Ellis in Wonderland


Ellis Bellman looked at himself in the full-length mirror on his closet. He wasn’t a bad looking young man; pale-skinned, slim, a bit of hair on his thighs and chest, muscles where you’re supposed to have them, even if they weren’t very impressive. His fair hair was long and untidy, parted on the side.

He tried to imagine how girls saw him. Would they automatically imagine him ripping off their clothes and his, desperate to suck his cock and have him thrust it into them? Well, if they did dream of that, they were doing a good job of keeping it to themselves.

No, it was he who fantasized about someone ripping off their clothes and his, but that person was nameless. And male. And black. In recent days he had thought about nothing else. He wanted to be seduced by a very masculine, very black man. The kind of man who would demand to have his cock sucked, maybe make you lick his ass, maybe make you submit to him licking yours, like he would lick a girl’s pussy. And then, and then… Ellis wanted to have the guy push his big black cock up his ass.

When he thought about it, Ellis knew it was a cliché. The idea that black men were super-masculine and all had huge dicks. He had done research into it – that is, he had looked at a lot of gay interracial porn, and although there were some stupendous dark schlongs out there, there were also black guys who liked being fucked themselves. So, it wasn’t 100% one-way traffic. But the more he looked at this stuff, the more enticing it was and the more he wanted to experience it himself.

He had started looking at the black guys in his neighborhood. There was a cop, for instance – just one black cop – who turned him to jelly. The uniform, the fact that he had authority and probably the training and physical strength to make him do what he wanted. If that cop had pushed him into a deserted building, he would have fainted with excitement on his way down to suck the guy off. If that black cop got some of his friends together for a men-only party and invited Ellis along as the entertainment, he would probably die with a hardon as they masturbated over his naked body, sprawled across a bed.

So yes, that was a possibility, but how could he engineer such a situation? That cop didn’t know he existed.

There was a bus driver, there was a guy in the bank and there was his neighbor, who apparently was an accountant. Any of them, or indeed all of them, could have had him wherever and whenever they chose. But you could make a fool of yourself, you could get yourself into a situation where you had to leave town, if you offered yourself and got it wrong.

The answer had to be to join a gay dating website. The first one that came to mind was Gaydar, so he put a profile on there. To his disappointment, though, a lot of men on there seemed to be looking for a relationship, just like a straight site. And that wasn’t what he had in mind at all.

He tried a couple of others before concentrating on a particular one that was completely free and was full of guys unashamedly looking for sex. He read up on how to build a profile. The advice seemed to be that you should be clear and simple about what you wanted, because however weird you thought people might consider it, there would be someone looking to provide it. There were several profiles called white4black or versions of that name, so he had to come up with something equally frank but smarter. Ebonyluvver. No, that could be an ebony man looking for love.

Lovetosuckblackmen. That was better, but did it suggest he wasn’t into anal? How about whiteasswantblackcock? Or should he choose gaziantep escort an ordinary name and explain in the text and via a very explicit picture?

Inspiration struck him at 11.30pm as he finished his bottle of red wine. Whitesub. Short for submissive, which he wanted to be, but it also sounded a bit like what’s up. Clever. He should have been in advertising. So whitesub it was, with a picture of him wearing a woman’s thong, lying on his back, the shot showing him from the chest down. He had wanked himself a bit to get a hardon for the picture and put on all the lights to get it bright enough.

For the text he wanted to sound like he knew what he wanted but wasn’t desperate. He had read enough of the sub profiles to know that a bit of self-respect was a good thing.

“Young white guy, submissive, seeks older dominant black for oral and anal.” Too explicit? Nah, at that time of the night it sounded fine and he was tired of waiting. He posted it.

The next night it had been approved and was up. He looked through the local black guys and found a few that sounded good, but he decided to wait for them to come to him.

Nothing. Nothing for three days. Maybe he would have to make the first move after all.

He sent a message to the guy with the big lips and rough black beard, whose username was Blackbeard. The pic was cropped below the eyes, so you could see he was of African heritage, but you couldn’t identify him exactly. He didn’t reply.

Ellis was surprised and disappointed that he could offer himself so plainly and still no one was interested. He moved on to a plain body shot, a fit, muscular black man with full erection that looked clean but menacing. His username was ‘order’. Ellis thought about it. Order a pizza, put things in order, take an order… it was inconclusive, but he was left with the impression of someone who liked to be in charge.

Ellis’s opening gambit was “Hi,” which drew the response “Hi yourself. How can I help you?”

Ellis was pleasantly surprised. It was a sex site and he was looking for sex, but other aspects of life remained.

“Would you like to chat?” he sent back, and they had a civilized “conversation” for half an hour. You couldn’t expect total honesty in these circumstances, and Ellis was careful not to give too much away about himself, but he got the impression that this was a decent guy and not a serial killer. He described himself as a civil servant. That sounded suitably bland and safe.

They chatted again the next night and ‘order’ introduced the subject of sex. They had already dealt with the subject of race and the mutual fascination between certain blacks and whites. Now ‘order’ wanted to know what Ellis really wanted.

“I want,” he began hesitantly, “to receive anal sex.”

‘Order’ smiled in the privacy of his little apartment. ‘Whitesub’ sounded like a nice enough person. He was probably a virgin, which was fine if he would actually go through with it, but he had corresponded with several guys who chickened out eventually. He understood their nervousness, but it was very frustrating.

“Are you sure about that?” he sent back. “I would love to give that to you, but I don’t want to waste my time.”

“I’m sure,” Ellis replied, wondering if he really was.

“Tomorrow night?” ‘order’ suggested. “My place?”

“Cool,” said Ellis, and noted the address, in a quiet suburb nearby, but not too near.

He wanted to jerk off in anticipation, but told himself to save it, because he might need the energy tomorrow. He really didn’t know what to expect, but it was better to be on the safe side. And on the subject of safety, they hadn’t discussed bareback vs condoms, so he decided to buy a pack and take them with him.

The next day dragged for Ellis, as he just wanted to get it out of the way and get on with the rest of his life as a man who had experienced and liked anal sex with a black man. He was determined not to let the guy – whose name was Gerald – down. Or himself, come to that.

It was a hot summer’s day. After work he threw some food down his throat and had a long shower, concentrating as never before on making himself clean and desirable. He had no idea what Gerald was going to do, where he was going to go with his tongue as he prepared Ellis for his deflowering.

The street was deserted as he turned his car into it, which was a relief. He didn’t think he knew anyone around there, but you never know. He parked outside a small apartment block and scooted nervously up the steps and into the lobby, then up to the second floor, where he saw the blue door Gerald had told him to look for. He knocked quietly and the door opened immediately. Ellis was face to face with the black cop.

“Hi,” he said. “Looking for Gerald.”

He had seen plenty of Gerald’s body, but not his face.

“Alice?” the man said. Ellis had given himself that name in their chats at a moment when he was overcome by his feminine side, and Gerald had seemed to like it.

The apartment was cool and dimly lit. The two men stood in the kitchen as Gerald opened a bottle of rum and made what he called Cuba Libres: rum and coke in Ellis’s book.

They sat together on a sofa and Gerald put a video on his laptop. A young white boy was on his knees, sucking a black man’s cock. Then without a pause it changed, and they were on the bed, a pair of tight black buttocks ramming up and down as, presumably, his big dark cock was inside the white guy’s asshole.

“You like it,” Gerald observed. He put an arm around Ellis’s shoulder and pulled him in for a kiss. Ellis was terrified, but the terror turned to raging desire as he found Gerald’s tongue ploughing his mouth and Gerald’s hand on his bulge.

“I’ve seen you around,” Gerald said as he squeezed Ellis’s package and ran his fingers approvingly up his erecting cock.

“I’ve seen you too,” Ellis stammered. “I’ve watched you; I mean I’ve looked at you and thought about you.”

“And what exactly did you think?” Gerald laughed.

“Just… you know… looking,” Ellis said, struggling to get his brain to work as it was swamped with submissive sex hormones.

“Let’s go in the bedroom,” Gerald said, standing up and walking through. By the time Ellis got in there, Gerald had removed his shirt and jeans. He was just standing there in his tight underpants, this big, strong man whom Ellis was going to surrender his virginity to.

Gerald bent a little to take off his underwear, fixed Ellis with a big, official stare and said, “Take your clothes off and suck my cock.”

Ellis thought he was going to die of thrills. He struggled out of his clothes, hoping the man would like what he saw, but hoping secondly that he didn’t really care – he had seen plenty of pictures anyway – and just wanted to get on top of him and inside him. He dropped to his knees obediently and looked at the hard, shiny black rod with veins that needed to be licked and a dark, plum-like knob. It was so different from his own, yet how could it be? They were both males of the same species. This penis was hard with blood-filled tissue and contained tubes for piss and semen, just like his. If Gerald chose to piss on him, he wouldn’t just not mind – he would be paralyzed with lascivious, sinful pleasure.

But Gerald had no intention of pissing on Ellis – not this time, anyway. This time he was going to enjoy the young white man’s oral attention and then throw him on the bed and fuck him. He knew that’s what the guy wanted. It was what he himself had wanted, years ago when he was looking for his own identity and had been propositioned by the pale, hairy, fat farmer he was working for. He had let himself be ravished by the man several times in the hay barn before one day he summoned up the courage to turn the tables and discovered that that hairy bag of lard loved having a hard black cock up his ass.

Ellis was now wondering if Gerald was going to cum in his mouth, and what that would be like, when he was dragged to his feet and thrown on the bed. Gerald climbed on top and kissed Ellis, their cocks lying together like a double hot dog. Ellis was delirious with desire.

Gerald found a tube of lubricant, squeezed some onto his cock and wiped some into Ellis’s crack.

“Condom?” Ellis managed to squeak.

“You’re a virgin, I get tested and I haven’t had sex since my last test,” Gerald said. “Trust me?”

“Okay,” Ellis said breathlessly. The thrill was escalating. Now he was going to be fucked bareback, this man’s naked cock up his naked hole. He raised his legs to expose himself and Gerald moved forward, so his cock pressed at Ellis’s anus.

Ellis braced himself but his dominant partner said, “No, relax. It doesn’t hurt like people think.” To illustrate his point, he pushed his thumb into Ellis’s anus as far as it would go. “Just a bit bigger than that,” he said comfortingly. “Nice?”

Ellis smiled. “Cool,” he said. “Just do me.”

Gerald adjusted his position again and thrust forwards. His knob pushed Ellis’s hole open a little, a little more and then popped inside and Ellis felt the thrill of being penetrated. And it really didn’t hurt. It was a bit alarming, because it was a stretching from the outside which he had never experienced before, but now that Gerald’s cock was in there like it owned the place, he was just filled: filled with this strong, black man’s cock and filled with happiness and relief and pleasure. Gerald began to pump in and out and Ellis was amazed at the feeling – not just the physical sensation, which he could hardly describe to himself except as being invaded by a blunt instrument that made him crazy with submissive lust, but the psychological feeling of being under somebody’s control and loving it.

“Okay?” Gerald said quietly, gently, affectionately.

“I love it,” Ellis said, awash with pleasure and a strange sort of pleasurable discomfort because this guy’s cock was so big. He put a hand down to feel Gerald’s balls, but Gerald was busy fucking him and couldn’t stop to let him have a good feel. He could do that another time, licking all around Gerald’s sex equipment, licking his ballbag and sucking it a little, smelling the unique sweaty, stew-like odor.

Now Gerald’s pumping became more urgent and he was slamming Ellis like a runaway train. And then he grunted long and low and pulled out, squirting spunk up Ellis’s body as far as his chest. Ellis loved the feeling as it landed in rivers and pools, warm and wet and with that distinctively pungent, chloriney smell, not unlike his own. He grabbed his own cock and wanked quickly until his own spunk shot from his cock and up his body to mingle with that of his master.

“Next time I want you to be Alice for me,” Gerald said. “Wear women’s things. I will get you a white thong and a bra and you get a dress and some jewelry. So I can fuck my little Alice like it’s our wedding night.”

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