Easter at Brenda’s


Chapter 1 – My Roomie Brenda and Her Brother


Brenda was my freshman roomie at college. She was also my real first lesbian experience, unless you count my mom but your parents don’t really count. Brenda and I had a fantastic freshman year together. At times we would tease each other with fantasies about incest but needless to say I never told her that mine were a bit more than just fantasies. Sure, Brenda was pretty open-minded and I knew that she harbored a few secretive ideas of her own about her brother but I was afraid she would freak out on me if she learned that I actually enjoyed sex with my parents.

Brenda’s parents only loved about ten miles away from the campus but they still allowed her spend her freshman year in the dorm to help her acclimate to college life. One nice thing about them being so close was that she as able to spend most weekends at home and sometimes she invited me along. During one of my stays her twenty-six year-old brother David and his bitchy wife and two brats stayed overnight as well. David seemed more than just a little interested in me so I hinted to him that I was “available”. Cutting a long story to the bone, before the night was over he was fucking me in Brenda’s bedroom.

Well, as hot as it was to be fucked by a guy with his wife sound asleep just down the hall, that was NOTHING compared to what happened next. Brenda joined us and the two of them were together for the first time. They each learned that while they both had always wanted to be together like this, neither of them was brave enough to make the first move. It made me feel pretty good to know I was responsible for finally bridging the gap between them.

I do have to say that it was incredible to watch Brenda being fucked by her brother for the first time. I’d teased her about it mercilessly in the past and she had always pleaded for me to stop because she claimed that she could never go through with it. Well, here she was doing it and right in front of me at that!

The one strange thing about it all was that while both of them wanted to be together, neither of them felt comfortable doing it with just the two of them. It was almost like that would be going too far but with me there it wasn’t all about just the two of them which somehow made it OK for them. I’ve never quite figured this out but hey, whatever works for ya…

One result of that night was that I was invited over a few more times during my freshman and sophomore years – you can guess why! Now I was nearing the end of my junior year and Brenda was still one of my closest friends. I mean, you don’t live together for an entire school year, especially the way we did, and then just drift apart. She had since hooked up with a great guy who also saw to her physical needs and they spent almost all their free time with each other. We still said hello and chatted on the phone now and then but I hadn’t visited her home in quite a while.

With Easter coming so late this year, our spring break had come and gone so other than extending the weekend for Good Friday it didn’t mean a lot of time off. My youth group kids at church had been practicing their Easter play for months which was going to be presented over the weekend. I wanted to be there to support them so with the short holiday I wasn’t planning on going home. As much as it killed me not to take advantage of an opportunity to get back to Pittsburgh, my kids were also important to me.

During the week I ran across Brenda between classes and she asked if I was going home for the weekend. I explained to her my plans and to my surprise she asked if I wanted to spend the Easter weekend at her house. Of course I accepted and for the rest of the week it was all I could think about – especially when I would masturbate in the morning with my horny roomie Jen!

Brenda already had a date with her boyfriend on Thursday night and I had to work with my kids on Friday for a few hours to get in some last minute rehearsals. I wanted to attend the Good Friday evening service so we agreed that I would drive over Friday night immediately after church.

So there I was Friday afternoon, plans in place and just waiting in my on-campus apartment for the evening service to begin. Jen had flown back to her home in Wisconsin for the long weekend and so I was left all alone making the room seem strangely empty without her bubbly personality filling it.

I had thrown a few clothes together in an overnight bag and was ready to hit the road straight from church. Brenda’s family lived out of town near a small lake and her parents were pretty laid back so I didn’t bother bringing anything too fancy along with me. From past experience the two of us just wore as little as possible anyway around the house although I wasn’t sure if the weather was going to hold out for us or not.

I looked at my new bikini I had recently bought with a wry smile. Brenda had a pool but it would be a couple more months before bursa otele gelen eskort it would be ready to use. I doubted it was going to be warm enough to do any sunbathing so I shrugged and put it back in the drawer with hopes it would come in handy another time.

Chapter 2 – Waiting Around


I paced around the room like a tiger in a cage at the zoo. Finally I logged in to Yahoo to check my e-mail. I noticed not many people in my list were on-line and since I didn’t have much else to do I changed my status to “Available”. The results were predictable and I sighed as my screen suddenly filled with about a dozen windows as guys tried to contact me. It was overwhelming so I went back to being invisible and looked over the ones who were on my screen.

A couple of guys were inviting me to watch them on their cams so I closed the other windows and responded just to them. I was incredibly horny after thinking about Brenda all week and so I figured seeing as guy masturbate for me was better than nothing!

People have asked me why I like watching some strange guy jerking off and the answer is really pretty simple. First, you need to understand that I don’t like porn because it has no personal connection to me. Watching some actor masturbating for a camera, knowing a production crew is watching and the whole thing is being faked, does nothing for me. Instead, I get turned on a thousand times more when a husband sends me a pic of his wife or daughter that he took at the last family reunion.

It may be hard to understand but when a guy sends me his family photos it’s like he is sharing something personal with me that he knows he shouldn’t. It’s not that the pics themselves are naughty but it is the INTENT that makes me wet. Know his wife wouldn’t appreciate him sending her pics to a girl that he discussed his desire to commit adultery with turns me on.

Guys camming is similar except it’s even hotter. I’ve watched cams on adult web sites where they broadcast it out to anyone and everyone and found it doesn’t really do much for me. It’s like porn – cold and impersonal. They don’t even know I am there so how can it mean anything to me?

On the other hand, when a guy talks to ME on his cam and I can actually watch him stroking himself, getting all nice and hard because he wants ME and desires ME, well THAT’S meaningful to me. I often get wet and usually masturbate myself as I see them get hard and stroke themselves as they chat with me and tell me how bad they want to fuck me.

I also love it when guys cum on a picture for me. Sometimes I like it to be on me or someone else in my family that turns them on from reading about them in my diary. It’s even hotter when they use one of their wife or daughter, maybe a picture in a frame that has been sitting around the house. I think one of the most erotic sights for me was watching a guy cum on a photo of his own mother that was on the shelf next to his computer desk. Imagine how he must have felt next time his mom was over and saw it!

I started chatting with one of the guys and he quickly invited me to watch him. He was still dressed when his cam came on so I asked him to strip for me which he quickly did. His cock was already erect and so I asked him what made him hard. I smiled as he replied that he had been looking at some of my pictures and was dreaming about fucking me while his wife slept in the room down the hall. We chatted some more and I licked my lips as I saw his hand stroking his nice hard cock just for me to see. Mmmmmmm, he was nice and thick and getting bigger by the minute.

I put my finger in my mouth and imagined it was his cock I was sucking while I started to rub my pussy through my jeans. It became quickly obvious as I watched him jerking off that my situation wasn’t going to work so I stood up and pulled my jeans down and off, leaving them in a pile by the chair. It left me with just my blouse on which I didn’t bother to remove since nobody could see me anyway. I sat back down bare-bottom on my desk chair and spread my legs apart as I tried to type words of encouragement to him as best I could while playing with myself.

Unfortunately he started asking for nude pics of me which sort of took the wind out of my sail. Sending pics of me is such a pain as it is and guys always want nudes and sexual photos. Well, for one I simply do NOT send out sex shots – period. In addition, I don’t send out nudes of anyone else in my family and those of me are quite limited and at least a year or more old.

I sighed and sent out a few nudes from a couple of years ago which seemed to satisfy him. He printed out one of me and my cousin sitting by a fireplace and asked me whether I wanted him to cum on me or Kristi. I smiled as I read his note while I watched him holding my photo by his cock with the head between the two of us. My cousin and I were “close” in many ways so it made me hot when guys would bursa eve gelen escort bayan cum on her or me and her in a photo.

For the next five minutes or so I mostly played with myself watching him jerk off. I had to take a break now and then to send him an IM but he didn’t seem to mind that I didn’t keep up a constant flow of patter which I liked as it let me get myself off better as I watched him.

For once, I was faster than the guy and my first orgasm hit me as he was still stroking his cock with one hand while rubbing his balls with the other. I had to stop typing as I felt the wetness of my pussy growing and my thighs tingled as I rubbed my clit faster. I couldn’t tear my eyes from his cock as I dreamed of it deep inside of me, stroking in and out of me like he was doing now to his hand.

I could almost taste it as my pussy suddenly exploded and I gasped as goose bumps erupted on every square inch of me. In my imagination he was cumming inside of me, his big cock head erupting with cum and shooting deep inside of my womb. Of course his poor sperm was doomed from the start thanks to modern pharmaceuticals!

I slumped in the chair with my hand between my legs cupping my crotch as I tried to catch my breath. He was about to cum and as my orgasm slowly dwindled I watched as he put the pic of me and my cousin under him and sprayed his cum all over it. God it was so hot to think he could get that horny just looking at a simple photo of us – and fully clothed at that. You’ve got to admit – that’s quite the ego booster!

I looked over at the alarm clock and jumped up as I saw I only had twenty minutes to get to church! I quickly thanked him and logged off before pulling up my jeans and running to the bathroom to rinse off my face. I was quite flushed from my orgasm but there was nothing I could do about it so I just brushed out my hair and straightened out my blouse.

I stood back and took stock of myself in the mirror. My cheeks puffed out as I exhaled and took in another deep breath. Between my legs my pussy was reminding me it wasn’t finished yet – I can’t just turn off like a faucet the way men seem to after they’ve had sex. For a brief moment I was tempted to go for another quickie but common sense got the better of me and I grabbed my purse and bag and hustled out to my car.

Normally I would have walked as the church as it wasn’t that far away but today I wanted to get to Brenda’s as soon as possible after the service so I parked in the church parking lot and ran inside. My first stop was the girl’s room to check myself out. The flush in my face was about gone, thank goodness, and overall I thought I looked OK. I wasn’t that dressed up but nobody did other than Sunday mornings.

I met with my kids along with the other leaders and for the next hour or so sat in the middle of the front pew helping to direct them. They were brilliant and I was soooooo proud of them! After the service I gave every one of them a big hug. I smiled to myself as a couple of the older boys used the opportunity to press a little tighter than they might have a few years before but my mind wasn’t on them tonight so I just let it go without reacting to it.

Chapter 3 – Intimate With Brenda Again


When the service was over, I drove myself to Brenda’s house. This was actually the first time I’d ever driven there by myself as I didn’t have a car during my first two years of school and so she or her parents would have to come into town and pick me up. Provided I didn’t get lost it should only took about twenty minutes or so with most of it on rural roads. Besides, it gave me some time to think about the upcoming weekend and I wondered what Brenda had in mind. It had been almost a year since the last time we’d been intimate and I missed her – a LOT.

Brenda seemed to have a knack from the first time we were together to know just where I liked to be touched and I had many fond memories of our nights together. The more I thought of her the more I felt a warmth begin to build again between my legs and so I pressed my fingers against myself through my jeans as I drove. There wasn’t enough time to get serious about anything but I felt a rush go through me like a wind as I gasped from the sensations between my legs. Arriving at Brenda’s house she must have been watching for me as she ran out of the house and greeted me as I stepped out of my car.

“Kelly!” she shrieked like an eight year-old and she hugged me tightly to her.

Brenda’s dad was in the garage which was open in front of us so we didn’t get too carried away but from the way she looked at me I had no doubt we were in sync as to our plans for the evening. We went in through the garage entrance to the kitchen and I waved hello to her dad.

Brenda’s parents were quite a bit older than mine and VERY conservative. They were sweet though and had always treated me wonderfully. I wasn’t bayan eskort bursa so sure how they would have reacted had they known just how “close” their daughter was with me though One thing I WAS sure of and that was how they would respond if they had a clue what Brenda and I enjoyed doing with her brother!

Inside her mom had supper about ready so we worked to set the table and get everything ready. At one point Brenda mentioned I should take my stuff back to her room and her mom just nodded her OK to us. Brenda grabbed my bag and led me down the hall to her room.

Once inside she shut the door behind us and without a word threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. This wasn’t some peck on the cheek between friends. No, it was two people passionate in their feelings for the other, back together after a long separation. Brenda and I were never “lovers” and I never viewed her as anything more than a friend, albeit one I was very intimate with. We just enjoyed being together, feeling each other’s body against our own, enjoying ourselves the way two people can only through sex.

Her hand palmed my boob and I could feel her pushing me towards the bed. I pulled back from our kiss and smiled at her.

“Now girl, don’t go starting something you can’t finish,” I whispered to her with a big grin on my face.

Brenda just rolled her eyes at me saying, “That’s my Kelly – always the practical one. When are you going to loosen up girl?”

It was all I could do to not laugh aloud at that. As “close” as we were, Brenda, like everyone else at school, didn’t have a clue about my “real” life. Even though we played around, as far as she knew I was pretty much the naive church girl everyone saw when I was at school. Seeing how easily I fucked her brother should have made her think that maybe I wasn’t quite THAT conservative but it didn’t seem to register. After a bit of a pause we just giggled and headed for the door.

“All right then,” she said just before she opened the door, “But just so you know I can’t wait for later!”

We got back to the kitchen where her mother scolded us for taking so long but we just looked at each other and giggled. Her mom rolled her eyes and mumbled something about “silly girls” which just made us giggle all the more!

Supper was rather uneventful. It had been almost a year since my last visit and so much had happened since then it wasn’t hard to keep the conversation going. Brenda was obviously infatuated with her boyfriend as it seemed every story she told me involved him in one way or another.

Personally, I would’ve been interested in hearing what she DIDN’T tell her parents about him since I knew they had quite an active sexual relationship as well Brenda had not been with that many guys before she met Tom and I was a little concerned she might be just a little doe-eyed over him and maybe not realizing if he was taking advantage of her eagerness to get laid. I would have loved to have him fuck me just to better judge him so I could advise her better but I doubted Brenda was going to offer me THAT chance!

After supper it was getting already into the evening thanks to my late arrival so after clearing off the table we went to their family room to watch TV and talk some more. Brenda and I sat next to each other on the couch while her parents watched from their own chairs. It struck me how similar the arrangement was to my own family back in Pittsburgh – must be a generation thing or something. There were some specials on about the Easter story and afterwards Brenda announced she and I were heading to her room for the night. Brenda’s mom asked what we were going to do.

“Oh mom!” Brenda sighed, “Just girl stuff – you know.”

Her mom smiled but I knew she was clueless as to what “girl stuff” Brenda was really referring to! She may have been thinking about what she did with her friends when she was our age in which case unless I was totally off base about her probably consisted of giggling about boys, painting toe nails and trying on clothes. Well, we had a little bit more in mind than that! Back in her room Brenda shut the door and locked it behind us. It wouldn’t do for her mom to walk in unexpectedly! Brenda turned to me and put her hands on my hips.

“Now…,” she whispered softly, “Where were we?”

We fell on the bed and immediately our bodies pressed up tight and we kissed long and hard. Our lips parted as we gasped for air and she started fumbling at my clothes. I took her arms in my hands to stop her and looked her in the eye.

“Let’s quite wasting time. Why don’t we each just get undressed and get it over with?” I said seductively.

We each stripped as fast as we could and in seconds I was looking at a sight I’d not seen in quite a while – my dear old red-headed, freckled roomie standing stark naked in front of me! Her boobs had always been bigger than mine and now they looked even more spectacular than I remembered. A full D-cup, there no sag to them at all and if I had not known better I would have said she had some “help” with them but I knew they were 100% real. I would have given anything to have them for a day just to see what it was like to have such a great pair of boobs. I noticed she wasn’t shaving her pussy completely anymore and instead her thick red pubic hair was trimmed into a small “V” above her pussy lips.

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