Energy Play Pt. 03: The Beast

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We sleep the night through, our bodies pressed against each other, our arms and hands reaching out for the other as if seeking reassurance that the extraordinary person next to us is actually real and we are not dreaming. I awake to the delicious feeling of his hands parting my thighs followed by the sensation of his warm, urgent tongue lapping at my most delicate spot. To help coax me from sleep, his hands travel up to my breasts and begin expertly toying with my nipples while his tongue continues its exquisite torment at my very core.

Although I have not known him long, this man instinctively knows how to tease and arouse me as if we’ve been together all our lives. The skill with which he licks my clit and pulls and rolls my sensitive nipples is otherworldly and within minutes he has brought me to the brink once more. I wrap my legs around his head and thrust my hips toward his face eagerly as my orgasm consumes me. His name is unwittingly torn from my lips as I lose myself in the strength and power of the climax he has so effortlessly given me.

I look down at his glistening, smiling face and he looks so fucking sexy with my juices dripping down his handsome visage. This has to be one of the great sights in all the world, I think, and then tell him so. He gives me a wicked grin and places my hand on his bursting cock. God, this man is just radiating heat and passion and power and energy. I feel it emanating from him and it surrounds us both in a warm glow. No time to float lazily back to earth. He is hard and ready, fully charged from the intensity of my orgasm.

He kneels up between my legs and covers my body with his, lowering his full, sensual lips down to kiss mine. My hands travel up and down the hard, finely sculpted length of him, taking in the smooth skin covering his well defined muscles…his arms, his shoulders, his back, his sexy round ass…we are deeply bonded now and he is all mine.

He raises his head and stares down into my eyes. In them I can see his strength, his vulnerability, his desire, his need. I can see that he craves this union, this joining of bodies and souls as much as I. I nod my head…I am ready. He positions his hips above mine and looking deeply into my eyes, he enters me in one smooth stroke. I gasp and my eyes widen at the size and feel of him – so hard, so powerful, so perfectly shaped to fill me. We stay suspended for a moment, staring at each other, enjoying the much anticipated connection of our bodies. gaziantep escortları I feel him grow even harder and longer inside me, and before I can wonder if that’s even possible, he begins moving inside me, slowly, oh so slowly at first. The muscles of his ass bunch and ripple with perfectly harnessed passion as he expertly holds back his unbridled lust, settling into a remarkably controlled rhythm that sets every fiber of my being alight with sparkling sensation.

He strokes me like this for what seems like ages. The wedge shaped crown of his cock brushes back and forth against the walls of my pussy, teasing and massaging me from the inside out. Whether from the size and shape of his perfect cock or the way he can read me I do not know, but within minutes I can take the torture no longer and tightly wrap my muscular thighs around his waist to force him more deeply into me. He smiles and resists, the bastard, and resumes his perfect composure once more, continuing to fuck me agonizingly slowly. His demeanor, his movements, tell me unequivocally that he is in charge and that he will fuck me exactly as he pleases for as long as he pleases. I surrender my will totally to his and as if to prove to me who is Alpha, he pins my arms above my head with one hand, holding me helpless beneath him.

With my arms above my head and out of the way, he has full access to my ripe, full breasts and he wastes not a moment before devouring them with his hungry mouth. He unleashes a full scale assault on my throbbing, already well used nipples, taking them one at a time deeply into his mouth and sucking hard. My nipples are larger and harder than I’ve ever felt before and they are positively bursting with pleasure, pain and pure sensation that is driving me wild with desire. I am powerless to resist or to escape his feasting, for feasting it truly is. His lips and tongue explore every inch of my rosy, raspberry sized nipples, alternately worshipping and gorging his endless lust for them. His hips begin to move faster and faster and his thrusts become deeper and more urgent. As if to match the tempo of his thrusts, his mouth becomes even more frenzied, nipping and pulling at my nipples with his teeth. I am unused to such rough, animalistic treatment of my delicate flesh but somehow my body responds despite my internal protestations. His relentless stroking of my pussy combined with the painful pleasure he is causing my nipples makes me a dripping puddle of desire. I cannot think but for the exquisite torture of my nipples, I cannot feel but for the building friction his cock is creating in my pussy.

My head thrashes from side to side as moans are ripped from my throat. My mind and my will are completely gone now, I exist only to feel what he is doing to me, to recede into pure feeling and surrender and nothing else. My eyes are closed tightly as I slip into another dimension of thoughtless being. I feel myself being carried up and out of myself as his massive cock lays siege to my dripping pussy. I suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to pee and then a gushing rush of fluid pours out of me and all and over his cock and balls. My eyes snap open in surprise and he smiles broadly in satisfaction at what he hath wrought. Whether from the warmth of my squirt or the excitement of knowing he did that to me I do not know, but his hips bucked more wildly against mine and he released my arms and entwined them around his neck to pull our bodies more tightly together. I held him close as his movements became harder and faster, heedless of the constant stream of moans that continued to pour forth from me.

We sounded like two wolves mating with wild abandon under a full moon, I thought idly, as my ears picked up a sound that seemed to start from somewhere far away, but grew louder and more urgent as he continued to plunge more deeply into me. A rumbling started in his chest and built steadily with every thrust until finally he arched his spine, threw back his head and let loose a deep, feral growl as his entire body tensed up and released its copious seed into my drenched hole. I could feel the thick, hot cum splash against the back of my quivering canal in short, intense bursts. His head remained thrown back and his body shivered and convulsed in orgasmic ecstasy for what seemed like ages. The deep, rumbling growl finally began to subside. The air around us seemed to sparkle and distort with the force of his energy and his orgasm and this unknown and very exciting primal quality I had not known he possessed. I was utterly in awe at the power of this man and the way he took possession of my body, my soul, like some wild creature.

When at last his breathing had returned to normal, he smiled down at me and said, “I became the beast. Very few people have had the power to bring him out in me.” I smiled back, happy and amazed that I had witnessed this remarkable transformation, and even more grateful that he had been able to show me this mysterious side of himself. A side he has shown very few people, apparently. As we untangled our bodies, he tried to stand up and wobbled a bit before falling back against the sheets.

“Are you ok,” I asked, concerned.

“It’s you,” he said shaking his head in wonder. “Only you have the power to affect me this deeply. The pleasure you give me and the power of my orgasms when I’m with you rock me to the center of my very being.”

“I think it’s a sign that we are deeply connected…from many lifetimes,” I replied.

He nodded his head in agreement and amazement. “I never expected this when I first met you…you are everything I’ve been looking for. And more.” He bent his head and kissed me once more.

I sighed and pulled him close to me, snuggling my head into his powerful chest. As his arms closed protectively around me, I felt eager and excited for our future, and calm, happy and secure in the knowledge that after a lifetime of searching, at last we had found each other again.

EPILOGUE: Despite the power and depth of our connection, the intensity of our lovemaking and the mutual realization that we were very right for each other, our relationship was not meant to be. Distance, timing, and being at different places in our lives, conspired to drive us apart very shortly after he returned home. I wish things were different. I wish I could change the way things are. I wish our connection and our feelings were enough. But I cannot. And sadly, they are not. At night I sometimes dream of leaving my body and uniting with his – our desire and our passion flaring intensely across the miles. These dreams are erotic, powerful and extraordinarily realistic. I can feel the energy of his body, the taste of his lips, the feel of him inside me. I know he has felt this too and that he will always feel the enduring timelessness and rare power of our connection. For now, I have to console myself with that…empty as it may be.

The stories you have just read are 100 percent true. They happened to me and I wrote them into a multi-part narrative for three reasons: 1) to help me process the sadness and loss I feel at not being with my other half and the pain of dashed hopes for a future of happiness and joy together; 2) To share the beautiful feelings and sensations I experienced in the hope that others might know that soul connections are very real and life altering; 3) And because I wanted to record every tiny detail, every kiss, every heartbeat we shared so that despite the years and the passage of time, I would never, ever forget.

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