Emily and I


“I fantasise about you fucking someone else, like every time we have sex, every time I masturbate… It’s all I think about.” I said, feeling like a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders at confessing this.

Emily’s face was a picture of lust and confusion as I revealed my deepest desire to her, my cuckold fantasy.

“Hmm,” She replied calmly, a slightly embarrassed smile coming over her face. “And who am I fucking exactly?”

“He doesnt have a face, well not exactly. I mean, someone you’re attracted to, someone big and strong who can take you and give you something, well, different.” I replied honestly.

“Like an orgasm you mean?” Emily chuckled playfully.

I paused, and gave her a funny look. “I give you plenty of orgasms, thank-you very much.” I replied, knowing, or at least hoping my fiancée was joking. Although she didn’t know the full extent of my fantasies, she had always taken great pleasure in teasing me verbally.

“With your tongue, not with your little cock” she teased.

With that comment, my ‘little’ cock began to grow in my pants and Emily knew her taunt was sure to have that affect on me. But as much as we both enjoyed that kind of humiliation aspect in a playful way, I was fully aware I had always been lacking in that department.

“You prefer my tongue to my little cock don’t you darling!?” I asked, knowing full well the answer.

“Well I’m certainly not marrying you for what inside your pants.” She quipped.

To an observer, those kind of comments towards a partner would no doubt sound cruel and callus, but to us it’s erotic. I get as much enjoyment out of her words as Emily does saying them. The truth is, we love each other enough to know what the other one enjoys sexually and no offence is ever taken from her words.

“Okay, so what are you proposing exactly, that we have a threesome?” She quizzed.

“Well it wouldn’t be a threesome, I wouldn’t be involved, I only want to watch.” I said, taking a breath. “I’ve heard people describe it as watching their favourite pornstar in the flesh. I sit back while you and your lover put on a show for me.”

“And this mystery man, does he have a big cock?” She asked.

“Of course,” I replied. “I know how much you would enjoy a bigger cock than mine.”

“You’re not kidding,” she said with a chuckle.

I had asked Emily about her ex boyfriends and previous lovers many times and she had never hidden the fact that she enjoyed a larger penis than I could provide. But she had fallen head over heals in love with me and she assured me sex wasn’t an issue. She had a lovely big vibrator, which admittedly intimidated me slightly, and she told me many times that i have the most talented tongue she’s ever known.

“So… What do you think?” I asked, doubting the answer would be yes. “Wanna fuck someone else?”

“Sound hot, I’m in,” Emily said with a wry smile.

I sputtered. “Are you serious?” I said, a little shocked at the nonchalant nature of her response.

“Well its only a fantasy, isnt it? I mean you’re not going to seriously want to watch the woman you’re going to marry, getting filled by someone else, while you just sit there. So, for the purpose of the fantasy, I’m in. Now come here and lets feel how hard you are thinking about this.”

I realised that it was going to take a lot more than just confessing my fantasy to get Emily to fulfill it for me, I knew I was going to have to play the long game with this one, and by god would it be worth waiting for.

Emily and trabzon seks hikayeleri I met in a nightclub some three years prevous to this. The moment I set eyes on her, I knew I wanted to be with her, she was simply stunning. Her long dark hair flowed down to her busty clevage and her beautiful dark eyes made my heart melt.

I remember thinking her soft lips were perfect as we shared our first kiss on the dance floor that night, and when she invited me back to her place I was surprised that a beautiful, classy looking woman like Emily would ‘put out’ so soon after meeting a guy.

Back in her bedroom we kissed passionately as she frantically unzipped my pants, took my rock hard cock out and and tugged my jeans and pants down. I was glad that I’d had a few drinks that night, as I could so easily have premature ejaculated from a few strokes of her tallented hand. When she sunk down and put her beautiful lips around my penis, I held on for all my might.

My jaw dropped as she sat up and straddled me, my cock rubbing against the outside if her moistening knickers as she undid her bra and revealed her big pert tits to me.

I sucked on one of her hardening nipples as she lent towards the bedside drawer and retrieved a condom. biting off the wrapper with her teeth and discarding it over her shoulder. The feeling of her rolling it down onto my dick was enough to make me cum, but luckily I resisted.

I caught sight of her delicious pussy for the first time as she peeled off her knickers. A thin strip of dark pubic hair glistened with wetness as i ran a finger over her bulbous clit and made her moan. I stroked her for a few more seconds before she reached behind and guided my cock towards her entrance.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned as I felt her cunt engulf my cock and she began to ride me. I grabbed a firm hold of her arse cheeks and writhed with her, but the pleasure was too intense and I felt my cock begin to throb. Emily must have noticed this so she stopped in her tracks.

“You better not be cumming,” she said as i tried with all my might to hold my semen in my balls.

“No,” I replied, acting casually and flipping her over so I could have a few seconds respite and re-gain some control. I slowly entered her in the missionary position but the feeling quickly came back and I kept stopping to halt my ejaculation. I sensed a frustation from Emily as I tried my best to delay.

“Lick me,” she instructed, her confident authority gave me a glimpse into the future. and I was more than happy to oblige. I had wanted to taste her beautiful pussy as soon as I had laid eyes on it. plus it saved my blushes for a little while longer.

I eagerly burried my head in her dripping wet cunt and began to nibble her clit, to which she responded with an almost instant orgasm. I knew I was good at licking pussy, I had to be, but it was amazing being able to give her pleasure so easily. Emily writhed against my mouth and moaned her way to a very vocal climax. “OH YES, EAT ME!!” she yelled, doing nothing to hide her excitement from her housemates who were presumably sleeping in the adjacent rooms. “”OH FUCK!!”

Eventually her orgasm subsided and she began to come back down to earth. “Okay, your turn,” she said, pulling the condom off my dick and sinking her mouth back down over my shaft. She took me deep into her mouth, showing off her skills. But as she pulled my cock out of her mouth and started licking my shaft, I began throbbing and I uncontrollably shot a huge wad of cum over her face, quickly followed by another and another. She expertly pumped my jizz over her pretty cheeks.

Emily’s face was covered in my semen, she looked a picture of slutty beauty as she stroked my dick and continued to suck my cock while I recovered, before sliding back up the bed to give me a close up of her cum soaked face.

“Kiss me,” she said. It was the first time anyone had been so dominant and assertive with me. Emily and I locked lips and she struck her tongue in my mouth allowing me to taste my own cum for the first time. It was the hottest moment of my life and I felt my cock begin to grow again.

“I don’t let anyone cum that quickly without some kind of punishment,” she laughed. I knew right then that I wanted to marry this woman. Three years later we were engaged.

As the months went on and we got closer to our wedding, I would bring up the cuckold fantasy several times. Mostly as pillow talk, which always seemed to get Emily’s juices flowing, but also in regular conversations, to try and gauge if her feelings had changed towards the subject.

One evening, after several glasses of wine, she said to me; “You really want this don’t you? I mean if I said lets do it, you’d actually let me fuck another man!?”

“Yes, I would.” I answered honestly. “I love you and I can’t wait for you to be my wife, but there’s this deep desire, this longing to see you take a bigger cock, to see you pleasure another man, to watch him pleasure you.”

Over the months I had explained the fantasy in detail to Emily, assuring her I wanted nothing in return, that it wasn’t a swinging scenario I desired, that I truly had no aspirations to have sex with another woman. It was purey about her.

In time she began to understand the fantasy and even researched it herself, listening to podcasts and reading up on it. I felt like she was finally on the same page as me and it became something we enjoyed together.

We would read each other stories, send dirty memes to each other, talk about it at dinner or in the car. It was a really exciting time for us.

“So how about Steve?” Emily said, biting her bottom lip as if she knew she’d get a reaction.

I almost spat out my wine in surprise. “Steve from your work? I replied. “Absolutely not.”

“He’s leaving in a few weeks, to take a job in Dubai, so I probably won’t see him after that. He’s single, really hot and he’s fancied me for years. Plus I know and trust him, so he’d be the perfect candidate.”

I’d always felt threatened by Steve, he was a very good looking ladies man who seemed like a bit of a player, but Emily and him had shared a kiss at a Christmas party before i met her and the thought of them had always made me a bit jealous. I’d only met him once or twice, and he didn’t hide his attraction for Emily.

I have to admit, i’d masturbated countless times to the thought of her fucking him behind my back, bur somehow the reality of her actually fucking him seemed frightening.

“But… Steve, I don’t know.”

“Well it’s your fantasy and I’ve given you a suggestion of a guy I’d like to fuck, so the ball is in your court pal.” Emily said teasingly.

“Would he even be up for it? I mean me there watching!” I asked.

“Maybe you dont get to watch.” Emily replied coyly. “You said you’d find it hot if I just did it and came home and told you all about it.”

I just sat there speechless. I knew that once she got an idea in her head, there wasn’t much I could say to change her mind about it. I mean she wouldn’t do anything without my blessing, but she had gone as far as to make suggestions and find someone she wanted to do this with, she made it clear that it was a take it or leave it type of deal.

I took a deep breath and paused. “You’re the boss,” I said. “If it’s Steve you want, then I would be delighted for you to have that pleasure.”

Emily’s eyes lit up and she came and gave me a big kiss. “Thank you,” she said. “I’ll do you proud.”

I spent the next few days almost regretting agreeing to this, but I couldnt get the thought of her and Steve out of my head. I was masturbating more than ever. So much that one afternoon Emily came in the bedroom and caught me mid orgasm.

“Well, well. Someone’s having fun,” Emily said just as I shot dollops of creamy jizz over my belly. She sat on the bed beside me and smiled, scooping some sticky cum from my skin and sensually licking it off the palm of her hand. “Mmm,” she said offering me her hand to lick.

“I… um,” I stuttered, feeling the post orgasm shame.

“Fucking lick it up,” she snapped, before wiping her sticky hand over my face. I stuck my tongue out and tasted my own seed from her palm as she scooped up some more that had pooled in my belly button. I felt my cock twitch as she fed me my own cum whilst putting on an evil laugh. “We’re going to have to get this little thing locked up to stop you wanking,” she said, flicking my softening penis with her finger.

I arrived home from work a few days later to find Emily sitting on the couch with a package. “Put this on and bring me back the key,” she instructed, without even saying hello.

“What is it? I asked, half knowing the answer.

“It’s a chastity device to stop you playing with yourself all of the fucking time, you little pervert.”

We had talked about chastity a lot, it was something we had learned about from listening to podcasts and something that I knew Emily was interested in from the minute she first heard about it. Chastity seemed to go hand in hand with the cuckold dynamic and I had to admit I was curious about it.

I sat on the bed and looked at the chastity cage. ‘my god it’s small’ I thought to myself as I fumbled around and tried to put it on. I did my best to try to remain soft as I fed my cock and balls through the cold metal ring. Then I placed the tiny rounded head of the cage around the tip of my cock and squished it down until it met the ring, allowing me to fasten it.

“Cute,” came a voice from behind me. I turned around to see Emily standing in the doorway. I looked down at my caged penis and felt the base ring pull against my balls as it tried to grow. The mere sight of my beautiful fiancée standing there and looking at me like that made me aroused.

Emily reached down, pulled the padlock through the top of the cage and snapped it shut. She gave my balls a tight squeeze, before grabbing the two keys from bedside table and putting them in her pocket. “I will release you to wash and thats all.” she said firmly. ” And I will be supervising, to make sure you don’t jerk off. Aside from that, you will remain locked up until after my date with Steve.”

“Shit… you’ve arranged a date?” I spluttered.

“Well I texted him and asked if I could buy him a drink one night before he leaves for Dubai. We settled on Friday night.”

She smiled before turning to leave the room.

By cock began to twitch as if trying desperately to break out of its little cage. I wouldn’t be able to touch it for six days and I knew Emily would relish every second of teasing me before her date.

And that was just the beginning of our cuckolding adventure…

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