doing?”

“I was just warming up, gonna do some balance work.”

“Ah cool!” She looks me up and down, grinning. “Wow, you have really been hitting the gym recently. You’re huge! Nice abs.”

I blush gay seks hikayeleri and rub the back of my neck. “Uh… thank you?” I trail off, awkward.

“So… can I come in? Or are you locking me out?” she giggles.

“Oh! Sorry, of course, of course, please, come in.” As she walks past me I look her over. Emma is tall for a woman, a little shorter than a foot under my own height. She’s very slender, with little in the way of curves, but a pretty face and lovely brown hair reaching halfway down her back. She’s wearing a nice black dress that shows off her shoulders and chest a bit. It also looks like she has some makeup on? That’s weird, why would she? Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t really know much about it.

She steps into the hall and turns back to me. “So… can I watch you work out?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to bore you!”

“Come on, do you think I would have asked if I thought it would be boring?” she teases me, smirking.

“Okay, that’s fair, I guess-“

“I just want to see what you can do with that body! I mean, how much do you weigh anyway?”

I laugh and try to tease her. “Isn’t that kind of rude? You wouldn’t tell me-“

“I weigh fifty-eight kilograms.”

“Oh. Okay. I’m just a bit over one-hundred twenty.”

“Oh, wow…” she looks me over again, head to toe. “Yeah, I guess I can see it, but I wouldn’t have guessed you literally weigh more than two of me.”

I blush more, walking into the lounge room to avoid the attention for a moment. “I guess gym’s really working for me.” Emma follows me in, sitting on the couch and looking at me expectantly.

“So what are you going to do?”

“Well, today I was planning to work on my handstand pushups.”

“Wow, that sounds… crazy. How close are you to doing one?”

I chuckle. “No, I can do them. I just want to get really good at them, get more stable.”

“Okay, this I have gotta see! Go on.”

I grin and turn away from her, kicking up into a handstand. Once I have my balance I start slowly grinding out reps, touching my chin to the floor before returning to full extension. My pace is very controlled and careful, trying to build up my stability and endurance. After about half a dozen of these I hear her cough, then again more pointedly when I keep working. I look up at her, seeing she’s flushed a deep red and averting her eyes. “What’s up?”

She gestures vaguely at my legs, still turning her gaze away, and I look up. My penis has flopped forwards, pressing against the front of my sweatpants to make an extremely prominent bulge. It’s a heavy enough imprint that you can literally see the rim of my glans. I collapse to the ground in surprise, blushing profusely as I rearrange myself and get up. “Oh, I’m so sorry Emma, uh, I’ll just go and uh change out of these-“

“No!” I stop still, looking back at her. She seems as surprised as me that she blurted that out. “No, wait, I don’t want to come barging into your home, interrupt you, and make you change! Keep doing your thing. We’re all adults here, right?”

I try to explain. “No, Emma, it’s fine, you didn’t expect to have to see th-that-“

“No really, it’s okay! I shouldn’t have reacted like that, it was immature. It’s not like I’ve never seen a penis before. And I already knew you have a giant cock. Finish your workout!”

“Well… alright. It’s not really my workout, I’m just doing an extra supplemental bit after my gym session today,” I explain as I get back onto the ground.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, you’re like super strong, I get it. Now get to work!” I kick up again, facing away from her. I start alternating between holding the handstand, extending my feet to the ceiling, and repeating more pushups. After a few minutes, she speaks up again. “Could you… face this way?”

“What?” I’m breathing heavily. “Why?”

“Well… I liked the view better.” Her voice is very small as she squeezes out the last few words. “Because of your abs! And your biceps. You’ve gotten so fucking fit! It’s not because of anything else.”

“I, uh, okay.” I shuffle my hands to swing my body around, facing her. She’s blushing red again, looking right back into my eyes. I look away, staring at the floor as I get back to my work. The next time I glance, she’s looking up at my body, mouth hanging slightly open. Is she… staring at my dick? No way. I watch during my next set of pushups, her gaze tracking up and down slightly before she notices me looking and snaps her head down to look lower. I’m starting to get comfortable now, kind of showing my freakish cock to my best friend. I’ve been trying so hard to keep the thing hidden ever since I started puberty, it’s great to just… have it out in the open. Well, not really, but you know. So to speak.

Dropping back to my feet, I go stand in front of her. She’s definitely staring! It takes her a moment to realise I’m just standing there watching her, snapping her gaze up to meet mine and closing her mouth. She swallows heavily, “That was, uh, really impressive, Jason. Seriously… impressive. How long have you been practicing that?”

“Thanks! Almost two years, basically since just after I started going to the gym. They run yoga and also these like non-spiritual posture and balance classes, it’s great.”

“Wow, you made it look so easy!” She looks me over again, gaze lingering near my hips. “You’ve actually grown so massive, it’s hard to believe you’ve just been working out for two years. I remember when you were like a rail! Now, though,” she wets her lips, “now you’re definitely not skinny. You’re so thick. I mean, not thick. So… broad, and muscular.”

I’m blushing furiously now, face flooded red. I turn away to go walk out to my bedroom. “Uh, thank you! I’m hungry. We should eat. I’ll just go get a shirt on and start making-”

“Wait!” she shouts, interrupting me then seeming embarrassed at her volume. “You don’t have to, uh, put anything else on. If you don’t want to, I mean. It’s pretty warm in here. You wouldn’t want to get sweaty after your workout. But don’t let me tell you what to do, it’s your house,” she babbles.

“Emma, relax. If you don’t want me to, I won’t put a shirt on.”

“Good! I mean, it’s fine. Whatever you want.” What is she so nervous about? “So, what’s for dinner?”

“I was planning on just doing spaghetti bolognaise. I was gonna make enough for leftovers anyway, so it’s easy to feed you too. Come help me make it!”

We chat as we work, quickly filling the room with the smell of frying onions and garlic. The earlier weirdness is dispelled, and we’re laughing and joking with each other. It’s really nice to spend time with her again. I hadn’t quite realised how lonely I’ve become, recently. Working around Emma in this little kitchen reminds me of how stupidly big I am, though. She’s tall for a girl, but more than a foot shorter than me — her head is like level with my bare nipples. While I’m stirring the bolognaise she comes up behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist in a hug. “Thanks, Jason. It’s really good to hang out with you again, I’ve missed this.” I feel very aware of her breasts pushing against my back, my cock immediately responding to the contact and starting to lengthen slightly.

I hesitantly reach one hand back to rest on her elbow, the other still stirring. “Me too, Emma. I’m glad you came around tonight, I honestly wouldn’t have even thought to ask you to hang out. Sorry.”

“No I’m sorry! I’ve barely spoken to you for like years, we used to be so close.”

“I’m bigger, which obviously means my sorriness is bigger too! That’s settled, now let’s eat.” She laughs at that and pulls away, grabbing bowls and cutlery as I drain the pasta. On an impulse I grab a bottle of wine, presenting it to her questioningly. She pauses for a long moment before smiling and nodding, so I grab a couple of wine glasses and pour out generous serves for us both.

After we dig in for a few minutes, a thought occurs to me. “So… you’ve seen a penis before?”

She laughs, surprised. “What?”

“Before, when I was… you know, wardrobe problems, you said it’s not like you hadn’t seen a penis before.”

“Well, yeah, of course. I’ve seen Simon’s.”


“Yeah? My boyfriend? Oh my goodness, did you really not know? It has been way too long.”

It feels like something cold settles into my gut as I hear that. “No, I… I had no idea you have a boyfriend.”

“Oh, I mean, he’s not my boyfriend. Sorry, I said that weird. He was my boyfriend. We broke up, like, two, three months ago or so.”

Relief fills me. “Ah, I see. And… you already knew I ‘have a giant cock’?”

She blushes at that, taking a big mouthful of food to stall. “Well, yeah. Remember we used to take baths together? Or play doctor?”

“Uh… vaguely. That was like more than ten years ago though!”

“Well, yeah. I guess you made an impression.” Her voice gets even quieter. “Back then you were already bigger than Simon is, seeing that… that was kind of memorable.” She brightens up. “I can’t believe you grew this much though! It looked so massive, how big is it now? Tell me, I have money riding on this!”

“I… what? Money?”

“Well yeah, my friends and I set up a betting pool.” Seeing me sit there speechless, she continues. “Lots of the guys have mentioned you have a big one. Your dick is like half of what the gay clique ever talks about. It’s kind of ridiculous. I was arguing with the girls about how much they’re exaggerating, and someone suggested we put money on the line! If any of us ever find out, we’ll tell the others and settle the accounts.”

I’m gobsmacked by this. People talk about it? “What if I don’t want you to tell people?”

Emma pauses, looking me in the eyes as she takes a sip of wine. “Well… okay, if you really don’t want me to then I won’t. But I mean… Jason, like literally our entire year level has heard of it. Word gets around. If you like, I can tell my friends not to tell anyone the exact size, but does it really matter?”

“Yeah… I guess it doesn’t.” I drain the rest of my wine, refilling my glass and topping up hers. “So… what did you bet?”

She laughs out loud. “Jason, you can’t just ask me how big I think your cock is!”

“You literally just asked me how big my cock actually is.” I’m grinning too at the absurdity of this conversation.

“Okay, yeah, that’s a good point. So, we all agreed the boys were exaggerating. Every time we heard them speak about it the number was different, twelve inches, fourteen inches, ten inches, so on. The question was how much. We decided on even odds for some different size ranges. Most bet around seven to nine inches, a couple as high as eleven inches long. Harriet was the only one to bet ‘less than seven inches’,” she smirks.

I roll my eyes. “Yeah, Harriet always seemed to have it out for me. I really don’t know why; I never talk to her. Or anyone.”

“It’s because you shut her down that one time she tried to hit on you.”

“What?? When? No one ever hits on me.”

“I don’t know, it was like three years ago or something. She really likes how tall you are, but she’s like full sour grapes on you now.”

I’m stunned to hear that. I thought no girl would ever be interested in me! But she hit on me and I didn’t even realise it? “Oh. That’s… weird to hear. I don’t remember anything like that.” I pause, eating more pasta. Emma has finished her plate, just watching me eat and sipping her wine as I work my way through my third. “But you, my friend, didn’t answer my question.”

She smirks. “Well, I had insider info. And faith in you. I was the only person to bet ‘more than twelve inches’, so there’s some hefty kinda cash here for me!”

I grin back at her. “Well, you were right. It’s just over twelve inches long. Call it twelve and a half or so.”

“Yes!” She jokingly fist-pumps. “That’s over a grand in the bank for me, baby!”

“Wow, a thousand dollars? On a bet over my penis size? Seriously?”

“Well, you know. We were all kind of drunk when we were talking about it. And then some more people wanted to get in on the pool after they heard about it, so… yeah.” She pauses for a moment, thinking. “Your cock is really twelve inches long, though? That’s insane. Like… does it even fit?”

I shrug awkwardly. “I don’t know.”

“Wait, you’re a virgin?”

“Well, yeah. I’ve never asked a girl out.”

“Oh, wow. I see. That’s… funny. I kind of assumed you were getting all the pussy.” She’s blushing now, drinking some more wine.

“Really? Why?”

“Well… you’re handsome, you have an amazing voice, you’re the tallest guy I’ve ever seen, and now you’re fucking shredded too! You should be knee-deep in pussy. Drowning in it!” She’s acting more excited now. I think the wine is getting to her a little.

“I guess I’m just shy. And I feel embarrassed by my penis.” Saying that out loud to someone feels so good, a load off my chest.

“Embarrassed? Why? It’s fucking huge.”

“Well yeah, that’s exactly it! It’s way too big, it could never fit in a girl. Or anything!”

Emma pauses, looking thoughtful. “Okay, you might have a point there. But that’s no reason not to try! Even if it doesn’t fit, you can still have a lot of fun with a girl. And you should be learning how to have that. Besides,” she interrupts herself to drain her glass, “twelve inches is definitely massive but pussies can be pretty stretchy. You might be surprised.”

“I guess, but if I’m having sex then surely I’m going to be hard…” I murmur doubtfully.

“What? Well, yeah, of course. That’s kind of how it works.”

“So it’ll be a lot more than twelve inches.”

She stares me in the eyes for a second, not reacting, before slowly speaking. “More? Are you saying you get bigger than twelve inches?”

I shift uncomfortably, not understanding why she’s suddenly behaving this way. “Well yeah? Isn’t it normal that they get bigger when they’re hard?”

“Oh… wow.” She chuckles. “It’s a good thing I bet ‘more’ than twelve. So you were totally soft when you were working out before?”

“Yeah, of course. Did you- ah, right, you thought I was hard.”

“Duh! Because it’s like twice as long as the next biggest cock I’ve ever seen! That’s… Jesus. It must be so heavy.”

I laugh. “You think that’s heavy, you should see my balls!”

“What, are they big too?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess. I dunno.” I take a sip. “Actually, yeah, I can just say it. They’re massive. The weight makes my sack hang down like almost a foot. Each of them is literally bigger than the whole package of any other guy I’ve ever seen.”

Emma giggles at that. “You look at a lot of guys’ packages?”

“Well, I guess. I like seeing how much bigger I am, to be honest.”

“Of course you do. Do you cum much? My friends are always arguing about whether bigger balls mean more cum, one says it’s nonsense but the other is convinced it’s true.”

“Well, maybe it’s just me. I can’t really say for sure. But yeah, I cum a lot. Like… way more than I’ve ever seen in porn.”

“Really?” She’s interested now. “How much are we talking?”

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