Dressing To Go Out

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The silence of the night surrounded her, pressing on her with its serenity, attempting to ease her anxiety. She could not be soothed though. Rampant feelings that she wasn’t used to, had truly never experienced before surged through her body, setting her on edge. Her heels clicked softly along the paved path as she looked up at the sky.

Why had she gone there tonight? Why had she dressed in such a way? She could still feel the power his gaze had held over her. She sighed and allowed her mind to drift back over the night’s events.

It felt like every eye was on her as she walked into the room. Her stilettos clicked against the hard wood floor as she bypassed the dance floor and moved over to the bar. The skirt of her red and black outfit swayed from side to side with each step, the red strip flowing against her knee while the black rested a few inches above it. The blouse hung loosely off her shoulders; plunging low across her breasts, showing off a generous proportion of skin that bounced just enough to catch attention with each step she took.

She knew how she looked in this outfit. She looked like a vixen. She had finished the look off with a black lace choker around her neck, and just a hint of red lipstick. She sat down between a man and a woman, and smiled at the bartender. “Hello Mick.”

“Shana. It’s good to see you.” He let his eyes slide over her slowly. “Very good in fact. What’s the occasion?”

She shook her head and smiled, causing a wisp of curl to fall past her ear. “No occasion. I just felt like dressing up.”

He reached across the bar and tucked the curl back behind her ear. His fingers brushed down the side of her cheek and she almost forgot how to breathe. “You should dress up more often.”

“Maybe I will.”

“I’ll be off for the night in about ten. Care to dance then?” She nodded slowly, unable to break her gaze from his. It was with a very slow precision that he leaned across the bar and brought his lips over hers; deepening the kiss enough to make her want more before he pulled away. “Ten minutes.”

Ten minutes had never seemed longer in Shana’s life. She watched everything around her all the while aware of every move he made without even watching. It was like her senses were attuned to his body, but yet she still jumped when he tapped her on the back of the shoulder. He had unbuttoned his black shirt away from his neck and was grinning down at her, holding out his hand. “I believe that you owe me a dance.”

When she placed her hand in his it was like a small shock of electricity went through her body. He smiled as he pulled her to a corner of the dance floor and then pulled her up against his body as the song switched. It was slow and seductive, and the beat seemed to match her heart, as she pressed to him, very aware of the hard contours rippling against her soft body. She slipped her arms around him, pressing her soft curves to his hard planes as they swayed back and forth. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, gently parting her lips and seducing her tongue. His hand slid lower over her back, resting on her hip, slipping low enough to tease one cheek as he pulled her lower body snug against his. She gasped as she felt just how hard he truly was pressing against her and she could have sworn she heard him groan. But just as he did the other bartender called out to him and he sighed, dropping his head back.

“Shana… I’ll be right back. I swear I will. Don’t go anywhere.”

She nodded somewhat dumbly as she backed away from the dance floor and into a secluded booth. She watched as Mick made his way back over to the bar and leaned across it again, talking with Joe. Joe was the over night bartender. He always took over when Mick went off the clock. It was as she watched a tall, leggy brunette join them that she realized something. She didn’t have a prayer Escort Kızılay in the world. She had no clue what she was doing.

Mick was the kind of guy who always got the girl, the tall, willowy, super sexy girl.

She bolted. As quickly and quietly as she could she made for the door and when she glanced over her shoulder she saw the brunette lean in close to Mick and trail her fingers down his arm.

She sighed and shook her head as she continued on her way. It wouldn’t do any good to dwell on it. Her feet were beginning to hurt from the heels so she slipped them off and eased her way off the path, letting her feet carry her down to the rivers edge that she knew so well. She sank down on the bank shore and simply stared out at the water for a long time. “What was I thinking?” She finally murmured.

“That’s what I would like to know.” She nearly screamed as she whipped around. Mick stood behind her, his arms crossed angrily and scowling, but the scowl slowly left replaced with a look of confusion and concern. “Shana, you’re crying. What’s wrong?”

She looked away from him and off across the river. “I shouldn’t have. I shouldn’t have come to the bar tonight dressed like this. I shouldn’t have thought I had a chance.”

“Shana what in the hell are you talking about?” He moved closer and dropped his hand onto her shoulder. She was cold. He hurriedly removed his coat and draped it over her shoulders, kneeling behind her to rub her arms. “You looked beautiful. I think I forgot how to breathe when you walked in.”

“I’ve seen the women you’re usually with. I’m not like them Mick. I’m not graceful or coordinated. I’m not tall and leggy or have a perfect body like they do. I don’t have prayer against that. I didn’t even know what I was doing.” She finished on a whisper.

“Really? You could have fooled me.” He turned her around facing him and leaned forward, pressing his lips to her throat. She shivered. “Your body sure felt perfect when it was pressed up to me out on that dance floor.” He lifted his hand and cupped her breast, tracing the outline of her nipple through her blouse. It made her tremble a little. “You sure seemed to know what to do when we were kissing and rubbing together.” He leaned over her, forcing her to lean away until she was flat on the ground. “Let me show you, Shana. Let me prove to you you’re more than you realize.” His lips ghosted against hers before sliding down her neck and over the thin material covering her breasts.

Her breath caught in her throat as they found first one nipple and then the other, sucking them slowly as she arched into his touch. His fingers deftly found the hem of her blouse and began inching it up, teasing her skin as it was revealed. He lifted it past her breasts and held it just above them as he kisses around her right breast, tasting her skin. She groaned as Mick finally brought his lips to the crest of her breast, taking the nipple between his teeth and tugging it gently before sucking. She moaned even louder as his hand began kneading her other breast, rolling his palm over her nipple repeatedly. “See?” He breathed against her skin. “You’re the perfect woman.” He began kissing his way downward, tracing around her belly button with his tongue.

Mick grinned up at her as he reached her skirt and instead of pulling it down, he pushed it up. The front of it folded back and in the next moment he was placing soft teasing kisses along her heated mound. She was damp already; he could feel it through her panties as he rubbed his nose against her. She trembled under him and he softly stroked his fingers reassuringly up and down her sides as he used his teeth to slide panties down. He kissed her again, with no barrier between his lips and her pussy. He began to slide his tongue along her slit and she moaned out, her hips arching wantonly so that Kızılay Escort he pressed his tongue deep into her, tracing it over her clit.

Shana groaned and arched into his tongue, pleasure rolling through her as he grazed his teeth against her clit and slid a finger inside her. “I lied,” he breathed against her clit. “I didn’t just forget how to breathe.” Mick suckled softly on her clit, his finger pumping in and out of her tightness. “I nearly came in my pants just from seeing you.”

Her fingers curled into his hair, and he smiled against her as he slipped a second finger into her, lapping his tongue over her clit repeatedly until her body was trembling under his mouth. His fingers stroked her, in and out, caressing her, coaxing her body to respond until she was rocking against his hand and tongue.

“Mick,” her voice almost failed as she writhed into his hand. “Please!” It came out in a soft begging tone, but it quickly went up in volume as she cried out her pleasure. He had gently nipped her clit and was now sucking it hard, his fingers thrusting hard with her climax. He eagerly lapped up her juices and as her body’s trembling slowed he moved up above her.

He smiled and leaned his forehead down against hers, letting his body brush against hers as he looked into her eyes. “I told you, you’re every bit a woman as they are, if not more.”

Her eyes flashed with something that might have been doubt as she gazed into Mick’s eyes, but then she let her fingers trail down his chest and down to the hard bulge in his pants. “Is that why you’re so hard? Cause I’m such a woman?” Her fingers brushed up and down against him, and he couldn’t stop the groan that slid past his lips. He didn’t have a chance to reply though as her lips found his and all thought was wiped from his mind.

Her fingers slid back to his chest and deftly began unbuttoning his shirt. It was swiftly pulled out of his pants and pushed aside as he tugged her shirt the rest the way off. The button on his pants popped open with a tug and the zipper slid down almost of its own accord. She pushed his pants and boxers down just enough to free his cock and wrapped her small hand around him, stroking him slowly so that he groaned and pressed eagerly into her hand. He groaned in aggravation and stood up, kicking off his pants and boxers in one move and turning back to her.

She was on her knees now and she smiled up at him as she once more wrapped her hand around him. He leaned into the slow caressing, letting his eyes drift shut. The next moment though they sprang open as her lips wrapped around his cock, slowly moving them up and down on his hard shaft. He placed his hands on the back of her head and slowly began thrusting in and out of her mouth, groaning as she sucked him with each move. It didn’t take long for the soft strokes to become fast and short, Shana sucked him harder the faster he moved. Her hand was stroking his balls, rolling them back and forth as her mouth tightened around him and as her tongue swirled him, he exploded in her mouth.

She swallowed quickly as he came, the constricting of her mouth and throat against his cock making him cum even harder until he was spent. She slid her mouth away slowly and let her gaze fall to the ground. He dropped to his knees in front her, placing his hand against her cheek.

It seemed like they were only a breath apart as Mick’s finger traced the side of her face, dipping his finger under her chin and lifted her eyes to his. “We’re not done.” His voice was so low it sent chills down her spine as she gazed at him in wonder. He leaned in and pressed his lips to her, quickly deepening the kiss. As his tongue slid past her lips one hand slid behind her, pulling her snug up against him so that they were flesh to flesh. Her nipples pressed into his chest achingly, and his erection Kızılay Escort Bayan pressed throbbingly hard against her lower abs. She moved and rubbed her body along his slowly causing him to groan as his kiss became feverish.

He laid her back again and slid her skirt down her legs. He gazed at her for a long moment before moving. He leaned over her again, and placed a light kiss on her belly, just above her belly button. He smiled against her warm skin and began kissing his way up, in reverse of his earlier actions. His lips barely ghosted against her breasts before settling on her neck and nuzzling her pulse point. He throbbed between her legs, his shaft pressing against her wet slit as he wrapped her legs around his waist and slid his arms around her.

In one move, Mick was sitting up with her on his lap and if it was possible he was pressed even more against her. She wriggled a little and he groaned. He kissed his way to just below her ear and gently tugged her earlobe. “Tell me, Shana, do you want it?” His breath was hot against her skin and she trembled. “Do you want my big, hard, dick buried deep inside you?”

Shana’s reply sounded almost like a whimper as she rubbed herself against him. “Yes. Please Mick, I’ve wanted this for -” but she quickly stopped herself, a blush stilling across her cheeks and she looked away.

Mick was having none of it. He forced her gaze back to his again and ground his erection hard against her. “Finish what you were saying.”

She groaned and her nails slightly dug into his skin. “I’ve wanted this since I met you.”

“Then tell me how bad you want it.” It wasn’t a demand, more like a request as he trailed his fingers across her breasts, slowly kneading their flesh. He could feel her heat radiating against his cock, and it was taking everything he had not to simply throw her down and take her.

Her response surprised him, and it shattered every bit of self-control he had been using. “I don’t want it. I need it, Mick.” Her eyes were trained on his now, and he moaned softly against her skin as she pressed closer. “I need it so bad, I’ve dreamed of it so long. Please. I need you to fuck me.”

He couldn’t deny her; he couldn’t hold himself back any longer after that. He lifted her until his cockhead was pressed against her opening and then quickly dropped her down on it. They both moaned. Her pussy was so tight around him as he began to bounce her up and down on his shaft, and his hard length seemed even bigger locked inside her. She groaned and using her legs for leverage began bouncing herself up and down on his cock. Her breasts bounced freely against him and her nipples called for him as he leaned forward and began suckling.

She moaned and began to bounce faster on his cock, impelling herself time and again. His lips were teasing her nipples, drawing on them and sucking, then running his tongue over them and nibbling as he rocked with her bouncing, moaning against her skin, sending vibrations through her nibbles. Her pussy was so wet it was running down his cock, and he groaned as she intentionally tightened her slit around him, causing him to buck harder against her. He leaned them both over so she was on her back again and began ramming his cock hard in and out of her. Shana groaned even more loudly, her nails raking up his back as another hard thrust made her climax again. The tight spasming around his cock quickly made Mick cum as well and he slammed even faster into her, grunting as his hot cum filled her until it spilled out and down her thighs. He fell to the side, panting and pulled her close to him, trailing soft kisses over the side of her face.

“Now, is it going to be another five years before you’re brave enough to do this again?” He grinned and kissed the corner of her lips.

“Not on your life, Mick.” Shana smiled and brushed her lips against his.

“Good, cause I don’t think I could keep my hands off you for more than a day or two.”

Shana’s laughter echoed out across the lake, and Mick smiled as he sat up and kissed her soundly. This could definitely be the beginning of something very interesting.

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