Emma’s secret life part 1


Hey guys, I’m Emma, I’m your normal 19-year-old teen girl who loves to party and hang out with friends, I go to uni studying fashion design and play on the field hockey team. Most people who walk past me would assume I’m the cutesy, innocent, curly-haired blonde girl who is friendly and nice to all she meets, which I am, but like a lot of people, I have my deep, dark secrets.

In public, I keep my squeaky clean girl next door, Uni athlete, image, a role model to my peers and family but I’m far from being the angel my parents think I am.

I’m no fashion model but I’ve always had no problems getting a date, my long, toned legs lead up to a small, peached-shaped butt which I’m really proud of, my best feature if I were to be asked. I’ve always had a lean and athletic type of body, flat stomach, thin arms, small waist, tiny chest, which I hate, especially having always been around girls in locker rooms, and seeing what they were blessed with really made me wish my breasts were bigger. I’m taller than average, standing at around 5’8, I have a heart-shaped face with soft features, small lips, bubbly cheeks, striking, round, blue eyes, and shoulder length, strawberry blonde, curly hair.

I use to date a fair bit in high school, it was enjoyable for a while until I got sick and tired of the same old boys who all did the same things, it just felt stale and repetitive which is what lead me to search out other options that were out of the norm. Everyone has heard of dating apps and internet sites which offer adults the platform to meet strangers for whatever reason they choose, and for a time I was happy to try out the more common and mainstream options but a strong part of me always wanted to see what it would be like to join a more risky, niche site, catering to specific wants and needs.

Like most at the beginning, the standard cons always seemed to outway the pros when making my decision, “what if my parents found out?, what if I came across someone I knew?, was it safe to meet randoms?, are people going to find out about this?”, all these thoughts racked my brain but the more I read the reviews and testimonials, reading articles online and in mags, but mainly because it got me so aroused and wet thinking about it I eventually took the leap.

A lot of sites had their appeal, but what really got me horny and excited was older men. I had always been curious from a young age but never found the courage because of what people might think, I still have those concerns which is why I wouldn’t openly date an older man, at least not until I was a bit more mature myself, my parents would freak if I brought home a guy in his 20’s let alone a man that might be twice my age.

After doing some more detailed research I decided to join a sugar daddy site, not the most popular one of course because I was still afraid of running into someone I knew, instead opting for a less well-known option that still had great reviews. I was happy to learn that girls could join for free if they got verified rather than paying the steep members fee, I sent the photos required for verification that night and went to bed excited about my decision.

The next day I was happy to receive a message informing me I had been verified and details on how to set up an account, I was tempted to skip uni and dive right in such was my exhilaration but bottled it up for later that night.

My friends were quite disappointed I chose not to go out that night, they were starting to wonder why I had lost interest in dating but I couldn’t really give them the real reason why. I rushed home, showered the sweat from hockey practice, and jumped straight on my laptop.

The site was set up a little like Facebook where people would create a profile and others were able to view it and send you messages, like pictures and see your interests. The site was free initially for a month but you had to earn a certain amount of points for it to stay cost-free. Earning points was simple enough, posting pictures, engaging in the forums, positive reviews from other users all earned you points, it was just like any other social media site and I was having fun setting everything up.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and didn’t even realize I had been playing around on the site for a couple of hours, I was finally happy with the job I did, posting a few pictures from a holiday in Thailand 2 months prior, nothing too naughty or risque just some swimsuit pics and ones I found cute before I activated my account for all to see.

In the meant time while I waited for any interest I profile hopped as you do when discovering something new for the first time. Most profiles keep it pretty simple, men ranging from their 20s to even 70s were members. It was so intriguing reading what these men wanted, most just looking for a random hookup while others were searching for a fuck buddy type arrangement or sugar baby. I wasn’t interested in anything long-term for now but the thought of being a sugar baby kind of got me wet, I had seen and read a lot about these types of arrangements, it was definitely appealing but not for me at the time.

It wasn’t long after my profile went public that alerts started popping up notifying me people were liking my pics, I was blushing and excited, feeling that rush you get from being validated, it was different from people liking my pics on Facebook or Instagram, that just became normal but knowing the nature of were these likes were coming from made it thrilling.

I started reading a few comments guys had posted on my pics, most nice and sweet and very gentlemen like but a few were crude like “ hot ass, love that little body” or “ you just made me hard AF”, I’m not naive, I knew what I was getting into, I actually loved all the comments no matter the nature, they were all positive and got me grinning happily.

My inbox was filling fast, it was almost daunting to see the amount,” how on earth do I sort this out”, I thought to myself, I didn’t want to offend people by not answering them but I knew I couldn’t give my time to everyone. I came to the conclusion I just had to check profiles and when I saw one I liked I would reply.

The first few profiles didn’t peak my interest, not that the men weren’t attractive, a couple were but I just didn’t get a good feeling reading their interests and what they wanted, some were just way too old or way too young in age, I was looking for someone in their 30’s to late ’40s, who just wanted to keep things casual. I had narrowed down my list to 3 from the 30 or so men who messaged me and typed a short reply to each.

The website had an incognito mode where you could be invisible to all except for the members you allowed to contact you, it was great knowing I could still use the site without getting swarmed with messages and feeling bad about not answering.

Most of the messages were simply getting to know each other ones to build some chemistry, after half an hour or so one guy really started getting most of my attention, His username was Tony42, and as you might have guessed he was 42 years of age and worked in the construction industry. Tony had a great rating on the site and had been an active member for more than 4 years. His profile was full of positive reviews from girls and he had many threads on the forums, the most popular being his online journal where he described his exploits with various women.

Tony looked well built and muscular in his photos, definitely a gym goer, he wasn’t ripped like a bodybuilder but had a sexy definition and tone to his physique. He described himself as a confident, sexual person that didn’t like to be tied down by marriage or kids, he wanted to meet and fuck new people without the drama, especially younger women, honest and straight to the point which I found sexy as hell along with his dark, short hair and light beard.

We chatted for some time and I explained what lead me to join the site, he understood my reasons and had met other girls who felt the same way. It wasn’t long into our conversation when Tony suggested we chat through cam, maybe an hour or so had passed, and I readily agreed surprised at how fast things were going, it was the most fun I’ve had interacting with a man in some time and it wasn’t even in person.

I quickly looked around my room gaziantep rus escort and touched myself up a bit to look presentable, I was so nervous as his cam feed came through, like me, Tony was sitting at a desk it looked like, he smiled and gave me a little wave as we tested our mics.

“ hello….hello can you hear me ok”, I spoke into the mic.

“ yes perfect Emma…..how do I sound?”, he replied, his strong, raspy male voice very much to my liking.

“ great…. Really good……all clear”. I relayed shuffling in my seat to get comfy, my left hand fidgeting with the strap of my pink singlet top which I tend to do a lot when I’m nervous.

“ perfect….. Your’e even more beautiful than I thought when looking at the pics you posted, I’m one lucky guy being able to do this right now”.

Tony’s compliment made me blush and the way his dark, hazel eyes were staring straight at me through the computer screen got me tingling, he looked just like he did in the photos on his profile, they must have been recent, I was very pleased and relieved.

“ so I’m convinced…. How about we meet up tomorrow… I can pick you up at 7”. He confidently offered before grinning and smiling almost smugly.

I returned his smile and giggled playfully at his bold suggestion, he was definitely a cocky type of guy and full of charm, “You’re really funny….what makes you think I like you that much already?”, I retorted. His smile grew larger as I watched him through the screen, almost as if he knew I would agree (which I would, eventually) but I didn’t want him to know just yet.

“I just have a hunch….but I’m happy to sit here and think about what you would look like naked until you agree to meet me”, He countered with.

I couldn’t help but laugh, it was pretty clear we had some chemistry, I’ve never had a guy talk to me in this manner let alone in the first hour of the conversation, It was really having an effect on me sexually. “ well I guess you are the more experienced one, I’m just a naive teen girl”, I cheekily said pouting at my cam.

“ I’m definitely full of experience….which I’m happy to share if you meet me….I think you would like it a lot….it’s fun to share”, he boldly said trying to entice me further.

“I can tell you are full of a lot of things but you’re in luck…..I like to give people a chance so I guess we can meet tomorrow and I’ll decide if I want you to share your experience with me or not”, I put forward confidently.

“ great…. that’s all a man can ask for, are you ok with meeting at my place or would you like a hotel meeting, I’m happy with either”.

“ I think a hotel might be best”, I quickly agreed, showing signs of nerves for the first time since we started chatting.

“ of course, I understand…. I’ll set it all up…wear something pink… I like that color on you”, Tony devilishly added causing me to blush once more.

We didn’t chat for much longer after that, it was past midnight and my eyes were getting strained at being on my laptop for almost 5 hours, Tony also felt the same but not before cheekily asking me to show my tits, I playfully started to left my top up before closing my screen. Tony sent a disappointed emoji message to my phone which I giggled at before apologizing and telling him I was looking forward to tomorrow.

Around midday I got a text from Tony outlining where and when our meeting would take place, I was impressed he had booked a pretty fancy hotel for the night, part of me felt like I was being hired as an escort for this older man’s pleasure and laughed at the thought if anyone found out.

The excitement was building as time got closer, I told my parents I might stay over at a friend’s place tonight and not to worry, I hated lying to people but I had to admit it was adding to the buzz I was already feeling. I think I swapped and changed into about 10 different outfit combinations before deciding on a long sleeve pink, bodycon, knitted dress that was both elegant and cute, it covered up most of my upper body but showed off my legs nicely and hugged my small curves, along with white heels, matching handbag and large hoop earrings I was finally ready to head out. I usually take the bus when I went out but there’s no way I would take one today dressed this nicely so Ubering it was.

Knocking on the door to a strange man’s hotel room was a first and oddly empowering experience, I guess there was no turning back now as he opened it and we laid eyes on each other, he seemed very pleased to see I had not chickened out and took his time giving me an approving once over, his eyes darting up and down my body like a hungry hyena.

I was at a loss for words letting him have his staring contest with my dress until he finally invited me inside licking his lips and closing the door behind me. The room was nice with one large queen bed in the center and a leather couch to the side, the windows had an amazing view of the city and opened out onto a small balcony.

“ I’m very happy to see you made it, you look amazing by the way, love the dress”, Tony pointed out as he walked around me, his eyes probably getting a good look at my ass before doing so.

“Thank you…. And thank you for getting this room… it’s really nice”, I acknowledged while standing like a stiff corpse frozen with nerves.

“It’s no bother, I’m more than happy to spend a bit of money if it means I get to spend time with a girl like you Emma, you are a real stunner, I’m very lucky”, he declared standing a few feet away from me, his confident grin on full display.

I closed my eyes a took a deep breath, I’m usually not shy on dates and I told myself this was just like any other, I shook my arms out and put on my best smile trying to re-focus. “ well I really appreciate it, looks like we could have a lot of fun here don’t you think tony?”, I proudly said finally able to shake off my insecurity.

“ a lot of fun indeed young lady, would you like a drink to get warmed up?”, he offered which I took up gratefully.

Tony poured me a glass of sparkling wine and we made small talk as he gave me a little tour of the suite, he was funny and charming, and mature, all the things I found attractive in men. Our tour ended with us out on the balcony enjoying the views, Tony pointing out the buildings he and his company were responsible for constructing which was quite impressive. I couldn’t help but get a few selfies of myself behind this amazing backdrop, Tony offered to help be my photographer as I posed for him like a would-be model. It was all in good fun and I was having a great time.

“You should post some of these on your profile, they look great”, he expressed scrolling through the pics he just took.

“Yeah? let me see”, I replied hastily making my way over to him, I hunched myself close to Tony as we both admired the photos, “Wow, you know how to take a great photo, I should hire you to take more”, I teased, looking up at him with a flirtatious grin.

“Well taking photos of hot girls is a hobby of mine but I don’t do it for free, what would I get out of it?”, he fired back grinning smugly.

I held a finger to my upper lip and put on a show of myself thinking long and hard before coming up with an idea, “ what if I let you take a few that wouldn’t be suitable for my social media?”, I proposed, letting my wild side shine through.

“interesting ….you might have to give me an example….I just can’t commit that sort of time and effort without getting a better picture of what I’m getting”, he countered with, his dark eyes daring me to push past my limits.

Being competitive in nature I just had to show him I wasn’t kidding around, I backed myself towards the railing, stopping as the cold metal hit my tushy, I wriggled my arms free from the long sleeves of my dress, moving them up and out the top before peeling down the top half to expose my little pink, lace bra.

“I think I’m getting a good picture of what you’re offering Emma but I’m still not convinced”, Tony arrogantly said, his eyes feasting upon the sight of my tender flesh.

I simply nodded my understanding loving the impromptu roleplay, my hands reaching back to unclasp the bra letting it fall to the ground, my small B-cup breasts unveiled standing high and perky on my chest with just a hint of jiggle.

“that’s great but I think I’m going to need to see more, my time isn’t cheap young lady”, he let me know.

I giggled giving him a questioning glare, my little nipples getting hard from the cool breeze and my arousal, Tony looked so confident standing there licking his lips, I could see his breathing had increased and a bulge beginning to form on the front of his black dress pants. I proceeded to push the dress down further, shimmying my hips seductively as it fell to the floor, I stepped out of it and gave Tony a little twirl before striking some poses.

I smiled as he lifted his phone up and started to snap pic after pic, even instructing me to turn around and bend over the railing, my flimsy pink lace thong doing little to hide my rear end as I arched my back and looked over my shoulder at him. He moved closer continuing to snap pics, kneeling down to get a better angle as he put it which made me laugh. I had never done anything like this before, especially out in the open and with a complete stranger, it was so hot and unbelievably erotic.

Tony definitely felt the same way as he drop his phone down, he looked hungry staring at my ass and before I knew it he was up behind me grinding and dry humping his bulge into me. His strong hands roamed my back and caressed my bare shoulders, his touch was firm and a little rough which I liked, I could tell he didn’t mind getting his hands dirty, they weren’t soft, I could feel the dryness and cracked texture as he moved them across my soft skin, such a drastic contrast.

I pushed myself back into his crotch, savoring the feeling of it rubbing against my labia, slow, rocking movements from both our hips eliciting a moan of approval from my lips. Tony leaned over and planted kisses on my back, his coarse hands traveling around to fondle my tits, enveloping both in his palms, squeezing lightly as his kisses progressed south along my spine.

Tony knelt down kissing further, I could feel his hot breath on my butt as he gave each cheek gentle kisses before using his hands to spread them open, his mouth focusing on my covered pussy lips, lashing licks and kisses over my wet thong. He pulled the fabric, stretching it out so it wedge between my soaked lips, his tongue slurping and lapping away like he needed to quench a dire thirst.

I didn’t think it could get much better when Tony pulled my thong away to the side and speared his long tongue into my snatch, I moaned out over the railing gripping it hard with my hands, my legs trembling as he tongue fucked me, his hands kept my ass cheeks spread allowing the assault to continue, I was in heaven.

“ I love a sweet teen pussy……..you taste so good Emma”, Tony managed to say out in between licks, he continued for another couple minutes before ordering me to turn around and face him.

Tony smiled and licked around his mouth, his eyes staring up at mine from below, he didn’t say a word as he reached up and pulled down my thong, I was naked and bare for this older man, my clean-shaven pussy glistening with wetness leaving no doubt I wanted him badly. Tony didn’t waste another second after removing my thong, he dived right back in, eating my teen pussy this time from the front, his nose brushing against my clit sending waves of pleasure up my spine.

He didn’t stop or let up one bit, Tony attacked my pussy like a man on a mission, he wanted to make me cum and cum hard which I did a few minutes later. I tried to stay as quiet as possible, mewing out like a distressed cat, but I was far from distressed, my little body was convulsing in heavenly bliss, Tony kept licking and sucking and I kept cumming, my eyes going glossing with delirium, Tony held onto my thighs tightly to stop me from collapsing, I rode out the high for what felt like forever until my senses started returning.

I looked down huffing and puffing at Tony who seemed quite pleased with himself, his mouth was wet and his beard shimmering with my girl cum, I grinned at him and held a hand close to my chest to feel my heartbeat, it was racing, I hadn’t cum so hard like that in a long time or forever I thought.

I needed time to recover and catch my breath but Tony wasn’t going to let that happen, in one swift motion he picked me up in his strong arms, I instinctively wrapped my legs around him as he carried me back into the room, he threw me back first on to the bed, my legs dangling over the side while he quickly started to undress. I scooted backward resting myself on my elbows and watched closely as his impressive physique was revealed, he was definitely a hunk for an older guy.

Tony stripped away the last of his clothing, I was almost dying with anticipation, my pussy was yearning to be entered, it had been so long and I was more than ready. Tony also was raring to go, his thick, up-curving cock looked like solid steel with how hard it was, it didn’t dangle one bit as he moved onto the bed and knelt between my legs. His shaft was a shade darker than his skin, the reddish, purple head sticking out over his foreskin shining with precum.

He opened my legs and pulled me closer stopping just before his mushroom head came into contact with my entrance, he gripped his cock with his right hand and rubbed it along my slit gathering the wetness that was still present after my orgasm, a thin coat of white covering his head.

I moaned my delight at the sensation, he dug into my pussy going no more than head deep before popping it back out, his tip was coated in my juices. I was squirming on the bed, sighing as he teased me over and over.

“Fuck…. you’re a tight fit Emma……hope you don’t mind me going in raw…. I hate condoms, don’t worry I get tested regularly”, he explained, groaning each time he pushed inside only to pull out a couple of seconds later to slap my throbbing clit with his meat.

I definitely wasn’t thinking straight when I nodded my approval, I was on birth control but he was still a stranger who fucked around a bit, not the smartest choice but I was too horny to tell him to stop. As soon as he got my go-ahead Tony pulled me by the hips even closer, our lower halves intersecting as he thrust forwards this time impaling me with most of his 6 or so inches, I cried out in pleasure and a little pain, Tony too groaning his delight as our bodies connected sexually.

Tony placed my legs on his shoulders, he held my tiny waist and plunged in further, he started to rock back and forth fucking me with slow and methodical thrusts. His eyes darted from mine to my small tits which were slightly swaying up and down with the rhythm of his fucking. I dropped from my elbows laying back to enjoy the cock that was driving into me, looking up at Tony, his face focused on one task.

Laying there taking his cock I couldn’t quite believe what was happening, it was like an out-of-body experience, it felt so good being a little slut for this older man, his experienced cock was driving me wild, I could feel the heat emitting from it deep in my pussy, he was hitting all the right spots, “ oh so good” I thought to myself.

As my moans got louder Tony got increasingly rougher, he really started to fuck me hard, the back of my thighs slapping into his pelvis over and over, the bed started to rattle and shake. He pushed forwards from his kneeling position, his arms by my head as he slammed into my teenage pussy from above. I was glad I had great flexibility, Tony still having my legs pinned under his arms and resting on his shoulders, folding me up like a piece of paper as he plunged in and out.

It was all a wild blur, I was thrashing my head from side to side, my hair was all over my face, drops of sweat falling off Tony’s chin onto my tits below, this was the kind of fucking I wanted, raw and primal. Just when I knew I was about to lose control Tony gave me one last, hard thrust, he pulled out letting my legs flop back down onto the bed with a thud before he scoured over my body and presented his wet, cock to my mouth.

“Taste yourself on my cock sweetheart”, he grunted out, his hands brushing away my hair to clear the view.

I opened my mouth and craned my neck forwards to envelop his fat cock head, my cheeks bulging out to fit his thickness, Tony groaned in satisfaction and tilted his head back, his arms moving to his waist enjoying my mouth’s technique. All that time practicing on bananas and cucumbers paid off as he moaned out how good my mouth felt. Seeing a man cry out in pleasure as I suck his cock is a huge turn-on, I almost came a little when Tony reached back to rub my clit.

“ that little mouth is good but I need more of that tight pussy, turn around and show me that hot ass”, he commanded, his tone clearly showing his desire.

Tony moved off me and stood by the bed stroking his cock, I turned over and got on all fours presenting my peach-shaped butt to him, Tony wasted no time in plunging his cock back into my needy fuck hole, we both sighed in pleasure as one. Standing he was just at the right height to hammer my pussy like no one has ever done, over and over my ass cheeks slapped into his thighs no doubt turning the flesh red, Tony had a firm grip on my waist and used it to fuck me, it was overwhelming and I knew I would be sore the day after but I didn’t care, I urged him on by screaming out “harder!….faster!…. Fuck me!”, in which Tony obliged.

After a good few minutes I knew I was going to cum, my body started boiling over and it all went blank for a moment until the surge of ecstasy flowed through my nerves, I was cumming and cumming and cumming, It felt like I would never stop, my body was spasming like I was having a fit, I don’t know what happened during my peak but when I opened my eyes and started to gain my senses I was now on my stomach, face down while Tony continued to fuck me mercilessly.

He had a tight grip on my hair using it as reigns to go faster, he grunted and cursed out while all I could do was lay there and take it as I caught my breath, even being an athlete, two amazing orgasms had taken the wind out of me, now I knew what it meant to truly get fucked. His thrusts slammed me into the bed, the mattress rubbing against my clit, Tony had amazing stamina I couldn’t believe he could keep up this pace.

He kept fucking and fucking me and before I knew it I was cumming again, my pussy was on fire, no man had ever made me cum multiple times before they did until tonight. My body didn’t have the energy to prolong my orgasm, I felt numb and totally out of breath.

Tony had let go of my hair and placed his hands on my hips, he smacked my butt and grunted out loudly, he squeezed me tight and rammed my pussy harder and faster than he had previously for about 10 thrusts before he announced his impending orgasm.

“ ahhhh! Fuck ….gonna cum!”, I heard from behind me, I was sad and relieved at the same time, I loved getting the shit fucked out of me but my pussy was so sensitive and sore I didn’t know how long I could keep taking his thick cock. Tony pulled out of my pussy leaving it gaping wide, I had no clue what he was planning until a warm spray of something hit me right in between my shoulder blades. He was groaning like a wounded animal, one, two, three, four, five, spurts of cums landing on my back I counted before I gave up, my back felt like it was being covered by the warm substance pumping out of his balls. I then felt Tony scooting back as cum landed on my ass and in between my cheeks, it was dripping down over my asshole and pussy.

I laid there letting him adorn me in his seed, I’ve had guys cum on me before but this felt much more dirty and wrong, and I loved it. I could feel the last of his droplets hitting my backside before he sighed out loudly obviously feeling relieved and empty.

“Fuck me! … that was a good fuck….. Don’t think I’ve cum that hard in years”, Tony proclaimed, “ dam I made a mess of you baby”, he added.

I giggled and got up on my elbows after he finished, turning my head over my shoulder to give him a cute smile, I wiggled my butt and saw that I was indeed a cum covered mess.

“ fuck that’s hot…it’s everywhere”, he explained watching me shake my little tush, “Hope you don’t mind Emma”, he asked giving me a smug wink of the eye.

“It’s ok….I enjoyed it…. I hope you did too”, I innocently asked knowing the answer.

“ of course I did….you have an amazing pussy young lady….if you don’t believe me just look and the state of you, it looks like a work of art”, Tony excitedly pointed out referring to the cum on my back half.

I smiled proudly loving the praise from the older gentleman, “ you can take a picture if you like, I don’t mind”, I offered, knowing it would please him.

“ wow, dam, can’t say no to that….. I’ll be right back, don’t move”.

I laughed as he scurried around looking for his phone, his cock still quite hard, probably from what I just suggested, “ isn’t it outside, oh can you get my clothes too while you’re out there”, I yelled out from inside.

Tony hurried back with his phone and my clothes, dropping them on the couch before walking back over to me and taking pics of my cum covered back and ass. His cum was still warm on my skin, it felt sticky and thick, he asked for me to get up on all fours which I did, hearing a few more snaps go off. His cum was starting to turn runny, sliding off my back when Tony finished the naughty photoshoot, I finally got up and gingerly walked to the bathroom, my legs feeling like jelly, I got a good look at myself in the mirror seeing a different side of myself for the first time, a wry smile forming on my lips knowing I could never go back to a normal sex life after this.

I cleaned up in the shower and put on a robe they offer guests, It felt really nice and soft. Tony was sitting on the couch as I walked back out, he looked busy scrolling through his phone, no doubt checking out the pics of me. I strolled over and took a seat next to him, tucking my legs underneath me and cuddling up close to see what he was doing.

“ do you mind if I tweet out a couple of pics….I won’t show your face of course….I know some of the guys are going to get off on them”.

“ oh…ok….which ones?”, I asked nervously, Tony pointed out a few and when I was comfortable that no one would know it was me I gave him the green light, it was actually exciting, I never knew I had a little exhibitionist streak in me before.

“I’m sorry if it’s weird….it’s just a guy thing…..you look fucking hot as hell”, he remarked, kissing me on the cheek and then my forehead.

“It’s ok I understand…… as long as everyone is consenting…..I’m cool with it…..It’s actually quite exciting”, I confessed

“ naughty….naughty little Emma….I knew you were going to be a fun one”, he teased smirking at me, “ hey I know you’re new to this but I have a good group of friends that would love to go on dates with you, I can vouch for every one of them if your interested? he said in a more serious tone.

“Yeah, that would be great…. it’s so hard trying to go through all my messages….that would make things a lot easier”, I replied, smiling at Tony in appreciation.

“ excellent….I’ll add you to the group chat….but for now you’re all mine”, Tony announced, jumping on me and quickly tearing off the robe.

He fucked me two more times that night until I had to beg him to stop, once on the couch where he got pretty creative with the positions, at one point I was upside down, the back of my head on the floor with my legs spread up in the air as Tony piledrived his cock into me, that ended with him pulling out and unloading on me, a lot of it hitting my tits and face but most ending up on the floor, he cursed his aim and we both laughed. The second time was in the shower, I was supposed to be cleaning up to go home when he sneaked in and took me suddenly against the wall, I was so sore but couldn’t say no as he emptied what was left in his balls inside my pussy.

I tried to look as presentable as I could leaving a hotel room at 2 pm after being fucked so many times, I thanked myself for deciding to go with shorter heels which I was already stumbling with. Then Uber ride was quiet as I reflected on what had happened, I just hooked up with an older man and let him do things to me no one else had ever done, not even boyfriends,” what was happening to me”, I thought. My phone buzzed with a message waking me from my deep thoughts, It was from Tony, he asked if I was willing to see him again next week same time, he added that he would like to bring along another couple if that was ok, I simply replied yes and chuckled at what my sexual life was becoming.

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