Erica, Ranch Wife. pt 7. lost cucumber

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Erica, Ranch Wife, Ch 7, cucumber incident

Yes, she’s 14 now. Consider it a flashback or STFU.

Erica carefully guided the big dually pickup through the parking lot and into the drive-through lane. She had been wanting to drive the previous summers here. Now at 14, she wasn’t the youngest driver on the road, especially in farm and ranch country. Erica had never driven so much as a go-cart until she got to me. Big city life had her well adept at hailing taxi’s and hiring cars. That’s how here mom and step-dad got around.

Erica had started out driving the loader and baler and the pickup while on the ranch. She was quick to learn and was applying the street driving techniques to the loader and baler while she drove them around the ranch doing the odd chores that occurred.

Now she was driving me around town and doing very well. She didn’t need a permit as no one would care if she was learning to drive without one. She was too young to officially apply anyway. Driving while underage was a fact of life and necessity out here.

It was Sunday. The only day guaranteed off. I made a point to avoid work on Sunday just because. Some old-timers would work 20 hour days, 7 days a week during harvest, but I wasn’t one of them. For a treat, we got cleaned up, put on some nice clothes and went to church. Wasn’t there to sell my soul, just visit. Most people were there for the social aspect. Erica was introducing herself and mingling very well, she looked very pretty and even more youthful with her pretty dress. After the visiting was over, we left to go shopping. The bible-thumpers were the ones to bee-line it to the lubie’s cafeteria to congregate and gossip about everyone else that didn’t go there. I shopped. No one else would shop on Sunday, or until later, so I had every store to myself.

We had stocked up on everything. We could nest awhile, stay at the ranch without need to travel the 30 odd miles into Laramie. We hit walmart first. Erica had bought several packs of batteries for some reason I was sure to find out and I had her carefully peruse the lotion section in case she saw some exotic lube she couldn’t live without. I had no problem buying it for her, believe me. Whatever her fertile little mind wanted to experiment with, I was game.

At the grocery store Erica had gotten some things and put them into the basket. I didn’t give them a second glance. Later, I noticed that the several odd carrots were of differing length and diameters, as was the two cucumbers, and a rather large zucchini. I noted with some interest that Erica would keep checking them and that she would hold them with more than passing interest. She would heft them up, as to get a feel for the weight and handle them like she would something delicate. I was immediately possessed by the thought that she had chosen them in order to masturbate with them.

“Erica, what are you doing? I motioned to the cucumber she was holding.

“Uhhm, I wanted to make a salad ? she answered. I noticed she had turned beet red. One of her few weaknesses, she blushes when she’s been caught and badly.

“UmHm” I said. “Quit handling it, or you’ll draw attention” I added. Or make me stiff, here in the bread isle, I thought.

We were done and heading home when Erica asked if we could stop for a soda. I was parched as well and pointed to Barney Burger. Erica wheeled in and we were now in the drive through, seventh from the window. We were quickly surrounded by cars from behind, no escape now.

I remembered the veggie’s from the grocery store.

“Erica, what’s with all the veggie’s you bought ? I was going to needle her.

“Just salad stuff” she answered innocently. “Why ? she added.

“Just the way you were holding them, it looked like something else” I said.

“What ! she said, shocked by my answer. She blushed again.

“I see you were thinking about it too” I said and smiled.

She knew her goose was cooked. She stammered.

We were stalled in line. We couldn’t have gotten out if we had to. We were around the corner and there were three cars behind us. Evidently, everyone in Laramie decided to go to Barney’s at the same time we did. I turned around and fished through the bags in the rear seat until I found a carrot. I pulled the first one out and sat back in my seat. I handed the carrot to Erica.

“Here, I’m bored, entertain us” I said.

Erica had a shocked look. “Whaat? she asked.

“I know you, you’re bored here too, show me some, c’mon” I cajoled.

Erica just starred at me. “If you don’t make yourself come before we get to the drive-through, not only will I make you eat your new toys, I’ll make you sleep on the sofa tonight”. I said sternly.

“Here ? she asked, looking around. She was nervous that I was serious and afraid of getting caught in public. Erica had no problem with nudity or sex, at least when she was with me. Far from it. She was very comfortable with her body, but unlike other girls her age she was modest when out in mixed company. With me she was pretty at ease. When we were together, she would sit on my face and grind her ass into my nose and face without a shred of embarrassment. She would come loudly and proudly, totally at ease with her sexuality and her desires.

In public, she wouldn’t even wear a thin blouse without being sure no one could see her bra. A far cry from when she first showed up. I asked her once and she said that what she had was only for me to see and she would share it unconditionally, but the rest of the world wasn’t welcome into that place, it was private and between us.

I continued to egg her on, knowing her concerns only made it more exciting. “Yep, right now. No one will see, go ahead”. I said.

She hesitated. I added “C’mon, think of the thrill you’ll give the geeks inside if they do see you”.

“Come to think of it, I better drive. You might get carried away and ram somebody” I said and unbuckled my seat belt.

Erica unbuckled and slid over. I changed places and adjusted the seat. She was seated right next to me now. I leaned down and gave her a long, deep tongue kiss, the kind we don’t do in public.

“What about…” she asked.

“The windows are limo’ed, I don’t think anybody can see in or care if they did” I said.

I grabbed a handful of tit and started massaging through her pretty blouse.

“C’mon, I’ll keep lookout, nobody will see you”. I said. “Take your panties off.” I added.

With that, Erica sat her hips up off the seat, reached her hands under her dress and slid her panties down her legs and off. She tossed the sticky, wet panties in my lap and I picked them up. She managed to come up with the prettiest, most interesting panties I’ve ever seen. Perhaps it was the fact that they were wrapped around a pretty 14 year old ass and pussy that made me feel that way. Smelling her fragrance, she gaziantep escort kızlar watched me as I held them to my face and smelled her ass and pussy scent, then mopped my brow. She was smiling and looked happy.

“What are you grinning about ? I asked, knowing the answer.

“I like that you like me, you know, the way I am… about me, uhhm…” she trailed off, unsure about how to state her feelings.

“I know how you feel sweetie, I know what you mean”. I said, reassuringly.

I continued my assault of her titties, now her erect nipples were present through her blouse.

I needed to motivate her. I pulled her leg towards me to spread them wide and give me access to her. I reached underneath her dress and stuck two fingers inside her without much of a warning.

“UUUmmmmnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..” she grunted as she threw her head back.

If I had done it that hard when she first came to me, she would have been bawling her eyes out. Her stamina and tolerance for sex had increased beyond my ability to punish her. I felt around inside her tight wet pussy and felt the wetness run over my invading hand and out of her body onto the seat.

I then retrieved the panties and wadded them up and pushed them against her cunthole.

“MMuuuu!!! she squeaked in alarm. She reacted by drawing her legs back and away. That only allowed me better access to her cunny.

With increasing pressure, I pushed the relatively dry panties into her snug pussyhole. I would withdraw my fingers and bunch up more of the material and push into her again and again until the panties were well within her private parts.

“UUuuuhhhhnnnnn.. “She moaned as the panties were well hidden inside her and I withdrew my fingers.

I licked them dry as I shifted into drive and pulled the pickup forward, one car length.

“We’re gettin’ closer, and you still ain’t come yet” I said.

“Does it have to be the carrot? she asked in a little girl voice.

“Don’t matter, you need to get goin” I said. With that she turned around bent over the seat and started going through the bags of groceries.

“What are you looking for ? I asked.

“Dunno, I just want something else” she said, trying to be more in control of the situation.

I looked at the carrot on the front seat where it had been left. I picked it up and bit off three inches from the small pointy end, chewed it up and swallowed. The carrot was now more blunt, about 8 inches long, not counting the leafy green top. I reached over to where my lover was bent over and vulnerable and reached under her dress. I groped my way to her pussy hole and stuck a finger inside to find the panties. I was going to jumpstart this. Left to her own, she never would get going and I would have to make her sleep on the sofa tonight. Unacceptable.

I fished around inside her roughly trying to get purchase on the panties stored in there. I finally got a hold of a tag and pulled them out. Erica let out a gasp and then resumed searching the bags. I dropped the saturated panties on the seat and picked up the carrot.

Aiming for her crotch and after some trial and error, I stuck the narrow end of the carrot up her pussy hole. Erica let out a gasp, held her breath and then resumed a deep panting as I started to fuck her with the carrot.

“It don’t count if I have to do it” I taunted. Erica was busy looking for what, I don’t know. She could have looked through every bag twice and found what she wanted. I think she was trying to stall.

On an inspiration, I withdrew the carrot and began nibbling on the fat end. The carrot smelled of her pussy scent and had her wetness on it. I busily nibbled a ring around the fat end of the carrot, not eating or swallowing the pieces. I shaped a buttplug out of a raw carrot in about a minutes time.

I reached over and flipped Erica’s skirt up and over her hips. if someone was to walk by right now, they’d see the naked hind end of a teenager bent over the seat. I took the new buttplug and approximated the location of Erica’s butthole and began to probe for her anal opening. After a few tries and complaints from the owner, I found a place with less resistance than her ass crack was giving me. I had found her butthole. I stuck the carrot in a few inches and waited for Erica to stop me. She didn’t, but I heard her muffle a cry and felt her bottom quiver with surprise at the new invasion. I advanced the carrot and withdrew it as I started to loosen her up. I was dry fucking her and didn’t want to tear her or cause her a great deal of pain. Erica would groan on occasion and I would readjust the angle to accommodate her little ass. I had gotten the carrot almost to the nibbled ring and was ready to leave it there when I had to move the truck up in line. I left the carrot dangle out of her ass, with her obscenely bent over the seat and exposed to the world. This would make an interesting tale in the folklore of fast food. I stopped the truck and put it in park to resume my work. The carrot had plopped out of Erica’s ass without much provocation. I grabbed it off the seat and reinserted it all the way to the ring. Erica gasped and yelped at this sudden intrusion. She hadn’t quite gotten used to the anal plug and it’s diameter. I had almost stretched her enough to easily accept it, but was interrupted. I now had her pegged and she was still looking over the seat rummaging through the bags.

“Hey, we’re getting close to done here’ I said. “Pick something now” I insisted.

“Okay” Erica said as she flopped back into the seat. She yelped again when she sat on the carrot that was inserted in her bottom. She wasn’t expecting that, and the sensation of the large carrot/buttplug caught her off guard. She knew enough to be careful when she would walk around the house with a buttplug or dildo inside her, but she got caught this time and painfully surprised.

“You Okay? I asked.

“Yeah, I couldn’t decide” she said, holding up a medium sized cucumber.

“Besides, it was nice what you were doing” she added. She flopped on her back and pulled legs way up to her chest. She exposed herself and I enjoyed looking at her open wet pussy. With her legs back, she had pulled her butt cheeks apart and open. The orange carrot top was visible from the ring around her asshole as was the large plume of green leafy stems from the carrot top. She looked like she had a green tail.

Without much trouble Erica inserted the medium sized cucumber into her pussy and started moving it in and then out and then in farther. Pretty soon I could tell by my familiarity with her body that she was hitting bottom. Erica was rolling and into it. She had a good stride and was breathing deeper with each passing minute. Little beads of sweat appeared on her forehead and her skin got moister to the touch.

I pulled the buckle off of a shoe and took her white sock off. I tongued her toes and heard her moan deeper. Erica has a “toe” thing. I reached over with a free hand and rubbed her clitty, flicking it and pulling on it gently. Between the carrot in her ass, the cucumber in her twat, the toe sucking and the tittie play, Erica didn’t have a whole lot of things left unstimulated. She should come any damn time now.

I watched as Erica was rubbing her titties and occasionally pinching her nipples pretty hard. I was always more gentle than that. I’ll have to test the limits again next time I’m playing with her nipples.

Erica came hard, grunting like she was picking up something heavy. She paused all action, her body hyper-sensitive to every touch. She dropped her legs and panted. The truck now was full of sex smell. Her sweaty body reeked like a girls gymnasium and it was humid in the cab of the pickup.

I had further plans. She had come before we got to the drive through. No sleeping on the sofa tonight, thank God. We’ll see how she handles this. I pulled the carrot out of her ass by the greenery and let it fall to the floor. Erica was calming down now and catching her breath. I got the pussy juice slickened cucumber from the seat where she had dropped it and pushed on Erica’s hips to make her face into the seat. Erica complied, she rolled her body over, but she wasn’t sure why. Erica was facing into the seat and unable to see me. I placed the cucumber against her soft buttcheeks and applied pressure.

“Noooo, too big” she protested. and shook her hips to dissuade me.

I reached over to hold her hips in place and Erica drew her legs up to stop me. I slapped her exposed bottom several times and she yelped and stopped her fight. With my hand still on her hip I pulled her butt cheek up and opened her crack for me to see. I could see her cute, crinkled butthole. It would occasionally wink at me. I put the large blunt end of the cucumber against her nether hole and began to push in.

“OOOOwwwww” Erica said. As I increased pressure.

No, no, no.. oooowww, please noo”. she moaned.

As the cucumber made it’s entrance into her ass, I could feel her anus give up and allow the cucumber in. The resistance was less and less as I slid the length of the vegetable inside her. I stopped when I hit bottom with only a little more left to go. Erica had taken almost all of the 8 inch cucumber into her rectum. I continued to apply pressure to the cucumber and Erica moaned with the spasms the intrusion caused. Her bowels would tense up and try to expel the cucumber as I held it in. I gripped the end of the cuke tightly with my fingers and turned the vegetable inside her. I was trying to line it up with her colon better and get all of it inside her. Erica moaned at this and tried to grab my hand to stop me from twisting the cuke inside her bum.

“mmmhhhmmmmmnnnn, too much, tooo much, oooooww…” She whined. I finally got the cuke rotated but it wouldn’t go any deeper.

We were now at the window. I told Erica to not make a noise as we would get caught if they saw her. I ordered and paid for the drinks and waited for them. Erica was panting and blowing as quietly as she could manage. She was a real trooper. The strain was pretty intense for her. She was sweating and obviously uncomfortable.

The drinks came and I pulled out of the drive through and onto the highway out of town. Erica sensed this and pulled herself to her knees with her face buried in the seat. Her bare bottom barely stuck up and wouldn’t be visible from the outside. I withdrew the cucumber from her ass and pointed it at different angles. After a minute the damn thing just disappeared into her. Her anus closed up tight around it and it disappeared.

“Uummmmhhhh, better” Erica said.

“Sit up baby and buckle in, I’ll take it out when we get home” I said.

Erica righted herself and tried uncomfortably to sit. “I don’t think I can, lover” she said as she squirmed in her seat. Her obviously full ass was too uncomfortable with an 8 inch cucumber poking everywhere it shouldn’t.

“I don’t think I can wait” she said, indicating a desire for me to remove the cucumber .

“You have too, or you’ll sleep outside” I said. She looked hurt. She wouldn’t argue with me or let me down, and she most of all didn’t want to sleep apart from me. She liked the games too much to fail now and risk the punishment of not playing.

“Oh, God, I don’t know. I’m cramping up” she whined. She wiggled around in the seat trying to get into a comfortable position.

“Lay the seat way back and lay down, then buckle your belt” I instructed. She did and was safely buckled, just not real comfortable. As we bounced down the dirt road to the ranch, the ride became more and more unbearable for her. She would moan with every bump and bounce. I tried to miss the bumps as best as I could, but I was enjoying her discomfort and the pain/pleasure she felt at having her toy stuff her asshole to the point of overkill. Her moans were just like they would be when I was filling her pussy or her ass with my cock.

I told her to put her legs on the dash and toy her pussy. She was distracted by the painful ass filling but she tried like a trooper and worked her clitty with her fingers. She even fingered her own pussy and played with her nipples. She didn’t come, but she was quite a turn on while I drove down the road with a hot sweaty masturbating teenager in the seat next to me.

Once we arrived home, Erica was quick to get out of the truck and stand up. She had her hands on her tummy and walked carefully. I made her carry in grocery bags and put them on the kitchen counter. I had to bring in two ice chests full of groceries and then stock them in the deep freeze and refrigerator. I was putting up the dry goods when I noticed Erica standing in the kitchen doorway.

“When are you gonna be done ? she asked. She knew I was milking it, making her wait as long as possible for me to take her toy out of her ass.

Like a good little girl she wouldn’t dream of removing it herself. I don’t know if she even could. I’ve played deep in pretty girls anus’ before. I know how I’ll have to get that cucumber out of her. She hasn’t had any anal play except with me. She only knows what I’ve taught her and allowed her to share with me.

“Baby, go ahead and get undressed the rest of the way” I said.

“MMkay” she said as she sauntered into the living room.

I had all the groceries put away and laughed silently to myself at her discovery of her sex toys and her discomfort at the same. I walked into the living room and Erica had laid face down on the sofa with her clothes and a pillow under belly. She had propped her ass up in the air. Just as if she was raising it for deep anal play or an good ass fucking, she said it was the most comfortable position to lay in, with the cucumber still in her.

“Erica, go get a glove and the baby oil gel” I told her. I began to remove my clothes.

Erica hoisted herself off the sofa and carefully walked into the bedroom to fetch what I had requested. She was bare nude and beautiful. Despite having a cucumber jammed uncomfortably up her ass, she moved with grace as she walked down the hall. I liked the way her butt moved as she giggled just a little. Her titties would sway as they were growing and becoming heavier, almost by the day. He black haired pussy patch was the best. I loved the way it felt on my face and the way the hair kept her pussy wetter, longer. Her smell was directly affected by the hair too. I loved to suck on her hairy pussy, lapping up the sweat and pussy secretions from her matted pubes.

I was naked and growing hard as she returned. My cock had been getting hard for the last several hours as we played games in the truck. I would blow a load tonight that would set a personal best.

She handed me the glove and the baby oil gel. I told her to get back on the sofa like she was. Erica watched me as I pulled the glove on and snapped it in place. Erica was on her knees on the sofa facing me as I came to her. She reached out and grabbed my cock and pulled me to her mouth. She began practicing her best BJ technique. She was so good and attentive. She had learned all the good spots to tongue and rub and all the super sensitive areas to be careful of. She would continuously apply deep, hard suction as she would move my cock in and around her mouth and make loud slurping sounds as she did. One of these days I would have to teach her to do a quiet BJ, in case we played near others and didn’t want to get caught.

She let my cock fall out of her mouth with a gasp and caught her breath. I put a glob of oil on my gloved hand and rubbed it around. I handed Erica the bottle of oil and told her to grease my cock. She squirted oil into her hand and began to stroke my rock hard cock the entire length.

“That’s good, you ready to get that thing out of you” I asked.

“I Think so, I’m scared. What if it’s really in there, real deep ? she asked in her little girl voice.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I can get it out, It’ll be all better in a minute”.

With that I directed her to turn away from me and she draped her body over the back of the sofa. She was pinned between the sofa and me.

“Hold on” I said. I stuck 3 fingers of my gloved and greased hand into her ass crack and probed for her anus. The minute I found it, I stuck 3 fingers in and felt the end of the cucumber right away. Erica yelped in pain as I intruded into her tightest orifice. She had felt my penis before on many occasions and fingers and toys of every description and now a cucumber. But the shock of the rapid entry of my hand into her bottom was too much.

I had no choice but to stick my thumb into her butt as well. I couldn’t get any kind of a grip without it and my hand isn’t nimble enough to use only a finger and thumb. I had four fingers up her tender little-lady bottom. She tried to get away from me and I had to hold her hips to keep her from sliding away. She was panicked by the pain of my retrieval. I had to put my body weight on her to steady her as I burrowed my hand deeper into her ass.

I could grab the cucumber, but with the lube and all, it would slide this way or that and I couldn’t pull it out. Finally, one last desperate grab and I had it. Erica was crying now and sobbed in between stabs into her bottom. She would hold her breath as I dug in and whimper as I pulled out. I managed a tenuous hold on the very end of the cuke and pulled it out slowly. Erica felt the relief of the cuke and my hand as it left her bottom. I let the cucumber fall to the floor as I noticed that Erica had dipped her hand down to her pussy and was stroking herself the whole time. The little freak was into it and here I thought I was being rough on her.

“OOhhh, God tha’s so good…” she grunted.

“I’m going for it…uncle…” she said to herself, she was giddy from relief.

I was too. I steadied her against the sofa back and positioned my cock to her upturned butt. I put the engorged cockhead into her crack and pushed in, feeling for the anus. I found it pretty quickly and pushed into her butt.

“OOooooowwwwwmmmmmmmmmm…..” Erica said.

I left my cock at the entrance to her rectum and let her get accustomed to my dick. After a minute I applied more pressure and I felt her anal walls open up and accept my cock deeper and deeper into her rectum.

“OOhhhh!!” “UUnnggghhhh!!” Erica went in between panting like she was giving birth.

I changed angles to get more depth and drove my rock hard cock deep into her butt, aiming straight for her head. I was buried balls deep and withdrew until just the head was left in. I repeated this over again as I would speed up and slow down, drive hard then drive easy. Erica was speed stroking her clitty and moaning when I went deep. I was worried before, about going too deep, but she was taking me all in.

I could feel the ring of her anal muscle tight around my cock. When I was deep and she was stretched the most she would hold her breath and only breathe when I pulled out. I would pause and make her wait and then withdraw and stop again to feel her hold her breath. Her ass muscles gripped my cock in an iron vice. I could feel her rectum spasm as I pulled out pushing me away and then it would tighten up just in time for me to reinsert my hard self into her tender tightened bottom again. This continuous tightness and resistance is what I like best about anal sex. Especially with Erica, she was new enough to react this way. Older women are loose and don’t spasm shut like the little ones do.

I was close after about 5 minutes of this and Erica had come at least once. She was laying across the back of the sofa and moaning and grunting in time as my pistoning cock invaded her colon. Her little hands had grabbed the sofa top and were white with tension as I thrust into her. She would crush and release her death grip on the sofa top in time with my cock as I drove into her butt.

I felt the lava brew in my balls and started to pump shorter strokes faster. I blasted my come into her rectum as deep as it ever had been. I throbbed about seven times as my seed spewed itself into my near-virginal little lady. This set new records for Erica and I as far as semen under pressure went.

I collapsed on top of her, our sweaty bodies in unison. Our sweat mingling. My cock softening inside her. I summoned the energy to rise off of her, my cock pulling free from her butthole. I pulled her up and she stood, dizzily. I picked her up and carried her to the bed room and we laid down together.

Our legs intertwined, my soft cock against her bushy pussy. We cuddled and looked each other in the face as we kissed tenderly and talked about the day and the intense feelings Erica had had. I fell asleep in my favorite place, with my nose in her damp hair, the smell of her sweat and her sex. The taste of her sweet tongue and mouth on mine.

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