Eden’s Gift Ch. 01

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Samantha’s footsteps quickened as she turned the corner that would bring her new classroom door within sight. Unconsciously her hand dropped to her stomach and began slowly rubbing it, as if to alleviate an upset stomach or cramps.

“… and if you will all turn to the next page you will see a comprehensive list of all the important dates and chapter readings that I’ve assigned for this semester,” drifted to Sam’s ears as she slipped quietly into the large auditorium and scanned the rows of students for a free seat. Cursing her bad luck, Sam made her way cautiously to the remaining seats at the very front of the classroom, right below the tall man in tweed who was orating from the stage. Thankfully the professor seemed too engrossed in reading the syllabus to notice her late arrival and she succeeded in making it to an empty seat with minimal embarrassment. Still, her hand continued to rub gentle circles over her normally flat stomach as she tried to follow along without the handout. The professor moved quickly on from reading the schedule into a long winded speech about how invaluable studying psychology is, and how interesting he thought his current research was. Sam disagreed with this last point and began to lose focus on the introductory lecture. Distracted, she finally noticed that she was absentmindedly stroking her stomach.

I must have had too much to eat for breakfast, she thought with a frown, I think I’ve got a bit of a food baby… Upon further reflection she then realized that in her mad rush to make it to class she had neglected to eat anything at all. Then why is my stomach sticking out a bit? she wondered. She felt a pang of slight concern, afraid that perhaps she was already starting to put on the dreaded ‘freshman fifteen’.

Sam was abruptly pulled from her thoughts as she noticed that the classroom had become almost completely quiet. She looked up at the stage to find the man in tweed staring down at her through his thick, rounded lenses.

“Once again young lady, how can we explain this phenomenon?” His voice boomed all around her. Clearly he was wearing a wireless mike that was linked to the auditoriums speaker system. Her heart pounded heavily in her chest as she wished she were illegal bahis anywhere else at that moment.

“I… I’m sorry,” she replied meekly, “but what was the question again?”

Sam’s hand returned to her stomach as her nervous butterflies melted into a large, warm ball of heat. In the back of her mind she registered that the stomach she was rubbing was now pressing uncomfortably tight against the fabric of her t-shirt. The front of her mind, however, had more pressing matters to attend too.

The annoyed teacher behind the podium rolled his eyes and began to repeat his question: “My question was whether or not there was a rational expla-” but his voice trailed off mid-sentence as his bespectacled eyes glazed over and his face slowly became vacant; the ‘thousand yard stare’ was what her mother used to call that expression.

What the hell is going on? she thought as the room began to stir with the dull roar of whispers from hundreds of other confused students.

And then fire erupted within her. Well perhaps fire isn’t the appropriate word for it, she thought, but whatever was happening sure did burn. In fact it reminded her of the first time she took a shot of whiskey. She felt the immense warmth radiating from her midsection, slowly filling her with an almost euphoric tingling as it spread outward. She looked down. And had to do a double take!

Her stomach was now resting lightly on her thighs! It looked to her as if she had suddenly gained the infamous freshmen fifteen, yet all of it had gone straight to her stomach. In a daze she gently pressed at it with her index finger and was double surprised by how little give it had. Her stomach, which had somehow grown outwards by roughly three inches, was amazingly firm. She began rubbing her newly expanded tummy, this time with both hands, carefully exploring this subtle transformation, while completely oblivious to the staring eyes of the rest of the class. If she had been thinking about anything other than her new bulge she would have been thankful for the fact that from this angle none of the other students could see her stomach. Her professor’s eyes were still staring at, or perhaps through, her, but his mouth was now agape, as if his brain had lost illegal bahis siteleri control of all the muscles in his face.

The warmth seems to be coming from somewhere behind my… bellybutton? she decided, what is this… and why does it feel sooo good??

And then, as if a spell had suddenly broke, the warmth stopped abruptly and Sam, slightly disappointed, felt the roundness of her flesh slowly recede back to its usual taut form. At the same time her professor re-animated just in time to wipe away a small drop of spittle before it could drop from his chin.


He raised his arm slowly towards his face and studied his watch carefully for almost a dozen seconds before announcing:

“Umm… class dismissed, I guess.”

Baffled, the class quickly filtered through the double doors at the top of the stairs. Meanwhile the teacher had taken a seat on the stage, legs crossed, head held in hands. Recovering from her own shock, Samantha slowly followed the last of the stragglers out into the hall.

Confused and a little frightened, she put her school bag down and slumped against a nearby wall.

What the hell is going on? she wondered for the second time. And why was he just staring at me like that?

It was at this point that Sam noticed that several of her classmates were standing nearby, whispering and occasionally throwing strange glances her way.

Embarrassed, she could feel her cheeks flush and her heartbeat start galloping again. She was also very much aware of the return of that strange warmth within her belly. Her eyes dropped from the knot of students just in time to see her waistline slowly press outward in a slight convex shape. Quickly she turned away to hide her sudden growth from their inquiring eyes. Sam closed her eyes as a wave of pleasure washed over her. She could feel her belly swelling slowly as she lifted her shirt slightly and her hands began to slowly caress the tight bubble of flesh that was growing out from her body. Her fingers traced lines of tingling pleasure across her bare skin.

It feels like I’m three months pregnant, she thought, amazed at both her size and how arousing she found this idea. A sudden thrill rushed down her spine canlı bahis siteleri as she wondered what it would feel like to be even larger.

With a shocking suddenness she felt the skin beneath her roaming hands being pressed even further away as her stomach expanded outward another two inches. A surprised “WOAH!” escaped her lips as she struggled against the tsunami of tingling warmth that threatened to bring her to her knees. She braced herself heavily against the wall and opened her eyes to examine her now obviously expanded belly.

Her shirt was now riding up several inches above her naval and the elastic band of her sweat pants (Thank God I didn’t wear jeans today!) was hiding comfortably at the base of her swollen belly.

She was breathless. To her it seemed as if she had passed well into the second trimester of a pregnancy!

Slowly, as if awakening from a trance, she remembered where she was. I’m standing in the middle of a hall, surrounded by people, with a massive pregnant stomach that just magically exploded from nowhere. Oh. Shit.

Sam mentally braced herself against the shocked stares she must surely be on the receiving end of, but nothing could have prepared her for what she actually discovered as she slowly raised her eyes from her newly gravid form.

All around her, as still and silent as statues, stood dozens of staring students. The hallway was completely blocked by students, male and female alike, who had apparently turned down the hall and then completely forgotten what they had meant to do. Their expressions were all as listless and dreamy as her professor’s had been earlier, and all of their eyes were aimed at her massive, exposed belly.

Her heart-rate tripled, pumping cortisol and other stress hormones throughout her body. The pleasurable warmth quickly began to decline, and with it her swollen mid-section began to shrink as well.

“Just leave me alone!” Sam cried out, on the verge of tears.

And to her astonishment, that’s exactly what they did. Without a word the mob of dreamy faces turned away from her and slowly meandered away from where she stood. Emotionally exhausted, knees numb and legs like Jello, Sam finally slid down the wall that had been supporting her and collapsed onto the cool floor beneath her.

“Worst. Birthday. Ever.” she moaned to herself. A single tear rolled down her cheek and dropped, staining the shirt that once again rested comfortably on her flat stomach.

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