E2 – Educating Natalie – 3 Way Fun


E2 – Educating Natalie – 3 Way FunE2 – Educating Natalie – 3 Way FunBy billy69boyChapter TwoI was so nervous; I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing. I just looked down at the floor, my fingers tied in knots behind my back, waiting for her to do something. Considering that I had just been caught fucking her boyfriend, I expected that she would yell at me, and maybe even slap my face and call me names. Instead, she took a deep breath, sat on the edge of her bed, and told me to sit down next to her.Sandy’s voice was surprisingly calm, and she talked to me in a loving way. She reached over and smoothed out my hair, and told me how I didn’t need a man to take care of my sexual needs. She told me how dangerous it was to have unprotected sex with a man, and how tragic it would be if I got pregnant. She asked me if I was getting my period yet, and I shook my head ‘no’. She exhaled in relief, and smiled. She told me how beautiful I was, and reassured me that there was no sin in wanting to have sex. She patted me lovingly on my shoulder as she went on to tell me that everyone had sexual urges, and it was very natural, but I had to be careful. She ran her finger around my knee a few times, and then lightly touched my exposed leg. She told me that there were many ways to get sexually satisfied, and she moved her hand up and down my leg until her fingers were slipping under the hem of my skirt. I started to get those familiar chills up my spine, and I felt my legs opening up as if they had a mind of their own.Sandy sensed it right away, and she used her other hand to gently push my body down flat on the bed. She continued to rub my leg tenderly, getting closer to my wet pussy with each new caress. She asked me if I wanted to try something new, and I nodded my head. She slipped off the bed and knelt down on the floor in front of my spread legs. She bent my knees and pushed my legs back until they touched my chest. She grabbed my hips and pulled my body towards her. I guess I had a pretty good idea what was going to happen, having seen a lot of different stuff in those porn videos, but I never really thought of myself doing it with another girl. When Sandy’s tongue made contact with my bare, moist pussy that antalya escort was still tender from just getting fucked, I thought I would go through the roof. I jumped like I received an electric shock, and Sandy grabbed me by my ankles and pushed my legs back until my feet faced the ceiling. She licked me lightly a few times, and I groaned out loud. Encouraged, she started licking me furiously, and I went ballistic when she locked her lips on my pussy, and sucked Uncle Roger’s cum right out of me. She flicked her tongue on my clit, and nibbled on it with her teeth, until I couldn’t take it anymore, and pumped her mouth full of my own cum juice. It was my first orgasm with a woman, and it felt wonderful. Sandy held onto me until my trembling stopped, and then she stood up, leaned over me, and kissed my mouth passionately. I could taste different flavors on her lips, which was arousing for some reason. She opened the drawer to her nightstand, and told me she had another surprise for me. She pulled out some kind of a leather harness that had what looked like a fake penis attached to it. She pulled me upright into a sitting position, and handed it to me. She said that it was called a strap-on, and she told me to lick it and suck on it while she took off her clothes. She explained that two girls could use it to fuck each other, and they didn’t need a man. To me, it looked just like the real ones I’d seen in videos.I did what she told me to do, and I was sucking it like a pro as I watched her get undressed. She still had a nice body for an older lady who was getting ready to turn 30. Her breasts were full and firm and I noticed her pussy was as smooth as mine. I had seen lots of girls with shaved pussies in the videos I watched, and I liked it. Only, I didn’t even have to shave yet. Sandy took the strap-on from me and started to slip the harness on and up over her hips. She told me to get on my knees with my ass pointing towards her. I kind of screamed at first when her fingers pushed their way into my tight pussy. She fingered my hole kind of roughly with two fingers, but I didn’t mind. It started to feel good after a few minutes. Just as I was getting used to it, she leaned over and licked my ass escort antalya at the same time. I shrieked again, out of surprise. I never expected her to do something like that. All my attention up to that point centered on making my horny pussy feel good. But, I have to admit, her velvety tongue tickled me in a good way, as she darted the tip of it in and out of my ass hole.After a few minutes, I felt her stop and stand up. I could tell she was getting ready to fuck me with that fake penis, and I was ready for it. I was so wet; it went in easily, even though it was a lot thicker than my uncle’s cock. Sandy worked it in slowly and gently, and I wiggled my ass in approval. She went a little deeper with each new thrust, and I reached back and spread my ass cheeks as wide as I could, so she could give me the whole length of it. This seemed to please her, because she started fucking me harder and faster, and I could feel her thighs slapping against my butt.I loved the feel of that big dick inside of me, and I just smiled to myself at the idea of Sandy fucking me from behind as hard as she could. I was getting ready to cum again, when she shocked me so bad, I couldn’t help be let out a loud scream: As Sandy continued to fuck my pussy harder and harder, she slid her finger deep into my ass hole. I exploded with an intense orgasm, as she furiously reamed my ass with her finger. I couldn’t help the scream, but neither of us thought anything of it, that is, until the bedroom door flew open, and Grandfather Jakob charged in.I heard Sandy ask him what the fuck he thought he was doing. He said that he heard a scream and thought somebody might be hurt. All the while, he was wide-eyed as he took in the scene in front of him. I knew he was one of the people around here who liked gawking at me, so I wasn’t surprised to see him grab his crotch and start rubbing himself. He pulled his hard penis out of his shorts as he watched me getting fucked by Sandy. It turned me on to know that she didn’t stop just because Grandfather was in the room. I liked the idea of him watching Sandy and me fucking away.In a flash, the old man was naked and kneeling in front of me, stiff cock in hand. He took my head in his two hands, antalya escort bayan and guided my mouth to his wanton cock. I didn’t try to resist. I was getting fucked silly, as I sensed that Sandy was also turned on by the old man being there too. She plowed into my tight little cunt as fast and hard as she could. Meanwhile, my face was getting fucked just as hard. He stroked his manhood deep into my mouth, and I just took it, having nowhere else to go. He would slow down a little whenever I choked on it. Finally, he told Sandy to switch places with him, and I thought my ordeal was over. As Grandfather Jakob took his place between my legs, Sandy stepped out of the strap-on, hopped up on the bed and straddled my face. She bent my neck so my face was pointing up towards the ceiling. She squatted down somewhat, until her sopping wet cunt pushed against my mouth. I began to lick her and tongue her hot, juicy pussy. In the meantime, the old man worked his cock head into my tight ass hole, and began to push his shaft into me. I jumped at the first contact with my virginal butthole, and it hurt a little bit in the beginning. But the old man was gentle and patient with me, and soon I loved having my ass filled with his dick. As I got more relaxed back there, his strokes got faster and deeper, and he held onto my hips and slammed my ass good and long. I couldn’t help myself, as I climaxed so hard, I could feel my ass muscle spasm and open and close around his cock. This made him fuck my tight ass even harder. I was in heaven; I never thought having sex would be this much fun.Soon enough, Sandy was moaning loudly, and grinding her wet cunt into my face as she held my head tightly between her hands. She wrapped her fingers through my long locks, and I could feel her legs quivering uncontrollably as she covered my face with her cum juice. At the same time, Grandfather Jakob groaned as well, and he gripped my hips and pumped my ass full of his jizz. His balls kept slapping against my clit, and the tingling triggered another amazing orgasm as he finished me off.When Grandfather pushed Sandy aside and knelt down in front of my face, I took his juicy cock into my mouth and sucked it clean. I had to smile to myself, thinking about all that had just happened, starting with me and Uncle Roger on the couch. Now, I’ve made three different people cum, not to mention me! I couldn’t wait to see what would come next. It turns out; I didn’t have to wait long at all…

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