Drunk Sexy Mom


I grew up in a blue collar family. Dad was a welder and Mom worked in an insurance office. We lived in a small town about two hours west of Houston where both my parents were born and all our family lived. Our family consisted of Dad, Mom, me and my little brother who was 10 at the time.

I guess Mom and Dad were pretty heavy weekend drinkers. They would go out every Saturday night and sleep late every Sunday, smelling like booze when they got up. Dad was 39 and Mom was 38 at the time. Dad was a pretty big man, he stood six feet tall and weighed about 200 pounds. At 18, I was the spitting image of him, same hair color and style, same height and weight. I played on the varsity football team my sophomore year in high school and was headed to a junior college on a scholarship that fall. All the family, Mom included couldn’t get over how much I looked like Dad.

Mom was quite simply a beautiful woman with a great body and she knew it. She was always perfectly made up and dressed to show off her hourglass figure. In the last few years, I had lost quite a few friends because I whipped their ass over comments they made about my Mom. She was a flirt with everyone and didn’t mind showing a lot of cleavage or leg. She wore short, tight skirts and blouses to work every day and when she put on a pair of shorts they were so short and tight, there was not much left to the imagination in either the front or back. Mom and Dad had a lot of arguments about the way she dressed. But, she was my Mom and no one was going to talk about her. I can honestly say that I was more embarrassed by than attracted to the way my Mom dressed and acted.

This story took place when I was 18 in 1987. Seems my older cousin Susan was getting married at the end of July and there was going to be a bachelor party for the groom on Friday night and a big party for the bride and other women on Saturday night. The guys had a poker game scheduled for Saturday night at my Grandfathers house. Dad had been working out of town for two weeks and didn’t get home until late Friday night, so we didn’t leave until early Saturday morning.

Because my grandfathers brothers had come in for the festivities they slept in the big house bostancı escort and we were quartered in a small house out back where my dad’s grandmother once lived. It had a combination kitchen/den, bathroom and bedroom. My great-grandmothers full sized bed had been replaced with bunk beds in the bedroom. There was a couch with a pull out bed in the den. Naturally my brother and I would sleep on the couch.

The men started drinking about 2pm and the card game started about 6. The women left for the party about 7. My brother and I hung around the card game until about 10 and then walked back to the little house to watch television. My brother fell asleep about midnight and I was just about asleep when I heard someone trying to open the door. I got up just as my dad came stumbling through the door. He was really drunk and stumbled over to the first place he saw to sit, dropping down on the sofa bed. He told me to help him get his shoes off and with that collapsed onto the bed. I pulled his shoes, pants and shirt off and covered him up. I went into the bedroom and got into the top bunk because I’d heard my Mom tell my Dad that afternoon she was sleeping on the bottom.

I don’t know what time Mom came in, but she woke me when she ran into something in the den. I was about to get out of the bed when in the dim light of the night light in the wall socket I saw her coming into the room. She stood in the middle of the room for a few moments as if she was trying to get her bearings. She was wearing a tight black mini skirt with a yellow blouse. I was laying up on the bunk with my eyes half open just watching her. It was obvious she was very drunk because she swayed from side to side as she stood there.

Without even thinking it was about to happen, I suddenly found myself watching my mother undress. She removed her blouse, threw it on the floor and struggled with the clasp of her bra. I guess she finally got it undone because it suddenly slid down her arms and onto the floor. I was somewhat surprised that they were not as big as they seemed when she was dressed. They sort of sagged a little and the spots on the ends were real small and sort of büyükçekmece escort pink. Her nipples were just little pink dots that looked more like a small bump than anything.

It was then that I realized my body was responding to the site before me in the dim light. Mom unzipped the skirt and nearly fell as she tried to push it down over her hips. She finally got it over her hips and it fell to the floor around her feet. Mom stood there with her black bikini panties slightly pulled down on the right side. She turned and placed her hand against the wall to brace herself as she stepped out of her skirt and kicked her shoes off. The black panties were very tight across her rear end which was fantastic. She adjusted her panties and pulled them up. By this time my Dick was harder than it had ever been in my life. It had begun to make small jerking movements and I wondered what I was going to do.

Mom looked up at me on the top bunk and suddenly disappeared crawling into the bottom bunk. I figured she was going to sleep, but in a moment or two I heard her get up again and looked up just as she hit the door frame on her way out of the room. I guessed she was going to the bathroom.

In a few minutes Mom returned and closed the door as she came back into the room. I watched as she came across the room and climbed up the ladder to the top bunk. When she got to the top of the ladder she kind of fell into the bed. I lay very still while she flounced around for a few moments then struggled with the sheet and got under it with me. Then it hit me. Mom thought I was Dad and she not only had taken her panties off, she had every intention of having sex. Not only was she drunk, but Dad had been gone for two weeks so I guess she wanted some.

She smelled like liquor. She moved close and I could feel her breast against my arm and her pubic hair against my thigh. I lay very still hoping she would just go to sleep, but suddenly felt her hand move across my stomach and her fingers slowly enter my jockey shorts and touch my Dick. It responded by jerking uncontrollably in her hand. She giggled softly and without warning threw her leg over me çekmeköy escort and climbed on top. She pulled my shorts down just enough to allow my Dick to spring out and point directly at the ceiling. She rose slightly and guided my throbbing Dick between her legs and slowly eased herself down onto it. I heard the air exit her lungs in a slow soft gasp and she began to move her hips very slowly. There is no way to describe the feeling and sensation I was experiencing. Real or imagined, I don’t ever remember experiencing it again with any other woman.

I heard Mom’s breathing become deeper and slight throaty moans. The pace of her hip movements quickened and I knew she was coming. I began to move my hips in time with her movements and within moments we were both coming. I could feel Moms breasts touching my chest and I reached between us to touch them. She raised her upper torso slightly to allow me access as my hand found the left one and began to lightly massage it. It was soft and smooth. The nipple had swollen quite a bit and was hard as a rock. Moms hip movements became furious as I played with her breasts.Her moans became louder and her breathing quickened. She pushed against me to ensure she had the full length of me inside her, suddenly I exploded deep inside her with a fantastic orgasm. She continued her movements for 20 to 30 seconds longer as she finished coming.

Mom collapsed on top of me and for the first time I realized we were both soaking wet with sweat. I felt my sperm dripping out of her and going between my legs. I heard Mom began to lightly snore, she had fallen asleep. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had just had sex with my Mom. If she woke up she would kill me. If my Dad found out he would kill me.

I lay there for what seemed like forever. I finally moved Mom off me and lay there thinking what to do. Mom was snoring loudly. I decided the best thing to do was move her to the bottom bunk and hope she didn’t remember in the morning. I knew that both her and Dad would sleep until someone woke them up in the morning. I moved Mom and opened the door. I got back up on the top bunk, but didn’t sleep a wink the rest of the night.

At about 9am I woke Dad and we went out to the big house because he wanted coffee. Mom showed up at the big house about 11 am. We went home late that afternoon. Mom and Dad went to bed early that night because they were both exhausted.

To my knowledge, Mom has no idea this ever happened. Nothing like this ever happened again even though I wish it would have.

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