Educating a New Neighbor Ch. 02

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Matt was grinning from ear to ear and kept saying that was the most amazing thing he had ever done. He wondered why his parents had never told him about sex and even wondered if they knew about it. I told him I was sure they knew about it and I was certain they had done it at least one time to produce him but I suspected they had done it many times. He was interested in the fact that having sex was the way to make babies. I told him this was why it was important to use some method of birth control unless he wanted to have a baby. He told me that he hoped to one day have children but that was not a responsibility he wanted now. I told him I though that was a smart decision and that I was on birth control pills to prevent myself from getting pregnant and as long as we were having sex he should not have to worry about pregnancy.

He wanted to know if we could have sex again. I told him that we could and would have many more couplings. He was glad and told me that having sex with me was the best thing he had ever done. I told him I was very flattered. I told him I wanted to teach him a few things about his body and my body. I explained that knowing some basics would make having sex more enjoyable for him as well as me.

First I wanted to give him a detailed description of his penis. I told him there are 2 main functions of the penis. To eliminate urine from his body and for use during sexual activity. I told him that there are 2 parts to his penis. The head or glands is the mushroom shaped tip. The slit in the top allows for urine or semen to leave the body. I also explained that there are a lot of nerve endings there that produce good feelings when touched and rubbed. I next explained that the shaft is the long part of the penis. It is filled with spongy tissue that fills with blood and causes an erection. I pointed out his testacies and told him they are probably the most delicate part of his body. I told him the testicles are contained in his scout, the bag like structure behind his penis. I told him that there were many other parts and I would loan him a book to read about the male and female body.

I spread my legs wide so he could see my sex organs. I showed him my labia, the outer fold of my vulva. I parted them and showed him Escort Çankaya my clitoris. I told him that is a lot like his penis. It has a lot of nerve endings and touching it feels very good and leads to orgasm. I also showed him my vagina and told him that as the entrance to many more sex organs inside my body.. I told him to put a finger inside and feel the tight walls. I told him when he puts his penis inside; the walls of my vagina provide friction for his penis. I decided this was enough of the biology lesson. I did not want to bore him and I was soooo wet any way and was aching for sex.

I next wanted to talk to him about oral sex. I told him that a person could do sexual tings with his or her tongue. He seemed interested. I told him about oral sex and after a brief explanation I asked if he wanted to practice. He said he did. I had him lean back on the soft satin pillows. I always used satin sheets on my bed because I liked the way they fell against bare skin and I also like the way they feel when having sex on them. I knelt between his legs and kiss the end of his cock. It was eager to feel my touch and sprang to life. I kissed and licked my way down to his balls. He had the most beautiful penis I had ever seen. After a couple of minutes of kissing and licking he was rock hard. I told half of his cock into my mouth and slowly ran my lips up and down. He moaned and grunted as I began to work. I continued to assault his cock. I was pretty sure he was getting close to cumming. I decided to let him cum in my mouth. He shot a lot of cum into my throat and I drank it all down. I told him that a lot of women don’t like to swallow cum but I did because I thought it makes the sex more intimate. He asked what it tasted like and I told him it was kind of salty.

I asked him if he wanted to try pleasuring me with his tongue. He said he did. I lay back on the bed and rested my head on the pillow. I spread my legs and he bent down. I told him to remember what we talked about with body parts and to lick, suck, and kiss wherever he wanted. He began to make soft tender kisses on my lower belly. He then worked his way lower and kissed my clit. I let out a long happy sigh. This began a long session of him alternating between licking Çankaya Escort my clit and sticking his tongue into my dripping hole. I was in heaven. Everything felt so good. Matt seemed pleased with my response to what he was doing. I offered him guidance and encouragement by saying things like right there, oh baby suck a little harder and don’t stop what you are doing.

After about 7 minutes of full assault from Matt’s tongue I cam to a climax. I grunted and groaned and my pussy spasmed hard. I kept telling Matt that he did a great job and made me feel soooo good. He said he only wanted to give me back the pleasure I had given him.

He said he really liked oral sex but still desired to stuff his cock into my hole and pound away. I told him I would love a good pounding. He smiled as we slid into place. This time Matt did not need much guidance. I spread my legs to allow him access. He positioned himself with his hard cock pointed right at my dripping slit. I was so eager and ready. He slipped into me slowly. He filled me up full. He then slowly withdrew and the assault of my pussy was on. He increased his rhythm and speed. Having him inside me felt great and I told him so. Each thrust had me begin for more. I was thrusting my hips to meet his long hard stroke.

I was breathing hard and moaning and screaming for Matt to make me cum. I wanted to feel his sticky cum fill up my insides and I wanted my release. Matt said he did not ever want this to end and I told him I would love to keep having sex but I did want this build up between my legs to end in one heck of an orgasm.

He continued to pound hard and deep. I felt my release coming and told Matt to push in as deep as he could and then hold his cock still. He did and my muscles contracted hard and gave his cock a wonderful massage. This was all he needed to send himself over the edge. He cried out oh god I’m cumming hit me with a shot of wonderful love juice. This was followed by a harder contraction and more cum. After 5 blasts, he sighed deep and collapsed on top of me.

He asked if he could just leave his cock inside me and I told him that was fine. We drifted off to sleep and rested for the next round.

After 20 or 30 minutes I began to Çankaya Escort Bayan awaken. I felt Matt’s cock inside me and slowly wiggled my hips. I could feel he was starting to get hard again. I slowly kissed his eyes and mouth. That was all he needed. He was wide-awake and fully hard. I told him this time I was going to take him for a ride. I told him to lie flat on his back. I straddled his hips and positioned my pussy over him, directly above his shaft. I sat down on top of Matt with his cock deep inside me. I then began my assault. After about 5 minutes of hot intense sex we both came to wonderful climaxes.

I stayed still for a couple of minutes and then slipped Matt’s cock out of me. He was limp but I could see signs that he was getting hard again. I could not believe it. He seemed to be able to go on and on. He playfully pushed me on to the bed and proceeded to fuck me again. It felt so good. He was an eager learned and a quick leaner as well. Over the course of the next 4 hours we drifted off to sleep and woke refreshed and ready to go again and again. We had a shower to cool ourselves off but found it only make us hot and horney and we did it in the shower as well.

When it was finally dark outside and it was getting later we deiced to call it a night. I went outside with him as he was preparing to leave. We kissed long and hard. I was more than we could handle. We ripped each other’s clothes off and screwed out on my patio. I screamed so loud when I came that I am sure the neighbors heard and knew I was getting laid. I snickered to myself when I thought they would be shocked to know whom I was with. Young innocent neighbor no more.

Matt said he had a wonderful idea. I had to be out of town all week on business but we would meet the following weekend at his place. He said he wanted to have a sex marathon. He wanted to spend the entire weekend screwing. He wanted to see how many times he could make me come and how long he could last. This sounded wonderful to me. I told him that I wanted to loan him some sex books and went back in to get them. I though he could look them over the following week and learn more. He was already so good I was not sure if he could get any better.

By the time we finally parted ways I could hardly stand up. My head was spinning as I thought about the following weekend. My pussy had taken a beating. I knew it would be sore tomorrow but I did not care. No one had ever given me 12 orgasms in the coarse of one day. I knew this was the beginning of a beautiful thing.

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