Fax and Fantasy: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Jill was Jo’s best friend and had been since Jo was 10 years old. There was nothing the girls didn’t share and they went through girl puberty together.

Jill Jones was a 16-year-old black girl and only child of Reginald and Sharon Jones. The ebony teenager was 5’6″ with long braided hair and medium sized tits. Just like her friend Jo, Jill did not, and would not shave her bush. They both found it bothersome, especially just to placate to the boys who didn’t like munching some actual carpet.

If there was any celebrity that Jill bore resemblance to, it would be a dark skinned Alicia Keys, and just like Alicia Keys, Jill had a husky voice and somewhat wide hips.

It was a day after Jo had her spectacularly naughty masturbation session in her brother’s room that the blonde was at Jill’s parents’ house in Jill’s room. Jill’s parents were out working and Jo and her friend had a quiet house to themselves.

The girls talked about the usual stuff, but Jo felt a desperate need to share not only her relatively newfound feelings about her brother with her friend, but also the events of the previous day, knowing that the nature of it all might turn off her friend.
It was not that she feared the nature of the sex would turn Jill off, as Jill had already let herself be known to Jo as a girl not particularly uptight about more than the run-of-the-mill variety of sex. The number of times that Jo and Jill got graphic in their descriptions of sexual acts as they chit chatted about it like true best buddies were unlimited, and Jo already had a good feeling that the black teenager was pretty much guaranteed to have a bit of a perverse streak of her own. For all of her 16 years, Jill talked and acted beyond her young age.

But to admit to the desire for incest, and the shared masturbation session with her brother would be on another level. Being freaky was one thing, being freaky WITH your own brother was quite another, and it made Jo’s heart pound, wondering whether she should take the chance of confiding in Jill.

The girls were in Jill’s room, small talking about celebrity hunks in the magazines they were leafing through and how much they’d like to sample them.

“If only I got Brad Pitt alone in a room,” Jill mused smiling her pearly white teeth bare, “Angelina would have nothing on the freaky shit I’d do to him. I don’t care what she’s doing to him to make him go over the world and ignore all the pussy he could get; one shot at this cooch and it’s all over for that big lipped freak. Unless, of course, she’d be willing to put those lips to use on me.”

This bi-sexual admission was nothing new to Jo; she knew Jill had no problems admitting to her to being willing to go both ways.

“Jill… Can I tell you something?” Jo asked tentatively, her mind made up about confiding in Jill about her hidden perverse desires.

Jill looked at her blonde friend with a serious face, knowing instantly that Jo feared a negative reaction and wondering what it could be. “Sure, you can tell me anything, Jo, you know that.”

“I’m not so sure you feel the same way about that after I tell you this. It’s really out there, and you might freak out.”

“Look, I promise I won’t freak out. I can’t promise I’ll agree with whatever it is you want to tell me, but whatever it is, you can tell me and I promise I’ll keep it secret and not freak out.”

Jo looked Jill in her dark eyes before realizing she could trust her long time friend even with this nasty piece of information and immediately felt relieved. She couldn’t even imagine how cool it would be if she could even tell Jill about these things; that she could share this with her.

“Okay,” Jo said after sighing nervously, “here goes. I’m… I’ve got kind of… the hots… for my… for my brother…”

You could cut the silence with a knife as Jo tried reading Jill’s face, which seemed unmoved.

After swallowing, Jill said “go on, tell me,” with what seemed like a slightly hoarse voice and proceeded to wet her full, brownish pink, dry lips with her tongue, readying herself for the whole story, which Jo proceeded to tell, from the moment she started having sexual fantasies about Michael, all the way up to and including what happened the day before. Jo told Jill all the sordid details without conveying she was getting herself excited just talking about it, and hoped her 16-year-old friend would not be too turned off with the admission.

Little did Jo know how much the opposite was the case.


At several times during Jo’s retelling of her feelings and the events that had occurred, she would pause and wait for a possible indication that Jill had had enough, only to get the go-ahead when Jill would tell her to “go on” with a seemingly unmoved voice. But Jo couldn’t have known just how hot the fire was, that was burning in Jill’s loins as she heard her 17-year-old friend’s dirty tale. Hearing the details and keeping her growing excitement about it secret, Jill felt extremely anxious, the muscles in her secret places constantly clenching and moistening her panties, and her toes curling. It was hard for her not to emit the long, throaty groan that was fighting to get out all the way from the pit of her stomach, and she was at the point of almost letting go at various points during Jo’s retelling of what had transpired the day before in her brother Michael’s bedroom.

The dark, beautiful teenager looked at her long-time friend in a whole new light, far beyond being merely a buddy since the age of 9. She had always found herself being a bit kinkier than what she thought was the norm, but the details of Jo’s story went into positively perverse territory, even for her. But what surprised her a bit was just how good and hot it made her feel, like someone granting her access to previously unknown, untapped but present sexual desires. This was just so damn kinky, but she loved hearing about every second of it. In fractions of seconds, images started flashing through her mind about herself going into this type of sexual territory, a sexual place where no boundaries existed and anything goes, with people who felt likewise.

“So… What do you think?” Jill hear Jo ask, realizing she was finished with her story and looking for a reaction that was kind. “Do you think I’m disgusting?”

Jo looked deeply into Jill’s dark eyes, scanning them for the truth of her feelings about the story she just heard, and thought that she saw a sort of twinkle more than anything else.

“Yes, I do,” Jill finally said after seconds that seemed like minutes, and making Jo’s heart jump in her throat.

“And I like it,” the 16-year-old then suddenly resumed. “I like it a lot.”

Jill’s stone face suddenly turned into a big smile as she said, in typical pop teenage girl fashion: “That was sooo…fucking…HOT. I can’t believe you did that with your brother. He’s such a hunk, and although you’re his sister you actually got to do that? I’m so fucking jealous, Jo. And it’s so nasty, with him being your brother. It’s so fucking kinky and I just can’t stand how much I liked hearing it. I wish I was there watching the two of you.”

Jo heard the words coming from Jill’s mouth and one after the next served to make her feel better and better, until all fear and hesitation had vanished. Jill truly was the friend she hoped she would be; the kind you could even confide in with this powerful a secret.

“God, Jo. I’m looking at you and your brother in whole new ways now. I hadn’t even thought about a brother and sister doing that kind of shit together…” Jill continued enthusiastically before her voice trailed off as her mind starting thinking about her own relatives. Suddenly she saw some of the people in her own family in a whole new light, a light that she desperately wanted to explore.

“Oh shit, Jill,” Jo sighed with a tremor in her voice, “I can’t tell you how relieved I am you feel this way. You really had me there for a moment when you said that you thought I was disgusting, but I can see now you meant it in a good way, if that makes sense.”

“Makes sense to me,” Jill said, referring to Jo’s obvious inclination to the kinkier sort of sex, as well as her own growing interest in it.

“The parts you talked about, where you were leaving your dirty panties for him to use. That’s just so… I don’t know. It’s so filthy, and so hot at the same time. God, it makes me wish I had a brother like that, to tease and to mess with. Sounds like such fun.”

“Jill, I can count on you to keep this completely to yourself, right?”

“On only one condition,” Jill said after thinking a few seconds and from her back to her side to face Jo and look her in the eye. “That you keep telling me every filthy, nasty detail of what you and your bro are up to. I wanna know everything that happens; I don’t care what it is.”

“Well, shit, if that’s all, you’ve got a deal,” Jo said, only more pleased that she was actually asked to confide more of her taboo experiences to her cherished friend.

“That’s so fucking cool. I can’t wait to hear more. Jesus, do you know how wet you made me with that story?” Jill said turning back to lying on her back and absent-mindedly rubbing her hands over her belly toward her lower body.

Like a predator jumping on a prey, Jo noticed an opportunity.

“Really? I made you wet just by talking dirty?”

Jo, on her side and with her head resting on an elbow, instantly felt her cunt quiver, as she suddenly, in her mind, saw her 16-year-old black friend turning into a hot, sexual object, a fitting object to take out her sexual frustrations on, and she was wondering if Jill would go for that as much as she was willing to admit how hot she thought Jo’s story was.

“You have no idea,” Jill said in almost a whisper, not gaziantep escort kızlar thinking about being watched as her hands reached her crotch of her pants and softly sliding them over it. “I’m just soaking into my panties.”

Jo slowly put her fingers on Jill’s brown arm and trailed her fingertips softly along them.

“You know, Jill, I could take care of that for you, if you’re interested. I’m pretty damn wet myself.”

Jill turned her head to the side, looking at Jo’s face and realizing what she was offering. They stayed this way for almost a minute, with Jo waiting for a response and Jill thinking about what Jo offered really meant, and what it would do for her.

Jill took Jo up on her offer, by sealing it with a kiss.


Jill moved closer to her blonde friend and wrapped her outer arm around the 17-year-old’s back, pulling her to her and forcefully pressing her full, brownish pink lips into Jo’s red lips, the pressure instantly releasing oral fluids between them.

For minutes the room was filled with the panting and moaning of two teenage girls, as their lips were everywhere on the other’s mouth, and pink tongues followed.
Their noses scraping along each other’s, and their open mouth enveloping the other’s, any space left was constantly filled with an eager, spit-wet tongue.

It was as if a dam had broken, and released torrents of eager lust that were just waiting to get out and crash over them.
Sucking and slurping noises emanated from their hungry mouths as loads of saliva were swapped eagerly.

Jo and Jill took turns tongue fucking the other’s receptive mouths, and thick slimy strands of spit connected between their lips and tongues like a web whenever their mouths unlocked momentarily.

“Fuck, I feel so hot. I could just eat you all up,” Jo groaned as she looked into her friend’s dark eyes, her cheeks burning, and her hands everywhere they could reach, from Jill’s soft, covered tits to her crotch and her butt, liking the soft feeling of them pushing back against her fingers.

“I want you to,” Jill said back. “I want you to eat me all up. I just want your mouth everywhere. I can’t tell you how fucking hot you’ve made me, Jo. I feel like I just want to be nasty. Please be nasty with me, Jo. Be nasty with me like you want to be nasty with your brother. Show me how you want to be with him.”

“I will. I just like finally being able to feel a body that I can touch and taste. Michael was so mean not allowing me to touch him, and taste him. God, I just feel so sexually frustrated. Finger fucking myself just isn’t enough. I need contact. I need you to give me what I crave, Jill. If only for today, just give me what I need.”

“I’ll give it to you more than just today, if you want,” Jill croaked, her voice crackling with desire. “I think you may have created a monster.”

Jo heard the words and smiled, grabbing Jill’s arse and collecting a mouth full of spit, before wrapping an open mouth around that belonging to her black friend, and drooling it all over Jill’s tongue and down her throat. As Jill added her own oral fluids, white foamy saliva filled the corners of their mouths, dribbling down them and along their cheeks to the mattress. The warm, tasty cocktail of combined spit only heightened their need for total sexual surrender.

Their mouths finally disconnected with a loud wet slurp, and Jo looked at her friend’s face, her brown cheeks and chin wet, slimy and shining in the sunlight that invaded the room.

“I’m gonna suck you so good, Jill. I don’t care even if your parents come home and found us; I’m not stopping until we both got our rocks off.”

“I don’t care if they come barging in either. I’d probably be so far gone I’d grab them, rip their clothes off and suck them off no matter if they’re my parents,” Jill whispered with a deep voice, a flash of three naked ebony bodies writhing on her bed running through her mind.

“Hey!” Jo said loudly as she realized Jill was thinking about something. “Think about other stuff on your own time. Pay attention to the hot arse you got available to you now.”

“Don’t worry, we got lots of time. God, I can’t wait to see you naked and taste you.”

Both girls on their knees on the bed, Jo held her arms up as Jill quickly pulled Jo’s shirt up over them, exposing her friend naked tits. Looking at the 17-year-old’s pink nipples, Jill didn’t waste a second and bent forward, latching her lips onto one of Jo’s stiff buds. Groaning loudly, the black teenager alternated between slathering the blonde’s areola and erect nipple with her outstretched pink tongue and covering it with her saliva, and clamping her wet lips onto them and washing it with spit inside her mouth. The 16-year-old Jill looked up at Jo and into her friend’s eyes as she audibly slurped on her friend’s tit tip, as she squeezed Jo’s other tit and twisted the nipple with a free hand.

“Oh Jesus yessss… Suck ’em, Jill. Suck my fucking nipples. I love your hot, wet mouth on my fucking tits. Put your tongue all over them,” Jo moaned, delighted to finally have a hot, wet mouth on her body and pleasuring a body part that desperately needed pleasuring.

Her hand was on the back of Jill’s head as she arched her back and pulled the teenager’s face tightly to her chest. Feeling the 16-year-old girl’s hot breath wash over her wet tit flesh made her shiver and drove her hornier.

“Mmmmm… Your nipple tastes so good, baby. I love feeling it grow in my mouth and against my tongue. Such nice fucking tits and such hot fucking nipples,” Jill groaned and spat a fat glob of spit onto Jo’s nipple, before licking it out over the blonde’s tit.

It was after Jill had finally given Jo’s other tit the same treatment that Jo wanted to return the favour, and couldn’t wait to feast on a chocolate brown nipple.

Jill pulled her own shirt over her head, and unhooked the black bra she was wearing. Jill had bigger tits than Jo and needed a bra. It was when the bra came off that the beautiful large areolas and big rubbery black nipples made Jo’s mouth water.

Jill looked at Jo looking at her tits and felt goose bumps cover her body. She had never been naked in front of her friend for sexual reasons, and feeling Jo’s eyes stare at her jugs made her cunt twitch. She grabbed her own brown tits and squeezed them tight, making her tit meat bulge between her fingers, before releasing her melons to jiggle on her chest. She then – as she continued watching Jo watching her – took a black bud of each tit between thumb and index finger and twisted them, and pulled them forward to make her tits cone shaped before letting the nipples go so her tits bounced back into their natural shape.

“Suck them, Jo,” Jill gasped impatiently. “Please suck on my fucking hot tits. Suck on my fucking black tits. Slurp my fat fucking nipples into your mouth and cover them with your nasty spit. CHRIST, I’m so fucking horny right now. “

Jo responded by bending forward and doing exactly that.

As Jill held Jo by the back of the head, Jo held a tit in her hand and spat a fat glob of saliva on the dark areola, before slurping it into her hungry mouth.

“Fuck yeah. Spit on them and suck them, Jo. Spit on my fucking nipples and suck my tit. Cover my hot tits with your hot saliva. God, your mouth is so hot on me.”

As lewd slurping noises filled the room, Jo feasted on her friend’s black tits, sucking on the fat nipple and washing it in her oral liquids. Her tongue snaked and curled around the thick black bud and pushed it into Jill’s tit flesh with the tip of her tongue.
Jill bent her head down, and for a minute Jill and Jo simultaneously lapped and slobbered all over Jill’s dark brown nipple. The girls didn’t pass up an opportunity to lap at each other’s tongues as they happened to touch, exchanging yet more oral fluids…

It was at least 15 minutes that Jo spent on sucking her teenage friend’s tits before she finished and the girls started Frenching wetly again.

“I want your cunt,” Jo said as she panted lustfully into Jill’s mouth after another slurping wet kiss. “I want to taste your fucking cunt. I want to eat you out, slide my tongue deep up your hot snatch. FUCK. Words can’t even describe how much I want to mouth your goddamn cunt. Right now I feel like I want the taste of your snatch in my mouth for the rest of the day.”

“I can’t wait,” Jill said with raspy voice and quick breath as she eagerly unbuckled her pants. “I can’t wait to have your mouth on my fucking hole. God, I want your face on my cunt so much. I want you to suck me out, right until I cum in your fucking mouth.”

Jo grabbed Jill’s pants at the hips, swiftly pulling them off the black girl’s hips and down her legs, until the girl sat naked in just her black thong panties. Jo put her hand on Jill’s chest and pushed back to make the girl lay back on the bed, and pushed her knees apart.

The blonde 17-year-old looked at her friend’s crotch, seeing it bulge against the crotch of her thong panties, and seeing a bit of black hair stick from the sides. She bent forward, buried her face in the soft panty-clad mound, and inhaled the delicious cunt fumes of her friend into her lungs.

“Yeah. Smell it. Smell my fucking cunt, Jo. I love the way you smell my cunt like that,” Jill grunted in sexual bliss at the soft, warm face pushing into her buttery mound.

As Jo finally retracted her cunt humid face from Jill’s crotch, she simultaneously grabbed the black undergarment at the waistband and pulled it down along the black girl’s legs, until the 16-year-old finally lay totally naked on the bed.

Jill immediately spread her legs wide and raised her knees up to her chest, exposing and opening her crotch up to Jo’s gaze.

Jill’s cunt was covered with a triangle of pitch black, thick hair that ran around her fat labia and into the dark crack of her arse, some of it even surrounding Jill’s black shit hole.

As Jill started playing with her stiff, wet nipples, she looked at Jo with glazed eyes and wailed: “Do it, Jo. Please do it. Bury your face in my cunt and suck me. Eat me the fuck out, baby.”

Jo dove forward, her face landing square in Jill’s sodden twat. The cunt grease covered her face from cheek to cheek and from chin to nose as she twisted her face around in the ebony teen’s snatch, trying to get Jill’s warm, slimy cunt sauce all over her face. With her nose pushing into Jill’s thick bush, Jo started slurping loudly on her fat clit. Jill humped her crotch up and down and ground her arse on the bed, squealing loudly as her nubbin was sucked and licked by her childhood friend. She felt her cleft leak and its syrup run into her arse cleft.

Jo brought Jill on the brink time and time again, only to release the clit from her mouth just in time to make the impending orgasm subside.

“Oh shit, you’re teasing me. Don’t fucking tease me, Jo, Just suck me off. Just suck my fat clit in your fucking mouth and make me cum in your mouth.”

“No, not yet. We’re gonna cum together later. We have lots more to do.”

Jill accepted that her orgasm would have to wait, and just enjoyed feeling Jo’s mouth and tongue on her cunt.

“Oh suck it, you hot bitch. Suck my black cunt. Suck that fat fucking clit in your mouth. Spit all over it. Fuckkkk… Cover my fat fucking clit with your spit. Cover my whole cunt with your spit. My whole, nasty cunt.”

Jo slurped and Jill wailed and spat profanity the likes of which had never before come from her mouth, overcome as she was with lust and pleasure.

“Let’s do each other at the same time,” Jo finally said, her chin dripping with Jill’s snatch juice, and wanting her own twat munched on. So as Jill puffed out and watched, Jo quickly removed her jeans and her thong panties, exposing her furred cunt to Jill’s watchful eyes. The black teenage looked at her friend’s hairy cunt and her mouth started watering instantly; she couldn’t wait to get her tongue inside that sodden swamp.

“Suck my cunt while I suck yours,” she said as she swiftly moved up to Jill and flung her long leg over Jill’s head to lie on top of her in a 69 position.

As Jo didn’t waste a second fusing her face to Jill’s soaking wet quim, she hovered her wet, fragrant cunt over Jill’s face, giving her an opportunity to admire it before anything else.
The 17-year-old blonde felt deliciously naughty with her naked, dripping cunt so closely over her childhood friend’s face, ready to be feasted on whenever Jill decided she wanted to. She could feel Jill’s hot breath wash over her cunt and against the humid crack of her arse.

She felt Jill’s soft arms around her thighs, and her cool fingertips pressing into her labia, pulling it open. As the tart, slippery juices of Jill’s pussy slid down her throat, she could feel Jill shove her nose into her wet cleft and deeply inhale the odours coming from inside her cunt. Realizing that the 16-year-old was filling her lungs with her pussy perfume made her cunt and arse twitch with delight.

“Do you like the way my cunt smells, Jill?” Jo asked as she moved her mouth from Jill’s sloppy trench, threads of cunt sauce connecting her lips with Jill’s inner labia.

“I fucking LOVE it,” Jill gasped, underlining the word ‘love’ with the volume of her voice. “Your fucking cunt smells hotter than anything I’ve ever smelled.”

“It probably tastes even better,” Jo grinned, egging Jill on to start putting her mouth to her hot, hungry snatch. And as the leggy 17-year-old returned her mouth to Jill’s fuck trench, she could feel Jill’s tongue suddenly sink into the depths of her fuck channel.

Obscene sucking and slurping noises, underlined with teenage groans and grunts, filled the room for minutes as knotted clits were sucked into mouths and tongues were drilled into cunt holes. Jo’s mouth was buried in a pink slit framed by a large black bush, and Jill’s pink tongue slid again and again up into Jo’s leaking cunt. As the 16-year-old was kneading the 17-year-old’s buttocks, she continually slurped the twat oils into her mouth as they slowly dribbled from Jo’s pink, quivering cleft.

The room stank of cunt and the sight would be obscene to any inhibited individual, with two girls lying on top of each other in position 69, slurping loudly and lewdly from cunt gashes and both of their faces wet, slimy and shining in the sunlight from the snatch oils.

It seemed sudden, but it was predictable, that their arseholes would become part of their torrid lesbian session. And it happened when Jo just couldn’t resist touching that black, wrinkled anus flesh with her fingers. Jo loved the way it looked. Rather than small and innocent looking, Jill’s anus was wrinkled and looked large, the pucker at least an inch in diameter. It looked delicious and succulent, and like it would have no problem allowing entrance to a thick dick. The rough but soft skin gave way under her prodding fingers, and she liked the nastiness of it: putting her fingers on her friend’s arsehole.

“Oh God yesss,” Jill squealed huskily. “Touch my arsehole, Jo. Play with my anus like that. I love the feeling of it.”

“Mmmm… You like that?” Jo responded rhetorically, “You like it when I put my fingers on that dirty hole, Jill? You like it when I play with your shit hole?”

Jill heard the obscene words come from Jo’s mouth, and hearing her refer to her back hole as ‘filthy’ and making the obvious connection to its primary function was strangely, but intensely arousing to her. It was ‘nasty’, and right now she liked anything ‘nasty’.

“Fuck yeah. Play with my filthy fucking hole, Jo. Play with my shit hole. That’s so nasty, I fucking love it.”

“Then you do me too. Play with my shitter too. Put your brown fingers on my fucking filthy crapper, Jill. Touch my dirt hole. Get my stink on your fingers.”

Their tongues returned to each other’s cunts, but their eyes were now fixated constantly on the other’s arseholes and their fingers rubbed each other’s anuses. Jo felt delicious feeling her friend’s fingers touch her on that intimate hole, feeling the fingertips slide and rub over her sensitive pucker.

As she rotated her butt above Jill’s head, she brought her fingers to her nose and deeply inhaled the scent of Jill’s rectum. Turned on even more than she had been, she used her arms to hold back Jill’s legs and pushed her face into the crack of the black girl’s arse, planting her nose square on the black, meaty shitter of the 16-year-old teen, and loudly started sniffing Jill’s arsehole. Again and again she filled her lungs with the butt stink of her friend, enjoying the odour tremendously and getting herself ready for even more perverse anal play.

Jill felt a shiver wrack through her body, and she curled her toes inward as she felt the air-sucking nose pushed tightly against her sphincter, audibly and nastily inhaling the stink of her shit hole. The perversity of it made her crotch muscles clench, and her anus contracted against Jo’s greedy nose.

“Oh motherfucker, that’s so nasty,” Jill squeaked, wrapping her legs around Jo’s back and using them to pull the blonde’s body tightly against hers. “Jesus fuck, smell it, Jo. Smell my nasty fucking shit hole. Smell my arse. God, it’s so filthy.”

“Mmmm, not as filthy as this,” Jo panted after pulling her nose from Jill’s twitching shitter, after which she spat on the large, wrinkled star and started licking Jill’s arsehole like an ice cream cone.

“OH FUCK YEAHHH…” Jill screamed feeling her friend’s soft, wet tongue lick over her anus again and again. She felt Jo’s saliva run down the crack of her arse to the bed, and the blonde’s hot breath felt great as it spread over her wet pucker and humid crack. She could even feel the vibrations of Jo’s voice as the 17-year-old groaned against her butt hole while she licked roughly at it.

Jo felt the soft, uneven surface of her friend’s anus under her tongue as she swiped it over it, and both the notion of what she was doing as well as the slightly bitter taste of Jill’s arsehole made her mouth fill up with spit, most of which ended up on the girl’s smelly hole and the insides of her brown buttocks. She had never tasted an arsehole before – only indirectly – and she revelled in dragging the flat of her spit-dripping tongue over Jill’s pulsating bung. Small hairs around Jill’s anus tickled her tongue and Jo momentarily thought about it. ‘Jill’s crack hair was tickling her tongue!’ and her cunt involuntarily spasm’d.

“Taste me too, Jill,” Jo pleaded as her face momentarily came from Jill’s fragrant arse cleft. Please lick me between my fucking arse cheeks, baby. Put your tongue on my fucking shit hole and taste me there too. Be fucking nasty with me. Let’s eat each other’s asses at the same time. I swear you’ll love it.”

Jill needed no further encouragement. She was bound to put her mouth on Jo’s hind hole anyway, but hearing her 17-year-old friend plead only solidified her decision to plant her mouth on that tasty looking, darkly skinned anus.

Jo knew Jill would be into it, as she felt the girl underneath her pull her buttocks wide open, stretching out the humid crack of her arse, and spitting a big wad of saliva against her hungry pucker. The notion of having her friend’s warm spit on her shit hole made her contract her cunt and arse muscles, and right in front of Jill’s eyes Jo’s arsehole tightened into a bulging brown ring, pulling the muscles together into a swollen pucker. Jo could feel Jill’s saliva drip down the crack of her arse toward her cunt, and then she could feel Jill’s tongue starting at the area between her cunt and her arsehole, licking upward until she finally felt it squirming over her anal orifice. Like a snake it slithered over her rim, lathering it further with saliva, and poking its tip softly into the centre. Jo realized her friend could taste her arsehole now.

“Fuck, yeah. That’s so nasty, Jill. Do you like the taste of my arse?”

“Uhh huhh…” Jill hummed affirmatively with open mouth as her pink tongue lapped across Jo’s stink hole again and again.

For minutes the girls kept at it, hungrily eating each other’s asses out while playing with the other’s cunt at the same time, keeping the vaginal stimulation up at the same time. The teenagers tasted each other’s shit holes until the taste was in their mouths.
They would dig the tips of their tongue as deep as they would go into the soft, rubbery tissue of the anus before them, and drill deep into the other’s arse caverns with their tongue. They would feel the other clenching her anal muscles around their tongue and expelling their tongue back out with a plop and leaving their anal gravy on it. Excess saliva made it easier and easier to insert their tongues back into the other’s shit chute, and at a certain point both girls were tongue fucking the other’s dirt hole quickly and roughly, their tongues making squelching sounds as they penetrated deeply into puckers slippery with spit. The panting that they did made the whole thing sound hot and perverted even without the image of anally tongue fucking teenage girls.

Jo was getting beside herself with ever increasing depraved lust and used her own spit as a lubricant, to slowly slide her middle finger into Jill’s arsehole.

“OH FUCK, YEAH. Fuck my shit hole with your finger, Jo. Wank my butt. Wank my nasty fucking arse. Finger me where I shit,” Jill spat out following Jo in her sexual extremism, and Jo did precisely that.

Watching closely, Jo slowly but determinedly slid her finger into Jill’s tightly clenching anal cave, seeing and feeling it slide deeper inside the tightly squeezing rim of Jill’s anus until the entire digit was up the 16-year-old’s arse. The hot blonde started licking through the dark, slimy folds of Jill’s cunt and she watched her own finger pumping her friend’s crapper.

Jill was still munching on Jo’s butt hole but would soon follow Jo’s example and a brown middle finger soon found its way completely buried up the blonde’s turd pipe.
It was the latest of mutual, similar stimulations as the sexually limitless teens were now simultaneously licking and sucking cunt as they wanked each other’s crap holes.
Fingers swiftly slid in and out of tight arseholes and the sounds of hands slapping against arse cheeks echoed through the fragrant room.

It was when Jo cheekily added a second brown finger to Jill’s arsehole that Jill’s could no longer hold back. Helped by Jo’s sucking mouth on her swollen clit, Jill tightly gripped Jo’s two fingers as they sawed in and out of her black shit hole and a thunderous orgasm wracked through her sweaty, brown body.


A warmth washed over her crotch and she actually squirted a clear liquid from her cunt as Jo’s tried keeping her slurping mouth on Jill’s sensitive clit and stopped moving her two deeply embedded fingers.

Jill gritted her teeth and had a painful looking grimace on her face that was in actuality a grimace of pure bliss as she rode her orgasm to its conclusion.
Jo meanwhile kept her mouth and fingers in place and part of her hoped Jill would continue and do for her what she was doing for Jill, but after Jill’s orgasm subsided, she found out she had nothing to worry about as Jill slowly returned to eating out Jo’s cunt and wanking her friend’s arsehole at the same time.

After a slow restart by Jill following her climax, the pace picked up again and soon she was giving Jo the pleasure she was craving again, drawing Jo’s orgasm nearer with her sucking mouth and frigging fingers.

Jill, egging Jo on to help her reach her own orgasm, started talking filthily to her blonde friend as she used one hand to finger fuck Jo’s butt while using the other to finger fuck her cunt.

“Oh shit, that’s it baby. Squeeze that nasty shit hole around my fingers. Squeeze your cunt too. You’ve got such a nasty cunt and arse for me to fuck. I’m not gonna wash my hands all day. I’m gonna keep your cunt juice and your arse juice on my fingers all day so I can smell your holes on them even after you’ve gone home. I bet you wish right now your brother was doing this. That it was Michael stuffing his fingers up your cunt and shit hole, and wanking your filthy holes. You do, don’t you? You really want your own brother to wank your filthy holes, don’t you? You want to feel your own brother’s fingers up your cunt and deep in your nasty arse. I bet you want him to taste them too. To have him taste your cunt and suck those slippery juices into his mouth and slide them down his throat. To have him tongue-fuck your butt really deep and hard? God, that’s so fucking nasty. Wanting your own brother to shove his tongue up the hole you shit from. Tasting your arse juices. Sucking them into his mouth and filling his whole mouth up with the taste of them.”

As Jo’s needy, hot holes were prodded wildly by her 16-year-old friend, Jill’s words brought her over the edge. The girl had learned the power of dirty talking swiftly and was talking like a pro now, driving Jo wild with merely words that managed to conjure up depraved images in her mind.

Feeling her cunt and arse burn deliciously as they were furiously wanked by her friend, Jo was near the edge. Abandoning any restraints she had left at that point, she slid her fingers from Jill’s anus, seeing them come out streaked with yellowish anal gravy, and with a needy rumble from the pit of her throat, she slid the greasy digits into her mouth and sucker her ebony friend’s butt sauce from them. Her mouth filling up with the deliciously nasty taste of Jill’s arse oils, she let go and came… HARD.


The rest that came out of Jo’s mouth was merely unintelligible wailing as she came on Jill’s pumping fingers, her cunt and arsehole clenching around her friend’s brown, slippery fingers like vices and keeping them trapped up the hot velvet canals. The caverns in her snatch and her butt seemed to be milking Jill’s fingers, trying to suck them further inside. Jo had her face on Jill’s drenched, slimy mound and squealed a high pitch in orgasm from the first time she had actual physical, sexual contact with someone ever since she found herself to be interested in her own brother.

When Jo had finally descended from her orgasmic high, the two girls just lay silent and panting for a few minutes, still in the same position, allowing themselves to catch their breaths as they became aware of just how much the room stank of cunt and a bit of arse as well.


“So I don’t know what to do next,” Jo said to Jill a half hour after Jo had cum, and gotten dressed. “I want him so fucking bad, but he won’t let me touch him. I really enjoy being able to wank in front of him, but I don’t know how long I can settle for that, especially now that the cat’s out of the bag between him and me.”

Jo looked at Jill, who was lying across from her on the bed.

“At the very least, I’d like to know what he tastes like, you know? Taste his prick, drink his spunk. Fresh spunk, that is. Not the stains from his undies.”

“What would you say…” Jill responded, looking in Jo’s eyes, “if I said I may know of a way for you to get his fresh jizz in your mouth?”

“What do you mean?”

“So, he doesn’t want to touch you, right? He doesn’t want to break that barrier between the two of you as a brother and sister where you would be actively committing incest?”

“That’s about it, yes.”

“Well, here is what I was thinking. Since I think he’s such a hunk myself, I’d like to know if he’d be willing to fuck me. God knows I need a cock now, and now that we’re discussing your brother, I was thinking about HIS cock. So how about if I can get your brother to fuck me, over at your house, then have him shoot his load up my cunt. And afterward, I could come to you and you can suck his spunk fresh from my pussy?
He wouldn’t be in any physical contact with you, and you’d get to taste his load anyway. And there would basically be nothing he could do about it, except maybe to physically drag me off of your face.”

Jill grinned, and Jo was amazed at the scheme her friend had managed to hatch. It sounded like something that might just work, and it sounded like at least it would be better than sucking another pair of his boxers clean. She wondered if she would end up feeling jealous if and when Jill managed to fuck Michael, but the reward would be worth it.

“Mmmm… You get to fuck my brother, and I get to drink his spunk. Although I’d like to have his ball juice in my mouth, it seems to me you’d be getting the better end of the deal,” Jo said, trying to sound unsatisfied with the proposal.

But Jill knew Jo felt differently, saying: “better than both of us not getting any part of the deal, honey. Take it or leave it. It’s not as if I’d actually enjoy fucking that gorgeous hunk you have for a brother, and then letting you suck my cunt afterwards. It’d be dirty job, but someone has to do it.”

Jo snorted, not being able to hold in her laugh and both girls started giggling, and Jo felt wonderfully relieved once again at being able to confide in Jill with her secret. As it turns out, the girl might actually help her out taking the next step with her brother.

Even if they were only small steps.

To be continued…

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