Drinking My Cousin’s Pee

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My Uncle Ron and Auntie Jean had just bought a cottage and invited my parents and me to stay for a week. Uncle Ron was my mom’s brother. My cousin Diane was there too. She had just had her 18th birthday at the time, and though still a “school girl”, was developing into a beautiful young woman. The cottage was on a lake, and I decided to camp outside as the weather was nice and warm.

I have two “special hobbies”, wearing girl’s panties and drinking my own pee.

I would pretend it was a girl’s pee I was drinking, but I really longed for the real thing.

This summer was about to become the best one for my pee drinking hobby.

Ch 1. My cousin and I drink our pee.

After the first night we all had breakfast together, and our parents went shopping, leaving Diane and me behind. I wandered around the various rooms and saw potties under the beds, because there was only an outside privy at the time. I went into Diane’s room, heart thumping, thinking to steal a pair of her panties, but saw her potty was still full of pee. Oh my, what a temptation! I picked it up and sniffed it, not too bad, I dipped my finger in and tasted it. It was a little salty, but I loved it. Heart really thumping now, and feeling dizzy with the whole sexual urge, I put the potty to my lips and had a little sip. I was totally giddy with excitement, and took a mouthful, swirled it round my mouth and swallowed it. I wanted to savor the rest of it so I took the potty out to my tent, forgetting Di, and that there was now no potty in her room. I settled down on my camp bed and had a long slow wank, sipping Diane’s pee all the while.

“I’m drinking a girl’s pee, I’m drinking a girl’s pee.” I said to myself over and over, faster and faster until I came. güvenilir bahis I have never had such an orgasm before in my life, and vowed to get more of her pee by any means possible.

Later on, sitting with Diane on the deck she said “I saw you.”

“How do you mean?” I replied. “Saw what?” I was red in the face and my heart was pounding. “She knows, I thought!”

“I watched you wanking. You were drinking out of my potty.”

“I wasn’t.”

“I saw you. Were you drinking my pee?”

“Er, no, I mean yes and I loved it!” I shouted.

“Eew, gross. Why did you do that?”

“I dunno, I just like drinking pee so I though I’d try yours.”

“What does it taste like?”

“Salty.” I said. “Just like mine.”

“You drink your own pee too? Why?”

“Cos I’m pretending it’s a girl’s.”

Diane started looking at me quite intently, and I noticed that under the rug she had on her lap she was rubbing herself between her legs.

“Would you give me some more please Di, I really need it. I want to watch you doing it into that potty while I drink it with a straw.”

“No, I can’t, I’d feel silly but I’ll do some for you in my room.”

So she went to her room, and came back a few minutes later with a nearly full potty.

“I’m glad you asked, I was nearly bursting.”

She had such a lovely, caring smile on her face, and her eyes were glistening with joy as she offered me the potty full of her lovely pee. While I was drinking it, she started rubbing me, and oh boy, did I ever cum quickly in my pants, or rather hers as I was wearing a pair of her panties at the time.

“You double dirty cousin, you!” She was laughing and getting more excited all the time.

My turn to excite türkçe bahis her. So I ran my fingers slowly up her leg and into her panties. I could feel her soft lips moisten as I ran my fingers over her clitoris. She started panting and moving her hips faster before she shuddered and turned bright red up her neck.

“I think we should get cleaned up before our parents get back, Di.”

“Well you can start by taking my panties off!”

My first drink of girl’s pee. What a day.

The next day, our Dads decided to go home for the week to work, but I stayed on with the three ladies. Our Mums went shopping again leaving us alone.

“Let’s go and explore those woods.” Di said.

We walked slowly along the track, and Di took my hand. I put my arm around her, I felt so proud and yet so horny! She was making pee for me right there in her lovely body. Di had saved me her night’s “production” which just made me want more. Into the woods we went, and Di said that she needed a pee.

Damn, I’d forgotten to bring a drinking glass. “I don’t have anything to drink it from.” Quothe I.

“That’s not a problem!” she laughed, and pulled up her dress. She had no panties on! She started peeing and I had to kneel down quickly to catch it before it was all gone. It was warmer than what I’d got from her potty and it tasted so right, salty and strong this time. I closed my lips around her pussy to drink it all without losing any, but it was coming so fast I let some go in my hair before catching the last of it. “I’ll have to teach her to pee more slowly.” I thought, “so I can savor it.” When she’d finished I licked her clitoris gently, and she responded again by moving her hips slowly at first, and then with more intensity as she came güvenilir bahis siteleri to a climax.

We walked on, slowly at first as our legs were weak. I still hadn’t cum, and had a terrific hard on which she grabbed hold of and sort of lead me along. Di had a bottle of water which she took frequent drinks from. After a while Di said “A girl at school drank a whole glass of pee as a bet. We all thought it was gross, but I tasted some of my pee last night and it wasn’t so bad. A bit salty. Now I need to go again.”

“So do I” I said, “I’ve got an idea. Let’s lie down and do a 69 for it. We lay down on our sides, and I hugged her tight, and kissed her pretty lips. I thought how much better it was than kissing her mouth.

Di hugged me and took my now really throbbing cock into her mouth. She ran her long cool fingers up and down either side of my balls – ecstasy. We started peeing, slowly at first to keep up, then with more force until we were both empty. Her pee was quite weak now as she’d had a lot of water to drink.

I carried on licking her until she came, with little spurts of fluid this time. “God, she loves this.” I thought. Di ran her tongue around the end of my penis, slowly sucking me to a climax, then she spat it out!

“Why did you waste my cum when you’d just drunk my pee?”

“Sorry, it’s just that my last boyfriend didn’t like me swallowing it. He wanted me to spit it back in his mouth. I didn’t know what you wanted.”

“Well, I’d like you to swallow it next time, preferably mixed with my pee. Did you ever think of drinking his pee?”

“No, but I will with the next one.”

When we got back, Auntie Jean was on her own. “Your mom wanted to go home, but I thought you’d like to stay a bit longer. I know how much Di likes you being here. It’s made all the difference to her after she finished with her boyfriend.”

“You have no idea how much of a difference.” I thought.

In the next chapter I get to drink my Aunty’s pee.

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