Enough with the Fairy Tale

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Cassie stood on the balcony, watching the rain fall from the darkened sky. It made a soft cascading noise that felt vaguely comforting. She inhaled another puff from her cigarette and exhaled it just as easily. Cassie took another moment to think back on some of her past experiences. Sure, there were men that had stirred some feelings within her. There were others that satisfied a few primal needs. However, none in particular stood out in her mind. They were simply flashes of faces and bodies.

Being like other females, she always had the fairy tale dream of finding the right one who can make her blood boil. The one who would challenge her in every possible way. Yet, life had found a way to take care of that fairy tale. Mr. Right was not riding a white horse. He would not come galloping to her rescue. It was quite the contrary. Mr. Whoever usually drove a modest sedan and was more interested in exercising his right to ejaculate than sweeping off of her feet. Instead of the house with a white picket fence, Cassie found herself in an apartment with a computer.

She turned her head to look back through the window at the dual monitors that sat on an oversized kitchen table. The one screen that held her emails held a flashing box. She already knew it was her editor ready to complain about a missing deadline and absent manuscript. Debbie definitely wanted to have the new manuscript by the end of the month, and she had no problems hounding Cassie for it. The only problem was Cassie wasn’t much in the mood for writing. She definitely wasn’t much in the mood for any erotic writing where she would have to describe all of the sliding in, licking and moaning. The well of creativity has dried up when her last lover faded from view. No, there weren’t any hard feelings or the “why didn’t you call” emails. Instead, he was just gone.

Cassie shook her head to clear the trip down memory lane from her thoughts. She pounded the cigarette butt into the ashtray and moved back into the apartment. She closed the door and sat in front of her computer. The blaring glare of the screen hurt her eyes. She placed her hands back on the keyboard and began typing. Fate knew what sexual dribble would appear on the screen.

It was around 3 a.m. when her email rang out with the awful ding. There was another message waiting for her. She slid the mouse across the screen and clicked save on her new story before moving to her email. What she found was a message from the personals website she had created a profile for. The email was to let her know that a message was waiting on the website. Great! It had to be another great catch, looking to find a friend. Friend meant fuck buddy.

Upon opening the email on the website, Cassie found the image of a decent looking man. He had written a brief introduction, explaining how he would like to begin talking with her. Cassie let out a snort. In the moment of creating her profile, she felt good about all of its contents. However, as time progressed, she came to view it as a signal of society’s rapid decline. Who knew the type of people to respond? She had originally tried a few dates. Some of the men should have been wearing helmets and riding a short bus. Others were prime candidates of FBI profiler interviews of serial killers. Others were just there, breathing air. A small minority were good guys who just wanted to be friends. That was fine with her.

The man in the email seemed nice enough, and Cassie wasn’t one to turn down meeting new people as long as the meeting was in public and didn’t involve arrest records. She replied with a brief note to the man with the nickname of ValkyriesDoom, asking what they might discuss. After clicking the send button, she turned off the monitors interior design masters izle and made her way into the bedroom. As she lay in the bed for another hour, she wondered why sleep often eluded her. She wondered if she would actually finish the story Debbie was demanding. She wondered why she was still standing of the corner of jaded and bitter, waiting for the cynical bus to arrive. Sleep finally caught her.

Cassie rolled over in her bed and glared at the clock. It was only 7 a.m. Three hours of sleep! She growled as she sat up and swung her legs onto the floor. She padded down the hall to use the restroom and brush her teeth. After using the toilet, she grabbed her toothbrush and smeared it with toothpaste. Her thoughts turned to the new erotic story she had begun the night before. She continued to brush her teeth as she moved into her office area. She turned the monitors back on and pulled up the copy of the story. She also clicked her email open.

Cassie found four emails waiting for her. One was from Debbie, asking when the new story would be ready for submission and editing. Cassie could almost hear the panic in the woman’s words. Another one was from her aunt, reminding her of a family gathering that was coming up in a week. Time to celebrate someone else’s birthday. It would be the perfect chance to explain again to everyone in the family why she wasn’t married and why she didn’t want to have children. Other family members would take the chance to comment on her weight and let her know what Dr. Whatever-His-Name is said about weight and the likelihood of finding a mate. Nothing like a bit of forced family fun. The two other emails were notices from the personals website. She sat down in the chair with the purple toothbrush sticking out of her mouth. She pulled up the website and brought up the email on the personals website.

The first message was from a man who wanted to know if she was actually happy in her picture. He also wanted to know if she had another photo because he couldn’t really tell about the “curvy” figure that was underneath. Cassie rolled her eyes and moved back to the bathroom. She finished with her teeth and walked into the kitchen to start the pot of coffee.

As the smell of fresh coffee began to fill her apartment, she went back to the computer and pulled up the second message. It was the same man that she had responded to a few hours ago. This time he gave a few witty remarks and asked if she liked coffee. She immediately thought he was a man after her own heart. She responded by saying that coffee was one of her favorite addictions and that she might be persuaded into having coffee with him some time. Hell, it would mean she could get out of the apartment once in awhile.

Cassie continued with her day of coffee and writing. The hours seemed too sluggish. By the time she looked up at the clock, she had hoped it would be later in the afternoon. Instead, it was only noon. She stretched within her chair and stood to go outside for a cigarette. After she finished smoking, she came back inside to find another message alert in her email. She opened the email from Mr. Doom. He said coffee would be great. He did leave her with the question of why she decided to create the personal ad. Cassie leaned back in her chair to decide how she planned to respond. After a few moments of collecting her thoughts, she began to type her reply.

Hi there Mr. Doom,

I just got your email and was wondering how I should reply to your email. As for creating a personal ad, I find most people tend to close themselves off from the unknown instead of embracing it. Don’t get me wrong; I still have my own iyi adamin 10 günü izle fears of the unknown (not a huge fan of surprises). However, I don’t let those fears run my life. That brought me to creating a personal ad.

As for having a personal ad, I don’t quite think it is romanticide. However, it does make me realize there are quite a few different people alive in this world. It does take all types to make the world go around. I’ve had a few good meetings; then again there were times when I wish I could have run screaming into the night. Yet, hope cannot be dead. I would say my positive experiences definitely outweigh the bad. Even the “bad” experiences give me something to chuckle about.

Social intercourse is another lacking object within our world. I think once we leave the cradle of the bars and college, it becomes that much more difficult to relate to other people (socially or romantically). Our options are often cut in halves or quarters. Then, life has a way of intruding. Our pesky little habit of working in order to pay the bills becomes more important than it should be. Who am I to speak? I’m the over-work queen who spends way to much time with her writing career.

Yet, it is a judging contest as far as dating is concerned. No matter how much we say it is not, we continually judge other people and their abilities to fit within our lives. It isn’t necessarily a matter of not being good enough to be with someone; it is how best this person fits in a life. Will he/she understand my work hours? Will he/she understand I don’t like milk? Will he/she understand my pension for bad humor?

Okay, I will leave my dating theories to the sociologists to figure out.

Maybe some day, I will become an archaeological specimen? They will find my corpse preserved in a tar pit. A small sign will read: “How interesting! We have a woman of 32 who has no children and is financially responsible. She didn’t take drugs or medications for psychosis, and she had never been married. This was a rare find! Our scientists estimate she was a dying breed indeed. Only a few others like her existed in the world. Unfortunately, the mated pairs could not stand her presence and drown her in the tar.”

Have a good day! Cassie

Cassie took a moment to reread her email. She chuckled at the little bit of wit she had exercised and clicked send. It was time to refocus on her erotic story that was meant for publishing. The new characters, Thea and Robert, were just settling into the bed. He had already stripped the woman of her clothes and . . .

Robert’s mouth planted kisses along Thea’s neck. The feeling of his mouth and hot breath sent shivers though her body. She pushed her body closer to his as she tugged his shirt out of his jeans. He pulled away for a moment to remove his shirt, but fell back into place next to her body. He continued kissing her neck as his right hand drew circles on her stomach and breasts.

Thea’s mind was racing. She didn’t quite know how to feel about being in bed with a man that she had just met. Instead of letting those worries crowd her mind, she drifted back to the gentle touches that were making her body warm with desire. Her own right hand drifted softly across Robert’s arm and shoulder. She gently directed his hand to her breasts. When his hand grazed her nipple, she inhaled deeply and closed her eyes.

Robert responded to the inhale by flicking his fingertips across the tightening areola and nipple. Thea let out a small moan. The touch sent small pulses of need straight to her clit and pussy. She already felt wetness between her legs. Robert pulled gently on her nipple as he kissed his way to jungle izle Thea’s mouth. When their lips touched, his gentle pulling became a bit rougher. Thea moaned loudly against his kiss, and she wrapped her hands in his hair.

They remained entangled in the kiss for a few minutes, pressing and pulling against one another’s bodies. Thea needed this man out of his pants and inside of her. She needed the orgasm that his body was promising. She finally pushed him away from her mouth. This allowed enough room between their bodies for her hands. She struggled for a moment with the belt he was wearing; however, it finally came free. She undid the button and zipper.

“Roll over,” she instructed. Robert rolled to his back. Thea took the chance to climb down the bed. She grabbed for the top of the jeans and began pulling them from Robert’s hips. He lifted his body to give her the chance to get the clothing off of his body. As Thea pulled the jeans, she was careful to make sure his underwear came with them. Once the jeans were off his body, she threw them on the floor. She sat kneeling between his legs, seeing the full view of his body.

Robert wasn’t completely muscular; yet, he wasn’t overweight. Her eyes were drawn across his chest to his groin. He was an average size and width. Thea smiled as she lowered herself to Robert’s cock. He was definitely the right size for oral sex. Only her mouth found the head of his cock. Using a bit of suction, she pulled the head of his cock into her mouth. Thea loved the taste and feel of the soft skin on a cock. If given the opportunity, she could give a man oral for hours.

Robert closed his eyes in order to enjoy the feeling of Thea’s mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head as she locked her lips to the shaft. He could feel the suction she was providing. It was enough to stimulate him and drive him nuts at the same time. He pushed his hips forward, and Thea took the cue. She opened her mouth and slid down the length of his shaft. Finally, she brought her right hand up to his scrotum. Her hand gripped both of his balls, applying a gentle pressure to them. Thea then began to bob her head, using her mouth to fuck Robert’s cock. His hips picked up the action.

After a few minutes of oral, Robert began to push Cassie away from his cock. She actually whimpered in disappointment when he left her mouth. Robert knew he would not be able to last much longer if she was allowed to keep her sucking tempo. He had other plans for her.

“Your turn,” said Robert, pushing Thea onto her back. Thea adjusted herself on the bed. She opened her legs to give Robert a better vantage point. He stayed on his knees, kneeling over her breasts. The look in his eyes made her giggle.

“You look like a little boy with a new toy!”

Robert nodded and dipped his head. His mouth found the left nipple. Thea inhaled sharply again. She truly liked a man who enjoyed breasts. Robert moved back and forth from one nipple to the other. He spent minutes sucking and nibbling each one. Only when both were rock hard did he start kissing his way down Thea’s stomach. She flinched slightly from the ticklish touch. Robert took it as a chance to lighten the mood. His hands clasped Thea’s sides and began tickling.

Thea busted out into laughter. Her entire body was twisting and turning against his hands. She began to pant from laughing so hard. Robert liked the look and feel of her body. Thea wasn’t a stick woman like most ones he knew. She had actually had curves that include large, real breasts.

Just as quickly as he began tickling her, Robert stopped. He dropped his head between her writhing legs and let his tongue lick the lips of her labia. Thea’s body automatically stopped, and she let out a gasp. The tension of the tickling melted away, and Thea opened her legs to give him more room to maneuver.

Ding! Cassie was jolted out of the story by the sound of her email. She looked up at the clock and realized she had been writing for about two hours. Cassie cursed to herself. She hated being interrupted when she was at a good point in a story.

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