Family Ties… That Bind!


A family of four gets what’s cumming to them

All characters depicted here are well over 18 years old


He (Luke’s 23 year old) awoke with lidded eyes. As he tried to rub them, the slightly slack chain on his wrists kept his hands where they were, and far from his countenance. What he could discern was that they – consisting of he and his similarly bound mother – were in a dimly lit cave located who knows where. The cool gentle breeze on his testicles and the fuzzy pink glow of his mom told him that they were not only restrained, but naked. At this point he could only make out the words…

“…uck you, let us out!,” his mom, Julia Anne (45 years old), exclaimed to an unseen recipient, “My husband is a big executive at the city police department. He’ll have a swat time here in minutes, if he hasn’t already!”

An unfamiliar sounding woman (Janet, age 43) laughed, “oh yes, Luke,” (age 49), “I know ALL about Luke. He negotiated a contract with me to supply the department with Kevlar vests. He took quite a liking to my curves, and the twinkle of lust in his eyes was unmistakable. That’s why MY husband and I recently hatched our little liberation campaign to get your whole family here. Soon enough you will thank us.”

‘Smug’ was not adequate to describe the invisible woman’s self-congratulatory sneer. Through the murky haze of his vision Kyle could barely discern that the mystery woman was clad in a black leather cinched waist bodice and matching mini dress. Her protruding breasts were barely held by the lurid set of studded cups. This, and her commanding throaty voice, gave her an unequivocal ‘I’m in charge’ aura.

Kyle also noticed an imposing male figure to her left (45 years old.) He was decked in shrink wrapped hip hugging vinyl pants, unlaced combat boots and a pair of bullet belts crossing at his shirtless hairy chest. The outfit revealed his bulge, and its prominence doubled with each passing minute. He was tall, built, with a slight paunch from the years, and had a chin-length grey-blonde center parted ‘coiff.’ He held still in a military at-ease stance as his superior, the Queen – his wife, issued her edicts. His nipples were unusually reddish and long for a male. He just stared at Kyle’s mom’s exposure. Clearly he was enjoying the visual of her svelte gams, those at which her own son had also secretly lusted.

The sight of the two strangers, presumably their captors, and his nude mother’s immodest showcasing of her moderate sized breasts, raised both his consciousness and his erection. His mother could not help but steal an appreciative sideways glance at her son’s girthy member. Kyle caught her peeping at it and proudly smiled to himself.

‘Heck, I’m naked too and mom’s staring at my hard dick,’ he was amazed by the thought, ‘…and chained to the ceiling like a Guantanamo prisoner. WTF!’

“I see you casting a gaze at your son in his ‘all-together’, and that you like what you see! That will serve our, and even YOUR, purposes quite nicely.

“I don’t know what sick game this is but you’ll never get away with it,” barked mom.

The vinyled man finally entered the conversation, “Oh how quaintly cliché.”

Her Majesty quickly interjected, “Show some compassion, dear. They only just arrived. Don’t fret, we’ll have them WHIPPED into shape in no time, but I have no doubt that they’ll find that out for themselves,” she proudly assuaged her counterpart, “Anyways, as I’ve alluded, we’ve brought you here to set you free. Free from sexual inhibition, free from societal norms, free to enjoy your all too short time in this life.”

Meanwhile, Julia Anne’s own figure was one of a softly aged Greek goddess chiseled in stone: long and lean and sporting a smart bob of darkened rose. For a woman who popped out two kids two decades ago (and still relishing hubby’s big dick), she looked tight as a drum. Kyle, as was his father, himself quite statuesque: green eyes, athletic torso and chest, all anchored by a set of taut hairless buns and a meaty neatly trimmed cock and scrotum.

“So here’s the deal: I am to be addressed as Mistress and Lefkoşa Escort my husband, your patriarch, shall be Sir,” declares Mistress. “You are to service us in any manner of our choosing. Recalcitrance will be painfully reprimanded, compliance with pleasurable kudos. For you two, and the other two of your family, this place will serve as a training ground of sorts. You will be introduced as a family unit to other Dom/mes of this community. All of you will come to crave our directives eventually, everyone does.”

Sir continues for her, “shortly your family will be whole once my… our…”, he cautiously corrects himself in deference to Mistress, “minions have lured those absent into this lair. Until such time, let’s start with some basics…”

Suddenly the thick atmosphere is broken by the crashing of opening doors and the grunts from naked sweaty figures roughly escorted by buff masked guards. Both Kyle and his mom instantly recognize dad and sis despite their unfamiliar disheveled appearance.

Mistress then comments, “Perfect. The other half is here. Now we can begin.”

Julia’s daughter, 22 year old Colette (or Colly), can be described as the archetypical thin short stuff cheerleader body type with pure blonde pixie cut hair. Her tiny tits and matching wispy blonde pubes makes her almost waif-like, save for her wide hips which come naturally by way of mom.

Kyle’s dad, Luke, is solid for a late 40-something, but with a generous array of hair on his chest and pubic area. He sports a dark strip of hair marking the top of his butt schism, and one connecting his belly to his pubis.

Julia Anne was immediately enamored of these features ever since she first saw them when they started dating. The “3rd date rule” was cut short by one due to their mutual teen lust. Colette, too, was fond of her dad’s sexy hirsuteness. She had stolen many a peek at him exiting her parent’s ensuite bathroom shower. He had the delightful habit of leaving doors open, and immediately upon seeing this, her post-teen hairless pussy would drool with excitement. At these special times she felt the compulsion to pinch and pull her nipples as she leered at daddy’s smooth back and buns dripping with excess moisture from the shower. Her best views were when he unwittingly towel-dried his face, which afforded her to gawk at his full-frontal.

A short glimpse at his fat semi hard cock would give her the need to run to her room and frig herself off. Then there were times when he would bend forward facing away and dry his toes. She could then see his flexing butt muscles and cute winking star. Watching him squat down was a rare treat as it revealed his gape and the hairlets surrounding it.

The captive women’s recalled revelry was cut short by a boisterous lisping voice.

“Hiii-eee” said the voice as it came into view with a flash, “ooouuu, I see we have some new toys to play with. Hmmm”, he (Stephan, age 28) said appreciatively, “Me likey this manly daddy bear. Grrrr.” He then pointed to Kyle, “…and this tall glass of Nordic god näivete. Can I watch them 69 then fuck’em in the ass, OR MAYBE, a father son fuck train with me as the caboose?”

Sir: “STEPHAN! It would serve you right to be forced to be a Bukkake sponge for this outburst!”

Stephan (who enjoys flaunting his near 30 year old butt) ignores Sir’s chastisement and circumnavigates both father and son with his left index finger pivoting on their shoulders. He pauses at their backs and takes a longer ‘ASS-essment.’

Then Stephan puts that finger on his bottom lip in mock contemplation and muses out loud, “Umm, umm, ummmm, these four buns will be just fine to slip my cock between.”

Mistress, “Sir, Stephy is getting impatient, and frankly so am I. It’s time to play with our new-found scrumptious food.”

Sir, “Stephan, would you do the honours of disengaging these two from their shackles and placing dad and sis next to them?”

Stephan does this with relish and gives dad a good slap-ass. Dad jumps. Stephan takes his place slightly behind Sir and Mistress (abbreviated S&M.) The family Kıbrıs Escort members nervously look at each other with their eyes wide as saucers. There seems to be a tacit assurance amongst themselves that this will turn out alright, maybe even good. There’s a subtle mutual curiosity, or hopeful anticipation, at where this might lead. Their silent communication was not lost on S&M.

Mistress says, “Mom you are to lay down here on the mat. Daughter will straddle and face fuck you with her pussy and asshole. Junior will be licking mommy’s cunny, and I better hear a screaming ‘O’ from her, and see a gush of her love juice all over your face.”

Sir, “Daddy you’re on your knees to suck all up and down your sonny boy’s hiney. Stephan? Stephan!”, yelled Sir at Stephan’s wanton gawk at Luke’s delicious mature figure, “Focus, or you’ll be put at the front of a Conga fuck line and get nothing for your efforts. As I was saying, Stephan will be privileged to stuff his pathetic stub into daddy’s buns of steel of which he is so enamored. Begin.”

At first the family is quite tentative, prompting Sir’s empathetic encouraging directive, “go on…”

Kyle stares longingly at his mom’s glistening pussy and unabashedly dives in. He’s relieved to finally live out his long held fantasy. It’s almost as hot as the ones he has of making his sister his constant love servant, often envisioning her on her knees blowing him as she furiously rubs her pussy and begs him to let her come.

Julia is initially shocked at her son’s abject hunger for her quim, but gradually starts to tilt her head back and loudly moans in ecstasy, “Oh yeah my boy, suck mommy’s pussy and make her cum!”

When Julia Anne’s head meets the mat again, Colette, never one to miss out on her own pleasure, quickly sinks down upon her mommy’s mouth. She is then torn between closing her eyes to fully enjoy her mom’s ministrations, or watching bro devour mom’s sloppy cunt as sexy daddy tongue fucks his ass and balls.

Colette chooses to focus on the squalid vision of Luke pulling Kyle’s dick backwards behind his legs and sucking it loudly, “that’s it daddy. Suck his big teenage cock! Slide your lips along my brother’s taint. Oh! You do that so good. Bet you’ve done this before daddy, maybe lots of times!”

Dad grimaced while he looked at his daughter guiltily, concerned about being busted for his past bisexual dalliances. Collene is also privy to Stephan’s raping of Luke’s ass with his relatively short member as both men profusely moan and perspire. She says to herself, ‘Stephan’s nothing compared to her daddy’s or bro’s yummy big ones.’

All members of the family quartet are increasingly yielding to their lustful pursuits. It becomes apparent to S&M that their predictions were indeed accurate: this family would collectively succumb to their long suppressed desires for each other’s bodies, pussies, tits, asses, cocks, tongues and mouths. Julia Anne begins to shake with orgasm, and she pushes her vulva curtains further apart to gain Kyle’s better access. Her screams of joy are muffled by her daughter’s pussy clamping down on her.

Sis’s pleasure is enhanced by mom’s orgasmic voice buzzing just like her own clit vibrator does, “I’m cumming mom, use your tongue on my asshole”, and at that, both women come hard and wet.

Kyle lifts his head momentarily, despite Julia Anne’s mute protestations, and is frozen by the beautiful vision before him of his family’s women in dual sexual joy. Dad takes it upon himself to surround his son’s ball sac with one hand, gently caressing the undersides, while also sucking his forefinger on the other hand until good and slimy. He then alternately inserts and retracts said digit into Kyle’s waiting asshole. It’s soft and warm on the inside, just as his hole is to Stephan.

Between this and dad’s lavishing of his exposed privates (private no more), Kyle lets loose a torrent of cum so forceful that it rebounds off the padded floor and splashes onto his own stomach. The constricting of his son’s asshole on his deeply probing tongue immediately stirs Luke’s Girne Escort loins to the brink. Stephan seals the deal by grabbing a handful of Luke’s ass cheeks. He squashes them into pale mounds of flesh to use as a handle for his now violent penile stabbing. Stephan grinds his sweaty hips against Luke’s balls and ignites the fuse.

Stephan, without warning, is about to fire into Luke’s anal canal, “Take my cum old man. Here it comes, uhhh”, and continued his strained cries, “What a cum sponge that old ass is, it gripped me good when I came.”

Luke grunts with satisfaction and doubles his efforts at stroking his son. The boys are transported to a heavenly bliss as the girls collapse from exhaustion over them, forming a human pile of flesh.

As Mistress claps with joy, “What a performance. Better than expected, considering what a high bar we had set for y’all. And that brings up a point, that is us, your gracious hosts,” speaking to the siblings, “Your lovely lascivious parents will lick upon my ass and girl parts while brother dearest sucks my ample titties.”

Sir, “That leaves the nubile daughter to service lucky me. Be a sweetie and bend forwards so as to accommodate my sceptor in your putang so graciously spit lubed by your momma. Make sure to spread your cheeks for me little girl, for I won’t have my view of your hungry hole sucking my cock be obscured.”

“You always did have a way with words, my dear,” Mistress compliments him and sidles next to her true love.

Sir whispers to his mistress wife, “I will have my way with you after we bid this group goodnight.”

Mistress giggles at her loving wordsmith and tilts her head sideways to reach his lips for a passionate kiss. All assume their respective prescribed stations and commence round 2. Colly eagerly accepts Sir’s long staff into her sopping wet young pussy and immediately begins to groan with delight. She grabs hold of Luke’s dick and flicks her tongue about the head with urgency, making sure to concentrate on the sensitive under-ridge.

Luke’s ass is sharply slapped by Mistress to cause him to jump forwards and fully lodge his lodgepole into his daughter’s orifice. She sputters yet hums at the forceful intrusion. Luke nearly cums on the spot when his cock tip abruptly abrades Colly’s tongue. Mistress contracts a hand around his entire ball-sac, then gives it a moderate squeeze. Her randiness progressively elevates when her holes are simultaneously slurped by the eager tongues below.

Colly surrounds Luke’s cock base with both hands and pumps up and down his shaft. With the two fisted handjob he then copiously ejaculates upon Colly’s face and tits, causing Sir to return fire into Colly’s tight young vag. This triggers her second peak of the night, and she gasps for air from the thundering ‘O.’

Mistress lets go of Kyle to concentrate on her own multiple releases. She momentarily slumps her head upon her husband’s shoulder before silently directing Kyle supine onto the mat. This allows his mom to mount him in reverse cowboy. It doesn’t take long for her to lay her back on her son’s chest, pleading with him to maul her breasts and tweak their sharply pointed nipples. She further divides her knees as he jackhammers her spreading maternal pussy from below, leaving her to surrender to his merciless onslaught. Mom then emits what seems like a quart of pussy water all over Kyle’ legs, wilting cock and balls. Her lady cum seeps conspicuously between their cheek chasms and tickles their assholes.

Kyle screams during his release with a booming “Ahhhhhhh…” and an “Ummph” when he injects his sperm from his swelling cock into mom’s vagina, the very one through which he was birthed. They’re all left in a heap, trying desperately to regain their wind. Stephan, who can only marvel as an observer of the scene, bids a silent farewell to his superiors. They return his wave from a reclining position on the floor, too spent to usher words of salutation to him.

“That was wonderful. My compliments to your excellent choreography, dear, it was most satiating”, Mistress struggles from exhaustion to say.

Sir, “I couldn’t agree more, but now’s the time to have our weary revelers take their rest, for in the morrow the fun will be even more intense.”

… But wait, there’s more, but you’ll have to be patient (and horny enough from it) to continue with this saga…


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