Drunken Antics


I’d done it. I’d finally managed to get gorgeous Greg, my incredibly sexy classmate, drunk enough to admit that he’d always thought about having sex with a man. Absolutely wonderful, mostly because I immediately began working on getting him just a little bit drunker so that I could seduce him.

Now we were in his apartment, heading into his bedroom, and we were kissing passionately. I could feel my dick trying to split through my pants as his hard shaft rubbed against it. The bristly brown goatee on his chin rubbed against my face, and I could tell I’d have a rash the next morning from the friction… it didn’t matter. My hands were running over his muscular body, up and down his back and then down to his tight virgin ass. Mine, it was going to be all mine. This had to be a once in a lifetime chance… I’d been lusting after him ever since last semester when we worked on a project together. He had a perfectly muscled body, just a little bit of attractive flab on his stomach, long wavy brown hair, and even though I’m not a person for facial hair, his goatee and mustache looked right on him. Funny, sexy, intelligent… it was a crime that the man wasn’t gay.

Well tonight, he was going to be. I could taste the rum on his breath as our tongues danced together, intoxicating me. Finally our shirts were off, and to my delight, he was running his hands all over my body, the same as I was doing to his soft skin. To my amusement, I realized that he must shave his chest and stomach… does that mean that everything else would be shaved too? We fell onto the bed, me on top of him, and I pulled back, hastily undoing his jeans. Yes, yes he was shaved everywhere. It was gaziantep escort beautiful, his pinkish 8″ cock sprung out, as hard as mine was. Moaning, I lowered my mouth to it, before my drunken lover could even think of hesitating. He fell back onto the bed groaning as my wet mouth encompassed his hard shaft, teasing the tip with my tongue, and finding all the right spots as only another man could. While I was working his dick down my throat, I undid the button on my own jeans and took them off, my own 7 incher springing forth. With deft maneuvering I moved on top of the bed and lowered my hard and dripping dick into his open moaning mouth.

He tensed a little as I entered his mouth, unsure of what to do, realizing, even in his drunken haze, that this was something new and very different. But the new angle that I was at allowed me to engulf his cock all the way to his shaven groin, and he instinctively moaned and then began sucking on my dick in his mouth.

It was heaven, having that hot hard body underneath me, my dick finally in his mouth, his goatee and mustache tickling my thighs. Moving my head rhythmically I increased the suction, and began using my hands to fondle his balls, squeezing and tugging gently, making him moan and heave underneath me. I reveled in the sensation of his vocalizations around my dick, and began pushing further and further into his mouth, basking in the wetness and the heat. Sticking on of my fingers into my mouth and wetting it with saliva, I lifted his balls with my other hand, and moved my finger down towards that tight asshole, rimming it with my finger and then I began pushing him inside.

Again, there was that slight hesitation on his part, but as I worked my finger in, and began stroking his prostate, the hesitation melted away. He began moving his hips harder, really thrusting his dick into my face. I added another finger to his backdoor, really stretching him out. I was determined to have his cum in my mouth, but I knew where I wanted to drop my load.

As I stroked and sucked, I lifted my hips away from his face, just listening to his moans and gasps and I worked his body to the best of my abilities. Moving the fingers in his ass in time with the movements of my head, I could feel his balls tensing as he prepared to cum.

Spurt after spurt blasted into my mouth as he moaned and yelled, sweet stickiness gliding down my throat, I milked him for all he was worth. After he finished cumming, he was still slightly hard… all to the better, it’d just help him enjoy the next act more. Moving quickly I pulled my fingers from his ass and my mouth from his dick, and got him turned over, so that his hips were on the edge of the bed and he was face down, completely spent.

His ass was hairy, like his legs, I could understand how it’d be a little harder to shave the back of you. Pushing his cheeks apart, I nudged my dick towards his wet hole, the saliva on the fingers that had been in his ass, and the coating of wetness from his mouth on my dick should be enough, especially in his drunken state. Besides, I wanted to really be able to feel this beautiful virgin ass stretch around me. I pushed the head of my dick into his ass, he whimpered and arched his back, but didn’t fight me.

“That’s it baby,” I crooned to him, “You know this is what you want right now.”

Slowly I pushed in to the tightest ass I’ve ever experienced. I felt like I was going to cum as soon as I got all the way in. Balls deep I was in heaven, his hot tight hole was clenching around me, pulsing at the invasion, and the low whimpers in his throat were just turning me on even more. Reaching around to grasp his beautiful dick, I found that he was completely hard again. When I ran my hand up and down its length, gripping hard, he pushed his ass back into me, really grinding my dick into him. My turn to moan at the sensations his tight virgin ass was creating for me.

I had to get me some more ass virgins.

But that was a thought for later, for now, I began pumping in and out of his tight ass, feeling it stretch and pulse around me, jerking his dick off in my hand in time to my movements. He was spasming and whimpering as I plundered his ass, and I began moving faster and faster, really wanting to give him the ride of his life. We were banging against the bed, knocking it against the wall, and he was whimpering and crying out in pleasure now, his dick felt hard as a rock as I jerked it in my hand.

I could feel my balls coming to a boil, really it’d been amazing that I’d held out for this long. Roughly, I tugged on his balls, and as his ass clenched around me while he came, I thrust with all my might, embedding myself deep in his ass as I began to cum. He cried out and pushed back, so that I was the deepest I’d been all night, welcoming the load that I was spilling into him.

Finally we were both spent, and I collapsed on top of him, my dick still firmly embedded in his ass. I kissed him between his strong shoulderblades, and heard him whimper again, this time he was whimpering my name.

Maybe I’d stay the night after all.

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