Explicit Notes 01

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Mornings are hard, I think to myself, my breakfast coffee barely having touched. My fatigue, as I brush my teeth then start using my electric razor to at least pretend to care about my appearance, while only wearing my loose dressing gown. For a long moment after I’m done I lean against the basin considering my reflection and my mind drifts back to what our argument just three days ago had been and how frustrated you are with our situation. I get it. I really do. I’ve been working such long hours for months. Sometimes, it seems that we’ve been more apart than together despite having found our first place together over 6 months ago now. Your comment that “We had a better love life when you lived in another city,” still stings but probably because it hits so close to home. We talked about it, or we tried to. You were mad and crying at the time and I, as always, was tongue-tied. So after you had stormed off and I found myself sitting alone in the kitchen biting back tears, when I decided on the spur of the moment that rather than try something new, I’d try something old and forgotten.

I’d written you a note. Now, this is not new between us, this was a thing we did way back when we first dated at university, when one of us left to go back to their hometown or when we’d be apart for more than a week, we’d hide the notes in envelopes somewhere the other would find unexpectedly perhaps even days later. Initially, inevitably, they were pretty explicit and we’d had a lot of fun writing each other things we wanted to do or be done to each other. From simple blindfolds and massages all the way up to blowjobs while driving, handcuffs, spanking and toys. There’s something about opening your backpack to see an envelope with your name on it hiding some fantasy or desire just waiting there for you. Of course, it was equally frustrating because you knew it would be a week or more until you actually could do anything about it. Just in case anyone found the notes we didn’t write our names opting for Kitten for you and Sir for me. Yeah, you had quite the submissive side back then, I recalled.

The only rule we made was that we couldn’t say when we found and read the note, so constantly I would wonder if you’d found what wrote yet, what would you do, sometimes the notes would give you something kinky to buy, record a dirty voicemail, buy a sexy outfit to wear, but leave the choices open. I wouldn’t know what to receive until opening a voicemail that left me so hard I’d be tempted to just drive all night to get to you or the time you’d walked into my room to find me ready with massage oils and blindfold. It also occurred to me I hadn’t written or received one of those notes in a long, long time.

They were out of habit short and open-ended, enough to give you the freedom to surprise me and make me wonder when I would be surprised and how. The note read:

“Hey Kitten,

You’re right, we need to do something, so this is what I want you to do for me.

First, take the money you find with the note and go shopping. You’re going to buy a costume, uniform or outfit, for my eyes only, three rules!

1) I want you to dress like someone I can be in charge of, I want to feel in control and you to know that I am, I want to tell you to do things to yourself and I want you to obey.

2) I want that outfit to look so sexy or slutty on you so that I will be hard for weeks to come just thinking about you in it.

3) I want to buy a toy to go with the outfit, something I can use on you or you can use on yourself.

Surprise me, kitten.

Finally, write me a note back, I want this, I think we need this. I’ll be searching and waiting for my envelope.

I love you,


Then I’d deposited the note and £100 inside it in your top drawer the next day after you’d left for work.

3 days of waiting, you didn’t throw it in my face, so you’re not angry with me, right? Surely you’ve found it I think, maybe you haven’t had a chance to get to the shops, maybe you’re so disgusted by my attempt to fix our love life you’re just searching for a new flat! My head swirls with negativity as I plod back to the room, your job is further away so you were out the door before I even got my coffee in me. No time to talk, “urgh” I sub vocalise and wonder if I’ve made things even worse. I wander into the bedroom and go to walk to the dresser when I freeze in place.

You’re not at work, not in any way even dressed for work, you are in fact standing near our bed your hands crossed in front of you a look of pretend innocence on your face, your hair is in pigtails with stockings showing clearly under your checkered miniskirt which is so indecently short its hem falls only just below your buttocks, your white shirt is rolled up around your breasts leaving your torso exposed and you clearly aren’t wearing a bra underneath. Finishing off the scandalous slutty-school-girl look you have a silk blue striped tie hanging loosely from your neck and you’ve applied little freckles on your cheeks. Your lips are a deep red and you’re gently sucking on a white cane that protrudes from your mouth. As I stand there love never lies poland izle rooted to the spot, jaw hanging you pull it from your lips with an audible pop to reveal it is a bright blue lollipop.

“Hello, sir!” you say somehow keeping that innocent look on your face, fluttering eyelashes, and even biting your lower lip, I feel my body stiffen under my gown.

“I was wondering if you’d like to teach me a lesson today.”

You gesture to the bedside table where I see a white bamboo cane resting and a new shiny pink vibrator, your eyes sparkle with mischief in the soft light. Opening your mouth a little wider to show your tongue blue from your treat.

“I’m super eager to learn.” you end your phrase with your blue tongue extended mouth open wide inviting me in.

My body reacts on reflex, every instinct I have is screaming at me to grab, take, and have you. I can feel my body burning just looking at you, but I want to play out this fantasy right, you’ve obviously put some effort in here. So while I stalk forward, I have to breathe hard to take back some control. I move right up to you, so close that my face is mere millimetres from yours, I close the distance even further letting my lips brush across yours.

“You need a lesson?” I whisper in a low growl “Then you’re going to do exactly what I tell you, no questions asked.”

Your eyes are locked on mine, pupils dilated and you nod almost imperceptibly. My eyes narrow as I reach down and behind you to clench your ass hard enough to make you gasp, somewhere between pleasure and pain.

“I can’t hear you, Pet,” I growl.

“Yes, Sir!” You squeak, “I’m ready to do everything you say, no questions!”

I stay there for a moment longer, feeling the heat radiate off you when without warning, I shove you back on the bed, you bounce off the mattress letting out a startled gasp of surprise and then with your pigtails hanging ruffled around your shoulders you lift yourself onto your elbows, eyes wide and staring, your bare shaven body now on full display between your parted legs. I stalk back and forth around the edge of the bed looking at you with an appraising hard stare, your eyes follow me back and forth, your cheeks becoming rosy and your panting more pronounced as you wait to see what I’ll do next…

“Play with yourself!”

I snap the words out, a command, not a suggestion and you run your tongue over your lips in a sensual way as slowly slide both your hands down your chest until they slide under the hem of your miniskirt you spread your pussy open as you lift the skirt up and then to slowly, sensually rub your clitoris with your fingertips. I watch you squirm at your own touch, your eyes alternating between scrunched up and then blinking up at me with an animal heat, I can see you getting more and more turned on by what you’re doing and by my presence standing over you, watching you obey my command. There’s something exhibitionist and kinky to the action, your face betraying a mix of embarrassment and rapture.

I make a tsking sound, “your other hand is being lazy,” I growl while I grip your free hand in a vice-like grip and pull it down down your body, “Now slide two fingers in.” Your breath hitches a little as you move to obey, slowly sliding your index and ring fingers inside yourself. You let out a moan as they enter.

I am leaning right over you, head over your naval, eyes locked on yours hands gripping your wrist as your fingers go deeper and deeper. You’re letting out little mewls from what you’re doing and having me control your movement like this is new for you. I can see how exposed you feel, how vulnerable you are, but also I feel the lust and heat rolling off you. You trust me, you want more, I can feel your juices where my hand guides your fingers in and out. So, I go a bit further and I am happy to see your eyes widen in some shock as I articulate my next words to you.

“Repeat. After. Me.” My hand sliding your fingers in and out with each clipped word.

“I. Will.” I pump your fingers in and out.

You let out a little wail, I bring my free up to spank your exposed ass cheek.

“Say, it!”

“I will, I will!” you gasp from the unexpected discipline.

“Good, girl, now repeat, ‘I. Will. Obey, Sir’.

“I will obey, Sir”

“Good, are you ready to take your lesson?”

You nod furiously at me and I raise my hand with an eyebrow raised. Your eyes lock on the hand and take your cue.

“Oh! Yes, Sir! Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Anything?” I lean back, hand dropping to a relaxed position.

“Yes, whatever you want, just order me, Sir, I’ll do whatever Sir wants” you’re panting now fully caught up in the role.

“Your mouth, pussy, ass, whatever I want is mine?”

“Yes Sir, all of it, you can teach my whole body, use it, use it.”

“Move them faster” I point my index finger to your pumping and rubbing fingers, you obey, but I still give you a sharp spank eliciting a squeak.

“Faster, Yes, Sir!” you pant realizing I wanted love off the grid izle the confirmation.

I can already see you’re soaking wet from the situation; I can hear your fingers thrusting in and out, see your eyes curl up into the back of your head as you start to tremble in time to your hands.

“Make it 3 fingers,” I order

“3 fingers! Sir” you gasp out obeying

“And spread those legs as wide as you can”

You do so immediately stretching your body out for me to admire your flexible form.

While you’re in this state I grip the teacher’s cane from the bedside table and without warning smack it resoundingly on your buttocks just underneath your frantic fingers

You let out a scream, part pain, part pleasure as the cane connects soundly leaving a thin red line behind; you look at me in shock, your face flushed with the near climax you reached between your touches and my cane. I then throw something down onto the bed in front of you.

You blink at the vibrator and attempt an innocent questioning look at me.


“Play with yourself properly”

I smirk at you and you start nodding your head dutifully picking up the “rabbit” as you do and then placing it against your pussy entrance.

“On your hands and knees, I want you to please yourself like you’re in heat”

I snap out the commands with a whip crack voice and you turn to obey me. Face pressed down to the covers, back arched, ass sticking out, the skirt more like a band than hiding anything and I nod approvingly as you slide the vibrator in with a moan. That turns into a shout of surprise as I give a helping, slow but firm push, turning it up to its maximum setting.

I watch you, admire you, get lost in your body and beauty as you begin to slide the vibrator back and forth into your pussy, moans, and groans escaping your lips with each deep thrust. When I snap back to reality you’re really starting to lose yourself in the act. You really are in heat.

So, time for some discipline I think, the cane makes a loud crack as it connects on your ass making you cry out, I don’t stop, I continue to cane you, not hard, but enough to sting, each crack in time to your frenzied thrusts of the vibrator, I know without checking my cock is like steel now, watching you fuck yourself to climax like this, for me, for my viewing pleasure is almost overwhelming.

Each time the cane lands, you let out another squeal and my speed starts to increase as your hand starts to almost spasm with the strokes that are pushing you over the edge.

Finally, you let out a long yell of pleasure and shudder massively and I can see rivulets of your juices running down your thighs as your body shakes back and forth in pleasure. I get closer to the bed and run my tongue up your thigh just tracing over your wetness and you shriek of surprise at my tongue brings on another huge body shaking wave of trembles as you climax again. You let the vibrator slip out of you as your body keels over and you lie on your side convulsing on the double bed.

While you are lost in the pleasure, I disrobe and step up onto the bed, putting one leg on either side of you. You feel me standing there, towering over your prone body making you blink your eyes in confusion. You’re still recovering from orgasm. I reach down to grab a handful of hair, pull your head and torso up, you moan and hiss as you sit upright, your face now an inch or two below my exposed balls. I stare down at you feeling a rush of power at my position.

“Time for your Oral exam,” I growl.

You’re nostrils flair, eyes like slits from lust and the orgasm you just had. You lean in and start to lick and suck on my balls. Your eyes remain on mine as your tongue and mouth take each in turn. Teasing, licking, and nuzzling like an animal. Finally, I let out a little groan of my own at your expert mouth, which elicits a broad mischievous smile, a triumphant look knowing that you’re giving me such pleasure. Then your tongue and lips slowly play up my shaft kissing, licking, teasing before arriving at the head.

You linger there, your tongue running all over the sensitive tip, lips placing wet kisses all over. Your tongue finding the precum drooling out makes you make a contented humming sound as you spread it mixed with your spit all over my cockhead. I am the one panting now, you’re the one in control, I may have my hand in your hair but your mouth has me in ecstasy. I just let out my own moan, which must have been what you were waiting for because you lunge forward and down plunging the whole of my cock deep into your mouth and throat. My moan ends in a gasp of pleasure and surprise, your expert tongue finding every vital point on my head, staff, and balls, your other hand slides up my leg to rub under my balls and play with them. The grips my shaft hard and you pump it up and down, your mouth following its movements.

“MMMmmmmmm” you make a muffled moan, your mouth full of me as I let one hand tug at your hair and while my other kneads and plays with your breast.

You madoff the monster of wall street izle let me slip out of your mouth and run your flicking tongue up and down the shaft of my cock again from the base to the head where you linger suckling on me so hard I’m not sure if I’m in pleasure or pain. Then, again, you take the entire length of me into you and I can feel your nose press against my belly as my cock fills your throat. I shudder in your embrace, my body trembling from your hand’s frantic rubbing and your mouth pumping back and forth.

“Oh, Jesus!” I gasp and you increase your pace teasing me with your mouth trying to make me lose control. I somehow manage to pull your head back from my cock before I explode in your mouth by using your hair and you arch your neck back my cock coming free with a pop and spit and precum dribble down your chin.

“Tasty.” you pant.

I force you back onto the bed still holding your hair and plunge my face between your, by now, mostly exposed breasts, my cock pressing like a bar against your stockings. You writhe underneath me helplessly pinned by weight and my arms and I grip you pushing your hands far above your head making it impossible for you to struggle. I use my free hand to find my dressing gown cord on the bed. You begin to struggle madly against me now wanting to be restrained but also wanting to fight for control against me I smile down at you as I slip one loop over your hand fastening it then feed the cord through the bed railing and then slip another loop over your final flailing wrist and your body goes limp for a second as you finally give over completely to my intention. Then I start to work on you.

First of all, I roll out from between your legs and then slide my fingers down your torso until they rest on your bald pussy. You thrash desperately wanting more but instead, I nibble at your breast and lick at your neck making your mouth open in a coo of ecstasy.

“Oh fuck yes, Sir!” You gasp “Use your fingers on me, use your cock, teach me a good fucking lesson Sir”

You let out little pants of need as I smile down at your desperate expression and then roll my fingers over your clit making you moan and groan in time to the small tight circles my fingers are making. I start to push harder on your clit until I can feel it flicking back and forth under my fingers. You let out a loud squeal and your eyes are locked on mine pleading as I continue to nibble and lick you, my fingers never stopping.

“Fill me up, Sir… Oh god please!” You’re eyes implore me and your hands struggle against your restraint wishing they could force me on and into you.

“Do you want them?”

I ask gently in your ear as I lick at your neck and ear making you shudder.

“Oh fuck YES!” You gasp and I slip my hand over your soaking pussy tantalizingly running my fingers over the entrance before plunging two of them deep inside without warning.


The scream erupts from your mouth as your body impales itself onto my pumping fingers.

“Oh yeah! Right there don’t stop don’t ever Fucking STOP!” You yell.

I feel that you’re already bordering on another climax. Instead of keeping my pace I drive my face into your breasts nibbling and suckling on you and speed up my fingers to the point where they begin to ache. Your body strains underneath me and begins to shudder uncontrollably and I hear you let out frantic noises in my ear. My fingers feel the folds of your body tense and how wet you’ve become as you cum again.

I love the sound of it that close. Hearing the pleasure in your panting but rather than let you recover before I continue I withdraw my fingers quickly making you yell out and then slide my body down my tongue leaving a trail down your body and then I start to use my tongue on your clit in little flicks and licks quickly causing you to start to thrash again you body convulsing again and again against my face.

I love this part just before I push myself into you just when I’m going down on you. I love the feeling of your shaved pussy rubbing against my face as I lap at your sweet wetness, your pussy, your clit and running my tongue over your lips, parting them and letting my tongue enter you. Then without warning, I bring my hand up and spank you hard. You scream out and I move forward rising over you on my knees, my cock resting against your clit and pussy.

“Are you ready for your real punishment?” I growl, and I feel my feral grin as you begin to vigorously nod your head

“Do you know how naughty girls get punished?” I say sombrely. Making you begin to whisper

“Fuck me, fuck me please show me who’s the boss OH GOD I So Fucking need YOU in Me!”

“That’s right” I mutter and then guide myself into your pussy.

You’re so wet from all that happened before that I slide completely inside to the hilt instantly making you let out a choking gasp, then I begin to thrust myself in and out of you, again and again, slow smooth strokes, causing you to shriek out. I grasp your tie and pull it up to your face to become a mouth gag, synching it tight around your mouth muffling your shrieks into a series of moans, then I start to really move my body thrusting again and again with enough force to hear the slap of our bodies connecting. I continue and continue working myself into a frenzy. Our bodies shake the bed frame with each lunge of my body. I can’t make out words but your yelling into your gag, wailing at the punishing assault that you begged me for.

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