Fairweather Ranch Ch. 07

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As she went off work, Melody had to admit her situation was rather ironic. She had rejected a man’s advances, yet was now living as a prostitute for men. Obviously, it was not a fun job (for her anyway), but it was the only job she could get so quickly.

She went to the motel where she was sleeping. Many of the ladies went there at the end of the day as well. Melody did not know many of them well, but she liked most so far. A few were in the lobby. There was a young lady, perhaps even younger than Eve. Her name was Carrie. Her parents had set her out on her own long ago, and like Melody, was having trouble in Dallas.

They discussed this, and Melody told her own story, the abridged version anyway. Of course, her many lesbian affairs were always in there. Carrie, Melody learned, still had her lesbian virginity. She was a nice girl, and beautiful. Melody still loved Eve, even with her probably still in Arkansas. Should she act on a new mutual interest?

Perhaps she should ask Carrie. “Hello, my dear. Tough day?”

“It was. Apparently I saw every man in Dallas who loved anal.’

“I saw at least one. I hope you’re not hurting too much.”

“I’ll survive.” Melody got on Carrie’s poker oyna chair and snuggled. Carrie was happy to feel her touch.

“Seems like you want me to feel better… Thank you.” Carrie said. “If you wanted you could sleep with me tonight.”

And so they did. The women slept in warm, reassuring nightgowns, and Melody refreshingly soothed Carrie’s asshole. Eve’s ass was of course, lovely, and Carrie’s was a fun time as well. She spread it, and Carrie was pleased with the care placed on it, rather than the unpleasant and sometimes violent male organs often forced on it during work. Her asshole was clean, but Melody didn’t care. Lady asseating was something new to Carrie and she couldn’t get enough. Carrie felt her back being massaged in addition to her behind pleasures. This certainly helped the experience.

“Are you alright after work?” Carrie finally thought to ask.

“Hmm. Well, my tender lady parts do hurt somewhat. I’ll give you a few lessons.” Although the slamming and jamming of cocks was something Melody could survive as well, of course the hot love of another woman on her pussy was the best. The harsh lessons of Carrie’s life were set aside as soon as their lesbian oral fun began.

Indeed canlı poker oyna Melody knew just what to do. She carefully explained to Carrie where all of her sweet spots were, and she had quite a few. There even may have been one Eve had never made it to. Carrie started with her fingers, which was great, but Melody eased her into the pleasureable tongue. She had had lots of lovers, Eve being the best, so she gave out the best tips. Of course, she couldn’t finish all of them, as Carrie brought them to a climax.

After all the hot lovemaking was over, Melody confessed to Carrie about gorgeous Eve. She listened with intent and said she wished she could’ve had that kind of lover. Carrie then asked if she still loved Eve. Melody said for the time being, yes.

At the brothel the next day, Melody and Carrie noticed not many men were coming in. They gathered another prostitute and decided to “trade their money” together. That, of course, meant a threesome. Melody had to become the teacher yet again. She had previously had less threesomes as she had other girl/girl sex, so even she had to learn some things. Chain scissoring, for one. It was a hot day, so all three women got very sweaty and internet casino slippery. This was naturally awkward, as they weren’t sure what was respiration and what was sweet love juice. Not that that was too much of a concern in the end. The woman’s last partner was rather forceful in his anal ways, so both Melody and Carrie had a turn at some asslove. At least they could keep track of everything there.

Another woman busted in. “What’s going on here?”

To answer her question, things soon turned into a foursome. The new woman admitted she was experienced in the areas of lesbian sex, so the less experienced women took her first. Melody quite like the original threesome partner. Her body was excellent, and she let her know by loving every inch of it. This included a lot of kissing. The four soon joined into a heap of fucking. It was exhausting in the hot sweaty day, but it was all worth it. Cum was still all around the room, but for the first time in awhile, it was mostly female. Melody, and soon all the others, liked it that way.

Before any others could come in, a man decided he wanted one of them, and the fucking was broken. At the end of the day, one of the women whispered to Melody she knew another “service.” It was run by a woman from her home, and it only sent women out to other women. She gave the woman’s address, and Melody went out to see the woman. It might even be somewhere to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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