Ellena and Missy

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Ellena stretched and stood up from the kitchen table. She smiled, thinking coyly of her new neighbor, Mason.

It had felt so good to have someone touch her, she thought. And to know he didn’t care that she carried another man’s child inside her. Her status as a widow didn’t bother the young, dark man at all. And he had worshipped her body yesterday like she was a goddess.

Now, the 21-year-old smiled to herself as she went about her day. Her stomach growled, and she considered ordering something for lunch. Maybe pizza.

Was it too early for pizza? she wondered. No matter. She could do what ever she wanted, no one would stop her.

Ellena dialed up the number of the pizza delivery place that was on the magnet on the fridge. She’d gotten the magnet when she moved into this new neighborhood, a kind of “Welcome!” package that had just shown up on her doorstep one day. It was a really comforting gesture, and it made her feel like everything would be okay.

Parts of her body ached from her sexual exploits yesterday with her neighbor. As she talked to the pizza place, she ran a hand down her swollen abdomen, then lower, grazing her fingers over herself. As she hung up the phone, she leaned against the wall, petting herself and remembering.

The doorbell rang.

Maybe it was Mason! Ellena thought.

She stopped for a minute and fixed her long dark hair back over her shoulders. Then she answered the door.

A couple stood there, an older man in his thirties, maybe of Spanish descent. And a younger woman about Ellena’s age, a ravishing blonde wearing next to nothing.

“Hi!” the blonde said brightly, waving at Ellena. “We wanted to come over and see how you were doing! We live just down the street.”

As Ellena’s eyes wandered over the other girl, they got wider, and wider, and wider. The blonde’s dress was black, a sheer silky material that fell off her curves like water. It went to up to her waist, then disappeared. From the waistband went thin straps. One went up the girl’s smooth flat stomach, to become a halter top that barely contained the girl’s ample bosom. It also threatened to fall right off, if not for the straps that went around the slender neck. “My name is Missy! Missy Hansen,” said the blonde, putting out a hand and smiling excitedly.

“Markus,” said the man.

His voice was low, and Ellena eyed his mouth. He had full, almost pouting lips beneath a moustache that seemed well trimmed. But he had dark, penetrating eyes that looked full of dangerous shadows. She looked back at the bright eyed Missy.

“My name is Ellena Librare. Please, won’t you come in?”

Ellena held the kitchen door back for the couple, and they walked in past her, looking around.

“Wow, this is a real homey place you have, Ellena! Did you pick out the coloring? Or your husband?”

“My husband died seven months ago,” Ellena said softly.

Even though she didn’t miss her Charles like most widows should, it was still a hard thing to admit to the rest of the world, that she was all alone now, carrying his child.

“Oh dear,” said Missy, moving to Ellena’s side. “That must be so hard for you. I’m sorry.”

The blonde tenderly rubbed Ellena’s arm. After yesterday’s antics with her well-skilled neighbor, the effect of Missy’s arm was less one of comfort than it was of excitement. But Ellena tilted her head down as if trying to hide her saddened face. It wouldn’t do to show how the beautiful and barely dressed woman’s touch was affecting her.

“Well, I’m sure living here will do wonders for your soul, Ellena. This is a really great neighborhood.”

“I do some designing,” Markus Hansen spoke up at last. “Mind if I take poker oyna a look around at your house? It is a new model, no?”

With his voice thick with a foreign accent, the man walked off, mumbling to himself and looking at Ellena’s ceilings and walls. Something about him made her feel uncomfortable, and she was glad he had left her and Missy alone.

Missy’s hand ran over her back, massaging lightly. Part of Ellena told her, that’s more than just a friendly touch. But part of her welcomed the caressing fingertips.

Startled by her own thoughts, Ellena shook her head lightly.

“Excuse me,” she said. “I just need to go to the bathroom.”

“Right,” Missy smiled at her. “Babies do that.”

Ellena walked away, taking deep breaths. She passed Markus, who paid her no mind, and went to the bathroom. As she was washing her hands, there was a knock on the door.

“Ellena? Everything okay?” called out Missy.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

Ellena took a few deep breaths, trying to calm her rising libido. Whatever Mason had awakened in her yesterday, it was refusing to lie dormant.

The door to the bathroom inched open, and Missy peeked in. She smiled softly at Ellena, then came in and closed the door behind her.

“I thought maybe you just needed a break. Markus is such a dreary and looming presence sometimes. He can be a real downer!”

Missy giggled and Ellena smiled at the girl. Carefully, she eyed the girl’s appearance. The straps of the dress around the girl’s neck almost seemed like a collar of some sort. It was more like the dress was attached to the girl’s neckpiece, rather than a part of it. She shrugged inwardly at the oddity and looked in the mirror above the sink.

“Have you lived here long, Missy?”

“Oh no no, this whole neighborhood is fairly new. We moved in with the rest of the tenants, once it was all approved and ready to go. Only about three months now.”

The girl walked behind Ellena, watching her in the mirror. Then, her hands slipped over Ellena’s shoulders, rubbing them through her maternity blouse.

“Here, let me loosen you up a bit. You must be so tense.”

For a few moments, Ellena closed her eyes. Her mind wandered beneath Missy’s fingers, to thoughts of Mason; his dark skin pressed to hers, the taste of his privacy in her mouth. She shivered, and Missy rubbed her shoulders more firmly.

“No, I’m fine,” Ellena whispered, nudging Missy’s hands off of her and turning around. “Ellena, sweetie. You don’t look fine at all. You have huge bags under your eyes, and you look very much alone. Let me help you relax.”

Missy’s hands again went to Ellena’s shoulders, this time rubbing them from the front. Ellena looked into the girl’s bright blue eyes, becoming lost in them.

“I wish I were pregnant, like you are. That must be such an experience.” The girl’s voice had dropped to a soft, sexy whisper that played along Ellena’s neck, just like her fingertips were doing. “Your body doing women’s work. Getting all big and heavy. It must be a lot to carry around.”

Missy’s fingers slowly followed the hollow of Ellena’s neck, moving along the ridge of her collarbone, until they met and began to glide down.

Ellena gulped, but she did nothing to stop the girl.

“All of your body is working at making this other person, inside you. And you have no one to help you, no one who appreciates what you are doing. That must be so hard on you.”

The blonde’s fingers dragged lightly over Ellena’s heavy breasts, and she could feel her nipples getting hard. Missy felt it too, her hands playing over the erect buds through the simple white blouse and dark overall dress Ellena wore overtop. canlı poker oyna Missy gasped lightly as the buds became slightly wet, releasing milk. Then her hands continued to wander. They caressed over Ellena’s abdomen, then went to her still slender hips.

“There’s no one to appreciate you at night, is there? That must be hard, too. Laying in bed at night, all alone.”

With those words, Missy stepped closer, putting her mouth against Ellena’s trembling lips. Ellena couldn’t resist the kiss. She’d never had a lesbian experience before. But everything was different now. What had happened with her neighbor yesterday had been so fulfilling, the best experience of her life. It had opened her to new hopes and possibilities. Not that she would pursue a relationship with the dark, mysterious man next door. But she hadn’t felt so alone anymore.

And now, with this bombshell blonde kissing at her lips, gently, tenderly, tugging on them. The world had gone awry, but it wasn’t bad. It was stimulating, exciting! Missy continued to kiss Ellena tenderly, and her hands reached down, caressing the woman’s thighs. Ellena moaned lightly at the expert touch.

“I can make you feel better, feel wanted and loved, if only for a few moments of your life,” Missy whispered against Ellena’s ear.

Her voice was hot, passionate, and yet so innocently honest.

Ellena nodded.

Missy lowered her hands and began to drag Ellena’s skirt up her legs. She bunched the material in her hands, and then pushed her fingers beneath, so the skirt was held up by her wrists. Once underneath the heavy material, Missy’s fingers sought Ellena’s underwear.

Ellena flushed, embarrassed to have this beautiful, slender woman pulling down her own huge and oversized maternity undergarments. But Missy didn’t seem to notice or care. Her fingers continued to tug, until the large panties were down to Ellena’s knees. Then, the girl lowered herself to the green tiling of the bathroom floor. She looked up at Ellena, her eyes bright and gleaming.

“I only want you to be happy, to help you relax,” she whispered as if begging for permission.

On a whim, Ellena put a hand out to the girl’s hair, tangling her fingers in the blonde locks. Missy practically purred at her touch, and closed her eyes for a moment before continuing.

She moved the skirt aside, up over Ellena’s swollen stomach. Then, she lowered her face to Ellena’s privacy. Ellena groaned as Missy kissed her chubby mons through the mat of dark hair there. The girl put a hand on each of Ellena’s thighs, nudging them apart with her thumbs. Ellena parted her legs, and Missy’s mouth went lower, deeper.

She could feel the heat from the girl’s breath, and she moaned, not realizing she had tugged slightly on Missy’s hair. Missy whimpered against the steaming heat of Ellena’s flesh, then flicked her tongue out along the delicate and sensitive slit. Carefully, she pushed her tongue to the top and began to intrude.

Between the chubby lips was Ellena’s clitoris. Large, red and hooded, it began to stiffen as Missy’s tongue sought it out.

“Relax,” Missy whispered.

Her every breath tensed Ellena as if it were fire.

“I just want to love you, if only for a moment,” the girl said. Then, her tongue flicked delicately over Ellena’s clit. Ellena groaned, her head dropping back as her mouth opened.

Missy’s tongue pushed at the clit, licking it. Then she brought her lips into play and tugged on the bud. She played with it, toyed with it gently. And Ellena found it hard to breathe.

Missy moved a finger up Ellena’s thigh. With great tenderness, she slipped it against the bottom of Ellena’s crevice, and began internet casino to part the lust-swollen lips. Upwards the finger slipped, until it had slid inside. Ellena was wet, hot and steaming wet. She could feel Missy’s careful digit pressing between her labia, and could feel Missy’s tongue actively working on her clitoris. She reached a hand behind her, holding onto the sink for support as she leaned back slightly.

Missy continued, moving her finger inwards towards the smaller, more slender labia around Ellena’s entry. With precision, she slipped her finger right inside of Ellena’s vagina, wriggling it slowly like a worm.

Ellena gasped. Missy’s mouth sucked hard on her clit as her finger became more active. Then, the first finger was joined by a second. Ellena could feel herself tight around both. She spread her legs wider, instinctively.

Missy moved her mouth lower, extending her tongue out and down. Soon, she was lapping at the tiny lips around Ellena’s hole, licking over her own fingers. And her fingers began to thrust, in and out, in and out, cock-like. Ellena groaned again, tugging harder on Missy’s hair. But that made Missy purr, her lips vibrating against Ellena’s.

Soon, she couldn’t handle it any longer.

Missy’s fingers were thrusting faster and faster inside her. The girl’s tongue was writhing like a snake around them, licking at the inner folds, flicking over her clit, then going back to tease and torment. And those fingers, spreading and clenching.

Ellena felt herself tighten around Missy’s fingers, as she began to cum. She groaned, loudly, and came in a delicious and gentle gush over Missy’s fingers and tongue.

The girl stayed down, immobile except for the lapping of her tongue at Ellena’s sweet juices. She drank the last droplets and then licked all over Ellena’s privacy once more, cleaning her.

At last, the blonde stood up. She smiled at Ellena, sweetly, and turned the girl around. She took Ellena’s hands in her own, reaching around the girl’s wide girth from behind her. And she turned on the faucet of the bathroom sink. Together, she washed her hands and Ellena’s. The action wasn’t so much to clean Ellena’s hands, or her own. But rather, she seemed to realize Ellena felt very disoriented and out of sorts. Picking up on that, she was giving Ellena something to occupy her mind.

“There,” Missy said, wiping down Ellena’s hands with a hand towel. She used a face cloth and looked in the mirror, wiping her own perfect face clean. Then she politely rinsed out the cloth and left it hanging on the sink’s edge.

“I wonder if Markus found anything interesting,” the girl said, primping her hair in the mirror.

She smiled brightly at Ellena when she turned around.

“He is so clever with his mind! He’s like, beyond smart. You’ll have to stop by our place sometime. Maybe after you have the little one.”

Missy patted Ellena’s belly and grinned, then opened the bathroom door.

“Markus?” she called out.

Ellena followed, her face flushed, trying not to look foolish. Her entire body still trembled, and she could feel a lingering tingle between her thighs.

“Markus, we should get going, don’t you think? It’s almost lunch.”

Markus looked at them both, his dark eyes squinting.

He knows! Ellena thought. How he could know, she didn’t have a clue. But something about the way he rubbed his chin told her he knew.

“Yes, let us go then, my winter peach. It was pleasant to meet you, Miss Librare. You have a lovely home.”

Ellena nodded, smiling and saying thank you. Then she followed the couple to the kitchen and out the door.

From her curtain’s edge, she watched them until they were away up the street.

Markus turned to Missy, speaking to her. She smiled at him and nodded. Then, she put her arms around the man’s neck. And he kissed her, passionately, deeply.

Deep enough that he surely would have tasted…

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